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... Why does my father think you can use German Chocolate cake in a trifle? Now, I have only a day to come up with his birthday cake.

In other news, I HAS MONEY AGAIN. \o/ And I didn't get bitten by anything bizarre last night. Granted, I slept on a naked mattress with only a blanket on top of it and no pillow covers. But no bites!

I also fear the ending of my book is going to be a major let-down.

Anyway, I want to play Birth by Sleep (even though I have to buy the friggin' system to do so and that will have to wait until Christmas... BURN IN HELL SQUARESOFT.) But I've kinda sorta mostly lost all interest in the Xion game, possibly because I think inserted characters FAIL. The question I have is whether playing Xion's game is absolutely essential to understanding the identity/name/soul clusterfuck that is Birth by Sleep. I read the wiki so I already know spoilers. Can I enjoy BBS on its own or do I have to grit my teeth and barrel through Days?

Here, have a bear doing yoga.
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yes I will probably play this when I get my father to buy a PSP around Christmas. That does not change any of what I said above. SQUARE AND KINGDOM HEARTS ARE STILL FUCKING DOUCHEBAGS.

/end rant
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I think there should be warnings when they're going to give you a small plane (read: 18 aisles with two seats each), especially for claustrophobic people like me. At least I started playing Kingdom Hearts: 345/2 Days. I like it mostly because Axel has got it bad and Roxas is adorably stupid. I am still iffy on the entire introduction of Xion's character.

Oh, and I was also the only one of the 10 people in my line to have my palms scanned for explosives residue. And when the lady in front of me asked whether they wanted to scan her too, they told her nope just me. I wonder if that counts as profiling. I think it does.
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I am debating whether to veg until my party or actually start playing Kingdom Hearts: The Love Story of Axel and Saix. I think I still have some pent up resentment over the whole KH thing that's stopping me from jumping for joy at the notion of having it. Bleh, fandoms. Maybe I'll go snag my Percy Jackson book from the car.
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New York City was FUCKING COLD. Lion King was awesome though, even if I did think Mufasa was over-acting, Simba was understated when it came to his singing and some of the new songs were shoddily integrated with the story. Also, Greyhound buses suck and I will never use them again. I think Greyhound ruined my New Year's LJ resolution. Oh well, here's hoping for better luck this week.

My car battery died this morning because I left on all the lights Sunday while trying to get Sasuke-neko out. But some kind old lady helped me with it... after my roommate showed up and promptly went inside and shut the door. Never change, roomie.

I forgot to bring a book to work with me today. I was debating on playing KH at work since now that break is over I don't really know when I'm going to find the time to play it. I can't play games and do other things. I have to be totally focused. Anyway since I only really care about Squaresoft in passing, let's go back to the readings. My options are my Percy Jackson set, my Code Geass set or some other books I have lying around. I think after I read Percy Jackson, I'm going to pick up the Hunger Games.

I need to go pass out for a bit because I was up from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. yesterday. Find me some non-evil cats so I can warn Sasuke-neko if she doesn't stop being a pill, I will do a trade-in.
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I have been eaten by Scriblenauts. I am so damn addicted to that game. And yes, I really did spend the day going "Oooh oooh Dad watch me do this. Are you watching? STOP FALLING ASLEEP." I need to actually play KH: Manynumbersgohere. Brother also got me one of the DS Castlevania games. Apparently X-Play liked it so it should be all right.

Sadly, Father and Sis were confused on the Avatar box set so I will have to get that later. But I do have the two R2 sets so far and bunch of new Geass novels. Thankies Graham!

I got no sleep last night and for some reason my legs are really hurty, but it's still a nice Christmas. Bro hasn't thrown a fit over anything.
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A 67-year-old editor punched out a reporter at the Washington Post recently. Said reporter allegedly called the editor a "cocksucker." Wow. Also, I made another dumb offer to prove that I'm willing to do anything for my job. Sleep, why do you ever elude me?

I saw Ice Age 3 last night. It was fun, but the tonal switch between Ice Age and its sequels has always sat uneasily with me. Ice Age is just such a powerful movie.

I went on a rant about Squaresoft and their being whores with the Kingdom Hearts franchise again last night since we were discussing the history of video gaming in some book, and it failed to mentioned the Final Fantasy franchise despite covering Lunar. I was told that Squaresoft's greedy love for spreading its KH games among systems isn't that different from its Final Fantasy franchise. Whereupon I replied that the Final Fantasy games aren't linked so you don't necessarily have to play all of them to fully enjoy each individual one. I enjoyed FFVII just fine without playing FF IV or FF V. But to split up an actual storyline as Square loves to do with KH is incredibly insulting to its fanbase. ) Yeah, that pretty much sums up the entirety of what we discussed. Maybe with less requests for Squaresoft to suck my balls, as my company might have found that comment slightly... odd.

Also, King, Ro's hate for you is NOTHING compared to mine right now.

We shall conclude with this amazing chat about Palin that truly illustrates... Actually, I don't feel like friends-locking this so I will just say you can make your own judgments.
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Bleh where have all the good fics gone?

Also I apologize in advance to anyone speaking with me today, I have an eye infection and managed to stab myself in the face with my car keys this morning. So yep, half-blind again.

I want to care about Kingdom Hearts, I do. But you know... the love's just not there. Certain things in fandom have made me really... meh towards it. This will probably change once the game is released, as is always the case with me and KH. It's a love-hate relationship, much like me and Clamp. If you give me back Kamui, Tsubasa, I promise I'll stop ragging on you for the Watanuki thing. Maybe. Now will I stop accusing you of being derivative... probably not.

I read something in "Newsweek" about a Korean actress killing herself for being cyber-stalked. Extreme reaction to be sure. But not less revealing of the fact that people seem to believe that if they can't be seen, their actions don't matter. I guess if you don't have the fear of being charged, sued or otherwise hunted down like a bitch and pummeled by stalkee's faithful pals, it changes the dynamics of social interaction. Let's talk more about the Internet effect. )

Well, I am off my moral soapbox for the night. Have some amusing links!

I love stupid criminals.

I also love stupid customers.
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So I'm working on the photo thing really. I just need to find my camera i know it was here the other day. But I got distracted by [livejournal.com profile] hyujin posting about the [livejournal.com profile] antiyaoi comm on her journal.

First, that clip of Quinton Flynn compromising for the fangirls was adorable. I don't like it when fangirls try to coerce VAs into saying blatantly homo-erotic things when the couple is not "official." I think it makes the VAs feel uncomfortable. If you want something slashy, I'm sure you can better word your request so you get your OMG!!SQUEE moment without making the VA worry about how things will be perceived by the later half of the fandom. For example, if I was requesting Yuri to say something for Sasuke, I would probably ask for the "Naruto, you idiot" line because in Sasuke's voice, that is plenty slashy enough. That said, Quinton's "Roxas, take your hands off me" was every bit as sexy as "Roxas, take my pants off" would have been. His delivery of Roxas' name was just so sultry. I commend him for being creative enough to find a happy medium.

But what are your thoughts on antiyaoi? )

IN OTHER NEWS: I need to find a day to just sit down and watch Guren Lagan and read me some manga. I hate all you people with more free time than me.
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Ok so I didn't go to sleep. I was adamant on getting the Geass 22 parody. Mission Accomplished! Oww my soul. I'm not sure if I cracked up harder at the way the Lelouch dubber made himself sound retarded spooky when doing geass commands, when the Black Knights each had their own ethnic dialogue or Lelouch's final speech at the end. XD "Bust a cap in her ass" indeed.

... I hate myself now and will probably have nightmares of Lelouch telling the Black Knights to "take these mother fuckers down."

At least I can counter those with the untranslated joy that is the Axel/Roxas Twilight Town scene.

ETA: Naruto continues to hurt me. Who are you people and what have you done to Kishimoto? Sasuke, I'd like you more if I didn't think you were being written by a pod-person. Otherwise you're still prissy so I'll forgive you, as always.
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I am much calmer than my last post now. For starters, I am away from my family. I'm referring to my non-immediate family such as aunts/cousins/grandparents and the like. Maybe you have guessed that I do not like my family. Or rather they do not like me. We are on a completely opposite spectrum in all walks of life from my politics to my preferences to my social life. So each of our get-togethers is the equivalent of the Spanish Inquisition and always ends up with me getting the worst of it. I wish they would just disown me and be done with it.

I enjoyed the other side of the coin I got from people who enjoyed Casino Royale. Your sane responses helped temper my fury and while I still do not like the movie and still believe the plot was much in the realm of ridiculous and occasionally nonexistent, I will stop declaring my undying hatred for it. I have not read the book so my bond knowledge is based solely on the movies, which I watched with my father when I was growing up. You might say I'm tainted by his opinion as well.

I heard that in the newest Naruto chapter, Sasuke once again proves his asexuality. That lifts my spirits, but I remain disappointed in the series. It shocks me how I can have this much "bleh" toward a series that is focusing on my favorite character in anime (lulu remains second). I'm too dependent on little things like oh plot and sanity and figuring out what the hell is going on with NARUTO.

Saw some KH2 and CoM stuffs from Final Mix. I admit I spent a good portion of the first floors, begging for Axel to show up and kill someone because I got sick of listening to the happy Sora gang chat it up. The Org bosses for KH2 terrify me, especially Marluxia with his death bad-touching of Sora. But that scythe reaction command MMMMM. I don't care about the Secret Ending. It means nothing to me until I hear about KH3.
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Hmm, it appears I have lost Kit-Kat while I was at work. Damn, I was going to rename her Byakko too since she's really an adorable fluff-ball with a scary growl. I have looked around every square inch of the house too.

Bro and I decided we're going to buy an emulator to buy the Final Mix duet, which comes out in a month or so. This is just a crack-induced plan and probably not really going to happen so don't crush our dreams with logic. Bro just wants to fight Roxas. Me, I'm gunning for sexy Zexy with his voice of yum.

I still have no Naruto. Why do I still have no Naruto? And why do people know more about the Naruto chapter when nothing has been posted? I need to steal these people's contacts. And my life back. But the latter's not likely. Where's that damn cat?

EDIT: Sis showed up and we found cat. All is well.
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I feel no shame in using the Titanic song to reference Roxas/Axel. None at all. Really.

No Naruto manga, but pretty KH2 spoilers make me smile. I'm glad Nomura understand his characters' need to be happy after everything they're put through. This week has been putting me through the ringer after my somewhat-flawed Katsucon, but I should be able to get through the day with the promise of an awesome Naruto chapter and a fun Geass episode to return to. Then I need to write stuff.
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Oh fandom why must you always be so entertaining in the mornings where I have to do something, and thereby end up distracting me horribly? Today, we get Sasuke possibly being an UBER-BITCH to Orochimaru, Zexion's weapon, possible canon closure for Axel/Roxas and a possible test of friendship/lurve between Lelouch and Suzaku with Euphemia in the middle. Too much spoilers. Need actual footage.
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Used non-LJ time to catch up on anime since I have NO life. Oh also found awesome art of Axel as a pirate (Bro and I snickered at the R brand on his hand, which was given no explanation by the artist) and the Nobody form of Sora (no, not Roxas). Also some depressing trio action and OrgXIII aweness.

DGrayman could be better. Could be much better. But it does have Kanda. The more screen time Kanda gets, the more I'm inclined to watch the show. Who knows, Kanda might be my driving force behind this series much as Vamp!Kamui is for Tsubasa. Might even nudge me into the scanlations. We'll see if he manages to pique my interest anymore over the next few episodes. At least the music's growing on me.

Geass is wildly different with subs. LuLu is a lot more gay. I didn't think that was possible, given how much Bro and I gay him up during our watching sessions. But it's nice to actually know what Lelouch is saying when he's going on about Britannia. So Light. I want fanart. Someone needs to find me some good Japanese fanart sites. I think I'm also to the point where I've disconnected LuLu and Kamui, although I will still used not!Kamui to identify him in my icons because it amuses me. But yeah, LuLu could kick Kamui's ass, and I'd pay to see that. And people need to make more Geass icons so I don't have to resort to making my own sucky versions.

I also learned something interesting about Okami and spoiled myself as usual. I finally got my PS2 and game back from the Netherworld so I might be able to play it. But I'd rather go somewhere else tomorrow. If that falls through, I guess I have an alternative.
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Last night I stayed up pretty late, trying to write and ended up not liking it once more. I think my job has gotten me to used to writing exposition so I want to cram everything and more into a scene, which then just doesn't work. And I get annoyed and disheartened. I'm going to try again with the same scene later today just going off visuals and see if it works better that way.

Syaoran thinks he's Kamui. Why anyone would want that is lost on me?

KH2 manga chapter features sexy Setzer but little else. I think they hinted at Axel for just a second, but there was too much flashbacks to Destiny Trio. I know they also did this in the the game so I'm not going to bark at Amano for it.

Camp reminds me how much I miss my Gaara and normal Naruto rather than the bleh it's been lately. Do you even have a point, Kishi?
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As lame as it sounds, I always pick the worst weekends to have a life. Also, I am obviously not moving yet. My addiction is stronger than my brains.

Picked up Chain of Memories manga at Borders. My love for Axel has returned full-force. He is just such an awesome character in Chain of Memories, with his fascination with how Sora was able to maintain hold of his heart despite turning into a Heartless. He's like the big brother Sora never knew he wanted. It's adorable, especially when they have their first big fight. Axel was taking it way too easy on him. I also loved it when he tried to give Sora a hint, but Sora was too proud to accept and Axel knew that it was exactly how Sora would react because Axel knows all.

Also picked up the same Cantarella 3 I already had but also Cantarella 4, which has actual slash. It's obvious that it's going to end up with Chiaro going after Cesare's sister just to spite me, but I'm happy in my belief that Cesare wants Chiaro. Even if I think Volpe wants to get into a bitch fight with Chiaro.

South Park's take on World of Warcraft was made of pure win. I think it was the continous repetition of people who had no lives. Ah, the Internet role-players, the many, the crazy, the proud. I salute y'all nutty gals and guys. Speaking of which, MORE THAN 10,000 COMMENTS WTF???
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Damn, camp destroyed the rest of my Okami time as I knew it would. I can tell these two are going to be putting up a vicious fight for my attention for a while. Okami would have won today if not for the call-out. Can't resist a call-out. Also picked up this during my amblings. You may ask me where my hatred for the KH relationships went? I honestly cannot tell you. I think it has something to do with how the writing makes me go awww so hard. Good writing will break any of my issues with fandom/pairings/sexuality/whatever.

I should not be up this late, as I have to get up early to help out Sis, but I'm just not feeling the sleep thing right now. I'm going to try anyway and hope something comes of it.

Also, Trinity Blood, you are so damn lucky you come on *before* Bleach because after last night's disaster, I would drop you in a heartbeat. You do not tease me with a vampire who won't show his fangs, toss in a dumb girl and then have absolutely nothing happen at midnight. I'm tired! You may be pretty but so far you are not proving to be worth the trouble.

Picked up more manga as usual. Now have XXXholic 3 & 4, Bleach 15 and Shaman King 10. I know HikaGo was also out, but I forgot to ask when I was there. Boo.
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Saving forever and ever because of the awesomeness. I almost cried. Axel...

Also summary on the latest Avatar episode as told to Graham. Beware the crack. )

Realize the episode was infinitely more awesome than that and most of the above is a lie.

So weekend plans fell through like a big lead weight and now we are both depressed and bored. Someone save our souls.


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