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Eee I has cookies! Thank you happy gifters! They still make me want to bake real versions. I planned to come home and send more, but then I forgot that LJ in the Grinch at all things. So no more cookies. Sadness. Oh and the new Best Buy ads popping up on my unpaid journal are also not cool. No, LJ, I am not buying an account. And if you keep up this shit, I'm not going to use your service for my non-RP postings either.

More sadness comes from the new Code Geass manga being done by the Nightmare of Nunnally person. Granted, my only real issue with NoN is its art, which is, to put it bluntly, god-awful. And I'm cool with new main character, as long as Suzaku has a prominent part. HE BETTER HAVE A PROMINENT PART, CG. Ah, History of Geass backstory, well I guess we'll just see how it goes.

Random PSA: Christmas song should not reference the following. Child sexual abuse. Child prostitution. Drug abuse. Gang violence. No, Shania Twain, JUST NO. That is not a Christmas song; it's an "I want to sing about random issues and make you all feel guilty" song. Adding "Hallelujah" to the lyrics doesn't help. Now, if I want a song about ISSUES that's actually a CHRISTMAS SONG, I will listen to "My Grown-Up Christmas" list which manages to reference wars, abuse, hate and fear but with an overall message of hope. I want this "God Bless the Child" trash off my Christmas rotation music. Ugh. It's worse than that damn "Christmas Shoes." Seriously, here are some of its precious lyrics: "This child is homeless. That child's on crack. One plays with a gun, while the other takes a bullet in his back" and "Some have daddies who make them play games they don't want to play." NO. It doesn't even sound good.

King made me cry again. Sob. )
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Well, I think I finally have courage to do what I need to do in Psychosis. Even if it's depressing as hell.

Wild Zero is the BEST ZOMBIE MOVIE EVER. Rock-n-roll meets zombies meets transexuals. How do you get more amazing than that? Also, I can has more fan friends. Clamp friends at that. The Nayami is excited, especially since said fans are her age and only 20 minutes from her. Maybe this means social life again? I can hope.

We will end with my new Lelouch/Nunnally lyrics. Sadly since the entire song focuses on 'in her eyes' I cannot apply the entire thing but the refrain is beautiful enough on its own. )
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I'm such a dork since this my new Ari/Lysander song. Which it shouldn't be since those boys be FUCKED UP. I think they might actually be more fucked up than Lucian and Dominic. And that really shouldn't be possible. Ow. Oh well, Lysander still loves... Honestly, this is why Nayami shouldn't be up past 3 a.m.

Here by Rascal Flatts )
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Well, apparently I'm going more blind. I suspect it has something to do with my love of Clampesque characters with eye issues. But the eye doctor recommended this weird solution that is peroxide by night and saline solution by day. The only danger is that if you don't leave the contacts in the solution for at least six hours, they might burn your eyes out when you put them back in. IT'S LIKE RUSSIAN ROULETTE FOR YOUR EYES. I'm excited! Are you excited?

I also have mixed views on FukuJun's new anime Spice and Wolf. The main girl's wolf form looks gorgeous but the fanservice and furry are a major turn-off. On the plus side, it can give me an idea on how to structure San's appearance since I like the whole ears and fangs thing. I think the tail is a bit much and much harder to disguise.

Cantarella, you have gotten too depressing for me. That's all I'm going to say on that.

I am such a country dork and love singing "Cleaning This Gun" in the car. Over-protective fathers always amuse me. Almost as much as over-protective siblings. On that note, I think I'm going to use the Knight doujin to make my new layout since it's technically official merchandise, and I think I can inch past my inherit issues with using fanart.

Also, I can icon love. I loves icon love. This reminds me that I want to write up something about my take on holding IC threads for CFUD in player-journals, but I don't want to write it in my character journals. I might do that later. Stay tuned.
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Rollercoastery day/night. But before, I ready for my morning trip again, I shall leave you with this thought.

For a while, I've been having an odd hankering to do "A Little Priest" AMV with C.C. and Lelouch for no other reason than I could, and it would amuse me. But now I think "My Friends" might be a bit more apt and I entirely blame THIS FANART, which is hot beyond belief.

I guess it's a good ending for my day after all. And hey my stomachache went away.
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Is it time for Nayami to complain people are too obsessed with sex again? Yep.

Moving along, I spent last night and today with [livejournal.com profile] quebelly. We mostly just watched the last two episodes of "Pushing Daisies" and played "I Love Katamari." She played more than me, but I love watching. I did like getting the chance to roll up most of the world though. I still wanted to take out Godzilla and that giant octopus. The octopus taunts me so. But I was happy that I got to take out that annoying National Convention. I am not that great at the game, but thankfully the learning curve is not too difficult.

I predict this week at work to be another interesting one.

Oh, I have new song hatred too. We all love the song hatred. Yes, Miss "I Love Jesus" Underwood has churned out another tune to make us realize that simpleton romance is much better than any chance at higher education. Lyrics in point:

Sixteen short years later
She was falling for the senior football star
Before you knew it he was dropping passes
Skipping practice just to spend more time with her
The coach said, hey son what is your problem
Tell me have you lost your mind
Daddy said you'll lose your free ride to college
Boy, you better tell her goodbye

But now, he's wrapped around her finger
She's the center of his whole world
And his heart belongs to that sweet, little, beautiful, wonderful, perfect
All American

NO! You do not lose your scholarship because you are too stupid to balance being in love with keeping your in to college. This is not sweet. This is inane. Why do girls find this attractive? I hate teenagers and young people!
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I think I finally have a name for my still unfinished LuluEuphie manifesto. I loves me some Don Henley, as you may know, so "The End of the Innocence" is going to be getting the highlight for this essay.

I really like Seether's "Fake It" and am adding it to things that I will one day make a Geass AMV of. In the meantime, should I need new keywords, I've got some shiny new lyrics to choose from.

Fake It lyrics )

And on that pleasant note, I hate driving with trucks in the tunnels. But even worse is driving with fuel trucks and having some hot rod behind me riding my ass and trying to make me speed up. Hello, if I crash into that fuel truck, we explode. And I don't like exploding.
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I'm such a dork. I was driving home from work and listening to Peter Cetera's "Glory of Love" from The Karate Kid. Then for some reason, my brain suddenly went "OMG Ariel/San." And now I can't take myself seriously. It's probably just Ari's hero complex. They're such reverse master/servant. Probably because San pretends to be such a pushover, except when he's flashing those fangs and saving Ari's ass. Stupid influences and their encouraging me to make my werewolves more gay. I blame Ari.

Tsubasa manga spoilers of relevance )

TomTom says I can chill at his place this weekend. So much happiness. We're going to rewatch Heroes and be dorks. Then there will be Dr. Who.

I told someone the other day that telling me a series is gay is not enough to make me watch it. This is true. Gay is fangirly and pretty. What I want is a.)psychosis or b.) partnership. If the said gay has either of these elements and in a non-cliched way, then yes you have me SOLD. On this note, I wish I had more time to watch/read new series. I still have to rewatch a certain magical series.
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I'm such a country music dork, and this one is my current favorite because it's just so cute and happy. I have many things I apply various pieces of this to, but they're just too corny to ever share. But I bet people can make a few assumptions.

Stealing Cinderella )

Also, I changed my On Notice image on my profile and wish to explain the new version.

1. WORK: Self-explanatory.

2. "Emo": I am so tired of talking to people and only having them respond with the most negatastic thing possible. I gots no problem talking with people about their problems, but it helps if we don't drown in them as well.

3. Code Geass Production Staff: Self-explanatory.

4. Naruto: Why does it suck now? *sobs*

5. Celebrities: I don't care about Brittney, Paris, Lindsay or whoever else you want to shove in my face for the day. They're terrible role models and a waste of space.

6. 24/7 Media: For promoting said celebrities since it has nothing else to cover for about 15 hours out of every day. If all you're going to do is show the same clip of a woman getting tasered for a minute or people chatting about Brittney's kids, I'd rather watch a friggin' blue screen. It would be a more productive use of my time and my brain.

7. War Movies: Now this just pisses me off and might get its own entry. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? We're in the middle of a war where people are dying! Do you think we honestly need a bunch of Hollywood-glamorized flicks about fake people dying? This is is bullshit. We can turn on the news and see the same thing and with a greater emotional impact. I hate every single person that is now involved in a war movie including and not limited to: Tommy Lee Jones, Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Gardner, Meryl Streep and the list goes on. Fucking sell outs.

8. Tinkerbell's Fairy Friends: Tinkerbell is a jealous ho who isn't going to hang around a bunch of girls that might possibly cut in on her Peter time. I also have issues with the politically correct design of each of them and how whoracious/BRATZ they come off as. This is worse than the Disney Princess crap. By the way, Mulan NOT A PRINCESS. I won't even get into the names. Beck? That poor fairy.
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I love when I decide really old country songs make good image pieces for random characters from a certain series that will remain nameless... yeah.

I really don't give a shit about Tom Cruise's movie cockblock, Paris Hilton's getaway sandwich or the fucking Spice Girl Girl Party.

That said, this is still kind of cool.

In less pleasant news, I wrote my coworker's story today. And neither she or my bosses ever bothered to tell me... Daddy may I go out and kill again?

As usual, brat does nothing but sleep all day and then act so offended when we want him to do work so he won't fail at life. I'm never having children. Only cats.
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I heard this song in the car the other day and kept wondering if it isn't some political allegory, especially the second verse or so. Either way, it's simply beautiful. And I was looking for new keywords last night too and super points for the lyric transcriber who can spell defense.

The End of the Innocence by Don Henley )
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I'm going to type actual things here, but I'm having far too much fun going through the Geass kink meme. Gawain/Lancelot is one of the most horrible BEAUTIFUL things ever.

All right, back to your regular schedule. My Memorial Day theme is "Riding with Private Malone" because it's such a clever song. Even if Andy should have kicked the guy's ass for trashing his 66 CORVETTE! Lyrics )


I'm sad that I've run out of Shounen Onmyouji episodes in English and lack translations so I won't get to see any more of Toshi being an adorable fail. Or contemplate how hot a Touda/Suzaku/Seiryuu threesome would be. Hate Akiko slightly less because she didn't get kidnapped this time, and the thing with the peaches was just special. Anyone who knows anywhere I can get anything resembling a summary for episodes 16 and up will earn my eternal gratitude. I want to watch more, but the plot is worth more than just gaping at the pretty moving pictures.

The Geass magazine scans traumatize me in ways that shouldn't be possible. Cheese-kun DOES NOT GO THERE! I admit the one with CC in Zero's cape is mildly hot and will make a fun icon once we get a better scan. Let's not even go into the new figures they'll be releasing. At least Milly's sexy enough to warrant hers.

I feel productive this weekend, being that I marathoned a series, weeded my garden before it rained, went to see Pirates, actually made that call I was supposed to, registered for Otakon, organized my tags on [livejournal.com profile] zero_quality so it should be a fully functionally canon archive now and didn't completely fail at RPing. This is a rare feeling for me. I think I might be sick.
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Your random bitchy comment for the day. Seriously people, if you cannot spell any other name in Code Geass, there is no excuse for misspelling Lelouch. It's in the friggin' title. In English. On every episode. I went back to check my raws before this. Are you blind? This would be like misspelling Naruto. There is no second E. There *is* an O. I don't want to think about how much worse fans can futz this up. It's such a minor thing that I shouldn't care, but as there is so little fanfic, it saddens me to see the main character's name spelled wrong in half of them.

I'm going to wait for RxJ and Darker than Black to be subtitled before I get into them. Following both raws and subtitles takes too much time. Geass was a special case.

Mmm, I think "Breath" by Breaking Benjamin has become my new post-23 theme. Very manic. Possibly Suzaku-POV? I like "So sacrifice yourself, and let me have what's left" and "I'm waiting, I'm praying, realize, start hating" the best. I originally wanted it for my header image lyrics, but it didn't fit the image. I think I have a good Suzaku icon to text up now though. Perhaps the one with his angry knight self, his dead-eyed hatred at the end of 23 or that new Cornelia/Suzaku image. I need to stop choosing rock songs for Geass. It's my need for something violent.

As always, lyrics because I love them. )
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New goal for week is to find a way to make a SuzaLuluEuphie header without resorting to fanart. It will probably feature Rob Thomas' "Small Wonders." Even though I think it's more of a less ANGSTY like mebbe pre-22 LuluEuphie song, it's not such a stretch to apply it to the trio. As usual, not all the lyrics work out, but some of them have a particularly vicious sting when taken into context. I've been listening to it a lot because it has a very nostalgic feel, unlike the almost finality/contradiction of my self-appointed LuluSuza song "It's Not Over."

lyrics )
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What's this about possibly no 24 and 25 until after April? Sunrise, I'm going fly down there and MURDER you! You will have to pay my medical bills when I go into dreadful withdrawal. This is just like what BONES did with Wolf's Rain, only that had a kinda conclusion before they went into their DVD state. Knowing Geass, 23 is just going to fuck everyone up the ass and leave them there. Cue Mosiac Kakera. It will probably end with spoiler ) Wilst thou leave me so unsatisfied?

From what I gather of the new Naruto chapter, Sasuke has picked himself up a new Sakura. I don't know maybe he figured the old one wasn't going to let him bitch her around anymore. Now all he needs to do is pick up another spirit-possessed wild child and his team of Team 7 Nobodies will be complete. Then they can begin their esoteric search for their hearts. Sasuke will then don an Akatsuki cloak with tiger strips and go around pontificating at length. After which, I will promptly shoot myself in the head. Did I mention Naruto irritated me lately?

I also learned the name of that song that I'd been looking for from a few weeks ago. As my luck would have it, it's a My Chemical Romance piece. The thing with me and that band is while their beginning and endings leave much to be desired and their music is way overdone, some of their lyrics are halfway decent. This one had a few particular good lines. A few that would almost make good LuluEuphie lines. You can probably guess which ones. I'm too lazy to cut this down to my favorite lines so I'll just give the whole thing.

Famous Last Words. )
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Houston, we have a problem... This beserking/over-reactive issues are going to throw a serious wrench in things. Why do you have to keep surprising me, Sunrise? >___<

Spoilericious lyric ramblings. )
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As for our random song lyrics, "Minority" will be the song featured in my upcoming Geass layout because I decided I'm sick of angsty/melancholic lyrics. Bring on the crack. We'll pretend that Lelouch isn't going to turn into a power-hungry bastard and actually believes in his vision of protecting the weak.

I can't believe people are trying to find canonical logic in the Avatar short. It's like Narutards trying to find logic in the Sports Short. People, they are mocking you. Sigh sigh sigh. Best part of the short was definitely Jet comforting sad widdle Zuko. Though I enjoy anything that mocks Haru because Haru be boring. Momo was disturbing. Not as disturbing as the fanmade video that makes Geass look like a school harem. Ouch.

I'm watching the sister's kitten, Kit-Kat, which makes my kitty Sasuke-neko look like a midget. But Sasuke-neko's a bitch so it evens out. I think Kit-Kat is some mutant wildcat beast since her ears look weird and she's unusually built for a 9-month old kitten. The cats think I've betrayed them as usual and refuse to come out from under the bed. I might take pictures later. She is pretty.

More plans for Heritage )
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I would like "Dear Myself" more if it took itself seriously. I think the storyline is too flimsy for it to have its characters so exaggerated. I guess I'm most pissed because the idea isn't too bad, and it just gets dumbed down for crappy romance.

I don't care if Geass is pandering in some of its official art such as the latest Animage image, it's adorable. Suzaku has flowers! Graham, have you seen this? I think the boys are off the Kinsey scale in that one. I'm dying here, fellows. By the way, I've finally made up my mind on Lelouch's sexuality. He doesn't care. You're so awesome, Lulu. Plus, his hobby is sewing. Him and Hokuto need to hook up so she can teach him how it's done right instead of gay vampire wear.

Speaking of gay vampire wear, Suzaku of the Counterattack is a hell of a lot better than the Lelouch of the Rebellion manga. The latter is just plain ugly most of the time and only good for the humor panels. I want more "Counterattack" now. I can make icons from Counterattack. I'm still lost as to what sort of storyline either of them are following, but the added SuzaLulu stuff at the school in "Rebellion" Chapter 4 was sweet, and I wish it had been done by the "Counterattack" artist. At least it was somewhat cleaned up for that chapter. It's amusing to see Suzaku and Lelouch actually competing -- Lulu loses of course. And there's just something really emasculating about trying to see who can push themselves the highest on a kiddie swing. The Arthur stuff is also great. He's like their love-kitten awww. I should make icons of him and Lelouch snuggling; Arthur likes Mommy Lulu more than Suza-mama. I'll be damned if I'm making either of them the daddy. Does not compute.

Random music lyrics and me applying them to series/Geass. )


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