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First, Geasscast has given me AMAZING times lately. From our chaotic AU event to updating Nunnally. I am so grateful for all you guys, you don't even know. ;;

Second, [personal profile] stigmateyes get-o! And now those of you who may not already be aware know why I have been mostly absent this week.

Which brings us to point the third, mostly brought on by fangirling with [livejournal.com profile] realms_of_life over the weekend. She who knows far more about book canon than me. I will remedy this soon! Either way, it's pimping time.

So if you've followed this journal at all, you know that Densetsu no YĆ«sha no Densetsu (look at me use the less dorky name. >>) has been my greatest love since Geass. While I adore Star Driver, Denyuu provided me with richer plot and characters. When it felt like it. So I'm going to show it off in the best way I know how.

With trolls. Seriously, this series has some of the most interesting and complex trolls ever.

This charming lad is SuzakuTiir Rumibul. His hobbies include playing with adorable children, waxing philosophy and oh yes, eating people thanks to his magic eye powers. I am personally amused by the fact that Tiir (voiced by Sakurai) wants Ryner (voiced by FukuJun) to join him in destroying humanity.

Meet Lucile Eris. His hobbies include leching after his sister, king-making and generally being a crazy-ass godmode. DO NOT MESS WITH LUCILE HE WILL CUT OFF YOUR HEAD.

And finally we have Miran Froaude. His hobbies include patricide, being delightfully creepy with his king and murdering people with dark beasts summoned from his ring.

And now I will go on a little about a series that's been described by others as "Two dudes getting possessed by a pair of homosexual dead godmode entities and how they cope."

Oh there is also Ferris Eris. She is made of bad-ass and not the typical power female who constantly needs to be saved. Ferris usually deals with her own problems or takes the hit and comes back swinging.

Back to the story, it's basically an epic fantasy set around political intrigue.

At the heart of this intrigue is Sion Astal. Sion is a gorgeous man and also king. There is quite a bit more to him, but overall he's a man who loves his kingdom and its people and more than anything wants a peaceful world. Warning, there are many Lelouchean/Griffith vibes in this effort.

Then, there is Ryner, a reflective wizard who isn't concerned with any of that and just wants to sleep. Ryner's issues are pretty much explained here. Naturally, he and the king are BFF for life. Ferris is Ryner's partner in crime. She abuses him terribly but there is love, probably.

There is also Luke (who is also a troll but a good-natured one unlike the rest), Claugh (the king's good knight who has a magic arm of DESTRUCTION and hates Miran a lot), Calne (who I seriously thought was a girl) and Miilk (who is so much spoilers that the anime didn't even manage to introduce most of them.)

Or you could just watch this awesome PV trailer. o/

While the anime initially makes you think the story will be about Ryner and Ferris traipsing around the country Slayers-style searching out some magical MacGuffins, THAT IS A BALD-FACED LIE. The anime is pretty much about the many many people who want to kill Ryner and/or Sion and why. It is also about what it takes to make the world a better place. Few people in this series are truly evil and even fewer are truly good. It is all a matter of perspective.

And it is one crazy ride.

Things to keep in note about Denyuu:

1. It is based on an on-going series of novels so the pacing is ATROCIOUS.
2. It is a bit of a hybrid of Slayers (slapstick humor) and Berserk (graphic violence) so expect a lot of violence and unexpected death. This anime is not kind to its characters at all, despite what the first episode may have you believe.
3. It is not so hot on explaining the possessions. Sorry about that. :( But you can kind of work out some things by the end. After that, there's always Wiki and the available translations.
4. There are a lot of characters and a lot of screentime is devoted to making sure each one is fleshed out.
5. There are a lot of lolis. Their voices may make you want to punch puppies. Iris especially.
6. It ends on a cliffhanger.
7. Someone kills a puppy. :o

But overall, Denyuu is actually much more than the sums of its parts and the slapstick humor and hijinks give way to a really deep story with spectacular characters. I encourage you to give it a shot if you can handle the pacing issues. It is my anime of 2010. You should be able to find it on Hulu, I think, or DailyMotion.

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