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OMG so many books! Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] gaisce. The kitties are sniffing the box right now. I'm very excited about the gay superhero one. :D
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Lol I forgot to get my cake, but Medieval Times and True Grit were awesome. Sue even got herself the knight's favor in the form of a pretty pink rose. D'aww. Also, True Grit taught me that even the most hardened cowboys can sit down for a civil conversation

Also, my Kindle arrived. Sue and I are fully entertaining ourselves downloading samples of the silly gay romance novels. I'm sure my father will be happy to know that's where his birthday money for me goes toward.
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Cold is mostly gone, which means I might be able to eat my cake. Yay. I still can't believe I left my Inception at my father's house. Ah well, at least I can spend my bday with friends. That always perks me up.
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Welp, I've been blind for most of the day (AGAIN) but I did get my fondant so I can get cracking on that pretty soon. Of course, this also means I'm going to have to get up early tomorrow to ship everything. Probably around 9 a.m. Drat. I also have to actually do my cards tonight. I'm sure once I start, I will stop being such a lazy bum about it. I love sending stuff, I'm just so suck in the motivational department. It's a cruel irony.

Hopefully, I also got over the slump I drove myself into last night.
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So amid my crazy bake-off yesterday, I sort of missed some very important news. It appears that the Senate is indeed functioning. So I just want to give a HELL YEAH for the DADT repeal! I'm proud of you guys, I am.

In less epic but still awesome news, the cookies are finished and will be sent Tuesday since I need time to write cards. But hey they're HOLIDAY cookies not Christmas cookies. I apologize to anyone who gets the slightly thinner poppy cookies. My roomie's big of a dog jumped the counter and ate three bags of them, forcing me to replace the original cookies with my spares. Believe me, if I had time to remake your cookies I would. I'm just fortunate only the poppy seed cookies for three people were in those bags so all the rest of the cookies are secure.

[livejournal.com profile] realms_of_life and I also hit up Tron Legacy, which did not disappoint. It was shiny and AWESOME and totally 80s nostalgic. I love Jeff Bridges. Plus, the new trailer for Green Hornet makes me actually want to see it. We also watched the new Star Driver, which was far less awesome since Sugata didn't do anything nifty this time. But he did talk to Head again and I think the two might be bonding. D'awww.

I also feel slightly queasy for some reason. I think it's the cold weather plus limited sleep plus the Metro so I might be zoning tonight. Sorry. I need to watch my Geass episode so I can at least participate VERY LATE in the usual discussion. Oh yeah, the talk on [livejournal.com profile] code_geass made me coerce Gabi into watching "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog," which is quite a feat since she hates music. But it's true, that series is so Geass AMV material.
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I had an exciting weekend with [livejournal.com profile] realms_of_life, whereupon I did many things. Kind of. We originally were going to go see Narnia on Saturday, but we spent forever looking for a place to eat. We finally settled in at Friday's, which made the cardinal sin of serving appetizers at the same time as the entre. I was not pleased. So we decided to hold off on Narnia until today. In the meantime, there was BATMAN.

We watched Mask of the Phantasm, which I still love, and Under the Hood, which Gabi was gaga over. I will admit I prefer Jason Todd in small doses so this was a darn good movie, with lots of psychological value. Older Joker is still hard to get used to, even if he is his psychotic joking self. It was also surreal to watch a very VIOLENT Batman movie in cartoon form since all the other Batman animations usually aren't as vicious. I also loved Nightwing, but then again Dick is my favorite Batman character. Talia is my favorite female Batman character. But yeah, Under the Hood was a nick kick to the gut. We wisely followed this up with Michael Bourne's Swan Lake. What a pleasant note to end the night on.

As far as Narnia, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I slashed Edmund and Caspian to pieces. But the bit toward the end where Aslan stops being subtle and goes FULL SERMON was a bit hard to take seriously. I really hope our uncontrollable fit of laughter didn't too much disturb the family sitting next to us. I feel bad about that but really! I don't know if I want more Narnia since I know Edmund won't be in the others. And no, that's not a spoiler.

There was also Star Driver, which had the sister episode (that was nice if not completely unsatisfying in fanservice during the loooooooooong baseball scene) and an episode about Kanako's servants, which had an awesome scene with Sugata and Takuto. I won't spoil; I'll just say that Sugata completely read my mind.

Legend of the Legendary Heroes is going to make me cry and Sion and Ryner are SO in love with each other, that is all. I don't want this series to be over next week. They still have so much to resolve. Sigh. Also, this anime really doesn't know how to be subtle. At all.

I have to find some time this week to do my xmas cards.
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[Poll #1654740]

Please DON'T VOTE IF YOU DON'T WANT COOKIES, as it throws off my count. If you want cookies, PLEASE VOTE. This is how I choose which cookies to make. I have many options as you can see.

The top four favored cookie types will be the ones I send, along with two types I have already decided on: my tried and true chocolate expresso cookies and either a SPECIAL cookie or poppy-seed cookie depending on how much my design skills fail. For more information on these cookies go here, here and here. Also, people mentioned disliking nuts last time so if you are not a nut-lover, comment here and I'll consider excising nuts from the cookies that contain them.

Also, comment here with your address. I will be screening. You can also comment if you just want a card. Just put in the subject either COOKIES or CARD. I will be making cookies next Friday (Dec. 17) and sending them Saturday (Dec. 18).
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Sometime this week, I'm going to do a post for what type of cookies people are interested in this year. In the meantime, please let me know if you desire cookies. I'll gather addresses later. BUT know that if you would like cookies, you do have to vote in the upcoming cookie poll. I have many cookie ideas and the poll helps me narrow everything down.
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So I intended to get home an hour ago. Unfortunately, a car just ahead of the car I was driving behind suddenly BURST INTO FLAMES. That was... awkward.

It fit into my strange weekend, which consisted of watching "Hereafter." As for whether I liked the movie, well I'm a Matt Damon fan so I will watch almost anything with him. I will say that it would have been an infinitely better movie if it had just been the kid stalking Matt Damon for most of the movie while he tried to find the reporter. I would like to rewrite this movie.

Gabi and I also finally carved our pumpkin. It was very small since all of the big pumpkins had been taken by the time we stopped by the store, and they didn't refill until the next day. But it was a fun adventure, and I didn't injure myself so yay. There was also Togainu no Chi, which is dreadfully dull without the yaoi, Legend of the Legendary Heroes, which really should have just followed the novels instead of spending too much time trying to be Slayeresque because it's very interesting now that it has a plot and of course Star Driver, which broke formula and actually gave some of its characters motivations. Also, there was silly yaoi fanservice so it gains an amusement point for that.

I think my eye is dying again. Of course.
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I decided to not fail at life today and go see Gabi. We watched anime and I has thoughts!

Star Driver )

Legend of the Legendary Heroes )

Also, in regards to "Name of the Wind," dang is little Kvothe a Mary Sue.
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Fair was good times. We actually found parking within 20 minutes after getting denied twice. I avoided getting into an accident while making a u-turn. And nobody got lost. We also got to see newborn piggies and chickens and chowed down on some fresh lamb gyros only minutes after traipsing through the sheep pens. I was happy for I got to see my racing pigs, even though we missed jousting and horse racing. We also were one day early for the Bieber so we avoided that clusterfuck. Also, since when did fair rides become so expensive? A dollar a ticket? That's nuts. I think we rode a grand total of three, including a ride that looked harmless but actually went so fast upside down that you almost fell out of your seat. What a rush.

Today is zoo time!
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Welp, seeing as though I spent half of the night acting like a 14-year-old, I think I will set myself off on a more positive note before I sleep.


1. Will get to see Sue again. Yay.
2. Will get to see racing pigs. Possibly also jousting and racing horses, but mostly racing pigs.
3. Might get to go to the zoo! They have newborn lion cubs.
4. "The Passage" has reached that stage where I hate putting it down because glancing at my closet scares the crap out of me. What? This is a positive statement.
5. I had an immensely productive work day.
6. McD's did not screw up my small McFlurry order!
7. Roomie will be at a ballgame tomorrow. :D
8. I get to show off the fandom explosion that is my room. LOL I have no wallpaper, only posters.
9. Possibly some random movie watching.
10. I will be far away from the Internet and no longer capable of embarrassing myself with awkward statements.
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Man, I don't know why I have this killer headache right now. I've been reading Mockingjay review posts all day and have one of my nagging urges to refute some of the points they've made about various things, particularly the ending. Because this is what I do when I get bored. Maybe when headache subsides. For now, I have The Passage and have switched gears from dystopia child war to dystopia vampires. As I have not dabbled in vampire fiction since my days of Anita Blake and even then I preferred the weres, I am super excited for this one.

Also, I was in D.C. this weekend during Beckapalooza and while I was not at the rally, I can certainly say I felt uncomfortable by some of the t-shirts worn by people piling into the Metro with their lawn chairs and towels...

I also forgot to mention that Gabi and I caught up on Legend of the Legendary Heroes. I've decided I actually don't like this anime when it goes more the Slayers route, although I do love the interaction between Ferris and Ryner (I hope we get more of this in the next episode, especially to make up for the fact that Ferris didn't knock out Ryner when she clearly should have). I prefer the anime much more when it focuses on the plots of Sion and his man-harem (good knight vs. evil knight) and Ryner and his Alpha Stigma. But the actual plot with the legendary relics is dreadfully tedious and tends to involve too many loli interruptions. God, I cannot stand the sound of loli voices in this anime. The political intrigue plot would also function much better if they made me care about any of the factions aside from Sion. The episode with Elm was the worst example of this in that I couldn't understand why her side was even rebelling. I want Claugh and Froude to have more Sion-offs. Fight for your man, boys! And obviously I would enjoy the series even more if it had more Sion and Ryner scenes.
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Gabi and I had a fun time watching the first half of Nabari no Ou, only she cheated because she's already read the manga so I made her tell me THE BIG SPOILER. I'm not a big fan of Miharu because I hate that 'I'm a 12-years-old child' thing he always does. But I do love his relationship with Yoite. I really love them. I also enjoy Aizawa and Thobari. Poor Thobari. But more that that, I'm just excited to finally know who the fuck are these characters that I've seen at CFUD for years. I feel edumacated. We'll probably watch the second half next week or so.

We also caught up on Sherlock. And all I can say is wow is a certain character GAY. But yes, terrible cliffhanger and *insert fistshake gif here* and all.

I finished Mockingjay on the Metro by accident. :( )

I guess I will be picking up The Passage at the library tomorrow.
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I was slightly more productive today. I foresee that failing tonight as the heat has been making me increasingly headachey and lethargic.

In the meantime, I encountered a rather amusing testimony from 4chan's trial for posting the password to Sarah Palin's email account. Now, I have limited love for 4chan, which mostly extends to my ability to swipe images and decreases steadily the longer I remain in the atmosphere of mutual disdain. I also find the actions that led to this trial EXCEEDING STUPID AND YES WORTHY OF CRIMINAL ACTION, regardless of personal opinions toward Palin.

That said, The Smoking Gun dug up moot's testimony for the trial. It's mostly amusing to watch him explain to the courtroom what /b/tard, newfag and rickroll mean.

I will be spending the rest of the night with the new Sherlock Holmes and Tom.
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I cannot believe I passed out as soon as I got back from dropping Gabi off. I apologize to people for not being around and will try to stop being such a flake lately. I blame the heat.
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Thus is the theme of this year's Otakon experience.

Aside from Gabi's shameful run-in with fate via After School Charisma and thus dooming us to a fire at the convention (which only lasted about an hour and a half) and Graham's equally horrific bout of food poisoning via our favorite sushi place, Otakon was enjoyable. Meet-ups went down as planned, time spent with [livejournal.com profile] yzak and [livejournal.com profile] anatari was awesome, Todd Habercorn and the Voice Actors After Dark panel was mind-blowingly hilarious, X-Japan was properly fangirled and I was able to blow most of my money on Durarara fanstuffs. Though we were all horribly sad the yaoi was a lie.

I also picked up Red Garden, Nabari no Ou and the final R2 set, along with the Vampire Knight artbook (because I am a sheep) and silly fanarts. Gabi got to learn what it's like to play with Nayami's whacky con schedule and even critiqued the Lelouch cosplayers... from a distance. Masquerade was hit or miss but the advanced set did have some magic in the form of "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist" for Hetalia, "Telephone" for Utena: Black Rose Saga, "What's This Feeling" for Roy and Ed vs. fangirls, great Street Fighter demonstrations and sexy ninja break-dancing. Also, some great AMVs.

I think I will be waiting another day to return to the real world since Rachel and I have been mass-marathoning Avatar and I kind of want to watch Book 3 now. I enjoy remembering how much I used to love Avatar and shared with Rachel all of the fan reactions and crazy theories that followed all of the major episodes. Since she was only familiar with the movie, it was quite an experience!

In other news, I prefer the manga version of R2 to the anime, I think. Though I still haven't seen the last volume.

Oh yeah, for some reason Gabi broke down and bought the Night Class Vampire Knight outfit and we have since resigned ourselves to cosplay Zero and Aidou at Katsucon. I PREDICT AGONY. Now, to find me a weapon. *insert evil laugh here*
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So Gabi and I rewatched Ergo Proxy and attempted to make sense out of it. Spoilers: we still fail. But I did pick up on some things I missed before. Gabi helped me find a new appreciation for Raul, and I think I love Vincent more than ever for being so fail.

Kitty is also continuing to show improvement and looks less stricken by bright light.

But that's not what this post is for, this post is for arguing with the critics about Inception's flaws. Why Inception works. )
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I feel all cultured. Gabi and I hit up both the Norman Rockwell exhibit and the Artful Animals at the African Art Museum. I got a hippo art figure, but Gabi did not because she does not love hippos. It's very tragic. We also learned the turtle is a royal animal. The Rockwell exhibit was great for the behind-the-scenes stories about each illustration and just the overall layout. Plus, they had root beer floats. I think we also hung out in the Presidents Gallery, where I embarrassed myself horribly by trying to identify the presidents to Gabi. I like how the caricature for Bush Senior was all-at-once Teddy Roosevelt, Gerald Ford and Bush Senior amid my guessing. I fail at my history. It was really obvious too.

We also hit up "Macbeth" at Capitol Fringe Festival, which was fun for the wrong-side-of-town Bohemian atmosphere but the play itself wasn't really that great a variation on "Macbeth." To be fair, it included a hot guy playing one of the Weird Sisters and he was usually shirtless and wearing dark eye make-up so my attention might have been a little unfocused. It also had an amazing MacDuff, a cool take on the Weird Sisters as puppet masters with the ghosts and awesome fight scenes done entirely through Capoeira. I want to go see another, but I might have to wait until next week.

I also showed Gabi "Hot Fuzz," which I think she enjoyed muchly.

As for our hilarious watching of Legend of the Legendary Heroes, which will hereafter be referred to as LLL (why an extra L? because I like to go one step beyond), it was cracktastical fun. The first episode was utter nonsense, where we tried to distinguish between the numerous pretty boys or theorize about why they were randomly going into monologues and flashbacks that were only more confusing than the rest of the story. I got the Slayers-ish vibe, but I'm not crazy about the lead female yet. Things were slightly more sane in the second episode, which is a major flashback about one of the leads, Sion. Sion is the tormented son of a nobleman and a peasant woman that despises the noble's corruption of society and wants to overthrow it and become king. Hmm, why is this familiar? But he is also terribly slashy with the other main, Ryner, so I'm not complaining. Ryner and his MAGICAL EYE POWERS definitely gives me Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass vibes. It's sad that as soon as the second episode ended, Gabi and I were disappointed that the third was not available. I think we might actually be watching this. I also get the feeling that if it was written better and had less clunky dialogue, it could be a really interesting show. It has the potential, but I'm not hoping or expecting much from LLL.

And now shall begin the Durarara marathon unto infinity to finish off the series.
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My local Blockbuster is going out of business and my friend made the terrible mistake of taking me there. Ten movies later... I am now the proud owner of "Secret of Nihm," "Road to El Dorado," "All Dogs Go to Heaven," "The Ghost and the Darkness," (I am thoroughly convinced I am the only person in the world who likes that movie, and that includes the actors.) "Star Trek," "Goodnight and Good Luck," "Frost/Nixon," "Ironman," "House of the Flying Daggers" and "Hot Fuzz." I think that's all of them.

We also watched "Hot Tub Time Machine," "The Wolfman" and "The Crazies." Of course, I had to point out the logistical inconsistencies with the latter. "Wolfman" was decent but not quite the werewolf movie I'm looking for. I also hacked off my hair and dyed it red because sometimes this is what I do with my money.

There were fireworks last night, but they were interrupted by a vicious fight I got into with my sister after learning she brought yet another pitbull into my father's house: a 9-week-old female puppy. I think the dumbass plans to breed her with our other pit when she's old enough. We still lack a fence, and she still believes it's fine if she just chains them up outside on the occasion. She also doesn't comprehend that a townhouse is not a fair place to house pits. But what do I know?

Time to catch up on the meme!

30 Days of Writing Meme )

5. By age, who is your youngest character? Oldest? How about “youngest” and “oldest” in terms of when you created them?

Youngest is Romulus, the 11-year-old werewolf hybrid of "Heritage." Oldest would be either Evangel or Damien. I get the two of them confused because they might be the same age. They're angels or spirits of something like that and have been around since the beginning in "Psychosis." Oldest in terms of creation is Ty since he was around for the Sailormoon fanfic thing. Youngest in terms of creation is probably the newest incarnation of Randi, San's guardian in "Heritage."

6. Where are you most comfortable writing? At what time of day? Computer or good ol' pen and paper?

I'm most comfortable writing in my room, usually around 6-7 p.m. because it's the best time for collecting my thoughts. I do a lot of dialogue writing throughout the day with a notepad and pen. In college, I used to do scene-writing in a notepad outside or in between classes. Now, most of my writing is done in front of the computer. It's also the best place for listening to writing music and acting out scenes, as I am wont to do.

7. Do you listen to music while you write? What kind? Are there any songs you like to relate/apply to your characters?

I'm a big fan of background music. I used to listen to a lot of Gravitation themes, the softer Evanescence/Within Temptation tracks, Gankutusuou themes, Balto themes and Wolf's Rain themes. Lucian/Dominic typically get the angry tracks, San gets the mystical tracks and "Where Will You Go" is my theme for the Dominic/Lucian/Erik trio. "Breaking the Habit" is my general "Psychosis" music. I'd do more, but I'm lazy right now.


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