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First, Geasscast has given me AMAZING times lately. From our chaotic AU event to updating Nunnally. I am so grateful for all you guys, you don't even know. ;;

Second, [personal profile] stigmateyes get-o! And now those of you who may not already be aware know why I have been mostly absent this week.

Which brings us to point the third, mostly brought on by fangirling with [livejournal.com profile] realms_of_life over the weekend. She who knows far more about book canon than me. I will remedy this soon! Either way, it's pimping time.

So if you've followed this journal at all, you know that Densetsu no YĆ«sha no Densetsu (look at me use the less dorky name. >>) has been my greatest love since Geass. While I adore Star Driver, Denyuu provided me with richer plot and characters. When it felt like it. So I'm going to show it off in the best way I know how.

With trolls. Seriously, this series has some of the most interesting and complex trolls ever.

Cutting for large images and such. )
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I'm such a freak. I had to dredge through my archives at work and noticed one of the file cabinets had a Pizza Hut sticker and promptly stole it. It's now on my work desk. Nobody knows!

I saw Eragon last night. I'm miffed that my father had to cut into my precious RP time to make me sit through that drek. My only consolation is the knowledge that if something that derivative and unfeeling could be published and made into a movie, my chances of publishing Psychosis are good as any, provided I ever get it finished. I could not connect with a single character, not even the dragon, who I assume was supposed to be bitchy cool and ended up just plain bitchy. I spent the entire movie pointing out which movie/story provided which scene and exactly what was going to happen. I can only hope the book's pacing was better than the first half of the movie because that was just bad. This movie gets a D - from me and only for the badass dragon at the end. I waited that whole movie to see a badass dragon. Also, it's completely unfair that if a Rider dies so does his dragon, but if a dragon dies his Rider is A-OK. I'm sure this is to provide angst, but I just think the dragon's are getting shafted here. I could have also done without the stupid names, the randomly inserted made-up language and the main girl. The main girl was just a waste of space, more so than the rest of the cast, and that's a feat. To be fair, I liked the dragon telepathy though. I'm a sucker for communicating with animals through telepathy. But F- for the cheesy pop song at the end. It's a fantasy, you morons!

I should have just rented Happy Feet three times instead of getting anything else this weekend.


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