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Finally saw the Death Note 2 movie. While lacking in the Mello or Near department, it was infinitely better than the first movie. And from what I've heard of the latter half of the series, I'd argue it was better handled than the manga itself. I'm much more in love with movie!L than I am with Light. I think it's just the choice of Light's actor. He's good; he's just hard to really accept as Light. That and L's speech about wanting to save Light almost made me cry. The only real complaint I have with the second movie is that the ending was a bit draggy, but other than that they essentially improved everything I hated about the midpoint of the series. They even reworked the third Kira into something that was actually interesting. Light's ranting near the end annoyed me, mostly because the whole while he's trying to convince everyone (and possibly himself) that everything he does is to make the world a better place and that he has done much to decrease the crimes/killings in this world. But he's still calling himself a god. I honestly believe that while Light might posture at having good intentions, when you get right down to it, it's all about the feeling of power. Light enjoys having the power to save the world since he can just as easily destroy it. Not exactly a neutral shinigami. L's actor was superb as usual and ultra adorable when he flirted with Misa or bantered with Light. Yes, this is the way Death Note should have been done. I wonder what route the anime will take; I need to check up on that. Also, Ryuk... a bit of a dick there.

[livejournal.com profile] quebelly, I think you might like this one. But first we're going to need to find a sub that can actually be read.
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I'm not saying my grammar is the best thing in the world, but when I have to read an entire letter that confuses periods for commas, I want to cry. It's like I keep charging forth into a solid brick wall over and over again. I'm sorry, Mr. Complainer, who thinks I'm doing the action my writing is merely telling people about, but I cannot respond to your letter, seeing as I cannot read it.

If I wanted to sound like a moron. I too would write my sentences like this. So nobody with even the least comprehension of the English language would dare try to read it. Now tell me good sir. Is this not the most obnoxious style in existence?

I need to stop reading Eyeshield before work. It tends to make me late.

When I was watching Death Note last night and L was talking about Light being his first friend, I couldn't remember the manga ever including a scene like that. L seemed sincere, and Light seemed zonked by the whole thing. It was strange because right after he was all "I'm going to kill L. I'm going to kill L~." I wonder what the point of the friendship scene was. Also, the new subbers are confusing me by referring to Rem as "he."

I want to beat Xenosaga just because I want to see the end of the series. But I don't feel like playing the game, and I feel bad about just watching scenes. I'm also not sure I want to blow my money/time on Sims 2 Pets or a DS and Phoenix Wright. I really have no time for either. Curse you college students and your endless free time.
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The good news is that I had a nearly perfect sleep last night for the first time in a while. Didn't wake up a few hours into it and didn't get jolted awake by screaming. The bad news is that I slept nearly 10 hours and am up a good hour later than I'm supposed to so chances of finishing my work assignment are slim to none. This is what I get for staying up past 4 a.m. most of this weekend and then not sleeping in better.

I managed to watch DN yesterday. I love how the scene changes to the surreal colors from the OP and ED whenever Light is being particularly nasty. He also creeps me out when he's being too nice because then he sounds just like Tamaki, and I don't need to explain what's wrong with that picture. I hate how Penbar's wife is smart enough to figure out all this stuff about Kira, but then the dumbass has to go and give Light her name. Stupidity for the sake of advancing the plot is always irritating.

ETA: I also want to make a depressing icon. Here's a hint. It involves a song by Eric Clapton.
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Are we going to watch the new Avatar on TurboNick despite being horribly spoiled, oooh yes.

Death Note is still awesome. Raye is hotter than ever in the anime and I just love the way everything plays out. DGrayman is still a "I'll watch it when I get around to it" thing. I dislike when this happens to my current anime since it usually means I end up dropping them for a while and then marathoning or dropping for a long time until someone tells me the show's gotten good or dropping them all together.

Now let's talk LuLu. The more cliched Code Gay Ass gets, the more I am amused. Someone needs to come up with a truly fabulous name for LuLu's ZERO get-up. Because ripping off Gundam names and designs is just not cool. You're only allowed to have one. I was right about LuLu upping his gay ratio to superhero level. That save of Suzaku was possibly the gayest pose I've seen in a Clamp anime, well bloodless gay pose anyway. I do wonder what Lelouch is going to do if he keeps wasting all his Geass power on these trivial things if it's true that he can only use his power once per person. I'm also curious how many more Clamp-alikes are we going to get. To date we have: not!Kamui, not!Syaoran, not!Kotori and not!Kurogane. I think we need a not!Fai. I'm not Fai's biggest fan but he's hot and I'm shallow and really that's all my love for this show is about. That and LuLu being awesome. I was most put out he did not sex up Suzaku. Most put out indeed. The Kamui/Syaoran pairing is one I've waited for all my life. *dies laughing*

Also, new Naruto developments. Only a few things to say about that. )
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This icon is inherenly cooler than you.

I'm not in the mood to do anything tonight since the meeting that was supposed to be cool sucked. I want Clamp Platinum. I am sad that I cannot have X 18.5.

I was LJ-surfing as I do when looking for links and encountered an amusing discussion of how Light and Lelouch should team up to take over the world for great JUSTICE. I find this idea quite awesome. As the discussers pointed out, Light can kill people with the Note but he has to know their name first. Lelouch just needs their face. Together they fight crime! And look damn hot doing it.

I also heard word of a Ouran Host Club live action. This could either be beyond spectacular or the scary scary that was Princess Princess. I just hope they find a hot Tamaki.

I read manga now or destroy my brain with the Geass subtitle.
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Sis is not going with to RennFest. There goes my whole family fun time idea. I regret.

The live action Tenipuri movie just creates this weird emptiness in me. I think it's because I see the actors but they're not singing and some part of me keeps wanting them to but they don't. The special effects make me laugh though. And I love the new Ryoma.

Did I mention in yesterday's Code Geass rambles that Suzaku stole Fafner's flight suits because he totally did. He must have raided poor Kazuki's closet. Also, all of my Lelouch icons shall refer to him as Not!Kamui for the crack of it all.

Avatar, I'm not sure how to feel. It was an emotional episode but it was dragging a bit for me until the Teen Girl Squad showed up. I love ninja Ty Li. Bro pointed out to me that they couldn't be the Teen Girl Squad since they lacked a fourth member but I had a backup for that one.

Presenting the Teen Fire Squad starring
-Ty Li as Cheerleader.
-Azula as Whats-her-face
-Mai as So-and-so
-Zuko as THE UGLY ONE!

Do hold your applause. I need to make icons first.

I was thinking about Death Note the other day and how awesome and original idea it was and how the mangaka never truly explored the whole psychology of what Light does and whether he's right or wrong, which I think would have made the story even better. I think that's what held me through Death Note, even when I started to stop caring, the sheer potential for what was laid out. Light might have done everything because he was still bored but as he puts it, the rest of the world had to make their own conclusions and were secretly siding with him. I think that alone is worth pondering. I would have liked us to meet one of Kira's fans, who wasn't madly in love with him but just felt that what he was doing was Justice. Not someone who knew a victim of a crime. Not someone who was spared. Just an ordinary person who deep down believed that all of the worst criminals should die and that what Light was doing would make the world a better place. It's disappointing that so many take Death Note at face value when the world it proposes is full of intrigue.

Same as my take on those Tsubusa fans who need to stop screeching that Clamp ditch X world. You can have your porny KuroFai fun while we learn about the happy vampire/hunter family. I don't want to be snippy but I just don't get how a work that is, at its basic level, derivative can be held so much higher than works that were at one time semi-original. You know what this tells me, it's time to stick with the icon comments and glaze over the rest of this fan stuff.
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The Death Note anime blew me away with its first ep. So much more up to snuff than D.Grayman. I have rather mixed feelings about DN in general, but I will enjoy the ride for what it's worth. I just love the way the anime is done. Except for Light's nose. Something about it keeps bugging me. His voice is still the sex.
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Went a-manga buying again. They finally got my Prince of Tennis 8, which means I can start reading the dang things in order again. They also have too much Death Note stocked up. The manager says it's something about TokyoPop viewing DN as their new bankable title. As good as DN is, it's not universally friendly. It's rather dark. I think if they view DN as their cash cow, they're going to hurt its production in the long run.

I just learned about Canonball run, a challenge to write a 1=2 pairing. Worse, I want to enter. I tell myself I've never written Gundam Wing fanfiction in my life. Then I remember oh wait, all I ever write is Gundam Wing fanfiction. But seriously, equality is my fascination in writing any pairing and my favorite shonen ai pairing to read has and probably will aways be Heero x Duo. All I need now is an idea.

Also, people have got to stop saying Haku will be a female. It's a stupid rumor and every time I read that someone believes it, I think they must be 12. If I see one more graphic bitching about this, I'm going to make my own bitching about people who must be begging for Viz to make the change. You know my PS skills, you don't want me to do this.

Going to visit [livejournal.com profile] quebelly, but I hope to be back later tonight. Much later.
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Since all shall skip my Xenosaga II entry because I'm so behind times, I shall simply talk about the camp. Still not sure how Shinn came back to his sanity and I might be making a post to ask this, but the entire Death Note meets Revolutionary Girl Utena was perfect. Mikage and his diagram killed me. "Step. 3 Defeat current husband of Rose Bride. NO QUESTIONS! Just do it." Or as Mello puts it: "Step 1: Visit Mikage, Step 2: ???, Step 3: Profit!"
Afore-mentioned diagram: If you are an Utena fan, it would be blasphemy not to click it! Chocolate roses. Half-dead Near. Lu trying to figure out why a cell phone came out of Shinn's chest. XD Also, the wrongness of the counsel session between Mikage and Mello. One of the best camp storylines yet.

Plus, random L/Raito kissy. While I do not actively seek out fanart of these two as a couple, the camp just pulls it off so well. I fangirled them for a moment in that scene.
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Damn you, sugar-boy, I can't drop this even without you because it was your legacy. Those buggy-eyed twerps will never be you and I will never care for them the same way, but I want to make sure they don't besmirch your name. *holding back rant*

DN Spoilers, which everyone but me knows by now, but that I probably should still cut. )
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Loveless fangirls need to chill sometimes. I ventured to the community today and read a post about episode 11, wherein one of them mentioned being really upset/worried. I immediately thought something horrible had happened to one of the characters, a deviation from the manga since the series is running out of time with only two episodes left. Then I realized they were just bitching about a speculated Yuiko/Ritsuke moment. For the love of Raito!

And my first day back at the apartment and my family already needs me. Brother seems to believe I'm tech support and if he calls me with random computer/game problems, I'll be able to fix them without even having a visual. God forbid he take the time to carefully read the manual before blaming his computer for sucking, which it doesn't. I wish I had his computer. With all its speed and memory and graphics. He does nothing but hate on it. I think the boy needs a week or month where he gets no possessions whatsoever. Then he might learn to stop finding fault with everything he's given. He had the gall to complain that the expensive cordless mouse we bought him was too good and too sensitive so now he had to relearn how to play his game. Tutoring him is going to be fun this summer. Father better buy those damn books while I'm away for the weekend because I want to start on him Monday without any more delay. I gave him a week, which he didn't even go outside for, just sat on his ass and played glitchy PS2 games and wouldn't get out of my hair for two bloody seconds. AND HE WON'T STOP WEARING MY WORK SHOES! I warned him the next time I see them on him, I'm posting that picture I took of him with them on the net. I'm starting to wonder if he's really having some identification issues or if he's just plain screwy in the head.

I miss Tom. He's still not back. I'm so bored. I even watched E, where I learned that asshole Elkton from "Clueless" is my psychotic Billy from Six Feet Under. Small world. It seems that practically everyone from that movie did well, except for Silverstone who suffered from celebrity overload.
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The more I read DN, the more antsy I get. But they did give me another chain fight so I should be happy. And sugar-stacking L. Best of all, Misa was slightly less annoying once she realized that she once possessed intelligence. I can almost stomach her so an idea of a cuddly friendship between her, L, and Raito isn't as offensive to me. I like when she was swinging them all around. BTW, for anyone who thinks I'm oblivious, I know what happens. I just prefer to live in the magical land of duckies and ponies. Franz likes it there. He gets to hang with Hughes. Raito and L's logic continues to spellbind me as a I stumble to figure out what they are talking about this time. Their plan to capture the other Kira required me to review it at least three times to understand the many intricacies. Rem is endearing, but I wish she would stay out of things sometimes. I'm just happy my idol-loving dork didn't die.

Bought DVD-Rs so now I might actually be able to get some stuff off my computer.

Get to go report on something timely again tomorrow. It looks like it'll be a nice day.

Must come up with way to keep brother out of room during prime writing hours. Can't write fiction around people at all. I need to be able to do dialogue outloud and it freaks people out enough when I'm just channeling characters. Brother irked me by confusing Nicky and Taves. It would also help if I could de-stress enough to write. God, I don't even want to think about what it'll be like when I actually have to do job applications or worse send in stories to agencies or publishes. I sense a nervous breakdown on the horizon. *snuggles Raito for comfort*
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Brother decided to taunt me by singing the alphabet while I read scanlations. Little jerk deliberately skipped over a certain letter and then smirked at me and asked sweetly, "So...what letter is missing from the alphabet." I howled and then declared my undying hatred. Expect a more serious, much larger rant once I actually read the whole thing.

Trying to enjoy myself. Imagined Lig...I can't say it, even if it's the "official" translation. It just looks so stupid! Anyway, I imagined RAITO and L's handcuffed fight in anime form and delighted myself to no end. I bet it would be something like the Demona/Macbeth fight in the Gargoyles with both collapsing after each blow. Something about fighting in chains is so deadly sexy. And the thing L does with his handcuffed hand throws me into giggles every time I see it. So girly. I want Misa to die. I don't care if she was fun at first; she's a ditz and useless and she irritates Raito. It took me most of volume 5 to realize that Raito was having a bit of amnesia. I think Raito should hide some of L's sugar treats to get him back for always being so straight-faced mean with him. That's the sort of fanart I want to see: L trying to reach his cake and Raito sitting down just far enough so that handcuffed L can't reach it. That would be cute. Raito would have his smexy smile of course. Maybe he could be pretending to do work or hack on the computer. Translators need to stop making such funny yaoi jokes at the end of chapters. I want to see AU fic of L and Raito as elite detectives out to stop crime. *nods*
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Will never get my photographer. Oh well, can't say I didn't try.

"Batman Begins" is the best Batman movie I've ever seen. Note, I don't think Bale is the best Batman. That honor still goes to Michael Keaton. Something about Bale's angry/threatening lines as Batman sounded forced. Still, the movie was dark as a Batman movie should be, and it definitely scared me at parts. The Scarecrow is terrifying, and Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman are hardcore.

Went back to the Death Note reading. Raito injured me by killing the F.B.I. agents. I like Raito better when he's only killing the criminals in his quest to create the perfect world. L's toe issues disturb me. A person shouldn't sit like that. I'm also buying into the notion that the man doesn't sleep. Those eyes freak me out. The shinigami is so cute with his addiction to apples. L and Raito manage to be chummy without liking each other very much. It's great! Battles of wit are the best. Damn Nayami organized the chapters wrong and read 20 and 22 out of place. Missed the tennis match that way. I still have trouble picturing L running around, playing tennis. This manga hurts my head with trying to follow L and Raito's reversal logic. It's like listening to the Sicilian babble in "The Princess Bride." I wonder if L or Raito can trick the other into drinking poison.
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Published more stuff. But then I realized I couldn't do any more reporting since I lacked license. Gave it to Dad when we went to the tournament since I didn't feel like lugging around my purse in the heat. Will have to make up difference with tomorrow's reporting. Grr, really wanted to do it today too. Wore my long,airy skirt and everything. I wanted to hang out by the water.

To make self feel better, I hit up Walden and bought almost every DNAngel volume in stock. Still need to get 8, but the sale only covered up to 5 volumes. Saw Death Note for sale and decided that that will be today's project since I lack flowers to plant.

Random notes on why Americans shouldn't market anime merchandise. PINK FMA shirt. Dear god, why? I think my brain is ruined forever. Best Buy's choice to place anime right next to family section. Brilliant, execs. You win a gold star. And when little Johnny askes Mommy why Ms. Cutie Honey lacks clothing, what do you plan to tell him? Must say that the cover for the newest DNAngel DVD is Satoshi-skankalicious. I need to find a picture somewhere. Boy looks like he's waiting to get laid. (Web site got pissy with me for linking image. Not like I was eating their bandwidth or anything. I was using a friggin' link. They can bite me.) I almost bought KKM while I was there too. But Best Buy pissed me off by having FMA 3 and not 2. I don't think they ever got 2.

It tends to irk me when people refer to Kaiba as "Seto." I don't know. Kaiba's just one of those characters that I think is above being called by his first name, except by those he's very close to. I don't know how I'm supposed to negotitate this idea for fanficcing. I think people just tend to associate "Kaiba" with 4Kids so they retreat to "Seto." I just don't think that characters should be addressed or labeled by their first names unless they typically use it in canon. Same reason people use "Hughes" or "Tsuzuki" or "Snape" or "Tezuka." It just seems pretentious to me when people try to use the first names as if proving they're cool enough to know it. It's not as bad with Kaiba as it is for Tsuzuki or Hughes.

Also, stupid ditzy girls have to stop tainting my country music. First, there was Carrie and her pathetic rendition of "God Bless the Broken Road," which I can't even listen to anymore. Then there's this bimbo on the radio talking about how she just graduated and plans to marry the guy she's been dating for ONE MONTH because he's the most romantic, sweetest guy in the world. She's 17. She ruined "Keeper of the Stars" for me. I'm just glad the radio persona gave her a stern talking to.

EDIT: Nayami likes Death Note. Yes, she does. Smart characters are a new experience for her. Raito's also kinda hot.


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