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Fell asleep so much earlier than I would have liked last night. I'm going to start drinking caffeine and either writing/playing videos/watching something that hypes me up so I can stay awake like I used to. I am mega-pissed about going to bed before 1 lately.

X-mas!Sora scares me. The idea of fighting an infinitely more powerful Roxas scares me. The possibility that Roxas will get any closure in the Final Mix still eludes me. But I do like knowing that Axel's death might be what spurred his awakening again. I hate how the chance of my seeing any of these games in the states is slim to none.

I need to find something to wear. -_-

Edit: I don't have words for the way I love my Cowboy!Suzaku. I think it's my favorite manip to date. I almost want to write fanfiction.
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I don't even care if it's in one random official art. It needs to be done.

How can the KH2 manga continue to be more depressing than the actual game? I don't know whether I was more devastated at Roxas' realization that everything was fake or at Axel's nagging belief that he could win Roxas over. Seeing Axel tear the shit out of Roxas' room was painful though. I'm a little confused why Axel reverted to angry/jealous mode when Roxas said he wasn't supposed to exist. I guess Roxas never bothered with existential questions back when he was XIII. Whereas I do see Axel as the type to ponder such things. In private of course. Still, Axel bringing Roxas presents? Adorable! And the smile when he thinks that Roxas really does remember? Oh Axel, you big dorkus. It is so amazing how much you change when you're around the boy. As much as I love your sadistic side, the dorky best friend cannot be labeled as anything but cute.

I will never get my xmas cards or shopping done. I am a lazy slug. I haven't even told most people what I wanted for xmas either. I'm just not in the xmas mood this year.
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Too much stuff to recap from the weekend now and I am still debating whether I want to post some stuff here or just talk about it among friends. The latter might be more reasonable.

Anyway, I will just say that it is funny that Axel canoncially floors (as in the opposite of walls) Roxas. That makes me laugh. I hope to read the rest of the chapter when I get home. And maybe upload some pictures.
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I'm not going to venture into the actual comms for an answer to this one unless I absolutely helpful. So I'm hoping some of the more obsessive members of my F-List could help out with this question. Ever since every fanfic and its mother decided that Axel must use his catch phrase at least once no matter how small the fic to be complete, I've wondered when exactly does he first say it. I don't remember him ever bringing it up to Roxas. Unless he says it in their fight. The first time I recall was when he ran into Kairi. But I know it had to have been earlier than that because I was going on about it fairly early on. I just can't visualize when it first comes out. It's driving me crazy, as do all things that I forget.

Because of that evil YouTube, the next things on my to-do list include rewatching ALL the Satoshi/Krad parts in DNAngel because I think I missed some while I was too busy bitching about the boring twins and the random Mary Sue that showed up. I also like that scene where Daisuke gets his own red wings, and I think I missed that too on initial watch. I'm still contemplating buying that DVD set. I need the price to just go down a bit more. Again, it's VA love mostly. Greg Ayres.

I also want to replay Kingdom Hearts I since I think I wasn't really paying attention to a good deal from the storyline aside from "Riku's angsty. And he's hot. What was he saying again? Damn it, Sora, do you ever stop smiling? Kairi, don't fuckin' touch me. I can fly I can fly I can fly!" So I think I missed out in that venture as well. The only time I think I ever truly paid attention to a damn thing that was going on was when Sora gave Kairi back her heart and the bit at the end because I was pissed that they were separating the boys. Oh was I mad? I was like "This is the stupidest, most depressing ending ever!...Let's watch Deep Dive." But I really suck at the first game since button-mashing not my forte. ;_; Oh well, it will either be that or Xenogears since Curse of the Crimson Elixir remains untouched to this day ever since my brother played it for 10 straight hours. Why do I buy games I don't play? It's as bad as when I buy manga I don't read. Or in KKM's case, anime I don't watch.
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Yes, this is another one of my insomnia (I can't sleep! ;_;) posts where I rant about KH fanfiction. Fakir shall help me jot them all down. *loves her icon*

More pet peeves of the moment include:

1. The fuckin' nicknames. For the love of Nomura, cut it out. Please. The Ax, Rox, Marly, Ziggy is really sickening. They all sound like freaks. These are people who I can barely see as regarding each other as anything other numbers, let alone names. How's about this? You think how you would address characters if you were the character and then do the exact opposite.

2. I never never never want to see "sea foam" used to describe Demyx's manly product ever again. WTF? Do you even realize how stupid you sound?

3. Simple prose works just as effectively as fancy prose if you use it properly. Fancy prose can even hinder a fairly good story and make the writer come off as pretentious or overly fond of the thesaurus.

4. I know I should hardly be telling people what to write. But SoraxAnyone seriously freaks me out. The boy wouldn't know what sex was if it slapped him in the face. He's mature about a very few things but I think he kinda missed out on that, being in his bubble. So while I adore SoraXRiku, unless there is some age increase, I am immediately turned off by any NC-17 fic regarding the two. It's different from the Axel/Roxas gripe, where I just honestly don't believe sex occurred between the two, given their personalities and position in life. And I think fiction tends to focus more on this and less on their actual characters to the point where Axel has no personality if he's not at least thinking about Roxas. I wonder what happened to the awesome CoM!Axel. Now, Cloud and Leon can fuck like bunnies for all I care. Note, this does not mean that I won't read smut if it's insanely dark (I have kinks, usually involving Riku) or accompanied by substance and written very well. I also want to clarify that my gripe lies not with the relationships themselves just the smut aspect.

5. You people who hate Kairi, you know instead of destroying her character every single time you write her and making yourself and Riku look like dicks in the process, maybe you could just try IGNORING her. As in not writing about her. I'm not an advocate of ignoring major characters but your levels of animosity toward her have forced me to make an exception.

EDIT: Downed some sleeping and headache pills and now should be able to get some rest.
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I think I got enough sleep last night to make up for the chunk I was missing last week. So I shouldn't pass out when I get off work tonight.

Oh god, the Kingdom Hearts/Les Miserables AMV. I would have never pinged Axel for a Javert but his very nature puts him right up there, doesn't it? Love to Namine as Eponine. I love Eponine about ten thousand times more than Marius or Cosette. I'm undecided on The Superior as Valjean but he does have the vocals for it.

I am happy to have learned from my poll that most people do not disapprove of the continuation of Princess Tutu and highly encourage viewers to watch the entire series.

Xenogears thread at 4chan makes me smile.
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Manga!Axel, you are the hottest thing on legs as usual but you look so ridiculous with the swarming Dusks. Do you realize you are standing on a rooftop? A pointy rooftop no less. And what's with the dialogue? Getting impatient, dear Eight?

I think they should have just used Roxas' Samurai, but then again they probably wouldn't have bowed to Axel, especially against their general. Samurai always seemed smart like that.

Also, yay for Riku and the Sora-lamenting.
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Going to pick up check and stuff. When I get back, I'm either going to write, read manga, begin my Princess Tutu marathon, work on my reviews, write an essay telling people that Sasuke is no different than he was at the Valley of End and they need to get over it or do something else of that nature.

You know, "That's the Way It Is" really is the ideal anime!Gravitation song. That's creepy.

I need to come up with a way of writing AU San/Ari scenes that aren't borderline noncon because San is just so damn vicious when reduced to his primal urges. I wonder if this is actual possible without him outright killing Ari and being very confused about it afterward. Maybe they should just stick with snuggling after all.

Again, I lament the fandom's ability to produce fiction that isn't smut-centered or so damn focused on a relationship that it ignores the other aspects in a character. I would love to read all Organization fics if they weren't almost 80 percent porn. Sure, Saix and Superior can get it on, but I wouldn't mind a little characterization on the part of either. I think the best Organization fic I read in a while was that Axel/Namine, and that was just plain naughty. But at least it managed to explore both of them in drabble-sense. I think certain Axel writers need to practice writing Axel without ANY inclusion of Roxas so they get a feel for the rest of his character. Once they have that, they can return to their regularly scheduled relationship fics. Because Axel/Roxas does nothing for me if they are just having sex or if I want to punch Axel square in the face.

On the other hand, my experiment with Kamui-writing have been doing fairly well. Now if Clamp would just explain this possible "vampire" thing he's got going on, I might have enough of his combined X/Tsubasa persona to merge them into something plausible. It should be something more than [livejournal.com profile] _argustar and mine's personal joke about a doe-eyed Kamui going "Wa-wa."
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To those wonderful religious nutjobs, arguing the factual inaccuracies of the DaVinci Code is like arguing the factual inaccuracies of Harry Potter. What that werewolf is completely too skinny and should be more fleshed out around the sternum area. And that castle wouldn't be able to remain in existance without being noticed by at least some outsider at some point in time. Would an adolescent child resting their weight on a broomstick made out of pine really reach that kind of velocity.


KH rant of the day says: Everytime you abberviate a name in fanfiction (i.e. Roxy, Rox), Larxene kicks a small puppy. And then AntiSora eats it. Please think of the puppies!

There isn't a "Which Backstreet Boy's Gay" for Host Club? I may remedy this tragedy should one not appear within the next month. I want to wait for some more footage since I hate working with beginning stuff.

EDIT: Emergency icon change for the win!

EDIT the Sequel: Sasunarusasuninjasexforallanywhichway is my new pairing. That should keep it simple, yes? I think it avoids the whole "who's topping" issue that keeps coming up time and time again in my communities. Yeesh, now I know how the original GW fans used to feel. I mean, come on, we already war with SasuSaku and NaruSaku, do we have to war amongst ourselves too?

Edit the Final: And we just brought up personal angst. The wank she is immeninet. *sobs* Why my poor little community, why?

Edit the Final FINAL: Yeah I was willing to support her because her icons are teh pretty but that one comment, that's 100% full-strength crazy and I don't want to be associated with none of that. Nope.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] silver_huskey!!

[livejournal.com profile] destati_reviews, my KH fanwork rec community is finally updated properly. I don't know why I have it as a community since it's mostly where I store all my favorite links for my own personal pleasure. Originally, I hoped others would help me with the fiction types I'm not overly fond of, but so far nobody wants to try.

I've also decided I hate the bloody paopu (sp?) fruit with the fury of a thousand beserker Saixs. I hate how it's used as a plot device. I hate how it always manages to exclude either Sora, Kairi or Riku. I hate its symbolism. I hate whenever it gets applied to others outside of the Destiny Trio. I hate how it shows up at the end of the game. I hate its sexual connotation. I hate the damn thing! Unless you have an original idea for it, which I seriously doubt is even possible given the amount of times writers have whored it out for their stories, stop writing about it. It's old.

The [livejournal.com profile] chuunin board is being a big meanie and telling us we can't use our spoilericious Sasuke icons outside of cuts. But I love chibi-Sound!Sasuke. If you leave him alone, he sobbles because he wants his rum naruto latte SEX attention.

I was also searching for a new image song for San/Ari since the original "Scientist" is no long working for the two. I contemplated Goo Goo Doll's "Name" because some of the lyrics are incredibly true for them.

San's Lyrics (realize this would be said with a bit more amusement)
Scars are souvenirs you never lose
The past is never far
Did you lose yourself somewhere out there
Did you get to be a star
And don't it make you sad to know that life
Is more than who we are

Ari's Lyrics
You grew up way too fast
And now there's nothing to believe
And reruns all become our history
A tired song keeps playing on a tired radio
And I won't tell no one your name
And I won't tell em your name

Also these lyrics work well for Rom
And now we're grown up orphans
That never knew their names
We don't belong to no one
That's a shame
But if you could hide beside me
Maybe for a while
And I won't tell no one your name

So after I thought about it for a while, it started to seem like "Name" was more of a Psychosis song overall, which put me back at square one. Things only got worse when the song started to shout that it was actually an Organization XIII theme, and that's when I had to kick it and listen to something else.
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Sasuke-neko, if you destroy another of my posters just to eat the tape while I'm sleeping one more time, I'm going to injure you.

I'm thinking of revamping the review page because I made it too complex for me to actually follow with. I'm thinking of keeping the three major categories but limiting their review to a paragraph and then reviewing anything else I find decent for the week or in general. I'm going to combine the last several weeks into a very large post when I get home.

I am so not in the mood to do interviews today. I haven't been for a while. I don't think I like my assignment or something.

And if I see one more of those random-generated fics tossed up on my slash KH communities, I'm just going to start friending my favorite writers and saying the hell with communities. Take your crack to a crack community. I want semi-legibile smut.

I want to see Da Vinci Code tomorrow. If at all possible, I will be dragging [livejournal.com profile] quebelly with me. If not, I'll just go by myself. Or worse, take my father. How lame is that?

I'm dling some random thing called Weed because it has puppies and [livejournal.com profile] silver_huskey seems to like it. I wish I could just get one episode to gauge my feelings, but all I have are batches. This is so not a good thing since I have a shitload of XXXholic I haven't even watched yet (am I the only one who pronounces it Xholic instead of triple X or whatever?). And I have this sinking feeling Digimon is never getting watched. ;_;

I still wish I could write my whacky AU-continuityincluded disaster where the Keyblade Masters are all princes, similar to the Princesses of the Heart. With the whole Darkness, Twilight and Light deal (no I'm not including Mickey as one of these). I'd be all good if I could only find a way to separate a certain Nobody from a certain Somebody. But I fail. I'm also still debating on my original canon-breaking idea of having the vilains be the Organization Heartless, excluding a certain freak. My way to get around the whole dead deal.
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Argh, I hate when I listen to too much music. Now I want to make "Life Got in the Way Icons" for AkuRoku. Icons are what I do when I like certain lyrics of a song, but not enough of the song sounds appropriate enough for AMV thoughts.

My my making Riku into little Kurix is certainly the popular idea of the night, isn't it? I'll say it's loads better than the stupid random generator going around. Can't people just post all their crack in one entry.

I still don't get the hating Sasuke or Naruto but loving them together thing. I don't think I ever will. I love my boys just too much. I need 107 now.

Graham, how come you's never on the computer when I want to plot? I smack you now.

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I have convinced myself I'm dying again. I hate when I do this. I've had chest pains for the past few days now, and if they're not gone by tomorrow night, I'm going to have to chance a before-work trip to the doctor. Or I'll go insane as usual.

In happier news, Bro and I can now watch Host Club together. Bro is terrifed of the twins but loves Mori and Hunny. How that works I can't explain. He also thinks Tamaki has issues.

I am so tired of half of the slash communities I'm a part of bringing up the whole "So who's on top?" question. I hate it even more when people violently defend why their idea is more legitimate than anyone else's when it comes to this subject. Why must yaoi breed stupidity?

I need to find an Organization XIII community where I can bring up random shit like the Sai thing or the timeless question of just where do the Org members get all that hair gel or who has the more retarded hair Demyx/Saix?
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Crack realization of last night: Sai is Sasuke's Nobody. Yep.

So work has been eating my life again. It demands my presence once more today. Bleh.

Things I ranted about within the past few days and will probably continue to harp on until people acknowledge
-Sexualizing a character's canon without any factual support. NO!
-Hating the Naruto dub just because it altered a few inconsequential lines. I'm sorry Dattebayou isn't the friggin' heart of the series, people. And calling it "absolutely terrible" is just exaggerating no matter how you look at it.
-Saying that Sasuke never cared about Team 7 or regarded them as his friends. Yes, the whole "You are my *friend* and so I must kill you" was just him talking out of his ass.
-Saying Sasuke looks like a gay-ass pirate. My brother said samurai. =P
-Losing my DNAngel 11 on my way back from the con. Considering I will probably not see this in the U.S. for a while now, this saddens me.

In the positive news, I finally saw "Walk the Line," and it was good. Solid and focused and quite touching. The latest episode of Avatar made up for the ten kinds of suck Avatar has been lately (I missed the Earth Kingdom Tournment so I don't know about that one). I love all the zany theories that are now flying about on Zuko's mother and Zuko's grandfather. There's my Mother's Day comment for you. I think I love Azula more than ever. She's just pure unapologetic evil. People need to make some hot bases from that episode without covering them with bad text like I do half the time. Also, finally a working fan in my room so another plus.

Father found the wall'o'smut with the AkuRoku picture and the SoraRoku picture. The first he called "blatant porn" and the second he just gave me a funny look. As my brother said, had he realized who the characters were and their relative ages and such, he might have been a little more weirded out. He and my brother also watched the latest Naruto dub with me and were urging Sasuke to rip off the Sound guy's arms. I have blood-thirsty relatives.

I'm thinking about a quickie con report and just reposting the huge batch of the rest of my pictures and the swag list when I get back from work.
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So like who's responsible for NOT telling me the first chunk of KHII manga with my darling Roxas was out? Communities, you have all failed me. *takes away your cookes* Shit, it's already 3 a.m. and I must have manga!Roxas icons. Wry?
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I should note that while I adore AkuRoku beyond words and lap up smutty AUs (as in still in the game universe but not entirely indicative of my true vision of the pairing), I have no false delusions that the two were anything but friends with much UST. Maybe they had a kiss. Maybe. Depends on Roxas mostly. But yeah, serious fics that exist in the game world and spend more time analyzing those aspects than anything else tend to bother me when they bring up sex between the two. It's hard for me to explain since I have this method of differentiating the two types of fiction. Let's just say if you're attempting pure characterization, sex seems...out of character. It really does. Maybe not for other members of Organization XIII but Roxas...he never seemed the most responsive of the lot. Sexing him up would take some real work, and as fond as Axel is, I'm not certain he'd drop his guard enough to take up that burden.

In short, I need someone to talk AkuRoku with now. ;_;

List of stuff for today:
1. Work sucks.
2. Buy new shoes so my feet don't fall off. Also buy double-sided tape for posters and such.
3. Upload Acen pictures and possibly consider con report.
4. Make naughty Axel icon and some version of Sasuke icon and slap the unfaithful for mocking his return

5. Make con post.
6. Possibly make post begging for fic about life in Sound with Sasuke as the petulant prince, ordering around Orochimaru and Kabuto. You know, demanding his iced lattes, bitching about what's on tv, making them sew the Uchiha symbol onto everything he wears, complaining when Oro won't teach him at 4 a.m. and bitch-slapping Sai for interrupting his beauty sleep.
7. Read manga/watch:
-Host Club 5
-XXholic 4-5
-Digimon 2-5
-Princess Princess
8. Anything else life allots time for.
9. Choke IRC for a bit. Because damn Acen made me want to battle my connection yet again. Pity my lack of potions, ether, limit breaks or anything resembling a saving move.

Myspace is closing down? FECKIN AWESOME! Wah. I wanted to be gloaty.
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As an add-on to this role, do not get caught drinking and driving or doing anything that may garner the show unwanted attention.

Yeesh, I didn't even watch tonight since I was still traumatized over House, but the friendly Internet managed to reveal all. -_-

Um, Acen tomorrow and won't be back until Tuesday. I want decent KH fics by then. Oh and if your characterization of Axel is based solely on his relationship with Roxas, you are a dumbfuck. D-U-M-B-F-U-C-K. Commit it to memory. shut up i wanted to be different and the CoM version is much hotter. ♥
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New layout. Yes, tis obnoxious and probably not the most attractive thing I could have attempted but it makes me happy so I don't mind everything else. I would have prefered a larger header but since I'm borrowing someone else's resizing would make it look crappy. That and the Nobody symbol kicks ass. You could kill somebody with it. I wonder if the Organization zippers are shaped like it. That would be amusing. I need to make an angstier AkuRoku icon that doesn't look so identical to the header image. Also, yay for Within Temptation lyrics of AGONY.

I guess it's time to stop slacking off and hit up Tom's place. No clue how I'm going to find anything to wear.

Oh, Avatar was crap last night. Utter crap. Even the Blue Spirit couldn't salvage it.
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This icon took insanely too long to make for what it's worth. And I feel depressed at having to hack off half of Axel's hair.

I now go to do Disney lyric icons as soon as I can figure out where to start.
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So the Nayami just read this long-ass rant where someone bitched and moaned because AC "raped" Reno and how fans are idiots for speculating Axel is Reno's Nobody. One, while I admit Reno was more comedy relief in AC than he was in FFVII, which I think gets entirely too much ZOMG love for what it's worth, Reno was never Mr. Professional. The Turks were punks. They were all punks. I don't care if it was different in the Japanese version. American is my canon, and the Turks were punks. Cool punks but punks just the same. I mean I will never get over when they kill Don Cornelio (sp?) and are asking him why they are killing him and conclude with "Because we're Turks." Two, nobody knows anything about Axel's past as such we can invent whatever we want. If I wanted to I could say he was Riku's second-cousin twice removed. It doesn't change shit. Why bitch about it? *is totally not still pining for Axel as Riku's Nobody. nope*

Also, fans whimpering about cutscenes vs. gameplay. Please do pick up the Xenosaga games. Then talk to me about watching a movie. I play games for their storyline/characters anyway. If you want a gamer's game, do not choose an RPG. RPG's are almost 75% story-oriented.

Goes behind cut since it's pure KH crack of the highest order. )


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