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So I didn't realize "The Thief" was actually a children's book and spent 15 minutes searching through YA before I finally learned the truth and had the super-fun experience of crawling around on my hands and knees while trying to find it in the shelves. Note to self, get Thief series on Kindle next time. I wanted to pick up "The Broken Kingdoms," but it wasn't there so I went with "The Giver" since I've never read it and the last of the "Shadows" series by Brent Weeks. I have to decide whether I want to stick "Firestar's Quest" somewhere in there, possibly after the Weeks book to give me something easier to read. The first two should be a breeze after all.

Oh, a coworker also gave me the "How to Train Your Dragon" artbook, which is lovely, and the Justice League, which I need to get around to watching. Probably I'll start on that today. CFUW kind of devoured my time yesterday. [livejournal.com profile] realms_of_life and I spent the other week watching "Batman/Superman:Apocalypse," which terrified me with the realization that the old man I spent the entirely movie wanting to go away was actually Granny Goodness (shudder) and "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths," which was just fun because poor Batman. I also discovered Amazon gives me Buffy episodes for a buck and might have spent at least $10 on that this week. I won't be doing that anymore since I have $400 dollars on my checking account, which I shouldn't, and I don't want to mess with that money unless I need it for gas and food. Ugh, I have to call and sort that out.

Also, I miss the Geass recap chats. What happened? People weren't around on the holidays, and I haven't seen them since. I'd post them myself, but I'm super lazy about doing screeshots and summaries; I just like to talk.
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I am full of good feelings and bad feelings. Among the bad feelings is me feeling like an absolute brain-dead moron for not realizing we had a storm yesterday. A storm strong enough to kill people and wipe out a large chunk of power. I think I reached the Seventh Level of Hell today when I had to drive through 10 non-functioning traffic lights on one of the busiest streets in the city just to learn my work had no power and I had to turn around and drive back through those 10 non-functioning lights to go to my other location. Yeah, not a great start for my day.

I'm also annoyed that The Avengers cast only includes that bimbo ScarJo as Black Widow and no other females. I have no other complaints with the cast, but that annoys me because I hated that character in Ironman 2. To add to my financial woes before Otakon, I think the undercarriage on my truck is falling off and I have no time to fix it before the con. I have no idea what I will do.

My major pet peeve of the day, though, is the stupid people who are blaming The Washington Post's expose on over-spending on the private industry side of National Security for The New York Times deciding to run with all of the classified war reports that talk smack about Pakistan and basically make us look like we've got real problems in the war, not that that wasn't already known. I don't understand why people can't tell the difference between archiving public information into a single database and leaking classified WAR PERTINENT information. I'm all for power of the press, but Wikileaks just makes me feel slimy.

Good news is I have been enjoying "The Way of Shadows" -- yes Graham, I like the boy-whore shut up -- which also was featured in the background of Lord Kat's (Until We Win) recent reviews. That amused me. I still have real problems relating to either Kylar or Durzo, but I am still loving Logan (yes, Graham, I am slashing them shut up) and am partially intrigued by the whole mystery of Kylar's power. Though, this book does have some creepy fascination with trying to be as disturbing as possible. Did we really need a guy who shoots peasants and feeds them to other people? I think my other favorite character is the queen of the brothels. She's awesome. I can tell I'm going to despise the insipid love story.

Legend of the Legendary Heroes of Legend made me sad by giving me hot long-haired Ryner since I know from the OP that he will cut his hair. I did enjoy that fight between him and the sword-fighter girl though. I think Ryner is growing on me. Sion is still the fave though.

Otakon has also reminded me that I miss fangirling something like crazy. The con just has less meaning for me if I don't have a series to spend ridiculous amounts of money on and run around from panel to panel or signing to signing (Wolf's Rain, Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Geass). I'm too old for it, but boy do I love it. Call my old anime obsessions whatever you'd like but they sure made me happy. I need something of equal awesome.
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Work should be short and sweet since I blew all my time in one shot last night. Hence my furious post. Then I got to get to the bank and rearrange some money so that I can purchase me some necessary tickets for Acen and deal with this freaky overage charge that popped out of nowhere. I have a sneaking suspicion it comes from paying other people's bills.

But I am no longer angry. Oh no! Geass finally released their merchandise line, and it's all good. Posters, jackets, clothes, Lancelot key, all I need is a good Lancelot model and I'm good to go awesome they have one of those too. I also still need those talking chibis.

ETA: Newtype and Animage are out. Suzaku finally made top rankings, almost right under Lelouch, in the overall character poll. See, Suzaku, all you have to do is match Lelouch's dickery and you too can be beloved by fans. Even though I'm no Kallen/Lelouch fangirl (more of a Kallen/Zero), I am excited to see what their Ashford novel will be like. Suzaku looks really funktified in the Newtype cover, but Lelouch looks perdy as always. If the scary art of Lelouch with all his important people in his cape ever downloads, I'll be a happy fangirl. I'm probably going to have to find another version of that one.

Oh yeah and Suzaku with Cornelia is pure concentrated AWESOME!
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Despite the traveling I have to do, I have good reason to believe today may not suck. First, Borders either has my AS 16 or Banana Fish. If the prior is true, the rest of the night is going to finishing up that series because Viz has dangled me long enough. Oh man am I going to be wailing for a while. I can already tell. Two, Geass is finally out so I'm expecting good crack from that. Three, I don't really have a three but I'm going to cash my checks and pay off people and maybe put actual money into my RP account before it expires. So much effort.
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I have very bad feelings about the Black Cat anime. Its denial of my Eve/Leon and non-return of Jenos to this point reminds me the anime has a very angst-based storytelling style. And last episode titles such as "A Selfish Cat" or "Cat's Paradise," the second-to-last episode are not encouraging.

The SasuNaru AMV contest results are in, and I'm argumentative about some of the contestants. Because I can, I might do a little rundown of all of the vids I watched with their pluses and minuses. Overall, people need to learn that a song with the perfect lyrics loses all effect when paired with the wrong scenes. In other words, do not pair loud music with the almost-kiss or Sasuke being half-dead. -_-

Realized I lost my Def Lepard CD yesterday so I decided to buy a new one. I didn't have enough money and planned on hitting up the ATM. While I'm on the way to the mall, I get smacked in the face with a five dollar bill. There's about $7 worth of cash on the ground, one more $5 and two $1. I look around to see who could have dropped it, and there's nobody. I'm not going to say I felt horrible about claiming the money as my own. It's not as if someone could run up and recover it. And it was in the middle of the street. Also, Def Lepard. *whine* So I purchased my CD with my dirty money, thinking the whole time it was probably forged because my luck is like that. That's your zen for the day.

Watched Fox and the Hound today on ToonDisney. It pointed out a lot of things that piss me off about kid movies. One, the lady raises the fox from a cub and then when his life is in danger from the hunter, she takes this house-broken animal and dumps it in an animal preserve, assuming it will survive. Has nobody seen Born Free? Wild animals raised as pets do not have the honed instinctual capabilities to survive in the wild. In the city maybe. There's always food to be found and the only major threats are cars or crazy people. In the wild, other animals might seriously injure them and they have a high likelihood of starving.

Two, the hunter is going after the fox and runs into a bear. The bear naturally roars at him, and the hunter shoots it in the arm. Then the rest of the scene the bear is the main bad guy with both the fox and the dog fighting it off, with the bear eventually going over a waterfall and knowing Disney, probably dying. What the hell did the bear do? That asshole shot him. I'd want to attack someone who shot me.

Three, did I mention the hunter broke into an animal preserve, set fire to an area of the preserve, possibly killed a bear inside and left metallic traps all throughout the place? And there is no penalty for this. He gets his foot stuck in a trap and then goes home with his dog, and they all forget about the whole thing. The guy should have been sued. I am not empathizing with some guy who just jeopardized the whole preserve. I know we're supposed to be all about balance and seeing both sides but I want some retribution. This is what you get when you take a story about the bittersweet and realistic friendship between a fox and a hound, which ends as one would expect when based from the hunter's view, and try to make it into a fluffy kid-friendly movie. Don't believe me. Look up the actual book. It's not pretty. And I quote: "The story of Tod the fox who befriended a hunting dog named Copper was originally much more realistic. It ended with a hunter nailing Tod's lifeless pelt to the wall then euthanizing Copper with his shotgun." Well, ain't that cheery? Did I mention I read this when I was 12 in an antique store one day?


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