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[livejournal.com profile] danalovesbooks introduced me to Community and RuPaul's Drag Race. I really enjoyed both, but I'm more likely to watch the latter because of reruns. I'm too lazy to remember to watch real TV anymore. We also watched "Street Fight," which is an amazing political documentary and makes me want to rent "The War Room" stat. I do love a good political documentary. Speaking of political, who was the idiot publicist that let the Bieb thing talk politics to Rolling Stone? I hope that guy got fired. That cover didn't help much either.

I actually watched the Grammy's this year, mostly because my father did. It was amusing to learn the only Lady Gaga song he knows is "Paparazzi." I also realized my oblivious love for Ke$ha from listening to her bouncy songs on my radio. I love bouncy dance music. And I admit that Rhianna and Eminem's performance of "Watch Me Burn" was gorgeous. It's sad that the only rapper I like, outside maybe of early Coolio, is the very person I can't stand. But he captures such sincere emotion and rawness in his lyrics and his presentation that I have to admire the true artistry in what he does. His songs are good, even if I think he is a terrible person.

I reserved Okamiden. I have no idea when I'm going to play it, but I did anyway. Just like I have no idea how I'm going to relaunch the Geass conversations, but I really want to because I miss them terribly, especially when I'm doing EPIC things with Lelouch. I also have really been enjoying the chance to talk DenYuuDen with more than just one person. LOL.

I have so failed completely at managing my time this week, and work destroyed me. Hopefully, things will smooth over during Katsucon Friday. I'm pretty excited about it.
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So I didn't realize "The Thief" was actually a children's book and spent 15 minutes searching through YA before I finally learned the truth and had the super-fun experience of crawling around on my hands and knees while trying to find it in the shelves. Note to self, get Thief series on Kindle next time. I wanted to pick up "The Broken Kingdoms," but it wasn't there so I went with "The Giver" since I've never read it and the last of the "Shadows" series by Brent Weeks. I have to decide whether I want to stick "Firestar's Quest" somewhere in there, possibly after the Weeks book to give me something easier to read. The first two should be a breeze after all.

Oh, a coworker also gave me the "How to Train Your Dragon" artbook, which is lovely, and the Justice League, which I need to get around to watching. Probably I'll start on that today. CFUW kind of devoured my time yesterday. [livejournal.com profile] realms_of_life and I spent the other week watching "Batman/Superman:Apocalypse," which terrified me with the realization that the old man I spent the entirely movie wanting to go away was actually Granny Goodness (shudder) and "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths," which was just fun because poor Batman. I also discovered Amazon gives me Buffy episodes for a buck and might have spent at least $10 on that this week. I won't be doing that anymore since I have $400 dollars on my checking account, which I shouldn't, and I don't want to mess with that money unless I need it for gas and food. Ugh, I have to call and sort that out.

Also, I miss the Geass recap chats. What happened? People weren't around on the holidays, and I haven't seen them since. I'd post them myself, but I'm super lazy about doing screeshots and summaries; I just like to talk.
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So amid my crazy bake-off yesterday, I sort of missed some very important news. It appears that the Senate is indeed functioning. So I just want to give a HELL YEAH for the DADT repeal! I'm proud of you guys, I am.

In less epic but still awesome news, the cookies are finished and will be sent Tuesday since I need time to write cards. But hey they're HOLIDAY cookies not Christmas cookies. I apologize to anyone who gets the slightly thinner poppy cookies. My roomie's big of a dog jumped the counter and ate three bags of them, forcing me to replace the original cookies with my spares. Believe me, if I had time to remake your cookies I would. I'm just fortunate only the poppy seed cookies for three people were in those bags so all the rest of the cookies are secure.

[livejournal.com profile] realms_of_life and I also hit up Tron Legacy, which did not disappoint. It was shiny and AWESOME and totally 80s nostalgic. I love Jeff Bridges. Plus, the new trailer for Green Hornet makes me actually want to see it. We also watched the new Star Driver, which was far less awesome since Sugata didn't do anything nifty this time. But he did talk to Head again and I think the two might be bonding. D'awww.

I also feel slightly queasy for some reason. I think it's the cold weather plus limited sleep plus the Metro so I might be zoning tonight. Sorry. I need to watch my Geass episode so I can at least participate VERY LATE in the usual discussion. Oh yeah, the talk on [livejournal.com profile] code_geass made me coerce Gabi into watching "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog," which is quite a feat since she hates music. But it's true, that series is so Geass AMV material.
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[livejournal.com profile] code_geass is rewatching the series, one episode per week. I'm stupidly excited about this. Yeah yeah I'm sure we all remember my obsession. But really, I just enjoy the chance to pay attention to things I missed the first time around and apply them to future episodes. Plus, it's like an ongoing canon review!

... No, there is nothing else of any importance in this post. I am just being a CG dork.

And alas, there goes my NaNo time. I really suck at this.
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On the way to the voting precinct tonight, my car died twice. Once in the middle of the road. Should I take this as a sign? That said, I managed it.

Also I swear my slogan for life should be "Can't sleep, people are discussing Geass on the Internets." In other news, I still need to watch the new Star Driver and LoL. But I'm off schedule for NaNoWriMo so that just has to wait. :(

Expect a recap of "Name of the Wind" tomorrow as I prepare to finish the book. I'm thinking about picking up the new Riordan next.
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I see another polirant approaching. This one on the mosque they want to build near by the 9/11 crash.

I am making my brother a trifle for his birthday. He has no idea what that it is. This should be fun!

I am still undecided on whether to see the Scott Pilgrim movie. Good reviews but still UGH MICHAEL CERA HOW I HATE YOUR FACE. If it was any other lead, I would be on this movie in an instant. But yeah, Cera just makes me rage with his basic existence. It's not even him as a person. I just can't stand his face. So shallow.

Flight of Eagles is shaping up to be my favorite yet. Mini spoilers. )

Since everyone has been so lively on the Geass comm lately, what with the anniversary of the start of Britannia's invasion of Japan and all, I have tracked down the Otakon Geass AMVs for sharing!

Lelouch Lamperouge stars in Christopher Nolan's "Inception."
Won best in trailer/parody. Oh yeah, and there's a Roy Mustang cameo.

Pizza Hut vs. KFC

And last but not least...

Won best in comedy. As an added note, Gabi especially adores this one for the opening between Lelouch and Nunnally.
If you aren't an AMV.org member, you can get the censored version on YouTube.

Random quotes of the day:
"Glenn Beck is an oxymormon - sometimes he makes sense... "
- WaPo comment on Glenn Beck's support for gay marriage. Yeah, you read that right.

"This is so exciting! I've never been involved in a three-way before."
- my father referring to being on a three-way phone conversation with my brother and I. talk about awkward.
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Thus is the theme of this year's Otakon experience.

Aside from Gabi's shameful run-in with fate via After School Charisma and thus dooming us to a fire at the convention (which only lasted about an hour and a half) and Graham's equally horrific bout of food poisoning via our favorite sushi place, Otakon was enjoyable. Meet-ups went down as planned, time spent with [livejournal.com profile] yzak and [livejournal.com profile] anatari was awesome, Todd Habercorn and the Voice Actors After Dark panel was mind-blowingly hilarious, X-Japan was properly fangirled and I was able to blow most of my money on Durarara fanstuffs. Though we were all horribly sad the yaoi was a lie.

I also picked up Red Garden, Nabari no Ou and the final R2 set, along with the Vampire Knight artbook (because I am a sheep) and silly fanarts. Gabi got to learn what it's like to play with Nayami's whacky con schedule and even critiqued the Lelouch cosplayers... from a distance. Masquerade was hit or miss but the advanced set did have some magic in the form of "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist" for Hetalia, "Telephone" for Utena: Black Rose Saga, "What's This Feeling" for Roy and Ed vs. fangirls, great Street Fighter demonstrations and sexy ninja break-dancing. Also, some great AMVs.

I think I will be waiting another day to return to the real world since Rachel and I have been mass-marathoning Avatar and I kind of want to watch Book 3 now. I enjoy remembering how much I used to love Avatar and shared with Rachel all of the fan reactions and crazy theories that followed all of the major episodes. Since she was only familiar with the movie, it was quite an experience!

In other news, I prefer the manga version of R2 to the anime, I think. Though I still haven't seen the last volume.

Oh yeah, for some reason Gabi broke down and bought the Night Class Vampire Knight outfit and we have since resigned ourselves to cosplay Zero and Aidou at Katsucon. I PREDICT AGONY. Now, to find me a weapon. *insert evil laugh here*
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Dammit Kushina arc. Now I have to catch up on Naruto. Seriously, though, this arc is really reawakening my interest in Kishimoto's storytelling. It's really touching. Initial interest sparked by this breathtaking fanart.

I have also decided that Gabi and I will be torturing ourselves with the hilariously-named The Legend of the Legendary Heroes of Legend (one of those legends may not be part of the actual title.) It makes me think high fantasy meets Geass. Yes, this is entirely based on the main's freaky eye power and his being voiced by FukuJun. Though there looks to be some slash potential and preview hinted at some nice darkness in the storyline. It will probably be fail, but I'm a Geass junkie so anything that can channel it for me earns at least my perusal.

I also want to break 3,000 on this damn Word Bubbles game. If only I didn't keep getting "pap." What the fuck are you supposed to do with pap once you get past the many iterations of "paper." Stupid game.

I have more political spazzery but I'll save that for another post.

I am also attempting some theology world-building for "Psychosis," being that I realized I have no fucking clue where the angels come from, what the magic is or what's the genealogy for half the cast. I also want to work better on Lucian and Tashira's living situation so that it's plausible and possibly better incorporate Lorelei into the story if it can be managed. I'm just running into a few bumps with her connection to Dominic and the threat of losing the important moment where Lucian and Dominic reconcile while Lucian is recovering at her house after a fight.

That means it's onto the meme!

30 Days of Writing Meme )

4. Tell us about one of your first stories/characters!

Lol, I just told Graham this story the other day. My first characters were descendants of Chibi-Usa. Yes, from Sailormoon. I don't remember much about them, except that they had their own talking male cat and such. I cared more about their children though. I shamelessly ripped off the Black Lady plot, only with twins. Basically, the girl twin goes nuts and the boy twin has to bring her back. Or was it the other way around? Well, there was a lot more violence and blood. I know the Silver Crystal became some scarily powerful sword. Hmm, I wonder what became of that sword...

Piggy-backing on this was the second part of the story, where the twins each meet up with the opposite sex member of these demon unicorn twins. The demon twins are warring against each other and each trying to win the other twins to their side. I bet anyone who's reading this no longer has any idea what I'm talking about. Anyway, both demon twins die at the end, although they are redeemed and remember that they love each other. D'aww. If this sounds familiar, you've probably guessed why.

Or if you want earlier, there's my Jack London-styled stories about a Samoyed (Sapphire) who has to return home to his owner and enters into a wolf pack, a boy and his pet tiger (Hunter) and some stray dog (Rogue) who owns his own city pack. As guessed from the reference, none of these animals talked. I wish I could remember more about them than just the basics. I bet I still have the story maps lying in my closet somewhere. I never throw anything away. Oh and waaaay back, there was the "Incredible Journey" rip-off about two dogs and a cheetah.
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After taking a peak at the end of "Nightmare of Nunnally," I've decided I might actually buy it. It's not really Geass, but it's also not that far distanced from it anyway. I really like some of the creativity that went into it, even though it's clearly a girls fighting manga and the names for the various geasses are ridiculous. But it has some fun twists with Euphie, Lelouch and even Nunnally that I think add interesting layers to the story. I do wish it could cut down on the creepy loli-obsession. At least the final volume had none of that. And Rolo vi Britannia is fucking nuts.

"The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms" did not immediately endear itself to me, as it committed the worst possible error for me when it comes to fantasy. DO NOT INFO-DUMP YOUR WORLD BUILDING. As I have said countless times, I despise world-building, and it's one of the reasons I stray away from fantasy fiction. I can warm myself up to it if it's handled gradually and properly integrated into the story. Using a word/place you made up every other sentence? THAT'S INFO-DUMPING. I seriously wanted to throw the book out the window for the first chapter. Luckily, things got more interested in Chapter 2 and I calmed down. But yeah, the tribes, cities, royals, gods and whatever else they were rambling about every ten seconds definitely raised my ruff a bit. I have this nagging problem about needing to know what the hell people are talking about in the first chapter. Good example of word-building? Hunger Games. Take your time. Ease the reader into it. Don't expect me to know what the hell a Amn or Darre is because I don't care.

Second writing bit went well. I managed to make Lucian much less forgiving and irreverent and generally fixed the mood so it doesn't read like bad fanfic. It's my favorite writing piece I've done in a while. I want to poke a bit more at my first piece since I think the beginning still reads forced, but then I might get back to more social things. Here's hoping.
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That monstrosity known as "Zero" is finally done. I have to be fair, the novel really should have never tried to cover any of the Psycho!Orange stuff since it was just fan-pandering in the series and makes no sense regardless of what medium it is presented in. And the Kallen allusions between Zero and Naoto were nice. But what was the purpose of even bothering with the V.V./Nunnally scenes if the author wasn't even going to speculate on their importance? The final confrontation was decent Suzaku perspective, I suppose, but it all felt too rushed. Maybe the author was trying to convey the intensity of the moment through prose. I think this novel's greatest sin, aside from its mind-boggling interpretations, was trying to play straight with the ridiculous mystery (C.C., V.V., Geass, Marianne) and randomness of S1's finale.

I failed at getting "Hundred Thousand Kingdoms" at the library. They also didn't have "Rampant." I was so annoyed at my failure that I didn't even think to try to find The Thief series Dana recommended. Instead, I ended up with some werewolf fiction called "Sharp Teeth." I picked it up because it's a novel written in free verse, and it sounds like a trip.

I want to see the new Bravo series about the artists, "Work of Art." It's probably cheesy, but it's not like I have anything else to watch anymore.

Also, SPN Anime? As long as it fast-forwards to the angels. But ugh, I can already see the woman fanservice. Sob.

I also forgot to mention in my last few posts that I recently discovered that someone I hung out with frequently in high school has since become an award-winning drag queen. Who knew?
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Well, I didn't die horribly in the night as I feared.

"Zero" has continued to fuck up royally. No, novel, Lelouch did not kill Euphie to assuage his own crazy. Way to remove the ONE responsible thing he did at the end of the first season. Though, I do like the introspection of whether Lelouch should have let her live and decide if she wanted to cope with the fallout herself. Also, marching along the stupid scale is the novel's lack of Suzaku focus. Why does this matter? Only because the novels were written for the exclusive purpose of giving us P.O.V. So yeah, the decision to not explain Suzaku's freak-out after Euphie's death (while obvious) annoys me. I'm just easily annoyed. Also, it's a bit disturbing that the novel apparently dates the entire Special Administration Massacre as occurring in December, roughly five days after Lelouch's birthday in fact. Thanks for that, novel, really. Overall, this one is just going through the motions, and I'm hoping it gets its act back together for R2.

Watch this great review of E.V.O.. Mostly because I'm too lazy to write my own. There's even a cameo of Denver the Last Dinosaur. How can you resist that? YOU CAN'T.

I had political ramblings, but I'm not in the mood so I'll just share the De-Bieberizer. Vanish from my sights, your annoyingly trendy tyke.
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Wow, let's not even talk about the latest Newtype images for Geass. Just no.

I forgot to bitch in my Toby Keith concert review that they tricked me into listening to Katherine McPhee. One, she is not country and has no purpose being at a country concert. Two, she is boring and I'd rather listen to Taylor Swift or even early Miley Cyrus. Three, I was expecting Tracy Adkins. Fail on every level.

I am very depressed about Helen Thomas, but I agree with the public reaction.

Awesome essay on how to capture the female character in shonen and really any fiction using a comparison of early Soul Eater and Fairy Tale.

In unrelated news, I blacked out sometime today. I have a hunch it could be related to stress.

I'm playing through E.V.O. Search for Eden again so I might be distracted from talking to people. I love this game. I think it's so much better than the prettier Spore.
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So we're calling candidates from our own party (and the president) rag-heads now, are we?

Anyway, as I figured the "Zero" novel has pissed me off. Its characterization of Lelouch is manic. But I can't really blame the book since it's trying to rationalize the thought process of a psychopath. See, I don't try to rationalize exactly why Lelouch does what he does. I'll rationalize the larger picture he sees and sometimes his goals but rarely the exact why. This is for one main reason, other than it is infuriating to put that many thoughts at once into words, LELOUCH IS CRAZY. You can't really nail down why they do what they do because their perspective is skewed.

So I have issues with "Zero" saying at first Lelouch wants to stop Euphie because of her... charisma? (yeah I don't even know) that he could never command (except that he does as both Zero and as emperor before things go bad.) Then the book tries to argue that Lelouch worries that living in Utopia would make him forget all the bad things he's focused on forever, rendering them meaningless? Uh what? Then apparently Euphie makes this all better by being sweet and innocent and healing Lelouch's heart or some bullshit like that. It's complete and utter contradictions.

The only thing I liked was the justification that Lelouch did his whole 'use Euphie's death' bit and 'use whatever I can (including Darlton)' bit because he was trying to convince himself that Euphie's geassed actions had been his plan all along, his wave of staving back his immediate breakdown, which would have left him useless. That was nice. But yeah, I thought it was indicated Lelouch got pissed at Euphie for being idealistic plus endangering Nunnally by turning everyone against Zero and therefore ruining his hopes of a safe Britannia for her. I thought he changed his mind because Euphie said she was doing it FOR Nunnally. The anime always implied that everything about this event hinged on Nunnally. The charisma stuff made no damn sense and just made Lelouch read like even more of a douche than he already is.

And don't even get me started on the random simplification of Suzaku and the "pure wonderful light" that is Euphie to him...
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I am praying for Bret Michaels.

I am also loving "Gods Behaving Badly." I feel so bad for Artemis and even worse for Eros. His fanboy crush on Jesus is so adorable. I just love the tongue-in-check nature of the whole thing, even though I worry whether the mortals will actually be interesting.

These are some of the greatest Terra e ficlets I've ever read and make me embarrassed to recall my own RPing of Keith. I WAS SO BAD. This writer really gets inside Keith's head in a way that's simply beautiful.

I still think Sunrise are douches for bookending absolute crack with absolute depression, even if the final messages were sweet. I love the conflict of Suzaku's.

Now that I have puppies, I am fully prepared to recommend "Wolf" to any animal fans. It is a simulation game that has yet to be fully duplicated. And although it's from 1995, the graphics hold up remarkably well. The main reason I love it though is because it's possibly the only sim I've ever seen where you really do connect with your avatar. When the wolf gets shot, you actually wince. That and it's just fun to use all your senses to hunt and survive. I still contend that the time flow mechanism sucks balls.

I am too lazy to fully recount my roomie story for today so we'll just finish with me saying I talked my father out of buying "Avatar" by convincing him Cameron is a money-grubbing asshole. Disclaimer! I like Avatar. I just refuse to give money to someone who plans to release the damn thing at least four times and bitches about how the lack of available 3-D screens cheated him out of MORE MONEY. Also, yay to "How to Train Your Dragon" for easily topping the box office charts again, something no movie has accomplished since 2004.

I need to watch more "Deadly Premonitions." Michael is cracking me up.

In RP news, I'm still waffling over apping at Sabra.
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My interview took much longer than it was supposed to, meaning that I had to drive through holiday traffic bleh. In happy news, CG's latest whoring technique makes me giggle. I love whenever the comm discusses whether Lelouch is asexual. Boy is so fail.

I want to be delighted that the abomination known as "Clash of Titans" is striking out with the critics, but since it promises OMGACTION and is 3D, it will probably make top marks in the box office either way. I hate this movie's existence. I am used to being on the outskirts with most people on the Internet so I just wanted to drive home my fury at them CGI-whoring the creatures that Ray Harryhausen put his heart and soul into creating. Ray's stop-motion scorpions and Pegasus will forever be infinitely better than the computer-vomit that I've seen in trailers. Also, I prefer the original kracken. The only things this disaster has going for it are Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes as gods and maybe the hilarity of someone apping Perseus because lol mindfuck. Other than that, ugh I hate this movie. Burn in hell, "Clash of the Titans 2010."

I didn't get to read today, but my goal is to finish "Throne of Jade" before the weekend is out. I also want to make something involving egg whites. I'm leaning toward chocolate mousse since meringue is really hard to judge. I also want to essay on Bold in "Farthing Wood" because I really hate Whisper.

[livejournal.com profile] ichinichinemasu and [livejournal.com profile] realms_of_life have made my nights truly awesome and snuggly lately. ♥
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So whacky rumors about making Geass into a musical eh? This calls for Lestat commentary! "Oh god, help us! Just look at you, shrinking away from my point of view. Showering me with your pious blame, the gift that I give is exempt from shame. Embrace it, embrace it." Lol it almost fits. Moving along. Sunrise = cockteases.

Now 100 pages into The Lightning Thief. Still no characters producing the OMG I LOVE YOU feeling yet. Spoilers for people who, like me, love to play the Greek reference guessing game. )

Oh as for a more intelligible review of the Lestat musical, the Vampire Lestat portion (aka the first half) is a bit hard to follow, but the Interview with the Vampire part is where it truly shines. But only in the San Fransisco version, as the Broadway version suffered severe script changes and borders on incoherent. Though Gabi is the worthwhile part of the first act. I also think I love Armand. Now I want to reread the Vampire Lestat and probably Tale of the Body Thief for the Louis/Lestat parts. Ah, Louis/Lestat, my first slash couple. I realize Anne Rice is a crazy bitch, but she made some beautiful characters. I had forgotten all about the existential questions Lestat and Louis always posed and realize how much I miss it in today's romantic, broody vampires. Too bad she had to answer Lestat's ponderings about the nature of good and evil in Memnoch the Devil and ruin everything. Mm, Vampire Chronicles.

Sheila Dixon is finally resigning! Mariah Carey needs to stop whining about her role in Precious making her look fugly. She used to be such a fun singer too.

Oh yes, my other resolution is to no longer look at anon sites at all, especially since these most likely led to my writing meltdown.

Shit, I almost forgot the MOST IMPORTANT NEWS. My sister finally received the chance to talk to her daughter after giving her up for adoption eight years ago. She will even be able to see her on a regular basis! As I heard it, my niece actually told her adopted mother she wanted to speak with her birth mother. She's so smart. I really hope this will cure my sister's endless depression.
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Eee I has cookies! Thank you happy gifters! They still make me want to bake real versions. I planned to come home and send more, but then I forgot that LJ in the Grinch at all things. So no more cookies. Sadness. Oh and the new Best Buy ads popping up on my unpaid journal are also not cool. No, LJ, I am not buying an account. And if you keep up this shit, I'm not going to use your service for my non-RP postings either.

More sadness comes from the new Code Geass manga being done by the Nightmare of Nunnally person. Granted, my only real issue with NoN is its art, which is, to put it bluntly, god-awful. And I'm cool with new main character, as long as Suzaku has a prominent part. HE BETTER HAVE A PROMINENT PART, CG. Ah, History of Geass backstory, well I guess we'll just see how it goes.

Random PSA: Christmas song should not reference the following. Child sexual abuse. Child prostitution. Drug abuse. Gang violence. No, Shania Twain, JUST NO. That is not a Christmas song; it's an "I want to sing about random issues and make you all feel guilty" song. Adding "Hallelujah" to the lyrics doesn't help. Now, if I want a song about ISSUES that's actually a CHRISTMAS SONG, I will listen to "My Grown-Up Christmas" list which manages to reference wars, abuse, hate and fear but with an overall message of hope. I want this "God Bless the Child" trash off my Christmas rotation music. Ugh. It's worse than that damn "Christmas Shoes." Seriously, here are some of its precious lyrics: "This child is homeless. That child's on crack. One plays with a gun, while the other takes a bullet in his back" and "Some have daddies who make them play games they don't want to play." NO. It doesn't even sound good.

King made me cry again. Sob. )
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Eeee birthday art always puts me in a good mood! And the CG event sounded like total amusing crack. Plus, IT'S SNOWING!! Since I'm not driving today, I can be enchanted by it as always. The cats are less so since it means I won't be able to buy their dry food today and they're being finicky about the wet stuff. I am wondering whether I should join my roommate's mom's cookie party today since, as you've probably guessed, it will require extended roommate interaction. Maybe I will be a loser and make a Lulu cookie. SNOW!!
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Yay, there has been good Geass fanfiction again! Loev [livejournal.com profile] grendelity.

I was contemplating putting something up here regarding the pettiness of certain individuals because I actually think giving them attention would be productive this time. But I will bite my tongue.

Instead I will talk about Glambert. PS my roomie doesn't know what S&M is but that's not what's underneath this cut. )

Ugh, must drive home in Thanksgiving traffic. Will die.
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Your Veteran's Day story: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=120300346

In other random musings, say what is the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day anyway? And before we bring up how Memorial Day is the one to honor the dead, keep in mind the president visits the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Veterans Day. I'm seriously stumped by this one.

ETA: I hate driving. My car lost traction in the rain today and I ended up in a ditch.

ETA2: The newest Newtype pic. What the hell, Lelouch? orz


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