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I spent an insane amount of time last night watching this user's animated wolf series about a cow who wants to live with wolves. It sounds lame, but the characters and storyline are fairly deep, with much of it focused on the wolves. The dialogue could use some sprucing up and some of the characters' actions are a bit forced, but overall it is an impressive effort for someone to churn out this type of thought-out plot in 5-7 minute installments every month. Her animation also improves as she goes, and I love watching artists develop. It's funny because I always chide [livejournal.com profile] realms_of_life for the time she spends reading original fiction on AdultFanfiction and here I spend hours watching an original animated series. I guess I have nowhere to talk. But, man, things like this inspire me to write.

I also really want to read Erin Hunter's "Warriors" series after spending equally long watching story videos and adaptions like one done by the above user and this young animation studio. I always complain about how I hate the rabbit mythology in Watership Down and can't read Redwall because I don't give two tail shakes about rats, but yet I'm fully willing to read an entire series about warrior cats. Since they're YA, I also expect them to be quick reads too. I'm going to toss one up on my bookreads queue, maybe about The Lost Hero, and see what I think of their style before deciding if I want to fit them into my schedule.

Also, just in case I deterred anyone with my rant yesterday, Legend's final episode is REALLY GOOD, just suffers from the pacing issues the majority of the issue suffers from. But the characters are amazing as always.

If I don't get my fondant today, I'm going to punch someone. I want to go see "Tron" already.
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I am truly loving Mockingjay. I always appreciate how well Collins captures suspense in her writing. She always makes it such a torture for me to put the book down. Oh and as a note, IF YOU REPLY TO THIS WITH SPOILERS I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN. :)

I want the fact that I'm constantly shoving meds down my cat's throat to start having some visible result soon or I'm going to have to call the vet again. At least she's tolerant about it and hasn't scratched or bitten me yet.

Now that I'm no longer hating on myself, I should do my SOTUs since I really have enjoyed the RP pieces I've been involved in over the past two weeks or so. I like doing against the grain stuff, even if I'm not actually certain of my success ratio. Ah well, as long as my partners enjoy, I guess.

Man, I don't want to go back to work in an hour. And I want to go to D.C. this weekend but Beck and his contingent are going to be there and I'm not so sure how well we'll be able to coexist...
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My attempts to set up my BlueTooth are sad indeed.

According to that "Who Do You Write Like" meme, my nonfiction writing reads like Dan Brown, my fiction writing reads like Ian Fleming. Awesome, I am now working on James Bond: Werewolf Assassin. I expect a movie in the near future.

And in order for this post not be entirely boring and self-centered, I shall say that I care not one lick about Edward Norton being booted from "The Avengers" since I think Eric Bana was the better Hulk and only suffered from a bad movie premise. Critics of the world be damned. In other movie news, I refuse to watch Airbender just as I refuse to willingly watch any more of the Twilight genre. I don't find watching these movies for mocking worth the effort it takes for me to stomach the god-awful.

My eye keeps twitching. Should I be concerned? My cat also seems to be having this problem, and I have no qualms about saying I will likely address her first.

30 Days of Writing Meme )

15. Midway question! Tell us about a writer you admire, whether professional or not!

Though not a fiction writer, I am absolutely smitten with the story-telling finesse shown by Gene Weingarten. His ability to present a tale piece by tantalizing piece and constantly grip the reading is something I aspire to myself. He has a true talent for humor, humanity and pathos. He used to write for the Washington Post and still does the occasional piece, although as more of a guest. Weingarten is also a Pulitzer winner.

In the fiction world, I would go with Anlarria of the Code Geass AU mafia fanfic "Primary Gain." I choose Anlaaria over professional writers because I really enjoy watching her experiment with ideas and improve her style with every chapter. She has a way of presenting characters in a very and sometimes awkwardly realistic way so that every nick and scratch is exposed and nobody is purely good or evil. It's very much in the Geass vein of writing, but she makes it her own, building upon every plot with an ever-enriching world and character-base. Her ability to capture the feel of mafia life, cop life and royal life is simply stunning.
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Sob, the heat makes me so moody. I'm even sad for the LiLo, even though she so doesn't deserve it.

I was researching designer cats today. As much as I can't stand what they are doing to the poor things, I admit that the Savannahs look damn cool. Thank goodness they are too expensive for me to ever consider ones. But d'aww doggie-cat.

I'm also really into "Empire of Ivory." I think the pacing is better since something other than political intrigue is at the heart of everything. That and Iskeria is the best character ever. She makes me smile whenever she is around. Her and Jane Roland.

I am still nitpicking at "Psychosis" backstory to make it less deus ex machina. Stupid complicated bloodlines. I was looking at the British line of succession today, and I think that is easier than the friggin' Alistar/Destin/Evangel bloodline thing. I should change Ty's hair color to strawberry blond like Kat's.

30 Days of Writing Meme )

9. How do you get ideas for your characters? Describe the process of creating them.

Oho! I love this one. I operate on a process called hybridization and inversion. In plain English, I take character concepts I like from favorite fictional works and combine them or invert them in ways people least expect. I have spoken about my misanthropic empath. Dominic is also a huge inversion of the violent, angry type. Sylver is a special twist. I try to create characters with very real flaws that will be slowly revealed and either conquered or drag the character to their destruction. I also try to consider their family life (THIS IS HUGE), friends, intelligence and hobbies. If they're fighters, I decide on a fighting style for them: do they dive right in? do they strategize? do they rely on others? Backstory usually comes in chunks as I figure out what gave each character the traits they are best known for. Naming is generally one of my last steps, as the names reflect the character. I also want to settle on what matters most to each character, although this can change as the story goes on. Their motivation is key, as I demand each of my characters have sincere agency, even if I don't like them.
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I visited my mother's grave after work. Somebody has been stealing both our flower planters and our flowers. They steal our flower planters to put their own flowers in at the grave next to ours. They steal our flowers to spread on the other grave next to ours. Oh, did I mention that the ones who stole our planters just threw my mother's flowers on the empty graveless patch of ground to the side? What is wrong with people? Next time I go home, we're going to pick her up some spring flowers and I'm going to buy a CEMENT PLANTER. Let's see those bitches try and move that.

I've also been unusually tired this weekend and wonder if it's due to me stressing myself out. On the positive front, I did call my grandmother and we talked for a good hour. She sounds healthy and was happy to hear from me so I guess I won't be getting disowned for another few months.

On the negative front, our pitbull has some sort of testicular tumor and might have to be castrated. This is especially bad since his idiot owners (aka my sister and her beau) planned on studding him, which is probably the only reason they've kept him this long. I don't know what will happen if we have to castrate him, but it might not be good. He's a dumb dog, but he's very loving and tries to be good. I'm also worried that my old cat Louis is not doing very well since she almost never comes out of the basement anymore and my father says she hasn't slept on is bed for several days. Thankfully, she did sleep there last night. She's not as old as Dana's cat, and that one seems to be doing much better. I hope she perks up. It's probably the dog's fault.
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Well, now I suffer from post-vacation slump. This is where I don't want to do anything because I already miss my vacation.

I do have some great wolf pictures that I might post later and others from the Hancock Building, which I also visited. I need a bookcase for my manga, I think. I seriously had to stick my newest hoard in a shoebox.

I'm enjoying 07 Ghost and want to get more into the Ghosts since Frau's my favorite. Actually I love all of the bishops. Not crazy about the military yet. I also read the second Geass novel, which was nowhere as good as the first but had a lot of interesting Cornelia insight and great scenes between Lelouch and C.C.

I already miss Rache's cats because they were so lovable and squishable. I want a ginormous cat that crushes me every time it lies down. D'awww. All I have is the evil Sasuke-neko. I have more to ramble on about my exciting trip, but I'll probably only bore the usual suspects with those details. Now to catch up on LJ. Sob.
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I used my lunch break to write fic again. I won't share for a while since it's rather specific and I'm still tweaking. I got caught by a coworker who wanted to know what I was doing and I danced around the subject as always. Then he showed me up by telling me he wrote vampire fiction. I told him I wrote werewolf fiction. He said he would try sending me some of his stuff since he knew damn well I wouldn't offer mine. Am I that easy to read? Drat.

There is a spider on my ceiling, which the cats insist on meowing at and trying to stare at from the bed. Their attempts are pretty hilarious.

I am going to have a looooooong day tomorrow. But hey, real distraction is always a bonus.
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My cat is dumb as a rock so she has been returned to solitary confinement.

Yeesh is my work full of traveling. Practically all night travel too. You know, guys, you could have done this last week instead of the one week in my ENTIRE existence that I will have homework again. Fail. Speaking of that, I need to see if this computer is anymore compatible with my homework's website than the one at work.
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... I don't know. I'm torn. On one hand YES OH YES THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER and on the other hand... wait wtf that doesn't even... and also Suzaku. ;;

In other news, my credit card got stolen and I have no money. But Tom is coming over. I can rejoice at that much. Also, I think Nikki is doing better? Maybe. I hope so.
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Ok, I have real non-Geass-related issues for once. So apparently my cat is sick. Real sick. $200 worth of sick so far. In order to accommodate this expenditure, which is of course right on the heels of Otakon, I'm going to have to put off both groceries and contacts until next pay period. But that's not the best part. If the medication I got for Nikki doesn't work, I face a $1,000 diagnostic operation. I... cannot spend $1,000 on my cat. I love my cat. But I can barely spend $1,000 for any sort of health problems I might have. I have no idea what I'm going to do. I'm trying not to think about it. I'm trying very hard. It's just so weird since this problem only flared up since I moved.

More details on actual problem since it's TMI and icky. )

Anyways, I am pretty depressed about the whole thing and don't know what I can do to help my cat.
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Note to the Nayami: I HATE ANIMESUKI. I am no longer reading anything there unless I *know* it has been verified by the usual suspects. I nearly curled into a little ball and cried last night because of this. Not literally but you get the picture. Still, I almost well and truly drove myself away from the series because of that shit. Ah well, lesson for the future.

Yesterday, there was sushi. Which is impossible to find on Sundays by the way. And Tom played chauffeur. It was a nice surprise, which probably wouldn't have been a surprise if I checked my messages like a sane person.

I am debating post or not today. Depends how much energy I have after work since I'm probably staying to six to get everything done. Biggest challenge is find how to do it in a way that hasn't been done since the fans have been spamming since Sunday. But hey, it's discussion, I can't complain.

My roommate brought her dog over for the first time since I brought the cats. They are flipping. It's hilarious. I have half a mind to just chuck them downstairs and let them play sink or swim.
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lol early morning semi-conscious posting. I think tomorrow I'll do one on my pathological hatred of "Please Don't Stop the Music" by Rhianna. To be fair, almost all heavy base music makes me want to jump out of the car. Oh and let's not forget "No One" Alicia Keys. But yeah, me and Rhianna not a good match.

It's official. Sasuke-neko thinks she's a dog. She spent the entire day hiding in the doghouse. I was freaking out because she wasn't cowering under the bed as usual so I started calling for her, and she started mewling from within the doghouse. Of course, she wouldn't come out and I had to pick her up and carry her like the baby she is. Sasuke-neko is such a poser. Apparently she's been swiping the dog's toys and playing with them too since my roommate's mother pointed out that she keeps finding them on the floor.

Bossman says I might get to do an expose on the gaming industry. Are you excited? I'm excited. So much better than listening to that lady telling me how to do my job. Some people just don't understand how we work. Le sigh.

I also probably shouldn't drive since I got fascinated by a red stain on the road, thinking it was a blood trail ala FF7 and nearly rear-ending the cars in front of me that came to a random stop. Still don't know why they did that. Commute is always much fun.

I think it's time to stop procrastinating and just get me a sponsored account. It's silly to pay for 100+ icons when I only use like 15.

ETA: I finally did it. I miss them already. Sob.
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I think I have pinpointed the cause of my player emo. It's mostly every doing stuff either during the day or late at night, both times I have no access to my computer so I miss out on everything and then feel behind. Sucks to be me.

The damn new Geass OP stayed in my head ALL DAY. God help me, I think I actually hummed it while working on an assignment. I didn't even think I liked it that much. I think I'm actually going to try to write up something on the Geass episode since it's been so long, and there is a lot going on with 13. Though the spoilers for the next four episodes have me totally hyped. I pray for flashbacks! Sexy Marianne-sama! Also in Geass news, people have already forgotten about Jeremiah's picture drama, one of the most beloved of all the picture dramas because of the hot Villetta/Jeremiah OTPness. And now they are all "Well that's not really canon because not everyone has access to it." Um, in that train of thought, drama CDs aren't canon either. So all that SuzaNanaLulu backstory, it's a LIE. Yeesh.

I should kick the cats out of my room when I sleep. I want my icons back.
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Aww the kitties are amused by the snow. I hope this means the cancellation of one of my assignments. But probably not.

Hmm, it's going to be more difficult to buy cupcake makings for a certain drama queen's birthday today. Dang, I wanted to practice making the Black Knights symbol out of decorating gel. Woe.
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Look I finally settled on a Clamp Geass icon. I wanted to hunt down makers for this one since I wanted something more snazzy than just the image. This one chose some fun text so it got the spot.

I need to stop watching the Disney sequel movies and then repeating their music for hours. I saw Brother Bear 2 last night. As always, the stupid moose got in the way, but they were much less annoying this time around. Plus Etheridge makes everything better.

I am thinking about making a big life introspection entry later. Depends how I feel after picking up Daddy's Father's Day present and re-reading Angel Sanctuary. Damn Sasuke-neko better not take out the manga pile again. She's thinking about it even as I type. DON'T DO IT GET DOWN! I need a bookshelf like burning. I heard bad things about RxJ and since Random Curiosity is down, I can't make sure. Either way, I might have to dig up a raw.

ETA: Quizzage that I like )
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Kit-Kat hates me and refuses to remove herself from her litter box. Ew. I fed her so I don't know what her problem is. I hope she gets over this soon since I have to clean out that box tomorrow.

The Naruto rumors have fans all in a flurry. I love how whenever it seems Sasuke's going to do ANYTHING, that haters return. Or people lament the way Naruto's going and wish for the old days. I don't bother with those dreams since very few long-lasting series manage to stay awesome forever. You just hold out for the occasional good moment/scene/death and you're happy with it. I would be quite surprised if anything happens to Oro since he is Oro. You'd think we've been through enough of Kishimoto's teasing to know when he's jerking out chain again. Sasuke is just being the pissy little emo-puppy he's known for. He's also probably going through that awkward puberty stage, the poor dear. Rebellious youth and all that. I just take comfort in the knowledge that he has an aversion to killing. It lets me hold out hope for him and again remind fans that Gaara *killed* people a lot. Betrayal does not > killing. I miss Kabuto though. I hope he shows up and kicks Sasuke's ass because I've wanted to do see Sasuke vs. Kabuto for a long time. Let the battle of Orochimaru's bitches commence! If Kabuto cn give Tsunade a run for her money, I think Sasuke might be biting off a bit more than he can chew as usual. Sasuke isn't really all that great at winning his fights. He either gets help or is simply called off. I'm curious how this one will turn out.
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As for our random song lyrics, "Minority" will be the song featured in my upcoming Geass layout because I decided I'm sick of angsty/melancholic lyrics. Bring on the crack. We'll pretend that Lelouch isn't going to turn into a power-hungry bastard and actually believes in his vision of protecting the weak.

I can't believe people are trying to find canonical logic in the Avatar short. It's like Narutards trying to find logic in the Sports Short. People, they are mocking you. Sigh sigh sigh. Best part of the short was definitely Jet comforting sad widdle Zuko. Though I enjoy anything that mocks Haru because Haru be boring. Momo was disturbing. Not as disturbing as the fanmade video that makes Geass look like a school harem. Ouch.

I'm watching the sister's kitten, Kit-Kat, which makes my kitty Sasuke-neko look like a midget. But Sasuke-neko's a bitch so it evens out. I think Kit-Kat is some mutant wildcat beast since her ears look weird and she's unusually built for a 9-month old kitten. The cats think I've betrayed them as usual and refuse to come out from under the bed. I might take pictures later. She is pretty.

More plans for Heritage )

Zen kitty

Dec. 30th, 2006 10:54 pm
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Sasuke is so sexy in this icon.

Recovering's going well. I finished my camp catch-up. Oh how I love Rabi. Caesar/Hugo almost made me cry. Why can I not spell Caesar's name right for the life of me? I keep wanting to write Cesare. Gai is spectacular. Must avoid horrible DGrayman spoilers!

Nayami's current most commonly said phrases:

1. Personality of a dead rat. As in, Allen Walker has the ___.
2. Kick in the head. As in, I want to kick Abel Nightroad in the head. Only once but it needs to be done. Worst godmod ever.
3. Bite you in the face. I don't know where this one came from, but I must have said it at least 20 times to Bro over vacation.

I got some awesome pics of SeaWorld to upload. The trip there was almost perfect. But "Believe" sucks. Fifteen minutes of trainers talking and five minutes of swimming orcas doesn't really count as a Shamu show. Sleeping seals are the cutest things ever.

When I came back from vacation, all the cats were terrified of me for some reason. Except Nikki. The Nikkolaus is zen. I think the reason for this being that she doesn't give a flying fuck whether I'm in the house or not. I love Nikki.

And back to the manga and the anime now.
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It unnerves me that my cat now responds to Satan as quickly as she responds to Sasuke-neko. I wonder if I can train her to respond to Lucifer too. Though the most evil thing she did this weekend was head-butt Louis in the stomach when she rolled over to be petted. I often ponder whether my kitten is a dick because I named her after Sasuke or whether she was born a dick.

Saw The Fountain. Pretty but trippy. I prefer linearity in my movies so I can't say I especially enjoyed that one. I also saw three episodes of Torchwood. My friends and I are fully convinced Capt. Jack would shag a lamppost if it displayed sentience. Also sex monster? It really is the "Angel" to Dr. Who's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" when it comes to maturity and dark levels. They really enjoy cussing and having some sort of sexual reference. I am highly disappointed if Capt. Jack doesn't either flirt with or make out with someone each episode. I like how his entire crew knows nothing about him but are 100% sure he's gay. Come on, Capt. Jack is obviously bi. Or maybe trysexual. I miss him hitting on the Doctor.

I bought more manga. HikaGo 8 and DGrayman 3. The latter does not seem to have Kanda and will probably be ignored for weeks to come. I will accept the popular claim that the initial volumes of the series are a bit on the sucky side but that it will get much better soon because I have seen it happen with other series. So I shall delay judgment until then. William also agrees Kanda does not look like he has a penis. My legion of the True Believers is growing. Huzzah! Also got the third Only the Ring Finger Knows book, which is massive compared to the first two. Maybe I will read the second now.

William saw Suikoden manga while at the book store and wanted me to explain. I got as far as "Chris is awesome, Hugo's best friend is a duck and something about a fire bringer" before I started bitching about how I missed Flik and Viktor. I'm very one-tracked minded when it comes to that game.

I have far too many things to watch right now and not nearly enough time to watch them.
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Tom took some great shots of Nikki and Sasuke-neko. Sasuke looks innocent and only slightly haughty in her pic, while Nikki looks like the wicked demon she is. I love Nikkers!

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