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[livejournal.com profile] danalovesbooks introduced me to Community and RuPaul's Drag Race. I really enjoyed both, but I'm more likely to watch the latter because of reruns. I'm too lazy to remember to watch real TV anymore. We also watched "Street Fight," which is an amazing political documentary and makes me want to rent "The War Room" stat. I do love a good political documentary. Speaking of political, who was the idiot publicist that let the Bieb thing talk politics to Rolling Stone? I hope that guy got fired. That cover didn't help much either.

I actually watched the Grammy's this year, mostly because my father did. It was amusing to learn the only Lady Gaga song he knows is "Paparazzi." I also realized my oblivious love for Ke$ha from listening to her bouncy songs on my radio. I love bouncy dance music. And I admit that Rhianna and Eminem's performance of "Watch Me Burn" was gorgeous. It's sad that the only rapper I like, outside maybe of early Coolio, is the very person I can't stand. But he captures such sincere emotion and rawness in his lyrics and his presentation that I have to admire the true artistry in what he does. His songs are good, even if I think he is a terrible person.

I reserved Okamiden. I have no idea when I'm going to play it, but I did anyway. Just like I have no idea how I'm going to relaunch the Geass conversations, but I really want to because I miss them terribly, especially when I'm doing EPIC things with Lelouch. I also have really been enjoying the chance to talk DenYuuDen with more than just one person. LOL.

I have so failed completely at managing my time this week, and work destroyed me. Hopefully, things will smooth over during Katsucon Friday. I'm pretty excited about it.
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I have so many negative things to say about the news today but as I am still emo about MJ, I will just go on about how much I love Eddie. I'm going to be sad when he hooks up with Odetta, I know, because he is so slasherific with Roland. Also, I hate when authors TELL me someone fell in love with someone. Eddie knew Odetta for like a day. He might be crushing but he's not in love yet. Then again, Eddie just likes to protect so I guess I can buy that. I still would have accepted it more easily if King hadn't literally wrote "he was falling in love with her." Lazy. Where's Jake?

Also, in lol news. The actor who plays Bill from True Blood called Edward Cullen a pussy. I'm sure Twiliters are enraged because they're going to construe it as the actor calling Robert Patterson a pussy. To be fair, if they do, they earn whatever snark I send their way. Also to be fair, Edward kind of IS a pussy compared to Bill. Either way, I loled.


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