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[livejournal.com profile] code_geass is rewatching the series, one episode per week. I'm stupidly excited about this. Yeah yeah I'm sure we all remember my obsession. But really, I just enjoy the chance to pay attention to things I missed the first time around and apply them to future episodes. Plus, it's like an ongoing canon review!

... No, there is nothing else of any importance in this post. I am just being a CG dork.

And alas, there goes my NaNo time. I really suck at this.
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Shipping has really irritated me lately. I mostly blame the youngness of the VK fandom, but I've been encountering it in other forms too. I have no problem with loving a ship to pieces and defending it to the death, but the WHINING when the ship isn't happening and letting that fact either destroy the rest of the story for the shipper or make said shipper's life completely miserable is what makes shipping most annoying. I love listening to people tell me why they love a ship and why it's so special to them. Not so much the sob story about how they feel that it's not happening. Ships exist for fangirl/boyish glee and fanworks, and that's what I wish more people would remember.
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Wow this is some epic hate for The Last Airbender. I feel a bit weird that these people are fans enough to cosplay, implying that they know enough about fan culture to know the whole racebending issue. And they still went. Oh well, at least they're saying the movie sucks ball.

P.S. I will stop spamming my journal when LJ fixes its fucking notifications. It's been two days, you hos.
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Dear Country Music Channel on my radio,

I am fully prepared to listen to Twilight news from 98 Rock or even my light rock channel. I understand it's popular and must be covered for the sake of those who care.

However, I do not expect to be bombarded by BOTH the Team Edward and the Team Jacob fangirl chant right after listening to Garth Brooks. WTH, country music?


Your annoyed listener.

Also, Glambert fans tell WaPo reviewer just what they think of his review of their flashy messiah. Note, there are many things you can snub Glambert for, but his voice isn't one of them. I admit that I'd totally go to one of his shows.

Now that that's covered, let's have the stupid political statement of the week. This one comes to your from our esteemed candidate Sharron Angle, best known for her crazy mutterings about how people might start to consider their Second Amendment rights if the government continues on its current course. What does the lovely Miss Angle have to say today?

"The tenet of the separation of church and state is an unconstitutional doctrine," she said.

Really, it just speaks for itself.

In other news, I have decided Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" represents the tangled relationship between Dominic and Ty. I hate myself.

30 Days of Writing meme. )

2. How many characters do you have? Do you prefer males or females?

... Dear god what? Um, six main in "Psychosis" and about 10 miscellaneous of relative importance. There's more but they're the ones that matter. "Heritage" has four main and I don't know more than 10 miscellany. I write six RP charas. I won't include my unwritten stuff for now.

I prefer males because I am more comfortable writing them in violent situations, which is what I enjoy. I feel uneasy if I'm abusing my female characters to the same extent as I abuse my males. This is probably hypocritical but it's a relatability issue. I also tend to be more interested in the relationship politics around males.

I am considering doing a more productive version of the "Tell Me" meme, but I'd rather restrict it to my Friends List because I don't particularly care what people outside that list care about me, with a few exceptions being some people I respect but haven't yet gotten around to friending. Either way, I might do it later. Or not. I'm indecisive.
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As "Eclipse" is on the horizon and I keep seeing a combination of feminist postings while being slammed with Twilight everywhere I look, I can foresee a rant post in the near future. But that is not today. No, today is fandom amuses me day.

One of the Celebritology ladies had a baby this weekend. She named it Desmond. MLIL.

On Friday, my male coworker was trying to amass pieces of the Cullen family so he could win prizes from the Burger King Twilight contest. He has never seen a single movie. MLIT.

On Thursday, a friend I haven't talked to since the Great Snowpocalypse of 2010 called me and asked me if I wanted to go with him to see "The Last Airbender." I informed him that I wouldn't be giving that man any of my money and neither should he. There was awkwardness and then he hung up. MLIA?

When Sue came to see us in D.C., she brought bookmarks advertising "Mockingjay."

I really need to see the new Who. The British reviews look stellar so far and I want to see what Moffat is capable of when it comes to finales. I'm rooting for you, Steve.

I'm debating on finish "Hundred Thousand Kingdoms" tonight since I really want to know what's going to happen between Naha and Yeine.
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So someone on my FL made a remark about how there are so many un-anime-ized manga out there that borrowing Western series seems questionable. I have to say, mostly because I have a lot of manga favorites that I would KILL for decent anime versions of, that this is a fair point. But it's also not the first time Japan has done it, and it certainly won't be the last.

But enough about that, I want to talk about "Sharp Teeth." I've longed searched for a werewolf book that actually acknowledges these creatures as deadly, unbridled hunters. And this one is delivering. The free style poetry approach also makes it read very easy. But most of all, I love the way the author describes the struggle between man and beast among the lycanthropes but emphasizes that this struggle is for convenience sake only and that they have virtually no problem with their wild natures. Coherent but unapologetic werewolves? It's a miracle! I'm curious to see the way gender politics will play out in this one, as it is an inter-species romance and much of the focus is on the single lycan female. I do enjoy that she pretty much gets free rein around the pack though and isn't just the alpha/pack bitch, another common werewolf trope. The characters seem fairly simple, but as long as they stay true to the story, I don't mind. I'm just fascinated by the world and the author's interpretation of werewolves, especially their mafia-like intentions in Los Angeles. With a chessmaster as their alpha. Oh, the inspiration just keeps rolling in.
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Wow, let's not even talk about the latest Newtype images for Geass. Just no.

I forgot to bitch in my Toby Keith concert review that they tricked me into listening to Katherine McPhee. One, she is not country and has no purpose being at a country concert. Two, she is boring and I'd rather listen to Taylor Swift or even early Miley Cyrus. Three, I was expecting Tracy Adkins. Fail on every level.

I am very depressed about Helen Thomas, but I agree with the public reaction.

Awesome essay on how to capture the female character in shonen and really any fiction using a comparison of early Soul Eater and Fairy Tale.

In unrelated news, I blacked out sometime today. I have a hunch it could be related to stress.

I'm playing through E.V.O. Search for Eden again so I might be distracted from talking to people. I love this game. I think it's so much better than the prettier Spore.
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I was going to do the Unpopular Opinions meme, but I decided I'm probably too much a bitch for that sort of thing and will end up pissing people off.

So I will just leave this gem of human intelligence: Federal officials are hoping James Cameron can help them come up with ideas on how to stop the disaster. Yes, they are talking about the oil spill. I weep for humanity.
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Ok, I has an opinion.

I don't get the new style of putting "triggering" canon content behind white text or whatever. It's not like this is your own personal writing; this is canon content. Like if I were to say that Deadly Premonition is about a serial killer who engages in sadomasochistic relations with his victims and then bites out their tongues so they can't speak before murdering them. That's canon. It doesn't need a warning anymore than saying Berserk contains brutal rape scenes, including one of a minor. That's canon. Now, if I were to *write* my own story/material involving said subject matter, yeah I could warn about that. Otherwise, canons can be sadistic stuff.

... I just realized Lost doesn't come on tonight and will never come on again. :( I need to write fanfiction about Hurley.

I also need to arrange a vet visit for Nikkolaus, as she has been bleeding lately, and I don't know what's up with that.
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So, yeah, I know I shouldn't have said anything, especially not at 3 in the morning. But I dislike being told that people aren't allowed to express their disagreement toward their series. Hino EXPECTS people to fight over her triangle; it's a gimmick. It's why creators invent the triangles. They like to people on their toes guessing who will end up with who.

Now, this doesn't mean people have to bash each other stupidly. But it does mean I can say what irks me about one pairing or the other without replying to a Kaname/Yuuki fan with "OMG YOUR SO WRONG KANAME IS A BRUTE." I should be able to say that sometimes they are too smaltzy for me. Just as sometimes I think the Zeki fans need to step back and accept that Zero is damaged and is not going to magically forgive Yuuki for their happy fantasies. Just as sometimes I want to smack Yuuki for playing them both. There's a way to disagree without being insulting, and the happy world where everyone ONLY talks about what they love is an impossible utopia. I also think it's severely limiting on discussion.

Oh wait, while I'm ranting about fandom, I want to add that while I forgive interpretations and confusion amid "Lost" fans, that ACTUAL PAID CRITICS/TV ANALYSTS couldn't be arsed to understand a scene that was spelled out WORD FOR WORD in dialogue is simply stunning. I suggest, hmm, listening while you watch.
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Wow, I totally zoned last night, probably due to staying up until 4 am the night before reading Batman. I want to find more trades with Talia. She's my favorite. I remember her from the Animated Series. I am a bit moody that my sucking probably destroyed any chances I had of playing the CFUW game, but then again, with me being gone all weekend, it probably wasn't going to work out. But that's ok since I get to hang with [livejournal.com profile] ichinichinemasu and that'll be awesome.

Nayami is in a bad mood. )

In the meantime, a Tea Party member tried to talk to me the other day and I managed not to cuss my head off by simply asking: "Don't you have anything better to do?"
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I really want people to stop arguing over whether the Pentagon shooter was a Democrat or a Republican because we can all agree that he was FUCKING NUTS.

I also think that along the way, pairing in fandom lost its point and became shipping. Pairing isn't about one pair being better than the other but simply about finding fun evidence to support your favorite, not tear down the other. Like how my Suzaku/Lelouch leanings and evidence doesn't cancel out Lelouch/Euphie leanings, Lelouch/Shirley leanings (add to that Lelouch/CC leanings in the novels and Lelouch/Kallen leanings in the manga) or Suzaku/Euphie leanings. I can dislike a pairing but screeching that it isn't canon is just dumb. And while I do not want Yuuki to end up with Kaname (or maybe I do, I'm not even sure anymore. I just want Zero's life not to suck) and will be emo if it happens, I'm not going to snap at someone for liking Kaname/Yuuki. Pairing is just about seeing what you want to and going with it. People need to give up this notion that because their pairing has more evidence, the other person is a dumbass for preferring something else. I prefer Percy/Rachel to Percy/Annabeth and I know that's not the way it works in the books. The morale of this story is people depress me and I want to see "Alice in Wonderland". I'm not sure how these two concepts fit together; they just do.
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Yay, there has been good Geass fanfiction again! Loev [livejournal.com profile] grendelity.

I was contemplating putting something up here regarding the pettiness of certain individuals because I actually think giving them attention would be productive this time. But I will bite my tongue.

Instead I will talk about Glambert. PS my roomie doesn't know what S&M is but that's not what's underneath this cut. )

Ugh, must drive home in Thanksgiving traffic. Will die.
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I want to get into more stuff, but I am hella lazy. Which is sad because Gabi makes some great recommendations. I still need to badly catch up on Pandora Hearts and Alive.

In other news, I slept for 12 hours yesterday! I hate when I lose my Fridays.

ETA: I keep hearing about Twihard people watching parties and I wish I was near one of these areas. It sounds like a blast. To be fair, any large groups of fans of anything lining up for those first tickets and in full fangirl/fanboy mode is always excellent people-watching.
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As I mentioned before, I'm a big fan of Hetalia fanart since it's pretty. But the slash pics just confuse me. I want to get into them like so any others, but the countries, in reality, have such a familial linkage that I can't shake that when I look at art. I see England as America's mother/father more than a big brother so I'm not sure whether I should dig that one. And I know it's probably a dynamic I'd normally be all over but yeahhhhhhh. Same with some of the others. I'm a loser for brocon so countries I can link/pair that way are cool and all. But it's so hard to ship anything with England since it's like the Mom of everything, even though England has the perfect shipping personality. I guess there's always England/Germany hatesex.

Sob, I think my hyper-political brain just won't rationalize countrycest in the same way that I can usually ship two characters who happen to glance at each for two seconds on the screen.
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I want to see Ponyo. It looks amazing and cute.

So I ventured to the place that someone opinionated as I should never go. Yes, I went to RPS. I want to say that I am pleased to see more positive/constructive secrets there. But then you have those where you just want to grab the secret poster and scream WHY DON'T YOU ASK MANAGEMENT THIS QUESTION. Because seriously, bitching about an RP's system to a bunch of people who don't play the game is really going to get the change you want. That is, of course, assuming you actually want change and are not posting merely for the sake of wah wah bitching. Second, I reaffirm my point that people in one RP should not denounce the way another RP does things. That is stupid. It doesn't affect you. Get bent. Each game has their system for a reason. Whether app decisions are "democratic" or involve mods deep cave-diving the Wiki or wild expeditioning to find a friend who actually knows a canon, it is the playerbase's choice to submit to the system. Whether people want to use first-person in their [ ] descriptions or whether they want to write entire third-person narratives, again playerbase decision. Whether people want to call their RP charas "muses," "pups" or "flying midget monkeys that live in my brain", their decision. Now, as this is a free society, people have the RIGHT to say what they want. But as so many have said, just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD. It's a nice rule to think about when quelling those "But I wanna be a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch" feelings.

Also, I apologize to anyone if I've seemed a restless bitch lately, I am struggling with something and that always makes me cranky. Maybe I will actually accomplish it tonight and resume normalcy.
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Ok, first someone has to cut into my "daww gay" fun. Then someone has the snipe at me for ruining their "daww gay" fun, even though I wasn't the one who did it. Then someone ELSE has to snipe at me for I don't know challenging their pairing order. IT IS A PICTURE AND I WAS JUST FANGIRLING. God, no wonder people say my fandom has completely lost its mind. It's really sad when I can't even be happy in my own way about a pretty picture. Way to ruin my morning, fangirls.

No really, these reactions (save the one who wanted to argue the imagery of the picture since her point is valid albeit DEPRESSING)= completely ridiculous.
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Oooh I wake up from my too-long nap to notice the Anon Meme is back. Insert grr snarl obsessive compulsive need to be told by random people what they think or you and otherwise wank-bait. But hey, people perpetuate it because apparently having an unnamed person heap "sage advice"/love on you should mean something. I like the people who troll these things to "anonymously" make each other giggle though.

/end rant.

Actually, I have a link to sum up the mentality of these things. Bloo fits so well.
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So I passed out last night, and with good reason considering what I've been doing to my schedule lately. After this entry, I'm going to nap and then do what I was supposed to do yesterday. May or may not be back tonight. Moving along...

I can't believe they are making a drink based on TruBlood. I am so buying that.

Speaking of things I can't believe, the random hints or troll-tricks the Lost creators have been tossing our way. Everything from Dominic (Charlie) from flashing "Am I alive?" on his hand to Comi-Con attendees to the newest promo for the final season. So much Locke focus. Here's hoping.

... The Batman ad on the side of my journal is really beginning to creep me out as I write this. I don't like when Batman breathes deeply at me...

I need a new serious show to analyze and write deep essay/ranty thoughts on and get wanked on for it. Nobody ever cares about politics.

I read spoilers for The Orphan (since that's what I always do with horror movies before I watch them so I know what I'm getting into) and now I actually want to see it. It sounds campy and ridiculous.

But before I go, random quote from my beloved Celibritology chats on WaPo.

"Anonymous: If I send you a picture I have that I think is of Robert Pattison swimming nude -- can you verify ?

Liz Kelly: Umm... I'm not sure I can verify, but I will do my duty and take a look. Please include the circumstances of how you obtained said photograph."

I love Liz.


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