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For claiming that IRC isn't such a big deal for us that can't partake, people sure talk about it a lot. Oh well. Blind in one eye as usual and miserable about it. House is awesome and suddenly makes me wish I could share a line with [livejournal.com profile] campfuckudie's Cal. Something about the perfect woman. Har.

Train/Sven makes my soul hurt. Probably more than Roy/Ed. Weird. And I don't want to hear nothing about it's because I'm all OTP with Train/Creed either because that is more of a sadistic amusement than a pairing for me.

Sanity will return to this journal when my vision returns.

In the meantime, I go read some manga so my review journal has a weekly entry since the Intrawebs defy me again. Blast.

For my small smattering of Katsu pics, including the to-die-for Ishida, AE YGO cosplay and sexy Advent Children peeps, go here: http://chaoticdream.nu/katsu/
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Nothing like waking up to a purring kitten squirmed into a little kitty-ball right next to you. Aww. She's lucky she didn't get squished in the middle of the night. XD

Should have known my plan to only play at camp until 12 a.m. so I could get up for early writing was a no go. But playing with the Tobias was worth it. Spent too much time voting there today and am eating into my writing time. Bad. And I got early work tomorrow too.

Yeesh, the Golden Globes really were the night of the gay and the foreigners last night. The song I'm currently listening to is my theme for the evening. Can't wait to see "Brokeback Mountain" this weekend when it finally comes to a theater near me.
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You know how they say you know you're getting old when you start hating snow or you can't stay up too late. Pshaw, those aren't anything to worry up. You *know* you're getting hold when you ask if next week's a holiday, hear the word yes and moan. Yes, moan. I don't want another holiday. Holidays mean nothing but more work for me the day after. I hate being an adult.

Luckily with Sasuke-neko, I don't have to. We're currently tugging on a toy mousie with our teeth. I'm winning. I'm better than any kitten. Yar!

I don't know whether to be amused or enraged that some members of [livejournal.com profile] campfuckudie are clearly commenting about the comm on an anonymous hate meme. Jeez, if you hate the comm so much, leave it, bitches! I'm just happy Sasuke's been making a few more appearances. And the mangekyou sharingan arc was a nice side from the usual crack. Living fanfic is best.

I missed House last night because I got home late. I lament.
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So don't want to work today. But afterwards, I can home, catch up on some camp stuff such as much-needed thank yous and get ready for my neo-birthday since the original one was a bust. This one will have Sakura and Thomas.
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Just got Hyotei miyu so this probably means that it will consume my attention for the next few days. Have to do the usual catch-up in order to understand the miyu. About 20 episodes worth of catch-up. At least 5 hours. Don't know when I'll be able to check out my precious miyu since work is rather demanding this week. 12 hours one day and a very early start on the next. Love how they told me about that with plenty of time in advance. As in a day. Thanks, guys.

Pondering over getting Faith an account. Just renewed the pup's because I love his icons more than is probably sane.

I'm really accumulating the anime I need to get back too. We're up to at least two eps of ParaKiss, one Black Cat, countless Kyou Kara Maous and one of those pesky partridges in their stupid fruit trees.

Interesting note, House's Wilson is the threatre-loving brat who blows his brains out in The Dead Poets Society. Hated that movie. I'm not about the depressing flicks, where nobody seems to win. Even the scene at the end with the boys standing on the tables wasn't as inspiring because they didn't all do it and you knew they were getting suspended and that Robin Williams was still leaving. Why didn't they just blame that hideous father for crushing his son's dreams? Red from That 70s show is really evil in that movie.

EDIT: Because it must be said again. Murakami surely lost most of her ability to draw when she lost the remainder of her sanity. Everyone looks hideous. Even my Eiri. God, Tohma and Eiri should just fuck so I can bury my Gravitation love forever and for good. That's about what it'd take.
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I think I misnamed Sasuke-neko. The damn fool just tried to bury herself in the litter box. She hopped out of my hands, digs a little hole in the freshly poured litter and proceeds to shove her face into it and then roll around like a nut. I'd be damned if I was playing with her after the display. WTF, Sasuke-neko?

The funeral home I usually get in a spat with took pity on me today and typed up their form all nice and pretty. And they still forgot information and forced me to call. I felt bad about it too.

I wonder if I can continue to drive my car the rest of the week on less than a quarter tank. I already owe Dad for the Gravi OVA and a shiny new ethernet cable, required to keep me from launching the modem out the window when the chord fell out during yet another AIM conversation. I still have to buy my costume too.

Camp owned my soul a bit too much yesternight. A bit being from 3 p.m. to 1 a.m. Not sane at all. I'm not going to link, I'm just going to suggest browing [livejournal.com profile] cfud_daily from Oct. 15 to Oct. 16. But B and the Gentleman rule all. God, if I had any talent at all, I'd app Faith. But I'd crash and burn in a very bad way so no. That and I'd need to rewatch all her Season 3 stuff. Probably don't want Season 7/Angel-fixed Faith with Season 3!Buffy.

Also rebuilding my effigy for Clamp because Rikuou and Kaza-chan make me miss my Legal Drug so so much. I really should have known better than to ever pick up the raw manga and I definitely should have known better than to buy all of the licensed stuff. I want more Kazahaya. ;_; He really is my favorite type of uke. Curse you, Clamp!

Remind me to make my "Guns don't kill people. K kills people!" icon.

I'm shocked that I actually got to work by my goal of 9:30 a.m. today. I'm going to shoot for 9 a.m. for the rest of the week since I like getting home at reasonable times of day. God, I don't want to log yesterday's activities with the pup. Note to self, must venture to [livejournal.com profile] wolfsrain and whore self to community, promising sex for more WR wolves. Hey, if the GSeed gang can do it so can I. Lucky bastards have one of the GSeed mods on their side though.
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Before, the GX love begins, we have the angst. I am not my mother and my father and brother had better learn that. )

Back to spazzery...

Wow. I don't hate GX at all now that I've given it a chance. GX rambling cut to save the sanity of my friend's list. )

Moving away from my incomprehensible enjoyment of the GX dub, I'm unsure whether I want to go for counselor apps this time. I have a really good idea of how to write my character, but as Kaiba is seriously in danger of disappearing because I can never think of anyway to involve him because of my canon-whoring, I don't know if I should bring another character into this. Even though the one I want will be more social than Kaiba, as is his basic bad-boy nature. I don't want to lose my Kaiba because I love playing him and he is one of my lasting favorites. But with the setup I have, he's so incompatible with the camp. ;_; I need a Yuugi/Jou/Mokuba/Isis...hell, I'll take an Anzu at this point. And a Tsume while I'm at it.

Naruto's birthday was overall uninspiring throughout the Net, making Sasuke the winner as usual. Doesn't he ever get tired of kicking Naruto's ass?

I go watch Black Cat now.

Also, someone explain to me the deal with Wild Adapter. It's all I hear/read lately. Sounds like a more depressing Banana Fish to me. But I like. I'll just need something to counter the ANGST it will force upon me. Game on!

Movie time

Sep. 30th, 2005 10:04 am
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So yeah, Dana, when are we boarding the Firefly tonight? I'm also done with Angel and QaF. I want to borrow Angel Season 2.

Aside from my inevitable altercation with some of the pepole I work with, this week hasn't been going terribly. I helped the Bro with his interview project because just the boy's grammar is enough to reduce a person to tears. Let alone how he botched up the entire assignment. I don't think he understood what he was supposed to get from the interviews. I hope he still manages a B.

I also learned that sometimes just 15 icons is not enough! I need a credit card number like yesterday.
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My father need to learn that a cheese steak made with ordinary unchopped steak is not that appetizing.

The Angel marathon doth continue. We've bid farewell to Doyle and picked up the young, straggler-cum-rogue demon hunter Wes. Remembering the powerful force and leader Wes will become makes me recognize the extent of Whedon's talent.

It was nice to get back to the camp after being too busy to so much as read for most of the week. Saw superior leading on a potential assistant today. Things could be looking up.

I wish I could draw/write for this, but I still wish to support the TezuRyo love.

This entry's drier than most so I'll conclude with this Yugioh fanart that reminds us all how ridiculous the duelists really are.
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Kira moved from his position. By the way, Kira's the large jumping spider I found on my downstairs wall the other day. I made the mistake of telling my brother about him, and he went into melt-down. I had to pretend to catch Kira in a cup and throw him outside just so my brother would come inside. He was determined to sleep on the stairs rather than be in the same room as a spider. I wouldn't tell him where it was because I was afraid he would kill it. He's got real spider issues. But the plan worked. Bro has no clue where the spider is and Kira can continue to chill on his wall. He's such a cute little spider. Watch him come up here sometime and bite me for my stupidity.

I'm probably going to die while trying to find Tom's place again. He couldn't decide whether he wanted me to show up at the apartment he's sitting or his place. I've never found either. I'm not happy about this weekend so far.

And now I have random cramps, which just make everything so much better.

Am happy that Kira's alive in the camp again, even though Ani's now dead. *sobbles*

Someone also stole my Sims2 registration code when they stole my game and now I can't access the Sims2.com site for any of its goodies. I'll have to buy Uni if I want to do anything from now on. But right now what I really want to buy is a bike. I'm worried that the stronger sitting position of my job will limit my physical activity and interfere with my metabolism. So I'm going to be hunting around yard sales for a bike and trying to bike at least an hour after work every day. I've missed biking. I wonder if I'll get as lost as if I were driving.

I can't wait to get to work when I'll get deluged in even more Katrina news and learn just how ineffective are government really is when it comes to some things. This is insulting for the U.S.
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Catching up on camp so I can stop being nonexistant and stuff.

This ShinnCagalli moment was so awesome that I had to read the entire thing outloud to my brother, in character. It's just so...so...I love it!

Expect more random links as I go through the past week.
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Need to find a clip or undershirt for Natsuo. Otherwise completely ready to go for Otakon. Planning to drive down to Tom's after work tomorrow. I hear others will be there. I'm less than pleased but I'll cope. Tom also wants to use public transporation. Something also a little less inviting for cosplayers like myself, especially ones with cat ears and tails. >< I also wish I could bring a prop gun. I like threatening Thomas with guns.

Still haven't had time to watch Destiny 43 yet since I've been dealing with multi-crisises this week. And the Sims I went through all my trouble to make beautiful have stupid face animations. Really really ugly. Destroy all my favorite cuddling scenes and such. Sim!Raoul and Sim!Ari are twenty times cuter than the Psychosis Sims. Could be because the whelps are still teenagers and adorable with their "going steady" and "first kisses."

In other news, I proposed to Haruka at the camp. Don't think she accepted. She prefers her Michiru. *is slighted* But I won't give up!

EDIT: To those parties concerned. Some advice for the future. If you are clearly in a more favorable position than I, please do not try to seek pity over something that I will obviously regard with cynicism. Have some tact if you wish me to remain pleasant.

EDIT 2: Tom mentioned that the crew at his place might be having FLOORFEST due to the lack of sleeping arrangements. Why does that sound so naughty?
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Bought the manga adaption of the Adolescence of Utena. I enjoy reading it and bitching when I run into heterosexual love scenes that don't involve siblings. They're too normal! Utena tends to confuse me with her looking like a man. Anthy is still attractive though and lots of shirtless Touga. Rrr. How ironic is it that I bought Utena and Yami no Matsuei on the same day. And people say yuri's dead. Though I would prefer dumbasses stop telling me that I read/write yaoi because I'm disatisfied with my womanly role in life. Nevermind the fact that I think guys are pretty and watching them get all close and personal is hot.

Also picked up FMA DVD 2. Now that I have 2, of course Best Buy sold out of 3. I can never win. Let's not go into the PINK FMA shirts of Hot Topic. Yes, shirts. There are two of the atrocities now. Now, I can accept a pink Fruits Basket. A pink Wolf's Rain. Or a pink Fruits Basket. All of those have either girl main charas or extremely feminine guys *cough*Yuki*cough*. But when you show stars two males or at least one male and one suit of armor that used to be male and neither of these looks like a girl or even acts that feminine, they should not have to be colored in PINK. There is something deeply wrong about a pink Edward. There really is. I hear that practically all of the FMA fangirls have brought this up to the Hot Topic staff. They do have the hoodies in the GUY section of course. I tried on a small and it didn't look too pathetic. I'm still debating over that $38 price tag. It's a well-made hoodie. I need to find the other Wolf's Rain shirt that doesn't look so fluffy.

Camp's killing me with the Sasuke trying to squish the chibi-Itach and Kira seducing said Uchiha brat until he threatens to kill him in his sleep. I love you, Kira. I think you are my favorite camp chara, at least until Asuran returns. Ooooh Asuran. I need you. I was supposed to make icons, wasn't I?
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Completely caught up with Destiny now. *is proud of going from 23 to 38 in one day*

More Destiny ramblings )

Dammit. Someone already apped the Digi-boys. Well, there's always Taito. I want to play with the Gundam boys, but I doubt I could ever manage Lacus or Cagalli. And the other girls suck.
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Writing went semi-decent yesterday. We've established that Nicky is insane and Luce is not an idiot. We've also established that Ty will surely be scarred for life. Silly Ty, this is why we knock. Wait, I don't pity him; I have to write him next. I hate you, Ty!

Upon hearing about the return of AsuKira, the next best thing to AsuCaga, I shall be returning to Seed after reading DNAngel 7. I am still debating Honey & Clover. Everyone likes it but real-life drama, not my thing. I need a game or some sort of villain to hold my interest. Though, I say all this having watched zero episodes and will probably end up biting my tongue later. I don't know if Xenosaga II will be taken up again for a bit.

I want to go to Best Buy and buy "Rock of Ages" because I need more Leppard music, thanks to that concert.

Though I feel toward Pokemon the way the Naruto fans feel toward Yugioh, I am having slight interest in the Satoshi(Ash) character at the camp since he seems to be picking fights with Anakin and Sasuke. I have much to catch up with, I see. This is why voting days are always so bad for the Nayami; they drive her away from her crack.

Father says I need to go to Japan so I will stop fangirling the scary tennis boys around him. Everytime I try to watch my musicals, I have to listen to bitching about how there's no ball, how you can't play tennis when you aren't even facing each other, you can't hit a ball if you take that long to return a serve, why are those guys poking each other's asses with a racket and what the hell does "Mada mada dane" mean anyway. I told them it's just art and it's cute choreography. Besides, it's the one thing I fangirl like nothing else. I may not write fics, read fics, view fanart, draw fanart, or even converse much about Tenimiyu, but you put it in front of me and I am certifiably insane. Once I get a job, I am going to Japan, and I am going to see Yanagi.
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Spent time with [livejournal.com profile] quebelly yesterday after my little camp outting. It was a beautiful park. I'm trying to convince Dad to rent us a cabin so we can spend a two nights out there or something. I can't remember the last time I went camping. If I did, it was probably with my cousin up in New Mexico. So peaceful.

Watched the ending episodes of Utena and finally started to understand a bit more about Akio and Anthy. I still feel bad for Dios, even though I feel worse for Anthy. The Utena movie, which is the only anime I've probably watch about 100 times. The rose garden scene and the amazing visuals always do it for me. Now I know Anthy and Utena get a happy ending and Akio falls out of a window so that makes things much better. But I'm a bit sad that Touga's dead and all. He was sweet in the movie. Someone still has to explain to me why everyone turns into cars.

Also watched some Buffy Season 6 and 7. I couldn't remember much about the episode where Buffy was in a mental institution so that one was pretty good and freaky. Dawn still needs to get slapped. Nice trick at the end with the slight hinting that everything might still exist in Buffy's whacked-out imagination. Don't really like Season 7 because of the Slayerettes and the Kennedy-bitch-whore, but "Potential" and "Touched" were good episodes. I always loved Xander's inspiration speeches. They bring tears to my eyes, unlike Buffy's gung-ho "We're Going to Win and Some of You May Die" ones. Can't believe I couldn't remember the beautiful Spike/Buffy moment in "Touched" with his "You're the one" speech. It's just so perfect. I wish I could write dialogue like that.

Still have to watch "Finding Neverland" before it has to go back. I'd play more Xenosaga II but my throat has been dead since concert. I've eaten nothing but losenges all day.

BTW, the Anakin/Asuran kiss in the camp is just what I've been waiting for. *waves flags* Good thing Asuran and Kira kinda made up too. They love each other too much to be angry with each other for long.
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Applications this Saturday??? Fuck! That gives me one day to prepare. I see Asuran is going the way of the Mello when it comes to the revolutionizing the world. He should get his sword from Kira. That cell-phone of Shinn's looks pretty crappy. Kira has the potential of harboring a beam saber. ^_~

I need to rebuild my deck since Graham apparently has a card that can get pretty damn ugly if not prepared for. That duel lasted over three hours. Scary.

I need to crawl in bed and die now.
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I HATE the 32nd GS Campaign for Xenosaga II. The only options I have for completing it is spending the three hours+ and countless healing items it takes to steal Awakenings from bitch Orgula 21 times. This would be infinitely less painful if she didn't have a penchant for offing MOMO. Or I can spend between four to five hours stealing from the boss in the 14th GS Campaign. I'm leaning toward Orgulla again but I get so sick of her telling me that I'm filth and that I have to submit to her will and that I should REPENT. That and waiting for her to switch back and forth is really nerve-wracking. Maybe I can do it during netting tonight. It's not like she waits for me to take my turn anyway. That also means I have to keep a tally of how many Awakenings I steal. Why do I have to be such a completist?

I will never get to start my AMV because of this god-forsaken game. -_- Heaven help me when camp applications re-open.

Still avoiding Loveless finale. But news that TokyoPop licensed the manga makes me more happy. Finally, translated Loveless. Had to spend too much time listening to the elitists bitch about how their translations were better than the other groups, although they only had about 3 chapters. Sorry, gals, in this game, it's about quantity and not quality. If I can glean some type of storyline, I'm all good. Not that I need you now. I hope TokyoPop starts releasing some time next fall.

I'm considering returning to Gundam Seed Destiny since the summaries I've been reading on the community don't seem as hideous as the past ones.

Oh, Mello-neko and Near-neko were the cutest things ever created on the camp. L needs more kitties.
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Since all shall skip my Xenosaga II entry because I'm so behind times, I shall simply talk about the camp. Still not sure how Shinn came back to his sanity and I might be making a post to ask this, but the entire Death Note meets Revolutionary Girl Utena was perfect. Mikage and his diagram killed me. "Step. 3 Defeat current husband of Rose Bride. NO QUESTIONS! Just do it." Or as Mello puts it: "Step 1: Visit Mikage, Step 2: ???, Step 3: Profit!"
Afore-mentioned diagram: If you are an Utena fan, it would be blasphemy not to click it! Chocolate roses. Half-dead Near. Lu trying to figure out why a cell phone came out of Shinn's chest. XD Also, the wrongness of the counsel session between Mikage and Mello. One of the best camp storylines yet.

Plus, random L/Raito kissy. While I do not actively seek out fanart of these two as a couple, the camp just pulls it off so well. I fangirled them for a moment in that scene.


Jun. 29th, 2005 10:31 pm
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Owned the [livejournal.com profile] crowphoenix. Blue Eyes and Malevolent Nuzzler don't appreciate Dark Magician of Chaos skulking around in their terrority. Though, four turns leaves one believing that it might just have been a case of bad luck and a few bad draws. Must go again to make sure.

[livejournal.com profile] aquariankiss, I'm so jealous of your superior app skills. I hope you enjoy your stay with the nuts.

Dragged [livejournal.com profile] quebelly out on interviewing tonight. Would have gone better if it hadn't poured on us. It was still nice to hang out at the carnival like we used to.

I like Sophie a lot more in book!Howl's Moving Castle. She hardly cries and she gets all up in Howl's face. Howl doesn't sound as flamboyant. And the Michael/Martha thing is darling. Need to be more Sophie vs. Howl confrontation scenes, such as with him defending his room or the spiders.

Still trying to burn stuff. SeiRu hates me so I'm ditching that plan. Maybe I should try something small and meaningful lilke Naruto Sasuke vs. Naruto.


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