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Moving along, finished "Way of Shadows" and starting "Victory of Eagles." The former was quite enjoyable, although it did go overkill with the plot twists near the end. Not that each of these twists wasn't well backed-up and completely plausible. It just seemed one after the other for the whole last 100-some pages. My poor Logan. I am also slashing Solon and Feir because I can.

I wanted to do the artist meme with COUNTRY because I like being a contrarian. Let's go!

Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 (or more) people you like, include me. You can't, however, use the band that I used. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think! Repost as "my life according to (band name)".

Pick Your Artist
Brad Paisley )

Well, that was awesome fun. I love Brad.
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Ok, I has an opinion.

I don't get the new style of putting "triggering" canon content behind white text or whatever. It's not like this is your own personal writing; this is canon content. Like if I were to say that Deadly Premonition is about a serial killer who engages in sadomasochistic relations with his victims and then bites out their tongues so they can't speak before murdering them. That's canon. It doesn't need a warning anymore than saying Berserk contains brutal rape scenes, including one of a minor. That's canon. Now, if I were to *write* my own story/material involving said subject matter, yeah I could warn about that. Otherwise, canons can be sadistic stuff.

... I just realized Lost doesn't come on tonight and will never come on again. :( I need to write fanfiction about Hurley.

I also need to arrange a vet visit for Nikkolaus, as she has been bleeding lately, and I don't know what's up with that.
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So, yeah, I know I shouldn't have said anything, especially not at 3 in the morning. But I dislike being told that people aren't allowed to express their disagreement toward their series. Hino EXPECTS people to fight over her triangle; it's a gimmick. It's why creators invent the triangles. They like to people on their toes guessing who will end up with who.

Now, this doesn't mean people have to bash each other stupidly. But it does mean I can say what irks me about one pairing or the other without replying to a Kaname/Yuuki fan with "OMG YOUR SO WRONG KANAME IS A BRUTE." I should be able to say that sometimes they are too smaltzy for me. Just as sometimes I think the Zeki fans need to step back and accept that Zero is damaged and is not going to magically forgive Yuuki for their happy fantasies. Just as sometimes I want to smack Yuuki for playing them both. There's a way to disagree without being insulting, and the happy world where everyone ONLY talks about what they love is an impossible utopia. I also think it's severely limiting on discussion.

Oh wait, while I'm ranting about fandom, I want to add that while I forgive interpretations and confusion amid "Lost" fans, that ACTUAL PAID CRITICS/TV ANALYSTS couldn't be arsed to understand a scene that was spelled out WORD FOR WORD in dialogue is simply stunning. I suggest, hmm, listening while you watch.
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Wow this episode of Lost almost bordered on good. I want gifs. Ben, I missed you, you sexy bitch. ♥

Also, [livejournal.com profile] yzak, good to know that Ricardus is chilling in your bed.

I went to Wisconsin's House on the Rock today. It was amazing, and I will post pictures later. It strengthened my dream of one day having a Japanese garden with a waterfall and koi. One day! I could have done without the room of dolls though. Nightmares forever.
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I am so pissed I can't even think straight. WTF LOST. GIVE ME MY HOUR BACK.
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I cannot post the real picture I want for SPOILERS, but another contender for best episode of the season last night. Lost feels itself again. I knew Des would save us all.

I finished "Throne of Jade." I'm noticing Nordik's tendency to do excellent build-up but very sloppy climaxes that usually move too quickly to stay on top of the real action and more than not are solved via deus ex machina rather than actual actions of the characters. I still like, but just something I note. I was also disappointed Lien never even spoke. Lame. To tell the truth, aside from the cool dragon society, I didn't particularly enjoy this book as much as the first. The China parts really dragged and the political aspect became way too heavy. Also, the significant cutbacks in Temeraire's page space toward the end.

I really want to read "Gods Behaving Badly," but as I have had no chance for library time, I will probably be at least starting "Black Powder War." Either that or more of Geass' "Knight."

Ugh, I have to go to work super early tomorrow to make up for today and since I have ANOTHER appointment (tests) next Tuesday, I'll be eating up more sick leave. As of now, I am seriously debating whether I can afford my spring trip, considering the medical bills I'm probably racking up. I have no idea how my insurance works. That and I'm also giving serious thoughts to getting an MRI. My doctor suggested it, but I think she was just spooked by my family's fatal cancer history. I'm trying not to think about any of this too much.
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Cake vs. Pie? Now this is one bracket I can get behind.

I spilled a cup of Rita's Italian Ice Blackberry just before bed. This cup managed to land squarely on the edge of my computer in such a way that it splashed the stack of art books I store under the desk. The victims were Angel Sanctuary, Code Geass and Gankutsuo, which now bear dark reddish purple stains on the edges of their pages. I suppose it's fitting, but it still pisses me off. My only solace is that the CG book was Complete and not Mutuality, as I first feared. I seriously would have been on Amazon right now had it been Mutuality.

I made chocolate chip whole wheat cookies last night. I'm actually fairly proud of them since they're this perfect blend of crunchy and soft.

I'm also liking that "Throne of Jade" moves much faster than "His Majesty's Dragon" did, but I am debating on tossing "Gods Behaving Badly" in between "Throne" and "Black Powder War." I'm just too tempted from what I hear, and the Temeraire books are a bit of a strain on the eyes.

Your quote of the day:

"Biden: is there a vice presidential swear jar?

Roxanne Roberts: Between Joe and Rahm, you just solved the budget problem."

Today's lost image love is a two-fer since island lords are sexy. It's chess LOST-style.
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My Irish contribution. It has the Pogues ooooh.

Also, I am with those who are a bit worn on the LJ bitching. I don't think half of the things LJ does wrong are done with malice so much as, for lack of better word, ignorance. As in ignorant to the big picture impact. It's a business after all. As I've said before, I only desire one thing from LJ and one thing alone. FOR THEM TO GIVE ME MY COMMENT NOTIFS WITHIN TEN MINUTES OF RECEIVING A TAG. This is not an insane requirement. :\

In book news, I really want more about Levitas. I will feel majorly cheated if his story is unresolved. I want to give the little dragon a hug. That and I think Roland is a cursed name. And for heaven's sake, Novik, pick ONE name for characters and stick with. I get that people have first and last names and that CHARACTERS might refer to them as either, but as your book is in third-person, YOU should stick with one. I have no idea who anyone is in this book half the time. ONE NAME.

I dislike the hate sent toward the RPer who admitted she didn't use the HMD meme because she didn't care what anyone else thought. Yeah, part of it had to do with the snarky wording, but the rest... I didn't see where every player should have to subject themselves to a critique or that they are a lesser person for not doing so. Sure, it might hurt to know that your BURNING OPINION is considered meaningless to someone who just wants to have fun, but hey that's life. Join the Redskins fans.

I just like violence. And I'm still undecided on how I feel about the episode overall.

And yay, my Irish brown bread making was a success! Now to send it.
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Ben sums up my reaction to Lost this season. :\

Catching Fire, why must you make me want to stab things in the face. I shall share my conversation about this with Graham.

Graham: You know that never matters in these things.
Me: If I was a girl, I'd want a guy with sense.
Me: ...
Me: ...
Graham: You finally admitted it.
Me: I hate you.

Ramblings about Catching Fire through Page 120. )

Your quote of the week: "Yay! I can now own a gun and marry a man in DC, but I still can't vote for Congress." -- Guy reacting to gay couples marrying as D.C.'s gay marriage law becomes official.
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- Four hours of sleep last night.
- Killed while playing baseball in Alter Ego. Forgot to save. :(
- Nearly getting killed by ending up in the middle of a vehicular funeral progression.
- Getting chewed out by a cop. Somehow did not get ticket.
- Learning the event I was supposed to go to was BEFORE the event I arrived for.
- Event I arrived for was 20 minutes late and it was COLD.
- Yelled at Graham for an hour about my issues.
+ Graham is wonderful for putting up with me.
+ AWESOME PROJECT IDEA with bonus of awesome interview prospects!
+ Has Catching Fire.
+ Did not have trouble finding parking at mall.
- Grr meme = love meme.
+ My Little Ponies review by the Nostalgia Chick!
+ Feeling of accomplishment with writing.
- Lost producers saying they aren't going to answer "everything".
+ Had a productive day.
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Jack encapsulates my feelings toward most people right now, save a few. Well, except for the whole affairs with strippers angle. Though that would make my life a lot more interesting.

So ready to watch Yu-Na beat the pants off everyone tonight. And finish my book. Sob.

Also, ZR in manga form SO MUCH MORE DEPRESSING. Thanks, guys. Thanks.

Oh yeah, this makes me laugh far more than it should. While we are on shonen, Naruto blows.

ETA: The above is hilarious in that someone actually thinks he can get away with copying Bleach panel for panel rather than mocking Bleach for getting copied. Seriously, dude, at least pick a more obscure title.
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I am skipping grocery shopping to read more PJO because canned soup is totally worth more Thalia being awesome.

I missed 15 minutes of Lost last night due to watching ice skating, and it was actually really good! High school AU FTW! By the way, I hope the Russian supervillain skater does take the gold since he is so badass, but I hope "I AM MADE OF FAB" Weir takes a medal of some kind. Sadly, in order for that happen, the top guys have to slip up in their free skate. Still, ice skating yeah!

Ben and Locke: A Love Story Reborn
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The bottom picture here reminds me how I feel toward my roomie when she gets all up in my grill when I'm discussing Lost with her mom. And this after telling me that I can't discuss Lost around her because she's waiting until Thursday to watch it with her boyfriend. Pshhh I would watch the first time around and then REWATCH with him. What a novel concept. Then again, I forgot that she likes to TALK and give things away during watching things she's seen so maybe he requested she wait.

Still, everything else <<<<<<<<<< LOST. Ok yes, I'm excited but I hate all new anime and new manga is plagued by writers who want to do nothing but pander to shonen ai fangirls so I need something to do with my time.
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OMG LOST JUST OMG OMG. Still, points lost for showing a certain scene THREE FRIGGIN' TIMES.

ETA: The idea of having a gif to represent each new Supernatural ep made me jealous so I'm doing this LOST-STYLE. I'll make sure they aren't spoilericious for anyone who has seen the previous ep and such.

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So apparently the safety inspectors where doing an inspection of Metro when they were almost hit by a train. Whoops.

I have been doing some prelim research on Legion. I was all for it until I learned about which angels were involved. Michael plays the angel aiding the human's from God's wrath. Gabriel plays the angel leading the angelic army to destroy the humans. Is it just me or is something wrong here? Gabriel, the same angel who came before the Virgin Mary to tell her about the Messiah's birth. Gabriel, the angel of water. Gabriel, one of the most passive of the lot, is leading an army. Whilst Michael, the fiery war angel who threw Lucifer out of heaven, is standing against his Father. WTF movie? Don't you even have a basic grasp of Christian mythology. BTW, I only say mythology in the context of characters for storytelling. I don't mean to offend. But again, WTF movie?

Up to Page 160-something of my Lightning Thief saga and I am lamenting how easy things are to guess/predict. Not the book's fault since it was written for children. I am also lamenting the HEAVY Harry Potter influence that is rearing its head more than ever now. Thank you, magical trio of fail. That said, still thoroughly enjoying the story itself.

The Losties of WaPo were crying today because it seems the State of the Union may pre-empt the Lost premiere. This is an emergency! We need an immediate response! I call for a... review!

Your quote of the day:

Liz Kelly: I'm not sure my brain is able, at this point in the chat, of deconstructing Tila Tequila's thought processes.
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I am debating renaming my main OC from "Psychosis" to Desmond because I feel the name is more in line with his characterization than Ty or Tyrell. Plus, Desmond means gracious protector and that's pretty awesome. That and Des is a cooler nickname than Ty. I think way back in the day I had an Australian shepherd character named Desmond. He fought a tiger or something. Either way, I love the name and want to use it for one of my novels. Yes, I realize this will cause some clashing between Desmond and Dominic, but since Dominic is mostly known as Nicky, I think it will be doable. This change will go along with me actually making Des (Ty) into a semi-formidable fighter/swordsman as he was originally supposed to be, to harken back to his Alistar ancestral linkage, and less of a throwaway. Desmond and Kathryn Fatine. I like it!

I am going to make my cookies tonight! I'll probably be baking forever but it'll be awesome. Provided my roommate does not decide to give running commentary.

I've been slack on my political commentary since I like to be perky during my holidays. We might even get snow Friday. So I just want to laugh at the term "aughties". Dorks. Speaking of dorks, I am still so hyped up about the Princess and the Frog. I think I've decided that Tiana is my second favorite princess, just under Belle. Mulan ranks three, even though she's not really a princess. I guess that makes this list a Top Disney Females list or something. And well, the other princesses all kind of fail. They're adorable but examples of strong-willed women they aren't. Ariel was close but loses credit for being willing to risk losing her life for a guy she knew for 10 seconds. Jasmine... well, Jasmine is a bitch. Enough said. Honorable mentions include Jane, Nala, Esmeralda, Megara (who loses some points for the terrible writing at the end of Hercules) and yes Bianca. Pocahontas was a bit dull.

I loved the Lost chat on WaPo today with Doc Artz. Great theories getting thrown around there.
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So I passed out last night, and with good reason considering what I've been doing to my schedule lately. After this entry, I'm going to nap and then do what I was supposed to do yesterday. May or may not be back tonight. Moving along...

I can't believe they are making a drink based on TruBlood. I am so buying that.

Speaking of things I can't believe, the random hints or troll-tricks the Lost creators have been tossing our way. Everything from Dominic (Charlie) from flashing "Am I alive?" on his hand to Comi-Con attendees to the newest promo for the final season. So much Locke focus. Here's hoping.

... The Batman ad on the side of my journal is really beginning to creep me out as I write this. I don't like when Batman breathes deeply at me...

I need a new serious show to analyze and write deep essay/ranty thoughts on and get wanked on for it. Nobody ever cares about politics.

I read spoilers for The Orphan (since that's what I always do with horror movies before I watch them so I know what I'm getting into) and now I actually want to see it. It sounds campy and ridiculous.

But before I go, random quote from my beloved Celibritology chats on WaPo.

"Anonymous: If I send you a picture I have that I think is of Robert Pattison swimming nude -- can you verify ?

Liz Kelly: Umm... I'm not sure I can verify, but I will do my duty and take a look. Please include the circumstances of how you obtained said photograph."

I love Liz.
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I've been reading a lot of reactions to the Lost finale so I think it's time for Nayami's favorite past-time. That's right, it's RANTING TIME. Warning, I absolutely detested the finale and have little things pleasant to say.

Fade to white. )


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