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Time for Good News, Bad News with Nayami!

Good: My kitty seems to be improving somewhat with her meds. She does keep doing her pirate thing though.
Bad: I won't be able to hit up any Fringe events this weekend because I don't want to miss one of her treatments by being in D.C.

Good: I am so looking forward to seeing Inception this weekend.
Bad: I so don't have money to blow on movies with Otakon on the horizon.

Good: I love my job sometimes, especially when I get to talk to awesome people.
Bad: I am feeling distant from my workplace again, as more people keep leaving without me even knowing they had put in their two weeks. In this case, it was someone I thought I knew fairly well. I might as well work from a shack in the woods for all the connection I get from work. :(

Good: I am finished with "Empire of Ivory." It has been my favorite of the series, with good pacing, much more interaction with the dragons and a very compelling storyline. I can't wait to find out what happens to Laurence in the next volume.
Bad: I am still like number 70 on my waiting list for "The Passage."

Good: They are talking about making new Beavis & Butthead cartoons.
Bad: They may face much harsher copyright laws over the music this time. :(

Good: I am going to start eating healthy this week.
Bad: I have been eating atrociously all week (including Burger King) and now feel incredibly FAT, which is strange for me since I never worry about that sort of thing, outside of thinking I have fat thighs.

Good: Username purges will allow people to have the usernames they want.
Bad: I am a possessive packrat who opposes these things on irrational principal. Fortunately, I never choose good usernames so I doubt anyone will want mine. o/ PS, don't try to argue this with me. My viewpoint is irrational and unchanging.

Also, license plate of the week is "TO DSNY." D'aww

Now to pick up where I left off on my writing meme thingie. Featuring: romance, protagonists and antagonists. )
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My Irish contribution. It has the Pogues ooooh.

Also, I am with those who are a bit worn on the LJ bitching. I don't think half of the things LJ does wrong are done with malice so much as, for lack of better word, ignorance. As in ignorant to the big picture impact. It's a business after all. As I've said before, I only desire one thing from LJ and one thing alone. FOR THEM TO GIVE ME MY COMMENT NOTIFS WITHIN TEN MINUTES OF RECEIVING A TAG. This is not an insane requirement. :\

In book news, I really want more about Levitas. I will feel majorly cheated if his story is unresolved. I want to give the little dragon a hug. That and I think Roland is a cursed name. And for heaven's sake, Novik, pick ONE name for characters and stick with. I get that people have first and last names and that CHARACTERS might refer to them as either, but as your book is in third-person, YOU should stick with one. I have no idea who anyone is in this book half the time. ONE NAME.

I dislike the hate sent toward the RPer who admitted she didn't use the HMD meme because she didn't care what anyone else thought. Yeah, part of it had to do with the snarky wording, but the rest... I didn't see where every player should have to subject themselves to a critique or that they are a lesser person for not doing so. Sure, it might hurt to know that your BURNING OPINION is considered meaningless to someone who just wants to have fun, but hey that's life. Join the Redskins fans.

I just like violence. And I'm still undecided on how I feel about the episode overall.

And yay, my Irish brown bread making was a success! Now to send it.
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I'm miffed that my night was ruined due to LJ maintenance and then to horrible eye problems. And to make matters worse, Lifetime has not put up its second episode of Runway and has instead linked the exit interviews (while calling them Episode 2). Gee, thanks, Lifetime. I feel bad that I missed the first two episodes anyway because I don't pay attention, nobody on my FL talks about Runway and I never watch TV. So far the new season looks better and has some actual talent. Nina and Michael don't hurt either. Though I want to slap Anthony, who really needs to learn how to shut up.
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I enjoy how LJ has to inform me that the item in my profile is indeed a snowflake cookie.

I truly thought I was going to miss my assignment tonight since I got absolutely no sleep last night. Dearest Nikkolaus decided it would be a plan to scratch at my door for no reason all night long. When I let her out, she merely scratched at the door to get back in and vice versa. I'm going to exchange her for Louis I swear. Damn cat. She's lucky I love her.

Speaking of love, the winners of the GRAND COOKIE POLL are Raspberry Snow Bars, Lemon Bon Bons, Flooded Sugar Cookies (watch me fail epically with the frosting) and Cherry Chocolate Cookies. This included the expresso and the meringue cookies will be made later this week for insta-shipping. I am screening comments so do comment with your lovely addresses as to where your cookies may be sent. Also, I am doing cards so even if you don't want cookies, if you wish a card, provide addy as well.
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Despite going to work today, I'm pretty much laid up. I blame bad McD's food last night. All I wanted was a McDouble sob. I did somehow get some work done, but I mostly researched adult animation like "American Pop," which I need to hunt down and watch.

I've been having my RP woes again, some long the lines of not feeling good enough, and I thank [livejournal.com profile] piecrumbs again for sitting through my whiny spiel. I am seriously considering reducing a certain account to plus because there is no reason I should be paying full-price for a back-burnery character. But then again, that limits effect potential. Way to cough up those a la carte userpics, LJ. But I guess considering the economy, I can't really bitch much.
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I heard about this on the radio and couldn't get that skit out of my head the entire time. Come on, we're talking about the FLYING CAR. The radio hosts were most amusing, talking about how they'd forgo their dreams of splitting a boat to save up for 15 years and go dutch on one of these babies. I love the radio sometimes.

Radio has always given me the fun bit of advice that one of the best ways to freak someone out is to agree with them through yelling. From experience, I know this to be true. People just... can't process something like that. It's like they don't know if they won the argument or not. I used to do it with my father all the time. "ALL RIGHT I WILL DRIVE YOUR STUPID BRAT TO SCHOOL AND GIVE UP MY TWO HOURS OF SLEEP!" "... So that's a yes?"

Work has also nominated me for the SUPER PROJECT. I am scared. Then again, I knew it was going to be who ended up with it. I'm that lucky.

... What the devil are these things be advertised on the side of my journal? I'm pretty sure at least one of them isn't worksafe.
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My dork friends got me the best present ever! It's a Tribble that even rumbles when you smack it. It's so fuzzy and cute. This is probably the only original Star Trek lore I know anything about because it always used to be my favorite when I was a kid. I think I'm going to name my toy Sonia. I put a bow on her.

We also watched Eagle Eye, which might not have sucked if any of us ever got past the fact that the entire premise was illogical and ridiculous. Also, we hated the mains. That didn't help. I guess watching people glance in terror-filled faces at cell phones and marquis signs sounded like a good idea to some people. Sorry.

I had other things to put here since as ranting about the parents who let their 6-year-old play GTA, which he considered enough knowledge for him to drive 10 miles to school in their Taurus. It really is a miracle nobody was hurt.

Also, about the LJ thing, I find it amusing that half of my f-list is up in arms about it and the other half doesn't even know what I'm talking about. Either way, backup is backup. Now what's this about archiving old entries? Out of pure curiosity.
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Well, if LJ is going to explode, I have to think of an IS name. That means I have something to do today.

Also, will be heading out with Tom after work to check out Eagle Eye with buds.
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I am an incredibly lazy person so I will probably not join in on this inksome trend until more substantial communities do. I might bookmark some friends' pages to stalk if they are truly abandoning LJ, but we'll see how this works out. Because when push comes to shove, LJ truly does meet all of my journaling needs outside RP ones. I like icons for my personal LJ sure, but I don't need them. I don't even really care about having ads on my screen. I just like rambling. I do think though that if LJ wants to maintain its base, IT BETTER GET ON THE BALL WITH THE USERPIC PROMISE.

My marathoning has been going well, and I'm in prime analytic mode. For anyone who knows what I'm talking about, please do not comment specifically about it, k?

I love how I can always find my car in parking lots by looking for the one that is worst parked. That is an accomplishment.

I am excited about an assignment again. I do so love my happy news, and this one is wild! Watch it devour time that should be spent working on my larger project.

As I haven't said anything about Veterans Day, I will point out that I celebrate it the way I always do: putting "Riding with Private Malone" on repeat for hours. I still cry.
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Livejournal's new header amuses me immensely. So gothic. I just hope the constant breaking down yesterday didn't have to do with setting this up because then I want to kick someone.

I must stop reading doujin that depress the heck out of me. But they're always my favorite, and nobody is more mesmerizing than Dolless. I'm debating how I feel about a fanfic. On the one hand, part of me always winces at seme Lelouch, but on the other the writing is AMAZING and the characterization is gripping. I should really start commenting directly to fics again instead of babbling about them cryptically in my journal. But I always have to write a short novel when it comes to reviews, and I've gotten lazy. Though it does encourage writers hmm... Also, Counterattack 2 = GAY BEYOND BELIEF. It's so silly.

I actually did not obsess about politics go me. This could have been because my assignment was politics-related, and I spent all day working on that instead. It was fun. I love looking to see who's giving money to who.

I am falling behind in my new fandoms. I blame my inherent laziness.
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Again woke up this morning at 6 after going to bed at 4 because apparently the dumbasses realized my brother needed to print something out, and his printer wasn't working. WHY they couldn't have brought this up anytime last night is obvious. I couldn't fix the printer because I don't know if it needs drivers, and of course my brother has Vista. But my brother was so bound and determined to not go to school, saying he couldn't print his project from any other computer because it used the incompatible Works 2000. I fixed that by copying and pasting into text. Then he says he has a headache and his eye hurts and his throat hurts and screams "fuck" at us for a while and locks himself in the bathroom. Note, you do not lock yourself in the bathroom when someone else in the house has cramps. So that didn't last. I told my father I am tired of my brother never taking responsibility for is actions and not to come to me AGAIN if my brother misses the bus, forgets his computer, cannot access something. Unless it is some time other than early in the morning. I can be reasonable. But I am not being woke up for this shit again. Especially when my reward is being threatened and cursed at for a solid half hour. I am also buying earplugs when I go to my eye appointment. I have had my fill.

Oh yeah, he also loves turning off my heat when I'm sleeping and not turning it back on when he goes to school. Selfish prick.

I didn't even notice LJ's new flagging thing until the other day. I figure it's just another layer of prickdom.

I am also trying to avoid the subject of other's bad moods because I can no longer help them in my frazzled state and bad karma is bad.

I missed both PR and my sliver of a chance of watching Pushing Daisies the other day because my TV is busted, and I have to drive 30 minutes away to fix it, and I'm too lazy to do so.

Also, YouTube give me my Enchanted music back!
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Hey I just realized my icons ran out. I should do something about that. Oh well, the ones they left me with aren't so bad. I even still have my Lulu/Euphie icon. Yays. And of course this one.
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I should upload my Geass mood theme I dled a long time ago, but I hate using PhotoBucket for such things, and I have to reset up my ftp server. But I do want to do it soon because I think I'm all but done with Naruto. It hurts me to the point where I don't care. I admit it. I don't care about anyone else besides Naruto and Sasuke, and I don't like what either have been doing lately. I miss my Naruto. ;; Plus, Geass gives me canon pics of Suzaku being non-conned by candy. How can I refuse?

I'm going to watch Gundam and then possibly log about that and Avatar 3. My interest in Gundam is currently one of interest and not OMG GUNDAM because aside from Wing, I have never been as hardcore in love with Gundam as I am with Geass. I enjoy it, but I also tend to drift in and out of interest with it. Politics get to me after a while. But Big Gay Setsuna's Big Gay Gundam is a bit hard to resist.

ETA: Yes bitches, I finally fixed my ftp after like three hours! Because the stupid system wouldn't tell me what to enter in as a local host and retarded me couldn't just go PUT IN CHAOTICDREAM.NU YOU MORON. Anyway, I'm going to fix my mood theme now.
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I almost feel like I should revise my previous entry but oh well. BTW, it's kinda hard to play a Kaori Yuki characters with LJ's new rules. What am I left with? Gothic lolita? Pretty? Angst? Way to make my interests generic. Guess Lelouch can't have "overthrowing the government" either. Pity.

Also because I haven't gotten it out recently IT'S LELOUCH! NOT LELOUCHE! Why are you people blind? Why? I'm going to make an icon that says "Every time you give Lelouch another E, Zero kills a sibling. Please think of the hot siblings!"

How come I am the lucky soul who gets to drive a gazillion billion miles away for three days in a row this week? In what world is that fair? This is going to be fun times.

I want my Romeo x Juliet 8 now. I need hugs from Tybalt.
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Dear LJ,

Can you try to NOT cancel my account while I'm watching Oz next time? Thnx babe.

No love,

Update: Still hate obsession with sex. Oh and the whole kill the governor storyline in Oz Season 4 is extremely far-fetched. It's a good thing Oz writes good characters because sometimes the shock factor is held in higher regard than the realism factor.
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Well, look who's finally returned. *kicks LJ* The one time I get off work early and am actually happy and you have to screw me all night. I didn't even have my Oz yet since Bro futzed with the computer while I was at work and then passed out.

Speaking of Oz, I adore it. It's my new fix and I'm going through it like speed. Tom was shocked to learn I finished the second season in three days. I don't know why since we marathoned the first season in one. I've decided O'Riley is my favorite since he's like a Iago with a soul. He's one of the most fucked-up characters there, but I'm a sucker for the family guys. I also have a feeling he will survive, even if his younger brother doesn't. Second to O'Riley is Miguel since I like the whole tentative friendship he has with the priest (go B.D. Wong!) and you never really know what Miguel is capable of. Beecher and the twisted Keller bring up the rear in my favorites. Thanks to Keller, I'll never be able to watch SVU the same way again. What a bastard. But I enjoy seeing the crazy side of Beecher. I can't wait to see how he nails Schilinger for using Keller against him in Season 2. I also like McManus because I can't help but feel for the guy who just wants to give his prisoners another chance at life. He's just such an idealist.

I was reading my Cain Saga Volume 3 again and couldn't help but notice how practically identical the incestuous character of Dirk and AS' Setsuna are. I know Yuki has a common style, but this was like panel after panel after panel. Creeped me out. Oh I need to buy the rest of the licensed Let Dai when I get my paycheck today.

The new Geass cover art for the second drama CD is so cute yet disturbing. Nunnally is precious. Now if only they'd give her more of a presence/personality in the show. But I'm more about the kitty!Kallen in the newest Geass manga. I need icons of kitty!Kallen.
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I can safely say that yesterday was without a doubt the worst birthday experience I've ever had. I couldn't do anything I wanted, my grandparents bitched about homosexuality and then about everything else imaginable and talked for six straight hours -- I swear this one time my grandmother stopped talking and I thought she had died! -- the restaurant I ate at sucked, I was stuck in said car for six hours and my phone didn't even work. I was going to do online stuff today but as a result of that monstrosity, I need chill time.

I also need to visit a few LJ pages in greater depth since I could only skim while I was away. I hear Geass is luring in some fresh meat. Excellent. Lulu needs more worshipers.

The only thing that didn't suck about yesterday was getting to read Zombie Powder. I like it so much more than Bleach because of the lesser amount of characters, and I'm just more interested in the storyline. Then today I learned Zombie Powder got canceled a while back, and now I don't know if I even want to finish it.

Also read DGrayman 3. ZOMG it didn't suck! Rhode is so fucking awesome! But, Viz, I'm going to smack you upside the head. Who the hell is Lavi? *sigh* I need to buy 4 right away now.

I think I'm going to spend the rest of the night, finishing up manga, brushing up on camp canon from the holidays and otherwise licking my wounds.

P.S. I want a Hiruma icon. Not just plain manga either. I want something spiffy and not anime. If anyone knows where to find, do share.
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Curse you, Horizon, you've returned to torment me. But you're no longer hiding my icon keywords so I shall withdraw my vendetta against you.

d.Grayman 1 did not impress. Rather it just frustrated me. I'm frustrated that I just can't really get into the series despite it having both interesting characters and an interesting plot. I know with the manga it's the speed, but I'm really hoping the anime remedies this.

I do not have Death Note yet. More displeased. Firefox has also decided that any camp post of 100 comments or more must result in a lock-up, script error or other technical difficulty. This makes spamming even harder than it normally is. This also makes me want to drop-kick the computer out the window. I don't know what it wants. Probably more memory. I flirted with the idea of playing with IRC before this chaos unfolded, but if the computer can't even handle AIM and Firefox, I don't want to imagine the horrific experience that will be IRC.

Missed most of Lost because I forgot about it. Whoops. Heroes tried to be more interesting. I cared more so whoo. Flying brothers of hot check. Random Sayid rip-off check. Asian guy comedy relief meets apocalypse check. Bitch of hell that is awesome and single mom check. Stupid mindreading cop check. Annoying unbreakable teenage wangster check. Evil bad guys in the shadows check.

PR killed me and taught me that Vincent really is a basket case. ANTM made me happy because I hated that bitch and they're giving my A.J. the props she deserves. Those damn twins still need to go. Gangly rejects.

I want to wangst but since I know that tends to go sour and I'm probably just being self-critical and self-conscious as usual, I shall bottle up these whimperings until they have merit.
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I am never creating a user name again. Holy hell. That took three hours! Three hours to settle on the very thing that I was originally batting around. Because everything I wanted was taken. Now I'm going to get like five hours of sleep and be miserable. Perfect. I'm an idiot. If this ever comes up again, I'm letting someone else choose for me.

Graham, you are not allowed to respond to this post. >_>
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Note to self, on new car when the insurance company finally tells you your old one is kaput, request 4-wheel drive. This makes the fourth person I had to tell to push me. For doing such a bang-up job with the snow clearance, the municipalities kind of neglected the parking lots and oh, the turn lanes. Making a right hand turn with less than an inch of turn lane on a highway at 9 p.m. is fun. I wanna do it again.

Need to buy Tenimiyu CD or make some compilation soon, maybe tonight, since the Digimon/Gravitation CDs are about to burst into flames. I can only listen to "Walk on the Edge" and "Tobira no Door" so many times before I go poof. The funny thing is the more nervous I am about driving the louder the music goes. I'm surprised I can still hear. XD

I think I sufficiently ditched one of my assignments. Katsucon should be a go. Tom and I need more anime bonding anyway. He need to see Black Cat, and I need doujinshi. I wonder if I'll be able to track down any Creed/Train.

Both this account and Faith's are running out of paid time. I need to demand the credit card again. Good thing I just got paid. I'm too shy to ask for someone to pay for me.


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