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I really hate that my room is an embarrassment to God and man and I need to clean it like yesterday, but I'm too damn lazy to put forth the motivation. I'm definitely going to have to have it done by Wednesday night somehow.

It scares me that I came to visit Gabi so we could go see more theater, but it was so hot that we ended up staying inside and talking about XXXholic, writing and sometimes Geass. UNTIL 4:30 A.M. I just. I don't even know where my time went. I meant to watch LLL. Something tells me theater may not be happening today. Fail on every possible level, self. It did at least make me realize that I need to get back to writing ASAP, although now I'm afraid I put too much thought into my plot/characters and they will feel forced. I can't win.

Also, my cat bill was like $400 for both cat. I love my babies, but damn that hurts my funds, especially with Otakon this week. I will actually have to limit my spending. But I guess it's okay because there is not anything I'm super obsessed with. I might look for some Durarara merchandise and of course manga and probably buy some more anime. But I think my days of nutso purchases may finally be behind me. At least I hope so. I'm sure I tell myself this every year.

And I'm having thoughts but not entirely sure where I want to go with them. I just suck at time management, and it gets in the way of so many things I want to do.

Writing meme time! This time with bonus Psychosis fanart that I've dug out of my old folders. We're getting down to wire on this meme. :( )
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So Gabi and I rewatched Ergo Proxy and attempted to make sense out of it. Spoilers: we still fail. But I did pick up on some things I missed before. Gabi helped me find a new appreciation for Raul, and I think I love Vincent more than ever for being so fail.

Kitty is also continuing to show improvement and looks less stricken by bright light.

But that's not what this post is for, this post is for arguing with the critics about Inception's flaws. Why Inception works. )
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Time for Good News, Bad News with Nayami!

Good: My kitty seems to be improving somewhat with her meds. She does keep doing her pirate thing though.
Bad: I won't be able to hit up any Fringe events this weekend because I don't want to miss one of her treatments by being in D.C.

Good: I am so looking forward to seeing Inception this weekend.
Bad: I so don't have money to blow on movies with Otakon on the horizon.

Good: I love my job sometimes, especially when I get to talk to awesome people.
Bad: I am feeling distant from my workplace again, as more people keep leaving without me even knowing they had put in their two weeks. In this case, it was someone I thought I knew fairly well. I might as well work from a shack in the woods for all the connection I get from work. :(

Good: I am finished with "Empire of Ivory." It has been my favorite of the series, with good pacing, much more interaction with the dragons and a very compelling storyline. I can't wait to find out what happens to Laurence in the next volume.
Bad: I am still like number 70 on my waiting list for "The Passage."

Good: They are talking about making new Beavis & Butthead cartoons.
Bad: They may face much harsher copyright laws over the music this time. :(

Good: I am going to start eating healthy this week.
Bad: I have been eating atrociously all week (including Burger King) and now feel incredibly FAT, which is strange for me since I never worry about that sort of thing, outside of thinking I have fat thighs.

Good: Username purges will allow people to have the usernames they want.
Bad: I am a possessive packrat who opposes these things on irrational principal. Fortunately, I never choose good usernames so I doubt anyone will want mine. o/ PS, don't try to argue this with me. My viewpoint is irrational and unchanging.

Also, license plate of the week is "TO DSNY." D'aww

Now to pick up where I left off on my writing meme thingie. Featuring: romance, protagonists and antagonists. )
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Do you know what 'eyeballing' means? Well, you should. Holy fucking wow!

I am amused "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" has Morgana le Fey. I don't care how bad that movie is, I'm so going to see it.

I was surprisingly productive today, considering. I also realized that despite my several times wandering into Georgetown with Gabi, I have yet to try to find Georgetown Cupcake. This is something I have pined for for months. I just always forget. Here's hoping for the next time.

I also think my mood is improved from the suck of last night, provided I can catch kitty to give her the medicine.
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I am going to try to take kitty in at 8:50 a.m. today in hopes she can be seen amid a double-booking. If I have to, I will make arrangements at work. She seemed in better spirits today, but her eye is still watering, she's still squinting and I'm wary. She is my baby. I just hope I can function meanwhile, as her condition ensured that I got only two or three hours of sleep.

ETA: Vet checked for ulcers, tears and glaucoma and said those don't appear to be the case. He gave me something for irritation so I hope that helps. Nikki is furious of the strange cat smells on me from the vet's office and alternatively hissing and growling. I will be bringing in the both of them next week, Nikki to check on her bowel problems.
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I have to clean my cats and, well, consider things. I also plan on cleaning my room tomorrow for inspirational thoughts and so Graham doesn't laugh at my pigsty. I actually lost a shoe in this mess last night.

I find myself actually caring whether Brad and Angelina are ok, and this upsets me. It's mostly for the kids but still celebrities. I also need to find some time to get to the zoo this weekend since baby panda boy goes to China forever next week.

I hate putting "Titan's Curse" down because I get so into it at my lunch break. I wish there was more Nico. )

I can't wait for Linkara to review Ultimatum. His review of Ultimates 3 #1 and #2 had me rolling.

Ooooh meme.

Give me one character (or more!) and I will tell you:

1. OTP for them.
2. Runner-up pairing.
3. Honorable mention(s).
4. Crack pairing(s).
5. Ship everyone else seems to like, but I don't.

Disclaimer: Do not ask me about MY characters because they are anti-shippable. Either that or I like to pretend I'm not blatantly obvious with my ship preferences.
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Today on the So My Roommate is Insane, my cat got out of my room this morning before work. Now I was late and the cat was hiding so I didn't have time to fetch her. I figured my roomie could open the door and let her back in my room. Oh how wrong I was. I get a desperate phone call about an hour later featuring my roomie worried about picking up my cat and worried about the cat and the dog and, get this, asking if I can come home and put her back in my room. Note, I live an hour away from my work so that is just pure lulz. I call her back around noon because yeah I didn't care, and I find that she didn't know what else to do so she had her dog chase my cat back into my room. This is a person who used to work at a kennel. The mind just implodes. I tell her that I'm sorry the cat got out, and she goes on about how she really doesn't want the cat outside my room when I'm not there. I tell her my main concern is making sure the cat can reach its litter box; other than that, I don't mind her being outside. My roomie then insists the cat cannot be outside when I'm not home because she doesn't want to be responsible for it. This is where my buddy Graham asks whether my roomie understands we are discussing my cat and not an escaped mental patient. And I wonder why I'm losing my hair. For fuck's sake.
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New York City was FUCKING COLD. Lion King was awesome though, even if I did think Mufasa was over-acting, Simba was understated when it came to his singing and some of the new songs were shoddily integrated with the story. Also, Greyhound buses suck and I will never use them again. I think Greyhound ruined my New Year's LJ resolution. Oh well, here's hoping for better luck this week.

My car battery died this morning because I left on all the lights Sunday while trying to get Sasuke-neko out. But some kind old lady helped me with it... after my roommate showed up and promptly went inside and shut the door. Never change, roomie.

I forgot to bring a book to work with me today. I was debating on playing KH at work since now that break is over I don't really know when I'm going to find the time to play it. I can't play games and do other things. I have to be totally focused. Anyway since I only really care about Squaresoft in passing, let's go back to the readings. My options are my Percy Jackson set, my Code Geass set or some other books I have lying around. I think after I read Percy Jackson, I'm going to pick up the Hunger Games.

I need to go pass out for a bit because I was up from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. yesterday. Find me some non-evil cats so I can warn Sasuke-neko if she doesn't stop being a pill, I will do a trade-in.
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My two fails of the day: 1.) Forgetting to make sure I have money for the $2 toll. 2.) Realizing I have no made arrangement for my kitties so guess who is going to be spending an oh so fun car ride with Nayami. They're very excited, let me tell you.

ETA: I found $2 in my camera case! It's a Christmas miracle!

ETA2: I don't think my cats and my family's cats like each other. It's like entering a room of rabid animals. I've never heard such vicious cats.
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Well, Blizzard of 2009, you are small but enough to keep me from both the stores and the post office today. I tip my hat to you.

I really want to see the Lion King on Broadway. I would kill for this opportunity. I will find a way. "Shadowland" is just so powerful, and I love the development of Scar in the "Madness of King Scar". Also Simba's new song "Endless Night".

And the damn cat managed to run off with my tribble in the middle of the night.
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I enjoy how LJ has to inform me that the item in my profile is indeed a snowflake cookie.

I truly thought I was going to miss my assignment tonight since I got absolutely no sleep last night. Dearest Nikkolaus decided it would be a plan to scratch at my door for no reason all night long. When I let her out, she merely scratched at the door to get back in and vice versa. I'm going to exchange her for Louis I swear. Damn cat. She's lucky I love her.

Speaking of love, the winners of the GRAND COOKIE POLL are Raspberry Snow Bars, Lemon Bon Bons, Flooded Sugar Cookies (watch me fail epically with the frosting) and Cherry Chocolate Cookies. This included the expresso and the meringue cookies will be made later this week for insta-shipping. I am screening comments so do comment with your lovely addresses as to where your cookies may be sent. Also, I am doing cards so even if you don't want cookies, if you wish a card, provide addy as well.
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Ack! Surprise cat + christmas tree crisis! 'Twas adverted though. And now I get to go see Disney!

Also, I don't think I've mentioned enough lately that I AM SUPER EXTREMELY HAPPY. :DDD
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Eeee birthday art always puts me in a good mood! And the CG event sounded like total amusing crack. Plus, IT'S SNOWING!! Since I'm not driving today, I can be enchanted by it as always. The cats are less so since it means I won't be able to buy their dry food today and they're being finicky about the wet stuff. I am wondering whether I should join my roommate's mom's cookie party today since, as you've probably guessed, it will require extended roommate interaction. Maybe I will be a loser and make a Lulu cookie. SNOW!!
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Let's see, Sasuke-neko managed to destroy an entire stack of manga and bury herself under it while I slept last night. Why is my kitten so special? I found my battery charger, batteries, camera and camera case this year? It cannot be! Now I have to stop being so lazy and finish packing the rest of what I need. Geass is also now on a disk so I can FORCE Rache to watch choice episodes. I think my eye is almost healed. I'm getting stomach pains, and that's nary a good sign. I have no idea what I want to bring manga-wise, and Sasuke-neko doesn't want to leave my side for five seconds. She knows! Oh and I didn't get my badge yet. I guess I'm hated. *annoyance goes here*

See y'alls Tuesday. If not back, avenge death and all that good stuff.
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My sadness for the day is coupled with the loss of the Hellbeast. Sis came and took her away. Even if she was a horny psychopath, I shall miss her.

Thank you cracky GameFAQs musings for giving me hope.

I need Eyeshield 13 like yesterday. I want to see Kakei and Mizumachi kick serious butt. Their uniforms are disturbing. Also, Sena is almost hot when doing his Devil Bat Ghost trick. Still too young but closer now. And when do they get back Kurita and Hiruma's old buddy already? I'm astonished at how smart Agon is. Does this make him smarter than Hiruma? Is it even possible? I demand more scenes with Hiruma and Mamori. The scene with her looking after him in Vegas was just too aww.
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Hmm, it appears I have lost Kit-Kat while I was at work. Damn, I was going to rename her Byakko too since she's really an adorable fluff-ball with a scary growl. I have looked around every square inch of the house too.

Bro and I decided we're going to buy an emulator to buy the Final Mix duet, which comes out in a month or so. This is just a crack-induced plan and probably not really going to happen so don't crush our dreams with logic. Bro just wants to fight Roxas. Me, I'm gunning for sexy Zexy with his voice of yum.

I still have no Naruto. Why do I still have no Naruto? And why do people know more about the Naruto chapter when nothing has been posted? I need to steal these people's contacts. And my life back. But the latter's not likely. Where's that damn cat?

EDIT: Sis showed up and we found cat. All is well.
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It's a little bright but I'm not in the mood to hunt down anything better.

I got three cats on my bed right now and all within paw-distance of each without mass bloodshed. It's adorable. If I wasn't afraid of startling them, I'd run downstairs and get my camera. They're probably just crowding me because I forgot to feed them today. ^^;; But it's still the sweetest thing I've seen in a while Nikki's sleeping on Louis' head, Sasuke-neko is the little outcast in the corner. I think she and Nikki are almost the same size now. Damn it, the idiot brotheris going to come and ruin everything with his need to bug me and constantly destroy my dreams. Why do cats always lick each other and then start fighting? Is it an invasion of personal space I don't understand. Surprisingly enough, Sasuke-neko wasn't in on this brawl.

Might be late tonight. Work again. Plus tomorrow I got to track down a birthday present for my father and take him out to eat. Sis says she'll help with the first part. She wants me to live with her in her house. I say if it doesn't require me signing a lease, I might not be so against it.

I'll probably spend the rest of the evening buried in manga/scanlations and making icons. I think I accidentally slept on some volumes last night. Poor AS volume 4 has taken a serious hurting. ;_;
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I wish I knew how Sasuke-neko can always tell when I wake up in the morning because that's when she starts scratching at my door and destroying the carpet in the process. I've thought of nothing to discourage her from this, despite my constant yelling at her and chasing her away. I don't want to spray anything in front of my door because other sane cats come in without problems. Ideas?

I truly enjoyed PR last night. Mom drama. Jeffrey was such a bitch to Angela's mother, which I saw coming and knew that was the only reason he chose her in the first place. But Angela and her mother are sure whiners. I think Vincent's latest design almost placed me into cardiac arrest, as did the winner of the challenge. Not that it was undeserved. I think someone must have been possessed by...something. Most of the designers disappointed me in this challenge, and I think it's because they're used to working with nearly perfect models not average or above-average sized women with less than ideal proportions. Michael lucked out with Robert's mommy. Robert, you and Kayne were adorable snuggly-boos but your designs were seriously getting on my nerves. What happened to the Robert of the start of the show? PR is surprise after surprise lately, and I'm not talking the somewhat exaggerated drama either. I need to watch the podcast when I get home. Ooh, Tim Gunn's going to be on the Emmy's this Sunday.

The Naruto fillers will never end! Why? You know what, until someone actually sees an episode of Kakashi Gaiden, I don't want to hear another word about the possibility of the fillers ending. It's just too painful.

Mmm, Host Club music for consumption when I return. It's been a while since characters had image songs like the days of Digimon and Gundam Wing yore. Then again, I could be wrong. I don't follow enough series. Also, Host Club 19 and 20 for Nayami. *insert squee here*

I heard that bread anime thing is out in manga form in English. I might pick it up. How does everyone else feel about the series?
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Hung out with [livejournal.com profile] quebelly. She showed me Blood +, which has Hagi so my other usual issues with wanting to slap the shit out of Saya and Kai are cancelled out. I might download more to find out why the bitch keeps going psycho and whether it's a Song of Nephilim deal. Solomon keeps reminding me of Joshua from the single episode of Chrno Crusade I saw that had him. I think it's the expression. Carl is just all sorts of whacky fun. I need an icon of him in his Phantom getup. Or maybe just of shirtless Hagi from the Russia episode.

The trip to the aunt's wasn't as god awful as I imagined since the cousin I can communicate with, and not about drugs, was there and nobody got drunk enough to reveal things I really didn't need to know to me. Plus, I got monies. Yay.

Chillin with Nikkolas since she's all detention-deprived and Sasuke-neko's on a scratching kick. Nikki's such a quiet kitty. You would never know she could be so vicious to other cats when bothered.

So tired and again and not knowing why as usual. I hate that feeling.

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Sasuke-neko, if you destroy another of my posters just to eat the tape while I'm sleeping one more time, I'm going to injure you.

I'm thinking of revamping the review page because I made it too complex for me to actually follow with. I'm thinking of keeping the three major categories but limiting their review to a paragraph and then reviewing anything else I find decent for the week or in general. I'm going to combine the last several weeks into a very large post when I get home.

I am so not in the mood to do interviews today. I haven't been for a while. I don't think I like my assignment or something.

And if I see one more of those random-generated fics tossed up on my slash KH communities, I'm just going to start friending my favorite writers and saying the hell with communities. Take your crack to a crack community. I want semi-legibile smut.

I want to see Da Vinci Code tomorrow. If at all possible, I will be dragging [livejournal.com profile] quebelly with me. If not, I'll just go by myself. Or worse, take my father. How lame is that?

I'm dling some random thing called Weed because it has puppies and [livejournal.com profile] silver_huskey seems to like it. I wish I could just get one episode to gauge my feelings, but all I have are batches. This is so not a good thing since I have a shitload of XXXholic I haven't even watched yet (am I the only one who pronounces it Xholic instead of triple X or whatever?). And I have this sinking feeling Digimon is never getting watched. ;_;

I still wish I could write my whacky AU-continuityincluded disaster where the Keyblade Masters are all princes, similar to the Princesses of the Heart. With the whole Darkness, Twilight and Light deal (no I'm not including Mickey as one of these). I'd be all good if I could only find a way to separate a certain Nobody from a certain Somebody. But I fail. I'm also still debating on my original canon-breaking idea of having the vilains be the Organization Heartless, excluding a certain freak. My way to get around the whole dead deal.


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