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[livejournal.com profile] danalovesbooks introduced me to Community and RuPaul's Drag Race. I really enjoyed both, but I'm more likely to watch the latter because of reruns. I'm too lazy to remember to watch real TV anymore. We also watched "Street Fight," which is an amazing political documentary and makes me want to rent "The War Room" stat. I do love a good political documentary. Speaking of political, who was the idiot publicist that let the Bieb thing talk politics to Rolling Stone? I hope that guy got fired. That cover didn't help much either.

I actually watched the Grammy's this year, mostly because my father did. It was amusing to learn the only Lady Gaga song he knows is "Paparazzi." I also realized my oblivious love for Ke$ha from listening to her bouncy songs on my radio. I love bouncy dance music. And I admit that Rhianna and Eminem's performance of "Watch Me Burn" was gorgeous. It's sad that the only rapper I like, outside maybe of early Coolio, is the very person I can't stand. But he captures such sincere emotion and rawness in his lyrics and his presentation that I have to admire the true artistry in what he does. His songs are good, even if I think he is a terrible person.

I reserved Okamiden. I have no idea when I'm going to play it, but I did anyway. Just like I have no idea how I'm going to relaunch the Geass conversations, but I really want to because I miss them terribly, especially when I'm doing EPIC things with Lelouch. I also have really been enjoying the chance to talk DenYuuDen with more than just one person. LOL.

I have so failed completely at managing my time this week, and work destroyed me. Hopefully, things will smooth over during Katsucon Friday. I'm pretty excited about it.
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Lol I have to live this week on $25. Wish me luck on that.

I am frustrated with "The Passage" because it has such great ideas, but since it did its time skip it hasn't managed one character that I give a damn about. I loved Carter and I loved Wolgast, but everyone since then has been rather dry. That said, I feel compelled to read it because I want to know what the hell is going on. I don't actually care about anyone, but I just want to know why everything means and why that little girl is so important. Honestly, I think the book would be better if it were told through the perspective of the little girl. The small snippet of a section where we got to see things through her eyes was really interesting, and I want more of it. Much more so than Peter or Sarah or Michael. Triple bleh. Why can't men write good characters?

I'm equally frustrated at the stupidity of one segment of the Vampire Knight fandom. Actually, sickened would probably be the better word because the word-vomit they left in SGK's journal is something they should be embarrassed of. Random speculations about her personal life, rabid fights over translations, declarations about how they couldn't enjoy the series without her overview on the chapters, the creepiest white-knighting I've ever seen and just general rude, whiney, needy entitlement behavior. It's shameful. And no, I won't link to it here. I just want to bitch about it. Yes, I did leave a comment on the journal itself. To SGK herself. I don't feel bad calling out a bunch of fans who should have better self-control, regardless of their age.

Oh, and all I have to say about the LJ mess is I'm glad they're doing SOMETHING. Because if I have to ditch LJ, I'm going to blogspot. I'm not interested in not-quite-LJs.

I was going to write something on people turning 9/11 into a political event and my thing about blaming the media, but I'm more in a vegging mood for the day since I've been taxing my brain hard with AMAZING and fun RP threads. But downtime is good too.

I've also been enjoying the LPs of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The guy I'm watching isn't that great a player, but boy is he entertaining. Him screaming after getting spotted, chased down and then killed by a creature was HILARIOUS. Though I admit that LP made me jump too. That is a damn scary game. Great atmosphere. I regret I can't play because I suck at survival horror and first-person games.

I also finally fixed my slow Internet issues, with help from [livejournal.com profile] jdiam and the actual use of my brain. It was funny to realize I was running Firefox 3.0 when I think we're on 3.7 by now. Also, my multiple-opened windows plus multiple tags probably wasn't the best of ideas. Things have been running much better now! But I haven't tried streaming anything yet. That will be the real test.

Ok, I'm done rambling. Time to track down True Blood and return to my book.
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Gabi and I had a fun time watching the first half of Nabari no Ou, only she cheated because she's already read the manga so I made her tell me THE BIG SPOILER. I'm not a big fan of Miharu because I hate that 'I'm a 12-years-old child' thing he always does. But I do love his relationship with Yoite. I really love them. I also enjoy Aizawa and Thobari. Poor Thobari. But more that that, I'm just excited to finally know who the fuck are these characters that I've seen at CFUD for years. I feel edumacated. We'll probably watch the second half next week or so.

We also caught up on Sherlock. And all I can say is wow is a certain character GAY. But yes, terrible cliffhanger and *insert fistshake gif here* and all.

I finished Mockingjay on the Metro by accident. :( )

I guess I will be picking up The Passage at the library tomorrow.
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I am truly loving Mockingjay. I always appreciate how well Collins captures suspense in her writing. She always makes it such a torture for me to put the book down. Oh and as a note, IF YOU REPLY TO THIS WITH SPOILERS I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN. :)

I want the fact that I'm constantly shoving meds down my cat's throat to start having some visible result soon or I'm going to have to call the vet again. At least she's tolerant about it and hasn't scratched or bitten me yet.

Now that I'm no longer hating on myself, I should do my SOTUs since I really have enjoyed the RP pieces I've been involved in over the past two weeks or so. I like doing against the grain stuff, even if I'm not actually certain of my success ratio. Ah well, as long as my partners enjoy, I guess.

Man, I don't want to go back to work in an hour. And I want to go to D.C. this weekend but Beck and his contingent are going to be there and I'm not so sure how well we'll be able to coexist...
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Bad: Too blind to drive properly for the day and must work from home. :(

Good: I can maybe watch True Blood during lunch break.

Bad: The dogs my roomie has been watching since this weekend barked for two hours straight at 8 a.m. this morning.

Good: I has a faildragon!

Bad: I have far too many things I want to do at once and no idea how to sort them all out.

Good: I will be bitching more about Americans and Islamphobia when I can see straight again.
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I cannot believe I passed out as soon as I got back from dropping Gabi off. I apologize to people for not being around and will try to stop being such a flake lately. I blame the heat.
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Thus is the theme of this year's Otakon experience.

Aside from Gabi's shameful run-in with fate via After School Charisma and thus dooming us to a fire at the convention (which only lasted about an hour and a half) and Graham's equally horrific bout of food poisoning via our favorite sushi place, Otakon was enjoyable. Meet-ups went down as planned, time spent with [livejournal.com profile] yzak and [livejournal.com profile] anatari was awesome, Todd Habercorn and the Voice Actors After Dark panel was mind-blowingly hilarious, X-Japan was properly fangirled and I was able to blow most of my money on Durarara fanstuffs. Though we were all horribly sad the yaoi was a lie.

I also picked up Red Garden, Nabari no Ou and the final R2 set, along with the Vampire Knight artbook (because I am a sheep) and silly fanarts. Gabi got to learn what it's like to play with Nayami's whacky con schedule and even critiqued the Lelouch cosplayers... from a distance. Masquerade was hit or miss but the advanced set did have some magic in the form of "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist" for Hetalia, "Telephone" for Utena: Black Rose Saga, "What's This Feeling" for Roy and Ed vs. fangirls, great Street Fighter demonstrations and sexy ninja break-dancing. Also, some great AMVs.

I think I will be waiting another day to return to the real world since Rachel and I have been mass-marathoning Avatar and I kind of want to watch Book 3 now. I enjoy remembering how much I used to love Avatar and shared with Rachel all of the fan reactions and crazy theories that followed all of the major episodes. Since she was only familiar with the movie, it was quite an experience!

In other news, I prefer the manga version of R2 to the anime, I think. Though I still haven't seen the last volume.

Oh yeah, for some reason Gabi broke down and bought the Night Class Vampire Knight outfit and we have since resigned ourselves to cosplay Zero and Aidou at Katsucon. I PREDICT AGONY. Now, to find me a weapon. *insert evil laugh here*
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All right, going to hang with friend for the weekend. Might be around Sunday or so. I have STUFF to post.

Oh yeah, and give me some input on this poll. I am a fickle creature who cannot make decisions by herself and I don't want to buy a renamed token and then decide I hate it.
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This Rolling Stone profile piece on Gen. McChrystal, who is in charge of the U.S. war in Afganistan, is probably one of the best representations of the politics within the conflict that I've seen in some time. Using colloquial speech makes it easier for laymen, such as myself, to really get to the nuts and bolts of the war and and its operators. Naturally, it has been causing some major stir in the political world, as it includes numerous dismissals by McChrystal and staff to top brass in the Pentagon. I'm not here to comment on any of that. I just wanted to share some good reporting on the Afganistan situation, which is something people should really start paying attention to. We might be doing decent in Iraq, but Afganistan just continues to look uglier and uglier.

In other news, my father's fake daughter bought him a George Foreman grill for Father's Day. Gabi says this is the stuff serial killer plots are made out of, and I'm inclined to agree. I'm fine with the woman, who is the daughter of my father's friend, buying him presents on Christmas, his birthday and even Easter in exchange for his helping her father. But I draw the line at Father's Day! And I really draw the line at gifts that expensive! I don't think I'm being unreasonable in being a little defensive here. My brother was equally less than happy. He won't give it back either.

Lol I love chan for pointing me toward the Hot Fuzz actors writing and rec'ing slash fiction last night.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] arterialmotive and I finally have a [livejournal.com profile] criticalbit! Huzzah!
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You know you're an otaku when you stay up until 4 a.m. arguing whether Hughes would have been cheating if he saw Roy on the side while he was married to Gracia.

I enjoyed my concert, but I think Toby was a bit off that night. I'm not sure what it was. He talked through a lot of his songs. Maybe it was part of the act, but it felt strange. My highlight was when the short angry hickster women in front of us got beer dumped on them by some drunkard because they refused to move out of the way when people were trying to get back to their spots. Mmm karma. Oh yeah, these are the same people who wouldn't even move for a man in a wheelchair with a bladder bag.

Gabi and I watched more DRRR. I'm really like Shizuo and Izaya more and more, although Gabi is amusing me with her references to Shinra being the lovechild of Watanuki and Lelouch. Ouch.

My monster pitbull tried to eat Gabi, but then they became good friends. He's like that. Plus, I got to share the exciting history and sights of my old stomping ground so my weekend feels sufficiently productive.

... I think I fucked up my Angel Sanctuary post-canon interpretation, or actually the canon itself. I need to figure out how I can, um, justify it.
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Yesterday, I tested out Chicago's L for the first time. I really enjoyed riding amid the tall buildings and getting to see the city instead of being stuck in dark corridors, as happens with Maryland's Metro system. I was less cool on L's reliance on the bus system and dropping you off a good 15-20 minutes away from anything resembling touristy. Also, Chicago street signs need to actually exist for walking maps to work. But we did manage to find both Navy Pier and the weird silver bean thing. It helped that it was a really nice day and I could take many pictures of the water and the boats. I am a bit sad I missed out on Chicago-style deep dish pizza, but I did get my ramen near the convention center so I guess it evens out.

I have a feeling the run-through of "Deadly Premonition" is reaching its epic close. Wow, Thomas, just wow. And I have no idea what to think of the Guy With Glasses' anniversary special. Though my mind is totally blown and enchanted by CFUD's anniversary plot.

Still slogging through Berserk. I will be sad when the flashback is done because young Griffith and young Guts are terribly cute. I'm torn on the mangaka's style because the way he draws smiles gives me the willies, but he can also draw adorable expressions. I don't know, maybe all of Griffith's smiles are supposed to be unsettling. Griffith is so gay for Guts and almost vice versa; it's amazing.

Now, to see whether I can pull off a miracle tomorrow.
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As I had next to no interest in playing the same ole same ole UST threads last night, Gabi and I marathoned Berserk: The Abridged Series, which is awesome and quite possibly an equal to LittleKuriboh's Yugioh series. I wish there was a CG version this good. Then because the Abridged Series gives the series a happy ending because it's pretty much impossible to parody the sheer horror that is the final episode, we watched the end episode. Part of me wants to pick up the manga, but then part of me opposes extreme nudity and constant rape. Also, I'm not a big fan of Guts, and if Griffith is evil, it's unlikely we're going to be seeing too much of him. But it was still great fun!

I am stalling on cleaning my kitties and then I get to go home for the weekend for Mother's Day. I am still not sure how I feel about visiting my mother's grave for Mother's Day, but I think it's cathartic for my father so I do it anyway.

I should start on my app thingie.
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My interview took much longer than it was supposed to, meaning that I had to drive through holiday traffic bleh. In happy news, CG's latest whoring technique makes me giggle. I love whenever the comm discusses whether Lelouch is asexual. Boy is so fail.

I want to be delighted that the abomination known as "Clash of Titans" is striking out with the critics, but since it promises OMGACTION and is 3D, it will probably make top marks in the box office either way. I hate this movie's existence. I am used to being on the outskirts with most people on the Internet so I just wanted to drive home my fury at them CGI-whoring the creatures that Ray Harryhausen put his heart and soul into creating. Ray's stop-motion scorpions and Pegasus will forever be infinitely better than the computer-vomit that I've seen in trailers. Also, I prefer the original kracken. The only things this disaster has going for it are Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes as gods and maybe the hilarity of someone apping Perseus because lol mindfuck. Other than that, ugh I hate this movie. Burn in hell, "Clash of the Titans 2010."

I didn't get to read today, but my goal is to finish "Throne of Jade" before the weekend is out. I also want to make something involving egg whites. I'm leaning toward chocolate mousse since meringue is really hard to judge. I also want to essay on Bold in "Farthing Wood" because I really hate Whisper.

[livejournal.com profile] ichinichinemasu and [livejournal.com profile] realms_of_life have made my nights truly awesome and snuggly lately. ♥
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I just wanted to say that after my longer than expected hiatus, last night's post hijinks totally improved my mood. Thanks, Geasscast.

Also, poor Pie being subjected to my VampChron lovings for daring to know about the existence of the musical.
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Of all the lousy timing. :( Sobble it's just a game and I had way more fun at the beach but suck out.

Anyway, as was not properly conveyed in my last message, Nayami journeyed to a friend's Wednesday night and spent yesterday at the beach with Dana. I harassed clams and sand crabs and generally made an ass out of myself. Then there were boardwalk happenings, outlets and my inability to eat a single food item without pouring it all over myself. But it was a nice excursion. Now I get to spend today reading all the Ted Kennedy death coverage after I finish my assignment.

Waah my event. I had more intelligible things to say, but I'm currently in my "bawww" mode and need to figure out how to bandwagon this properly. Help me [livejournal.com profile] rubyd, you're my only hope.
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Lol my balance continues to suck. At least I got some of the others out the other day. Yes, this is an RP post. Your regularly scheduled politics post will follow later today.
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Good: Listening to Crispin Freeman talk about voicing Tsume without a shirt!
Bad: Standing in line for an hour and not getting Crispin's autograph. :(
Good: Getting Lelouch and shaymin plushies from the dealer's room.
Bad: None of the manga dealers had Pandora Hearts.
Good: Awesome fun hanging with the CFUDers, partially due to some quick organization tricks.
Bad: Having to compete with the hell bitch within my personal group on Thursday night.
Good: Finding awesome tapas restaurant.
Bad: Spending an hour literally walking down memory lane of Baltimore City, looking for food.
Good: Finally buying the final Geass S1 Special Edition DVD.
Bad: Evil spoilericious Geass AMV. To be fair, both Geass AMVs were gorgeous, just the first made me waaaah. This is a bad lite.
Good: Getting a picture of a gorgeous Dietrich cosplayer.
Bad: Having two friends get conned on the Baltimore streets while this was happening.


Good: Overall fun con and awesome weather. (minus the randomly "buttscratcher" screaming morons who I will hunt down and slaughter like the dogs they are.)
Bad: Car is dead and I will probably have to take another day off work to deal with the madness tomorrow. :(((

List of Nayami's terrible impulse buys. )

Also I think this pic best illustrates the manic nature of my con experience. I got it whilst I was standing in line for Crispin. Baw. Every other hour, I felt like one or the other of them. )
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I am playing with various Firefox add-ons to see if they make my life easier. My favorite is the Foxkeh theme because at least when things take forever to load, I can watch the little fox run and everything is automatically infinitely better. I'm trying the tree tabs out for CFUD threads to see if it makes organization easier. I'm also trying out auto-reload but of course that also reloads gmail, which can be a bitch if you're chatting. I need to figure out how to eliminate this issue.

Quote of the day comes from someone's comments on a Post column about the pirates.

Person 1: "What about our nation's policy on ninjas? When will we hear that?"
Person 2: "You won't hear it. The ninja policy is as lethal as it is silent."

I love people.

Bleh, I have to go test out my glasses again. Suck.
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Despite going to work today, I'm pretty much laid up. I blame bad McD's food last night. All I wanted was a McDouble sob. I did somehow get some work done, but I mostly researched adult animation like "American Pop," which I need to hunt down and watch.

I've been having my RP woes again, some long the lines of not feeling good enough, and I thank [livejournal.com profile] piecrumbs again for sitting through my whiny spiel. I am seriously considering reducing a certain account to plus because there is no reason I should be paying full-price for a back-burnery character. But then again, that limits effect potential. Way to cough up those a la carte userpics, LJ. But I guess considering the economy, I can't really bitch much.


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