Feb. 10th, 2012

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Version 5 - Trinity (EEE)
Featuring Lelouch vi Britannia, Kururugi Suzaku and C.C. of "Code Geass"
Lyrics by Coldplay's "Viva la Vida"
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Version 1.5 - Absolution (SasuNaru)
Version 2 - Worth Fighting For (Axel/Roxas)
Version 3 - Angels Would Fall (Kira/Alexiel)
Version 4 - Of Kings and Vagabonds (Suzaku/Lelouch)


Due to the changing circumstances of my life, I've decided to make this journal semi-friends only. This means that while many posts will remain open, others will be subject to locks. Since a chunk of this journal revolves around fandom mutterings, it won't be a significant change to anyone who knows me on a cursory basis. However, my more questionable fangirl writings/musings will be kept under lock should wandering eyes seek to find them.

For those non-Internet-related friends (AKA people who know me from real life) who may have stumbled across this journal, kindly do ask before you friend me or I will delete you from the list. I do not wish to have my Internet life mesh with the real world. I'll grant amnesty to those who've already friended me in the past on the condition that you realize I won't be friending you back. This doesn't mean I dislike you, only that I don't associate my two worlds. I enjoy my double identity. Also note, asking does not necessarily guarantee the permission to friend me. Again, this only applies to people I know from outside the Internet. Everyone else may friend away.


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