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OMG I HAVE PHOTOSHOP AGAIN THIS IS THE GREATEST DAY EVER. Screw NaNo, I'm spending my weekend making icons. :D
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Note to self: You checked that community to find Zero icons not to engage in dramatic structure squabbles about a shoujo series. Fail Nayami fail. |D

Oh yeah, insert gripes about how I will never ever play a shippable character here. Bawwwwww monogamy/furry/hormonefail.
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Well, karma taught me a few lessons today.

1. Didn't fix clock yesterday due to a slew of technical errors AKA me confusing my cell phone and computer and ended up going into work an hour late. Nobody said anything and I apologized later but I will have to go to work early tomorrow.

2. Had tire explode on me on the way home. I got all the way to a development about two minutes from mine but couldn't get further. A kind man who could barely speak English took the nearly hour it required to figure out where my tire was (hint: it was on the back of my car), find where all the tire changing equipment was (hint: I don't know my left from right side), jack up the tire (hint: I forgot to put on the parking brake and it rolled), and then replace my tire and explain to me what I needed to do to get it fixed. I was so willing to give this guy $20 for the trouble he went through, but he didn't want it at all.

3. Realized while I've been being selfish this weekend, someone else needed my help and I've let them down.

So yeah. I'm listening, karma. I won't be fucktarded anymore.

Speaking of fucktarded, I hear that bitch meme is going on around again. No, [livejournal.com profile] jdiam, I haven't broken my promise about not looking at it. I still fully believe that anything said on there isn't worth the two seconds it takes to read it. And I still believe that if you post on there (regardless of whether your comment is nice or vicious), you are a coward and I lose respect for you.

In other news, I'm going to replace some of my icons with altered My Little Pony icons because it amuses me.
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Lookie at my birthday present icon!! It's the gayest thing possible, and I had to change my username to fit the theme. I am insanely happy about this icon. I love the gay crown.
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Sometimes the news reminds me how much I hate people. I pray for the ones in India right now. I also pray for the family of that poor little girl who was cyber-bullied into killing herself by A GROWN WOMAN. Misdemeanor my ass. I'd like to spit in her face.

In completely stupid news, just once I would like to click on an icon post for either Geass or Terra e and not find fanart. I'm not even complaining about using fanart this time. I'm just sad fanart icons outnumber legit icons in both fandoms. Damn people force me to make my own. Grr.

I think I'm going to use downtime tomorrow to read Hetalia since I'm all interested and have to do it before its popularity kicks in and I resent it out of spite. Because I'm prone to that flaw. Maybe the same with Ghost 07. Honestly, my entire interest in Ghost at this point is to see if it's as gay as people portray it to be. I'm expecting flaming here. FLAMING.

Also, for all the problems LJ is having lately, I hope it's working on those icons it promised us......
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Waaah having insecurities and feeling of being hated waaah. No, this is not directed at a single person. This is a general thing.

Moving along, OMG Eline, your doujin fic. Nightmares, I swear. Sob. Poor crazy-ass Suzaku. Um poor Lelouch too... I spent far too much time reading the kink meme while I was sick yesterday.

I love this icon and will probably be spending most of the day with Tom and/or being social. I have no idea what that entails since I am largely a boring person. I also need to decide whether I want to cut my hair or put it up, as I am sick of it brushing my eyes.
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Still reading posts and making sure my points don't clash/replicate. For now the big ones are: methods (why Suzaku and Lelouch didn't really switch places), cruelty/murder, demon king, dark knight, geass and its many mysteries (note: this is not THE argument, you know the one), arthur, friendship/relationships and Kallen.

I am also contemplating writing up my Lelouch = Fuuma comparison. I will have to fall back on old X fandom interpretations for that one, recalling some of the people who likely still hate me today. But now that I'm away from the X fandom and the horror of Xtv, I can acknowledge that even if those people think I'm a bitch, they had good ideas. And this one is particular was always amazing. I do love Fuuma. I think the similarities might also explain why a certain someone appreciates Lelouch as well.

I have been getting the worst sleep ever for the past few days for various reasons so I'm going to nap before taking on either of the above topics. I probably won't tackle a discussion post until this week. I still need to... rewatch the episode.

In happy news, I have a shirt and a rule made out of corn. Oh and new icons! I will probably remake my header this weekend. Either the trio or EEE. I'm leaning more toward the trio...
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I made a checklist for fail. Sadly, it doesn't involve ovarian cancer. Sadly, I also won't show it because it's depressing. But it's my way of determining how much of a bad end these guys want. Here's hoping they surprise me and you know. Don't do these things.

I get to do homework all week. I've kind of missed it, but it still sucks.

Slumpy weekend was slumpy -- thanks to everyone who tried to help -- but I got some important things done like shopping and fixing my car. Now if I can pay my rent, it's all good. I might have actually re-trained my cat. But we'll see when I get home.

... I have to reupload icons to this journal eventually.
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I've had better nights. But I do get to be alone all night this time. House to myself! I can Net without guilt.

In random news, I take things to seriously and make myself sick. It irks me.

I need to make icons from Turn 8 already.

ETA: "But I do here all be alone all night this time"? I sound like a crack addict.
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You know, my account would die just when I'm getting into new series and want to upload new pics. Bah, I'll renew once I finish job-hunting for the day. Though, I am amused at the icons that survived are the gay dancing, evil geass Lelouch, happy Gil, wtf Yuki and sexy Kamui. Not too bad.

This video is the cutest thing ever, but I don't recommend it unless you lack tsundere cats who try to rip out your eyes when you hold them.
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Quick whine. Best communities should not use fanart icons. If you are going to qualify people on their iconing abilities, I say qualify them on the ability to use the source material. Note, the whining will end when my favorite sites stop shutting down and leaving messages like "Don't steal my work" in Japanese.

... My cats are totally high and rape-licking each other. It's friggin' hilarious.

Interview yesterday was... interesting. Yeah. Also, I forgot to watch Lost as usual. Fail me.

I blew my B&B gift card on random manga. [livejournal.com profile] kadekmoment recommended Vampire Knight so I'm giving that a spin. I also picked up Switch 1, Tsubasa 15, Godchild 7 and Naruto 26.

I also want to give a shout out to [livejournal.com profile] realms_of_life, who has provided me with much entertainment in her dark!Nunnally theories. I do love dark theories.

And now for Avatar )
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I think I have pinpointed the source of my trouble staying up lately. It is the combination of forcing myself to stay up past 2 and then, no matter what, waking up before 10. I blame the fighting in my house. My brother wants to go start something today. He's such the stereotypical jock now.

But I did get a call-back about the interview I did the other week and am looking to set up a follow-up so there's hope on the horizon. And Tom said there will even be Dr. Who this Sunday! I still need to catch up on Torchwood. I should ask him to hang on Monday; he said he might.

I was shocked and appalled when I couldn't find any Rollo icons in the media community so I resorted to making my own. I actually like it. I think I'm getting slightly better at bringing out colors and expressions, even if I still have to do 5 layers or more.

I have no idea what went down on my great Geass fandom hunt, but it was EPIC. There was Ginozaku, angsty Turn 2 art, more Rollo than you could shake a stick at and so much delicious Suzaku. I probably added half a gig in art yesterday alone. I have a tiny obsession.

ETA: ... I really don't get the CG memes. Except for the ones with music; the ones with music are funny.
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Since I am awake at a happy fun shiny hour and probably will also be tomorrow, I shall share the story of how I couldn't open my eye this morning because of an infection. It was pretty bizarre. It's all better now. No worries.

Also, I fail at my promise to myself to avoid spoilers. But but episode summaries are like reading TV Guide right? Badly translated TV Guide. Without punctuation. All I can say is the thing about the horses better be true.

I was trying to make my special R2 icon and capped all the necessary stills and everything. And then during my attempt to make them all pretty, I merged them wrong and destroyed the whole thing. Now I have to start all over. Damn Lelouch and his L'Oreal hair. Also new manga chapter is almost entirely a visual version of the flashback drama CDs. With more gay. Yes, you heard me. More. It's a fangirl's dream. Plus d'aww widdle LuluNana.
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Woke up and feel like Faily McFail for a multitude of reasons, the most prominent being the keening pain in my stomach that makes it hard to stand. But I figure that will go away. What won't go away is that nagging sense of having done something wrong. Oh and the fact that I still don't trust my eye to put back my contact.

Geass mod instituted some new rules to tell people to stop being bitches about fanart icons. This makes me happy. They can post them to their hearts' content on some comm, where I don't have to look at them. Seriously, putting down where you found source images for fanart icons is not that hard. This might also possibly stop the retarded RPers who think they should use fanart icons instead of official art and then use THE WRONG ICONS EVERYTIME.

Back on the Geass subject, I don't think I'm going to get used to R2's art. I'm of the mindset that if it's not broke, don't fix it. Geass' art style was not broke, and this new style looks lazy and destroys the expression in the eyes. This is most notable in the images of Ougi from the recent trailer. Rollo is shiny art-wise, but it looks like none of the other new characters are getting the same treatment. I wish the fans could somehow convinced the Geass team to go back to the old art style. I'm an art snob.

Oh, I forgot to add that all important note that I purposely missed the PR reunion last night. That makes me sad. I have concentration issues.
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I want to see something like this in canon. For those who are wondering, it's a game shot of Kallen transitioning from Ashford!Kallen into Knight!Kallen. I just love how her hair is all spiky hot but she's still partially in Ashford uniform. Mmm Kallen.

... Look, I need something to do during these damn fights.
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Final post of the day, I promise.

Note the 2nd: I really should renew my account so I can actually upload this and laugh. Maybe tomorrow.

I am a terrible person, I know.

ETA: Yes I renewed my account for 2 months just so I could use this pic. Sad isn't it?
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While I wanted to wake up before 10 am, being jolted out of bed to drive my brother's laptop to his school and back was not quite what I had in mind. Well, that's one way to do it. I'm debating on doing anything today aside from playing my video game. And maybe calling up work to see if they'll be nice enough to switch my days this weekend.

In the meantime, I need to make an icon using the new Chibi Geass comic because the scarf~ but I'm too lazy to renew the icon space here so I can add it.

Also, it hurts me that Lelou is now the official spelling. I'm not using it. I don't care if I'm a contrarian. It's as bad as when they shortened child Anakin's name to Annie. Except um in reverse. It's too early for the thought things.
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Hey I just realized my icons ran out. I should do something about that. Oh well, the ones they left me with aren't so bad. I even still have my Lulu/Euphie icon. Yays. And of course this one.
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Colored AS/Cain and X manga icons!

These are some of the most gorgeous colored manga icons I've seen in some time. Now I can finally have an Alexiel/Kira icon that I truly love. Along with some Rociel and Raphael love. I'm going to need to cycle out my crappy icons to bring these babies into play. I wonder if she did more. I would kill for some pretty colored Setsuna icons. I think I'm in love.
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Well, I fixed the issue I was having with no camera drivers. That issue being that I'm a moron who forgot that most programs post-2000 come with pre-installed drivers. At least I can finally post pictures of my haircut.

Checked out the "Breath" Geass vid and while I'm a bit jealous because that has always been my secret project, I think it needs a little tweaking. I'm not a fan of downtime in vids unless the music is really slow. If you have screaming, you need action. "Breath" is a song meant for an action vid. I admit my ideal use for the song would be a SuzaLulu focus because the song is so very Suzaku, much like "Bent." Because really "start hating" is the perfect lead-in to Ore!Suzaku freakoutery. Can't say I wouldn't go for the same ending though. XD

ETA: Um, doujin, can we not have adorable kiddie flashbacks in the middle of sex? k thnx.

I has a plan for the weekend:

1. Make new Geass screencaps while listening to AS end tracks
2. Make pretty AS and Alexiel icons
3. Catch up on Toward the Terra
4. Review the Geass fic I've missed (excluding rape because no)
5. Finish whatever memes I set up for myself
6. Scan at least one doujin

And now for your long-delayed Geass introspection of the week via Celiss as always. Today's subject: Suzaku and how everything he is he owes to Zero/Lelouch. Also how Zero keeps Suzaku from destroying his own personal ideals and thus, in his own special way, preserves Suzaku's sanity up until 22. It'll make sense, I promise. )


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