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My brother watching TrueBlood in Spanish with me and making up his own script is possibly the highlight of my day. I enjoy his interpretation of Eric as a sex-fiend who apparently looks like he came from "Days of Our Lives."

And now I'm going to go die in my bed and hopefully wake to a healthier self so I can function at work tomorrow and finish up my week productively.
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Yesterday was possibly the best Thanksgiving ever. I spent it away from my outside family, watching my father and my brother attempt to dance to Wii's version of "Eye of the Tiger," "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and other terrible things. Then I ruined my brother's world by telling him what "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" is really about. I so enjoyed being able to drive home without someone who was drunk, as usually happens at the family parties. I also enjoyed avoiding a day of relatives asking me why I'm not dating yet and when I'm going to get a "real" job. Also, the fact that they are probably all Tea Partiers now. But the food was delicious, although I miss our family's classic oyster stuffing. I did not dance, but I did pull a muscle in my side playing Wii tennis, continuing my tradition of injuring myself every time I touch the Wii.

Oh and I have a goodreads if you absolutely must know what I'm reading. I'm probably going to be reading "The Lost Hero" next in my queue, but feel free to make recommendations based on what I read and I'll looking into adding them.
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News has been fairly depressing, what with the recent atrocities committed by some rogue U.S. soldiers, El Diario backing away from gang coverage due to the death of yet another of their journalists and the bizarre obsession with Christine O'Donnell's comments about practicing witchcraft when she was in high school.

I am also less than pleased to learn that my family has been keeping major secrets from me again, particularly about the status of my niece and the health of my sister. My brother, though, is doing well and looks to have a good start at a career. I even allowed him to give me a shoulder massage the other day, and he did a good job.

I'm not sure which TV show I want to follow this time. I've been hearing good things about "Lone Star," "The Event" looks to be after the Lost cult and "Boardwalk Empire" keeps getting compared to "Mad Men," which I admit, for me, is not an endorsement. The latter does promise me gangsters and boot-legging though, plus Steve Buscemi so I might try it out of sport. I am still debating on whether I will attempt "Lone Star" or "The Event" tonight.

The Passage was a great experiment in writing and a fascinating origin/mystery story, but I have to say that I can't really recommend it. )

I wanted to pick up "Shadows Edge" this week but both it and "Tongues of Serpents" are out at my local branch so it looks like I'll be moving onto "Name of the Wind." I'm exited for this one.

My last bit of happy news is that my latest interview just sent my inner geek into OVERDRIVE.
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... Why does my father think you can use German Chocolate cake in a trifle? Now, I have only a day to come up with his birthday cake.

In other news, I HAS MONEY AGAIN. \o/ And I didn't get bitten by anything bizarre last night. Granted, I slept on a naked mattress with only a blanket on top of it and no pillow covers. But no bites!

I also fear the ending of my book is going to be a major let-down.

Anyway, I want to play Birth by Sleep (even though I have to buy the friggin' system to do so and that will have to wait until Christmas... BURN IN HELL SQUARESOFT.) But I've kinda sorta mostly lost all interest in the Xion game, possibly because I think inserted characters FAIL. The question I have is whether playing Xion's game is absolutely essential to understanding the identity/name/soul clusterfuck that is Birth by Sleep. I read the wiki so I already know spoilers. Can I enjoy BBS on its own or do I have to grit my teeth and barrel through Days?

Here, have a bear doing yoga.
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My plan to play Okami ended up resulting in fail because my Bro sold his PS2 to get an X-Box. He actually did it months ago. I guess I never noticed before now. But I hear he's doing really well in his new school and spent several hours Saturday telling me everything he's learned about the body. I was impressed. He also loved his birthday trifle.

His story was the flipside to my sister's tale of woe where her hosts dropped her off at the airport 25 minutes before her flight left and were SURPRISED when nobody was around to check her in. She won't be able to catch another flight until tomorrow morning. I am not happy.

But my weekend wasn't completely unproductive, as I snatched up my father's On Demand and caught up on True Blood Season 3. And I have opinions. Oh boy, do I have opinions. )

Wow, the more I learn about my childhood literary heroes. If it weren't for Jack London, I'd never would have wanted to be a writer.
And now to crash.
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I see another polirant approaching. This one on the mosque they want to build near by the 9/11 crash.

I am making my brother a trifle for his birthday. He has no idea what that it is. This should be fun!

I am still undecided on whether to see the Scott Pilgrim movie. Good reviews but still UGH MICHAEL CERA HOW I HATE YOUR FACE. If it was any other lead, I would be on this movie in an instant. But yeah, Cera just makes me rage with his basic existence. It's not even him as a person. I just can't stand his face. So shallow.

Flight of Eagles is shaping up to be my favorite yet. Mini spoilers. )

Since everyone has been so lively on the Geass comm lately, what with the anniversary of the start of Britannia's invasion of Japan and all, I have tracked down the Otakon Geass AMVs for sharing!

Lelouch Lamperouge stars in Christopher Nolan's "Inception."
Won best in trailer/parody. Oh yeah, and there's a Roy Mustang cameo.

Pizza Hut vs. KFC

And last but not least...

Won best in comedy. As an added note, Gabi especially adores this one for the opening between Lelouch and Nunnally.
If you aren't an AMV.org member, you can get the censored version on YouTube.

Random quotes of the day:
"Glenn Beck is an oxymormon - sometimes he makes sense... "
- WaPo comment on Glenn Beck's support for gay marriage. Yeah, you read that right.

"This is so exciting! I've never been involved in a three-way before."
- my father referring to being on a three-way phone conversation with my brother and I. talk about awkward.
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I am relieved to hear that my family might actually be going back to school.

About 100 pages into "The Way of Shadows." Still unsure on Azoth but he's fairly young so he'll have time to grow on me. I'm more interested in the young duke Logan and his magic mentor. Very Arthurian. I like.

"The Way of Shadows" returned me to a previous thought that I never quite expressed in my last discussion on triggers. My opinion as to the necessity of warnings remains unchanged, but I have been doing my best to cut stuff because I don't wish to hurt anyone by omission. Rule of thumb, if it's under a cut, there's a 75 percent chance it contains something objectionable.

Like right now. )
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My local Blockbuster is going out of business and my friend made the terrible mistake of taking me there. Ten movies later... I am now the proud owner of "Secret of Nihm," "Road to El Dorado," "All Dogs Go to Heaven," "The Ghost and the Darkness," (I am thoroughly convinced I am the only person in the world who likes that movie, and that includes the actors.) "Star Trek," "Goodnight and Good Luck," "Frost/Nixon," "Ironman," "House of the Flying Daggers" and "Hot Fuzz." I think that's all of them.

We also watched "Hot Tub Time Machine," "The Wolfman" and "The Crazies." Of course, I had to point out the logistical inconsistencies with the latter. "Wolfman" was decent but not quite the werewolf movie I'm looking for. I also hacked off my hair and dyed it red because sometimes this is what I do with my money.

There were fireworks last night, but they were interrupted by a vicious fight I got into with my sister after learning she brought yet another pitbull into my father's house: a 9-week-old female puppy. I think the dumbass plans to breed her with our other pit when she's old enough. We still lack a fence, and she still believes it's fine if she just chains them up outside on the occasion. She also doesn't comprehend that a townhouse is not a fair place to house pits. But what do I know?

Time to catch up on the meme!

30 Days of Writing Meme )

5. By age, who is your youngest character? Oldest? How about “youngest” and “oldest” in terms of when you created them?

Youngest is Romulus, the 11-year-old werewolf hybrid of "Heritage." Oldest would be either Evangel or Damien. I get the two of them confused because they might be the same age. They're angels or spirits of something like that and have been around since the beginning in "Psychosis." Oldest in terms of creation is Ty since he was around for the Sailormoon fanfic thing. Youngest in terms of creation is probably the newest incarnation of Randi, San's guardian in "Heritage."

6. Where are you most comfortable writing? At what time of day? Computer or good ol' pen and paper?

I'm most comfortable writing in my room, usually around 6-7 p.m. because it's the best time for collecting my thoughts. I do a lot of dialogue writing throughout the day with a notepad and pen. In college, I used to do scene-writing in a notepad outside or in between classes. Now, most of my writing is done in front of the computer. It's also the best place for listening to writing music and acting out scenes, as I am wont to do.

7. Do you listen to music while you write? What kind? Are there any songs you like to relate/apply to your characters?

I'm a big fan of background music. I used to listen to a lot of Gravitation themes, the softer Evanescence/Within Temptation tracks, Gankutusuou themes, Balto themes and Wolf's Rain themes. Lucian/Dominic typically get the angry tracks, San gets the mystical tracks and "Where Will You Go" is my theme for the Dominic/Lucian/Erik trio. "Breaking the Habit" is my general "Psychosis" music. I'd do more, but I'm lazy right now.
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This Rolling Stone profile piece on Gen. McChrystal, who is in charge of the U.S. war in Afganistan, is probably one of the best representations of the politics within the conflict that I've seen in some time. Using colloquial speech makes it easier for laymen, such as myself, to really get to the nuts and bolts of the war and and its operators. Naturally, it has been causing some major stir in the political world, as it includes numerous dismissals by McChrystal and staff to top brass in the Pentagon. I'm not here to comment on any of that. I just wanted to share some good reporting on the Afganistan situation, which is something people should really start paying attention to. We might be doing decent in Iraq, but Afganistan just continues to look uglier and uglier.

In other news, my father's fake daughter bought him a George Foreman grill for Father's Day. Gabi says this is the stuff serial killer plots are made out of, and I'm inclined to agree. I'm fine with the woman, who is the daughter of my father's friend, buying him presents on Christmas, his birthday and even Easter in exchange for his helping her father. But I draw the line at Father's Day! And I really draw the line at gifts that expensive! I don't think I'm being unreasonable in being a little defensive here. My brother was equally less than happy. He won't give it back either.

Lol I love chan for pointing me toward the Hot Fuzz actors writing and rec'ing slash fiction last night.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] arterialmotive and I finally have a [livejournal.com profile] criticalbit! Huzzah!
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Wow, I need to see Crusoe like now. Possibly also Leverage.

I will be with my father for most of the day and will be returning in the evening if anyone needs me, provided I don't pass out from the whirlwind that was yesterday. More on that later.
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I love that Virginia has declared it Confederate History month. Let me correct that for them. Revisionist History month. There you go.

I forgot my happy news from the other day. The Saturday before Easter, my father and I hard-boiled about 24 eggs so that we could play our family's annual "imaginary Easter." This is pretty much where we tell each other what amazing colors and decoration we have put on our plain white egg since we are too lazyold to dye them anymore. Anyway, we finish the eggs and I grab one to peel and before I can even slam it down, my father grabs my wrist and says I can't eat them yet. When I ask why, he replies that we aren't done.

Then he pulls out an egg decoration kit with plastic dye cups (that unwrap like condoms), dyes, crayons and sticker faces.

Did I mention my siblings and I range in ages from 27 to 26 to 19? I love my father.
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I visited my mother's grave after work. Somebody has been stealing both our flower planters and our flowers. They steal our flower planters to put their own flowers in at the grave next to ours. They steal our flowers to spread on the other grave next to ours. Oh, did I mention that the ones who stole our planters just threw my mother's flowers on the empty graveless patch of ground to the side? What is wrong with people? Next time I go home, we're going to pick her up some spring flowers and I'm going to buy a CEMENT PLANTER. Let's see those bitches try and move that.

I've also been unusually tired this weekend and wonder if it's due to me stressing myself out. On the positive front, I did call my grandmother and we talked for a good hour. She sounds healthy and was happy to hear from me so I guess I won't be getting disowned for another few months.

On the negative front, our pitbull has some sort of testicular tumor and might have to be castrated. This is especially bad since his idiot owners (aka my sister and her beau) planned on studding him, which is probably the only reason they've kept him this long. I don't know what will happen if we have to castrate him, but it might not be good. He's a dumb dog, but he's very loving and tries to be good. I'm also worried that my old cat Louis is not doing very well since she almost never comes out of the basement anymore and my father says she hasn't slept on is bed for several days. Thankfully, she did sleep there last night. She's not as old as Dana's cat, and that one seems to be doing much better. I hope she perks up. It's probably the dog's fault.
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So whacky rumors about making Geass into a musical eh? This calls for Lestat commentary! "Oh god, help us! Just look at you, shrinking away from my point of view. Showering me with your pious blame, the gift that I give is exempt from shame. Embrace it, embrace it." Lol it almost fits. Moving along. Sunrise = cockteases.

Now 100 pages into The Lightning Thief. Still no characters producing the OMG I LOVE YOU feeling yet. Spoilers for people who, like me, love to play the Greek reference guessing game. )

Oh as for a more intelligible review of the Lestat musical, the Vampire Lestat portion (aka the first half) is a bit hard to follow, but the Interview with the Vampire part is where it truly shines. But only in the San Fransisco version, as the Broadway version suffered severe script changes and borders on incoherent. Though Gabi is the worthwhile part of the first act. I also think I love Armand. Now I want to reread the Vampire Lestat and probably Tale of the Body Thief for the Louis/Lestat parts. Ah, Louis/Lestat, my first slash couple. I realize Anne Rice is a crazy bitch, but she made some beautiful characters. I had forgotten all about the existential questions Lestat and Louis always posed and realize how much I miss it in today's romantic, broody vampires. Too bad she had to answer Lestat's ponderings about the nature of good and evil in Memnoch the Devil and ruin everything. Mm, Vampire Chronicles.

Sheila Dixon is finally resigning! Mariah Carey needs to stop whining about her role in Precious making her look fugly. She used to be such a fun singer too.

Oh yes, my other resolution is to no longer look at anon sites at all, especially since these most likely led to my writing meltdown.

Shit, I almost forgot the MOST IMPORTANT NEWS. My sister finally received the chance to talk to her daughter after giving her up for adoption eight years ago. She will even be able to see her on a regular basis! As I heard it, my niece actually told her adopted mother she wanted to speak with her birth mother. She's so smart. I really hope this will cure my sister's endless depression.
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Birthday is coming! I really want fic to go with my trip to The Lion King on Jan. 3. Yes, I actually did convince Tom to go with my to New York. Super excited!

I apologize for my zoning lately. I'm just having family time and trying to avoid the icy mess of death that's probably my outside. I need to go shopping for Dad's present. Also, I'm skipping out on the newest anon meme since I only have one game and we already did our love-ins.

ETA: Why can't more of VK be Yuuki hanging out with Aidou? He always brings out the super cute in her. That's why I think Aidou is such an amazing part of the VK cast. He is a catalyst for bringing out the most interesting, hidden sides of everyone. Aidou is more than the fanservicey pretty boy that a lot of fans seem to take at surface level. I think I'm beginning to understand why Hino is using him sparingly now. Too much is revealed whenever Aidou is around and she wants to space it out. Fair enough. He's still my absolute favorite.

I really did enjoy Yuuki in this chapter, especially at the end. Zero and Kaitou too. Mild spoilers? )
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So my Sis says she's too sick with us to go to the RennFest. Strike 3 for my weekend. Maybe RennFest will perk me up or I'll just come home and slug around for another night. Being evil last night didn't make me feel any better either. :(
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I spent most of day making Sis feel better. I think it was effective, even if our trip to Ruby Tuesday produced the worst crabcake known to man. I actually felt violated. Then we played Guitar Hero with controllers instead of guitars, which was LAME but it made her happy so I humored her. This was probably for the best since my attempt to sing the AC/DC Rock Band was whole new levels of sad. All in all, I say the day was productive. Until Sis fell asleep at 7-something and I was left on my lonesome.

I also feel humored lately and this has me mrr. Really, I'd rather not be spoken to at all than be humored, especially on things I post. It only makes me much more angry in the long run. Just saying.

In other news: I should get over my aversion to RPing movie charas vs. series charas. This is why abstaining works for me.

ETA: Why is there a show called Bibleman?
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I really should stop reading comments to other people's journals, as it only tends to put me in moods.

In the bad news, weather has once again destroyed happy fun times with family.

In the good news, this means I can attend the Baccano marathon I've been eagerly anticipating for months.

Later, guys.

ETA: Wow peoples, I don't know whether to be amused or frightened. XDD But Baccano kicked some serious ass. My eternal love goes to Claire and Jacuzzi.
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I had stuff to say about the damn Joker!Obama pic not being racist, my father blowing off our Ocean City vacation to take my brother to see his girlfriend, my roommie ditching our dinner plans because I went upstairs for five minutes to check my email...


My day has been sufficiently salvaged. Carry on.
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... I just realized I forgot to ask my brother what he wanted for his birthday yesterday. I am now very upset with myself for this.

I love how my father and I spent half the night arguing whether the sword in the "Excalibur" episode of Merlin was Excalibur because neither of us caught the title. We are geniuses!

I am also almost out of Nostalgia Critic episodes and very very sad for it. I shall have to go back to having a life again.

Hmm, I just realized that, truthfully, I have nothing of importance to say this morning.
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Oh yes I love being home with the family. I don't believe I slept more than an hour last night. That must have had something to do with the fact that my brother woke up at 2 a.m. and decided to spend the rest of the morning chatting to his friends on the computer. Who were, somehow, also awake and probably tormenting their families. His response when they drag me out of bed at 9 a.m. and I am less than bright-eyed and bushy-tailed: "Are you that light a sleeper?"

I think I will just conclude this message by wishing my f-list a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. I has a figma, Terra e and an artbook, I am a happy kitten.

ETA: I also just found the translations of Mutuality. Best Christmas present ever. I guess I can forgive you, Okouchi. ^_^


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