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So I hear tale that it's FMA day again. Ironic since it coincides with the raw release of d.Grayman. I care little for raws. I barely have time to watch subs. Unless it's Tenimyu or Tenimyu related, I don't do anything that's not translated. Call me a lazy fan if you will but that's that. Besides I'm more jonesing for Death Note. Rawr. You are still sexy, Light.

I want to play more Okami, but I fear I'm nearing the end and I don't know if I want to use a guide and complete all the sidequests before I deal with Kamui or not. My brother and I had a field day when we learned the final world was Kamui. I think he said something along the lines of "If there was an entire world of Kamui, I'd kill myself." I said it depended on the version. I could go with a world of vamp!Kamui. I'll make my decision to play after work tonight, depending on what's going down on the RP-side.

I also think I've reached the point where I say "Fuck you" to slow-ass TokyoPop and dl all of the translated Loveless volumes available. I have the Japanese versions so I don't feel anywhere near as bad about it. I want to learn about Soubi and Ritsu too. And Seimei. Seimei is like that big plump cherry on your sundae. If it was filled with flesh-eating bacteria. I love Seimei.
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Even though I always buy the new Loveless volumes in Japanese, I hardly ever search for scanlations because once upon a time I convinced myself that TokyoPop didn't suck and would release them on an intelligible schedule. I'm about to give up that crack dream. But I was hunting down spoilers last night, or not really I was just searching for the name of some chick I keep seeing in Loveless icons. All I can say is, Soubi, don't let nobody else tell you you're a Fighter-slut for switching from one Sacrifice to another. Damn, that is so not right. I guess I'll be adding yet another character to my list of men with a nonexistant penis.

Also, news about Seimei's obsession with cleansliness has me pictures him sitting Indian Style on a rug with one hand between his legs (in the pose of a cat) and licking the other hand. And little Ritsuka blinking in confusion. Why hasn't someone drawn this? Or if they have, why haven't I seen it? Fellow Loveless artists, I'm looking at YOU. >_>
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Finally, AMV is complete. I've already noticed one problem that I should have checked before uploading but I can fix that later. Stupid lying delayed stills. They worked so much better before they were rendered. All in all, there are pluses and minuses with this attempt. One, I don't think Kio's parts fit in so much with the whole now that all of the non-lyrical sections are supplemented with Seimei. However, I know there is no way in hell that I'm going to get more Soubi/Ritsuka moments that work with the dialogue. I'd also probably have to alternate between the two and that would be hella annoying. I would have liked to put transitions in certain parts but the clips wouldn't allow for that. I also wouldn't mind incorporating a fade to white effect in my next vid. I just need to learn when it's most appropriate. I think some of the lip-synching and note-focused scenes work well, but I worry that something about the non-lyrical sections seems off as far as mood. Another thing I can't really do much about since there wasn't much footage to work with. I see "Photograph" as an awesome song for Loveless, but not all of the music lends itself to the series.

Just download the silly thing already.

I have nothing else for the night. I need to catch up on my nearly ending Black Cat, Naruto manga and make me some sexy Tsubasa!Kamui icons.

No work tomorrow = yay.
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Clamp, I still hate you. But Kamui AND Fuuma, I can't help but feel like a silly X fangirl all over again. *purrs* Oh Kamui, your eyes remind me why I fell for you in the first place. And the moves. Damn, now I'm going to have to start following this series.

In other news, AMV fixed. Stupid Nayami forgot to render since she was used to other video programs. Still have no idea what to do with musical interludes since they are all so damn violent and Loveless has only so many fight scenes.
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So afraid to check out the newest Naruto. *whimpers*

Ok, the deleted scenes and extras for the Goblet of Fire DVD reach new levels of wrongness. Aside from Snape dashing about to all the locked cars and deducting points from liplocked students, the inhumanely creepy goth rock band that plays at the Yule Ball and the headache-inducing Hogwarts theme song, you also get Ralph Fiennes and Daniel Radcliffe interaction. Disturbing interaction. I don't know what was worse. Fiennes constantly touching himself. Poor audio that made it sound like Daniel said "His body is FANTASTIC." Or Fiennes saying "When it really comes down to it, what you have is an older man who's tied up a younger boy and is humiliating him." GOD FIENNES! It was twisted enough without you having to beat to death the pedophilia motif.

Needless to say, this is my favorite HP DVD ever!

Adobe Premiere is being slightly less of a dick, but we'll see how it fares when I add in the Soubi and Kio parts. )

Took the car out for spin with the sun roof down for the first time ever. I might eventually get around to taking pictures, but I doubt it. I don't know. I think it needs something. Probably Tenimiyu. That would shut up the boy in his tricked, sunroof-having sports car that just had to blast the Milkshake Song at top volume whenever we hit a red light together. He can have his milkshake, I'll have my victoly.

For my Yugioh fans, Yugioh does The Two Towers and Return of the King. Highlights include Yami as Aragorn, Bakura as Frodo and two special guests as Theoden and Sam. May the crossover orgy begin.
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Almost one hundred clips later and halfway through Ritsuka's verse, the Loveless AMV has crashed my computer. Remind me to never do a fast song for an AMV ever again. Or maybe I should start using a single clip for each line instead of numerous ones. That musical interlude in the middle's going to be more painful than the one from "Rakuen is Here."

Also, Project Runway makes me sad. Way to toss around mixed signals, judges.

EDIT: In reference to Clamp's newly announced reason for X's hiatus, will the real excuse please stand up?

EDIT2: I love the rabid speculations that Clamp may try to "finish" X within Tsubasa. Crazy. But who's complaining when there's hot, possibly more bitchy, Kamui to be had?
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Curse anime!Ritsuka for dressing infinitely more masculine than the manga. How the hell am I supposed to get a scene for "Such a woman, you've got style"? If I don't find anything soon, I'm either going for a stereotypical blush scene or Ritsuka's girly pose against the school building whenever Soubi comes to pick him up. Or maybe the shot of him in his slightly girlish coat in episode 10. Although it only looks really girl in one shot. Grr, the only really girly shot of Ritsuka is from that almost shotarific shot of him and Soubi at the end of episode five, but I need that for the "You're all I want, my fantasy" line later on. Damn you, Def Lepard, and you're gender-restrictive lyrics!

Other than Soubi's lyrics of doom section, most of his and Kio's section are done. Except for Kio's "I gotta have you" line, which will probably have to be running since Kio never gets any action. I'm saving Ritsuka's sections for last since I figured him to be the easiest to find scenes for, being both more emotional and more prominent. I will say this, this AMV is turning out about twice as creepy as I originally planned. Stalkers much.
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I won something at work. Something that might actually be able to go on a resume. Squee.

"Photograph" continues to move at a decent pace. Would be more decent if I didn't have to work tonight and if either Kio had more footage or Soubi had any emotional footage whatsoever. It's ok, Soubi, I still love you even if you lack any sad/truly angry expression.

I forgot to add in my mini-post on the Oscars that whenever I finish "Psychosis" (if ever) and get it published, I'm totally devoting it to Lucian and Nicky because devoting works to fictional characters rocks. You go, Ang Lee. With your mens and womens. Aside from the choice of best song, which makes me want to drive a railroad spike into my head, I wasn't disappointed with the winners this year. Everything I liked won at least something and almost all the winners deserved their award. Dad even admitted the theme for "Brokeback Mountain" is gorgeous, just as the cinematography for "Memoirs for a Geisha" is second to none. Dad and Bro kept thinking I wanted "Brokeback Mountain" to win all the big awards. Sorry as much as the movie depressed me and was really powerful, I think it had cohesion and focus issues and the fact that it's very hard to sympathize with two assholes (ok, Jack is slightly less of an asshole than Ennis). I'm kinda tired of half the Net bitching about how the movie should have won. And yay for "Capote". Still need to see that.

How many times do I have to tell the Sasuke-neko no Chex Mix?
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Ack, missed Kimmie Meissner's skating debut because someone screwed up my recording. I sob.

Also, the wise words of Greg Ayres regarding DVD releases, especially pertaining to the American Loveless DVD , should be noted by the fandom as soon as possible. However, his explanation cannot hide the fact that the Media Blasters' release was sloppy and inconsistent. It can still explain the use of the font, compared to the fancy font styles fans of fansubs have grown accustomed to and the bizarre lack of a dub track on the American DVD. These are the same complaints I would be making had I not attended Katsucon this year. As much as Ayres' conversation frustrated me, he taught me a lot about both the Japanese and the American anime industry. Point one, the Japanese are pissed about the illegal downloading even before a series is licensed in American and plan to form a way to deal with this. Point two, the Americans are struggling to lessen the gap between the Japanese and American DVD releases in hopes of decreasing the illegal downloading.

Point three, Ayres is right; there really is no legitimate excuse for scanlations if people have NO intention to pay for either the Japanese manga or the licensed manga. Sorry, no money is not a good excuse. Manga is cheap. Get off your asses and buy the Japanese if you're a tightwad. It really does seriously injure a mangaka, who lacks the heavy funding of an animation company. I don't care how popular the mangaka is. unless they're Clamp.please take all their money.and stop giving them more for copycat series Ahem, support your mangaka. This is one aspect of Internet sharing that I can safely say I feel no shame for because I have bought Japanese or licensed versions of everything I've read on the Internet, including the Naruto manga I continue to bash so heavily. But I do believe that any fan who has read scanlations with no intent of purchasing any hard copy of the series should be chatised severely. They are not a good fan. No, I'm not going to debate this because it's not up for discussion with me. You are hurting your mangaka; it's that simple.
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Survived the trip home from the snow. Sad because I really wanted to be snowed in for longer. Now it looks like the little, snot-nosed brats will be getting off school for nothing. I wonder if I don't tell my brother, if he'll still show up at the bus stop. That would be funny. Also saw Goodnight and Good Luck. Awesome movie about an awesome battle of good vs. EVIL. And Nausicaa. Nausiccaa = fluffy squirrel-fox and giant pill bug love. I still have no idea why William and I kept referring to the prince as a Gundam pilot.

Calmed down enough over Loveless production to read the actual manga. I've read the scanlations a while back but they were iffy so I didn't get as much out of it as this time. Love it so much more than the anime, especially that bit at the end where someone finally explained what's up with the power of words and the fighting. It gave a whole new insight to the story that I enjoyed, even bringing Yuiko into the mix. The whole idea of the spell the characters cast with their various encantations be they "I love you, Ritsuka," "You're not Ritsuka!", "Yuiko is Yuiko" and of course "I don't want to see him" was exciting to learn about. I also think the manga is better paced than the anime and Soubi seems so much more f-ed up. I love Soubi.

Earthian Volume 2 was also much better than Volume 1, even if Chihaya still needs to be beaten with a stick. Michael and Raphael are such hypocritcal love. I plan on at least creating my new journal I've spoken about over the past few days tomorrow after work, barring I don't get sent off on a crazy mission.

Going to read HikaGo 6 and Death Note 3 now and contemplate how to better spend my evening.
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I really hope this is just my volume because the American release of the Loveless manga is horrible. I haven't read enough to commment on translation or the like since that usually doesn't bother me unless it's so bad, it jeopardizes character/story. But for such a pretty series, the art budget of TokyoPop is subpar, especially when you compare it to their boys love production line, Blu. Blu charges $5 more and you get gorgeous paper, thick covers and well-rendered images. TokyoPop charges $10 and gives me a sloppy cover with hideous typography. For the love of...they write the title in English on the Japanese version. It's not that hard to mimick that. It really isn't. Also, the quality of the art inside the manga is greatly diminished by cheap paper that bleeds, making some of the splash title pages, particularly the one with Soubi, almost impossible to see. They also make the mistake of using dark font on dark backgrounds, which probably wouldn't be as dark if their paper wasn't as cheap. I wish Viz had licensed Loveless. I pay $8 for Viz' Death Note and get almost the same manga/image quality I get from Blu. I even get typography that doesn't look like it was done by a grade schooler. I am not amused, TokyoPop. Not amused at all. You need to clean up your act or I'm going to stop buying and just read your shit in the stores.

Someone please tell me this was just my copy and that I'm overreacting.
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Went to harass Walden about Loveless early since I'm jealous of all those who already have it in their grubbly paws. No luck again. I picked up HikaGo instead; I missed it during my last manga spree last Friday. Really I only got it because I drove the poor employee to his wit's end with my whinings about why they never got manga early enough, why Black Cat wasn't listed in the main registry, why they didn't have Loveless right now and why I always have to order out for my gay-boi pron. But it's ok. He knows I'm one of his best customers so we have an amusing relationship. Also ran into goth anime fanboys. They were an interesting pair. Of course, they knew of Loveless. Why do so many goth fanboys know about Loveless? Am I missing something here? They called it their second favorite gay love story. I didn't even have to ask which was their favorite.

My take on Loveless as a gay love story. Warning: Some vehemence here. )

They will be releasing the novel of "Only the Ring Finger Knows" in March. I guess the petition did some good after all. I hope to have my community up and running by then.

I also want God Child.
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I HATE the 32nd GS Campaign for Xenosaga II. The only options I have for completing it is spending the three hours+ and countless healing items it takes to steal Awakenings from bitch Orgula 21 times. This would be infinitely less painful if she didn't have a penchant for offing MOMO. Or I can spend between four to five hours stealing from the boss in the 14th GS Campaign. I'm leaning toward Orgulla again but I get so sick of her telling me that I'm filth and that I have to submit to her will and that I should REPENT. That and waiting for her to switch back and forth is really nerve-wracking. Maybe I can do it during netting tonight. It's not like she waits for me to take my turn anyway. That also means I have to keep a tally of how many Awakenings I steal. Why do I have to be such a completist?

I will never get to start my AMV because of this god-forsaken game. -_- Heaven help me when camp applications re-open.

Still avoiding Loveless finale. But news that TokyoPop licensed the manga makes me more happy. Finally, translated Loveless. Had to spend too much time listening to the elitists bitch about how their translations were better than the other groups, although they only had about 3 chapters. Sorry, gals, in this game, it's about quantity and not quality. If I can glean some type of storyline, I'm all good. Not that I need you now. I hope TokyoPop starts releasing some time next fall.

I'm considering returning to Gundam Seed Destiny since the summaries I've been reading on the community don't seem as hideous as the past ones.

Oh, Mello-neko and Near-neko were the cutest things ever created on the camp. L needs more kitties.
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Bought Xenosaga II the other day so life hath vanished. One thing I really want to say about the game, I would like to, ya know PLAY IT ONCE IN A WHILE! I beat disc one just now and I started playing around 4 p.m. yesterday, not counting the sleep and errands from 12:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. So that's what? That's about 19 hours to beat disc one. It depresses me like crazy. It wouldn't even be so bad if I couldn't tell that between 55-70% of the game is friggin' cut scenes. I love the story to pieces and it rocks much more than Xenosaga I, but aside from dungeons that last about 2 hours and mini-quests that can go from 2-3 hours, it's a matter of watching. I might as well be watching a second season of Xenosaga. A second season that costs $50. I've never complained about cut scenes before because I'm a graphics whore and go nuts over any level of eye candy. But I haven't truly played a game in so long that getting little more than half a game is unsatifying. Just to prove my unfamiliarity with game play, it took me half of Disc 1 to realize that if I use the joystick intead of the d-pad, I can run instead of walk. RPG makers need to learn that while storyline is all well and good, you buy video games to PLAY them.

Random thoughts on Xenosaga II gameplay )

That said, the story holds me fast. Albedo's scenes almost make me bawl, and the trio has me wibbling. Nigredo was very gay when he was a child. Must have grown out of that. Little Albedo's such a clingy goofball. And Rubedo was an asshole. I want to read trio fic. I love kiddie relationships. All snuggles. Canaan is some nice robot eye candy, and back story with Jr. and chaos is fun. I keep saving all of the trio and Jr./Albedo moments because they're more meaningful than Xenosaga I, in which Albedo was just a robot-raping nutjob. I want more with Shion and Jin, although Shion bores me. And I'm very disappointed that there was so little on KOS-MOS thus far. I didn't even get to use her until we went inside MOMO's head. Oh yes, and chaos is very gay and apparently wants to bed every male he comes in contact with (Jr., Canaan, Jin). I think he particularly wants Jr., but he and Canaan have some amusing, deadpan chemistry. Speaking of deadpan, I am so glad for characters like MOMO and Jr., who freak out about things, since everyone else has zero emotion. Canaan and chaos are the worst when it comes to this. The entire first scene nearly put me to sleep before Jin showed up. MOMO and Jr. make the cutest pairing in the world. Random SPOILER-tastic storyline issue about Xenosaga II that upsets me. )

In other news, Pinkie died. My TDK DVD-Rs suck on levels that cannot be defined. I went and purchased some Staple DVD-Rs, which I hear have high success rates. TDK has the worst. I really should have checked before buying them. I now have a lovely set of 20 TDK coasters. They might still be able to record data. Later tonight, I might kick brother out of room and attempt another burn with the new DVD-Rs. If nothing works, I'm going to be most put out.

Avoiding watching the last episode of Loveless because I don't want it to end. Life without loveless is too sad. I'll miss my Soubi, Kio, Yayoi, and even Ritsuka.
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Still want game.

Waaah, only one ep of Loveless left. *flails around dramatically like Yayoi* Why can't I get more translations why? And it looks like Seimei's coming back. No, it can't end now when the chaos is going to reach its zenith. Must hunt down this Zero-Sum and order all the back issues past Loveless volume 5. Must know who Ritsuka's Fighter is, must know Seimei's true identity, must know if Soubi's going to crack. Stupid anime people, how can you take away something I love so much? *breaks into Hitomi-like sobs*

On that note, how come Warless had to be place HERE? It was a cute episodes and great for character development, but it does not deserve to be situated right before the end episode. This required a plot-driven episode. Not fluff. Everybody was so zany and half of the events were whacked-out fantasies. I could have used some concrete information. All I got is that Kio's in chill mode now, Hitomi has way too many issues to go into, and that Soubi is awfully sure of himself. And Ritsuka's a fluff. I love Ritsuka. He has the same angsty characteristics of so many main characters, but he manages to grow too. The butterfly symbolism made me smile. Soubi too. It's so sad that the lonely hearts Yayoi and Kio must find peace in each other's arms. XD I need to make an icon of that. Maybe "The heart is a lonely hunter."

Comments on [livejournal.com profile] raburesu make me reconsider my second cosplay choice. I really want to do Natsuo because he's such a fun character, and I would get to lug around a teddy and an eyepatch. But Natsuo deserves his Youji and since the chances of making Tom play dress up with me are very slim when it comes to cat ears, tails, and long blond-green hair, I think I'm out of luck. I'm thinking about just chucking that idea and going for Kio. Might have to get some fake hoop studs since Kio is far more pierced than me. Also requires an extra wig and I'm starting to doubt that my hair is long enough for Yayoi's so it could get fun when it comes to financials. I could always roam about with a lollipop or a piece of pocky or any of those other edibles Kio has a fixation with. Need to also find me some glasses. Too bad Kio probably won't get recognized since he lacks kitty ears. I either need stalking binoculars or a big sign calling Sou-chan a pervert.
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And in case any of you assuming bullies think "Oh wolves, boring, Nayami," I'll have you know that X-Play recommends this like crazy. It's one of the most original gaming concepts out there.

Well, most of the stuff is packed, and it only took two hours. All that's left is the larger electronics (TV and VCR), and most of my food. Tom and I are going to have real fun cleaning out the refrigerator. I think I'll just toss most of my stuff. Managed to toss most of the school stuff this time around, which is impressive since I'm one of the biggest pack rats, I know. Worried about removing the posters, especially the one Tom made me (y'all should remember that one). I doubt I'll be able to fit either the smaller FMA or Furuba's in my room, and I doubt Kira/Asuran will fit on my ceiling. I might have to be retiring that one. I have a smaller Kira/Asuran to make up for it. As for the Kaiba, let's hope Nikki enjoys company in the storage room since that's the only wall big enough for it.

Being the lazy lay-about that I am, I'm going to start working on cosplay next week. Checking out various wigs for Greed and still deciding whether I'll use my normal hair for Yayoi and Natsuo. Long-haired wigs are expensive and styling is not Nayami's friend. Need to look into ways to streak the tips of Yayoi's hair. And the kitty ears, that's going to be an exercise in madness. I need to find someone crafty to help me out with that one. Tail's going to be fun too. Thankfully, already have something close to Yayoi's. For Greed, I'm still deciding whether I want to do the claws.

I now understand Kim and Mura's frustration with the Loveless fangirls. It must hurt to watch your beloved series being cheapened by a bunch of braindead ninnies who can do nothing but proclaim Ritsuka and Soubi's tru wuv. Good thing I avoid the fandom for the most part. That reminds me that Loveless will soon be over and I'll be without English translations forever more. *SADNESS* I was hoping that the popularity of the anime would give manga translators some new blood and new motivation. Come on, people faithfully cover Naruto and FMA. You Loveless gals need to get off your asses and give me my underaged kitty pron PRONTO!

The displacement I've been feeling while checking up on teh camp has now cleared up thanks to some encouraging words.

Hope I get to chat with the YamiKai clan today.

Ventured here thanks to a post by [livejournal.com profile] guardian_yugi and although the interpretations of the Heritage posse sucks, the Psychosis ones (except for Nicky) were almost disturbingly accurate.

I guess I chose the Psychosis names for a reason )

And just for fun, the horrid Naruto interpretations )
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OMG! Ninja-Zuko rocks! I couldn't believe my random prediction for the episode was right. I need to review this and past episodes on [livejournal.com profile] fangirl_crack today. So giddy happy about Aang wanting to be Zuko's friend. (NO, not that way!) Though, I admit that I secretly was hoping Zuko would suffer a horrendous injury and have to be taken care of by Aang and group. I want those archers too. All of them.

Need to go interviewing again. Maybe then I catch snag Batman Begins for the second time around. I need to watch this episode of Avatar again. Also probably should rewatch Loveless since I was too angry yesterday for it to really sink in. I'm liking Ritsuka a lot more now that he's getting stronger emotionally. He just needs to stop wearing those fluffy gay coat.

Much love to teh camp for turning my frown upside down. Shinn needs to stop being so mean to Kira. What did he ever do to him? But yay for Raito being undead.
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Going joyriding interviewing soon and I know I'll get horribly lost and never come back alive so I shall conclude with the image that is seriously rattling the chains of Loveless fangirls. I am relieved to know that I felt only mild shock at seeing it (it's obviously up for interpretation until I see the actual episode.) But it's good to know that for one series, I'm not a slobbering fangirl.

Courtesty of loveableneko.
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I find it amusing that people while one sect of the fandom calls Loveless a shonen ai series (I'm guilty of this and leaning toward fixing my reviews), another group can call Loveless a shounen series. From what I've seen of the manga and the anime, it's clearly shoujo. No, it's not because of the BL-implications (real or false), it's because its focus is on characters and relationships (friendship counts too =P). Shounen tends to focus on objectives. There are some hybrids that bend the rules and those are becoming more prolific. Fullmetal Alchemist fit into this niche, although when I'm feeling bold I'll push it more toward shounen for its overall focus on the Stone. But yeah, if Loveless was shoujo we would see a hell of a lot more fighting and less episodes devoted to why Soubi isn't all there or why Ritsuka is moody or why Kouya and Yamato can't function without each other. I get a laugh out of the "deeply gay Pokemon" joke but Pokemon (like Yugioh, like Digimon, like Shaman King, like Naruto, like Prince of Tennis, like Hikaru no Go) always have a clear objective: to be the very best or the strongest. While wining would be important in Loveless, it's clearly not an objective the main characters actively strive for. (I do admit making Ritsuka a better sacrifice is a big deal.) Therefore, not shounen. The mecha anime cause problems but they usually have a key focus too: to end the war or destroy each other in the process. Note, I'm not saying that shounen doesn't have its own character agenda because half of the time shounen characters are more emotionally realistic than shoujo ones, who prance and angst about. Now it would be cool if I could recall any shoujo fighting series to better support my arguement. I would say Card Captor Sakura but I'm fairly sure if Sakura was a guy, that series would be totally shonen. or shonen ai since she would still be in love with Li. Uh...Utena?


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