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In my brilliance, I realize that I forgot to send in my logs. I guess that settles the apping debate for me. But I wasn't really feeling it this round anyway.

I am so tired of people bitching at the WaPo for putting Olympic winners on its front page. I'm sorry people, but the news is not a spoiler. This isn't some scripted entertainment (mostly); this is sports. You don't hold sports news just because a network won't get to air it until later in the day. NBC's failing is not the newspapers' responsibility.

I shall do my Percy Jackson overview in two parts, one dealing with the final book and the other dealing with my issues of Luke as a character and why I feel that Riordan failed him terribly.

Ending of The Last Olympian. )

How do you solve a problem like Luke? )
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Finished PJO. Will do overall impressions tomorrow. But I got to say, nah the death still didn't do it for me. I guess it was just never meant to be. Favorite characters remain Thalia, Rachel, Nico, Hades, Clarisse and Tyson. Though Zoe and Mr. D get honorable mention. And Annabeth was pretty cool as well.
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I am skipping grocery shopping to read more PJO because canned soup is totally worth more Thalia being awesome.

I missed 15 minutes of Lost last night due to watching ice skating, and it was actually really good! High school AU FTW! By the way, I hope the Russian supervillain skater does take the gold since he is so badass, but I hope "I AM MADE OF FAB" Weir takes a medal of some kind. Sadly, in order for that happen, the top guys have to slip up in their free skate. Still, ice skating yeah!

Ben and Locke: A Love Story Reborn
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Whoever said ice-skating is not a sport is going to get drop-kicked in the gullet by me. I could watch it for days.

I'm doing well on my goal toward finishing PJO by the end of the week. "Last Olympian" is so so good with all the character development, but this is probably because Thalia and Nico always move my island. I'm trying to find a better place for fanart than DeviantArt, although I have found some choice pieces there.
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I finished PJO 4. Tyson made me cry, actually cry. God, I love him. I think he's my favorite and I don't know why. He's so such an endearing and hopeful character. Also, I feel dumb but I kind of want Percy with Rachel just because the author so clearly wants Percy/Annabeth. I know it won't happen but I want to read fic in defiance. I don't like having things shoved down my throat. That said, Annabeth is an awesome character.

Snowpocalypse 2: Electric Bugaloo and its brethren have made me incredibly lazy so I will save actual post for tomorrow or so. In the meantime, there is always a meme.


Oh yeah, and Lost BLEW. I have to go find a gif for it. But yeah. I think it was the lack of Ben or Locke.

Ok so this picture has nothing at all to do with the episode but it is INFINITELY MORE INTERESTING. I fucking hate Kate.
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I finished "Titan's Curse." So much love. I am sad I don't have the other two books yet and will probably have to snag them at the mall this weekend. Curse you, cliffhanger. I will elaborate later, as I am scheduled to pick up the Graham. Still deciding on that thing of deciding.
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I have to clean my cats and, well, consider things. I also plan on cleaning my room tomorrow for inspirational thoughts and so Graham doesn't laugh at my pigsty. I actually lost a shoe in this mess last night.

I find myself actually caring whether Brad and Angelina are ok, and this upsets me. It's mostly for the kids but still celebrities. I also need to find some time to get to the zoo this weekend since baby panda boy goes to China forever next week.

I hate putting "Titan's Curse" down because I get so into it at my lunch break. I wish there was more Nico. )

I can't wait for Linkara to review Ultimatum. His review of Ultimates 3 #1 and #2 had me rolling.

Ooooh meme.

Give me one character (or more!) and I will tell you:

1. OTP for them.
2. Runner-up pairing.
3. Honorable mention(s).
4. Crack pairing(s).
5. Ship everyone else seems to like, but I don't.

Disclaimer: Do not ask me about MY characters because they are anti-shippable. Either that or I like to pretend I'm not blatantly obvious with my ship preferences.
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I keep telling myself I will watch Supernatural and/or a Kamen Rider series. And I keep not doing it. I think this is because when it comes to non-reading fandoms, I need someone to marathon things with, even if they have no idea what the hell I'm talking about. I used to do this with Tom and with my brother. I can't even humor the notion of doing this with my roommate for reasons I have provided far too many times. So short of being kidnapped by fans of these series or having someone visit me, I'm getting the feeling it's just not happening. Sadness.

I caught up on PH! So so so good.

I am now prepared to go more into detail about how I felt about the ending of "Sea of Monsters" and how much I already love "Titan's Curse". Mmmm Artemis. )
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Well, writing was shot by inability to see so I'm going to make this short and expand later.

I finished "Sea of Monsters." All in all, I really liked it. It had a much more satisfying ending than the first, while still doing a killer cliffhanger, and I feel the characters (with the exception of a certain half-blood) are developing nicely. I am looking forward to "The Titan's Curse," which is a lot better than when I finished reading "The Lightning Thief."
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Of course, I go blind on my first writing day.

Almost done Percy Jackson Book 2. Luke is still fail.

Edwards, you are still slime.
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I got an update from Gabi today and things seem sane on her end. I also managed to be much more productive at work due to said update so my mood is raised slightly above the tense bitch I may have been. Apologies to the people who have had to deal with my highly fluctuating moods.

I heard the Red Cross has received more than $3 million through its text program for Haiti. Here's hoping they do right by it. I also hear Clinton and Bush are joining forces to help with the relief efforts. In other political news, Robert Gibbs is a man to love and hate, but him calling Rush and Pat Robertson's insensitive remarks about the Haiti tragedy "utterly stupid" makes him my person of the day.

I started on "The Sea of Monsters" and already like it better than "The Lightning Thief", probably because I already know the characters so the break-neck pace isn't as annoying. That and I really adore Tyson. D'aww. Watch this bite me in the ass. I also liked Riordan acknowledging that the Ares kids aren't just punks but warriors who do care about each other. That's the type of gray I was hoping for.

Quote of the Day:

LIKE I SAID-it's easy for those who have no values to throw stones at those who do and fail from time to time. You libbies are pathetic. Try living some semblance of a moral life and see how successful you are. It's a cynical slob who sits and throw stones at those who set standards too high to keep flawlessly when they have set no standards at all. How sick is it to accept leftist immorality with a shrug because they've never claimed any virtue and then shout from the mountaintop when one who has tried their too-human best to live a moral life slips?
-- anon commenting to article about Irish politician Iris Robinson getting slammed for an extra-marital affair with a 19-year-old. Robinson is known for denouncing homosexuality as a threat to marriage.
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I am trying not to be upset so I will just post something productive.

I admit I only donated because my friend is there and I want to help the situation in general. But I'm sure others are less selfish than me and want to help just for the sake of it. So text the word "Haiti" to 90999 to donate $10 on behalf of the American Red Cross. It registers on your cell phone bill.

I really wish I could have posted happy news today. I was looking forward to it. Right now, I just feel detached. Though I do wish again to thank [livejournal.com profile] rubyd for dealing with my freaking out last night.

Anyway, I finished the first Percy Jackson book. I guessed everything. I have mixed feelings overall. It is way way way cliched, and the constant on-again-off-again stupidity of the characters infuriates me. Like how Percy could come up with his plan against ___ and still be dumb enough to trot merrily after ___ after getting every mental warning in the world of BAD IDEA DUMBASS. Ugh. But the thing that irks me the most is Draco. )

ETA: My Percy Jackson ramblings were posted entirely to distract me from my Haiti frettings so if you have anything to say about them, I prefer it be of an equally distracting nature because I so don't actually care about the book's logistics right now.
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God, the Percy trio is dumber than rocks. I liked Ares though. He's a real asshole. But Ares has been my favorite god since his awesome portrayal in Kevin Sorbo's Hercules. Man, someone needs to app Ares at Camp. I can stare at his hot icons and cry over his actor. Still trying to figure out what the hotel was supposed to represent.

Also, I had a super shitty day at work.
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I tortured Tom with Lestat and Percy Jackson. Best night ever.

In other news, I want to write my OCs again. My werewolves are feeling neglected, as are my demon and shape-shifter. I don't even know whether I can still write Nicky without his voice blending into something else. I might be able to manage Lucian.

I was also looking up names the other day since I forgot why I originally named my Heritage characters. I forgot my whole connection between Elkin (of God) and Ariel (lion of God) since Ari's mom is a power-hungry bitch who dreamed of an exceptionally strong werewolf son. I still have to debate on whether his mom is a werewolf. And I definitely forgot that Lysander means both liberator and release of man, which is so perfect for his complex character. People were mocking the use of Lys as a nickname so I've decided to use it to shun them all. So hard to keep a coherent plot in all this, as I just have too many ideas. I mostly just want to write scenes of cynical dreamer Ari and crazy truth-seeking San. I've decided to make San's motivation is finding the truth about what he is, although he's still fascinated by humans and science. Ari still wants the crown as always because he's a punk like that.
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So apparently the safety inspectors where doing an inspection of Metro when they were almost hit by a train. Whoops.

I have been doing some prelim research on Legion. I was all for it until I learned about which angels were involved. Michael plays the angel aiding the human's from God's wrath. Gabriel plays the angel leading the angelic army to destroy the humans. Is it just me or is something wrong here? Gabriel, the same angel who came before the Virgin Mary to tell her about the Messiah's birth. Gabriel, the angel of water. Gabriel, one of the most passive of the lot, is leading an army. Whilst Michael, the fiery war angel who threw Lucifer out of heaven, is standing against his Father. WTF movie? Don't you even have a basic grasp of Christian mythology. BTW, I only say mythology in the context of characters for storytelling. I don't mean to offend. But again, WTF movie?

Up to Page 160-something of my Lightning Thief saga and I am lamenting how easy things are to guess/predict. Not the book's fault since it was written for children. I am also lamenting the HEAVY Harry Potter influence that is rearing its head more than ever now. Thank you, magical trio of fail. That said, still thoroughly enjoying the story itself.

The Losties of WaPo were crying today because it seems the State of the Union may pre-empt the Lost premiere. This is an emergency! We need an immediate response! I call for a... review!

Your quote of the day:

Liz Kelly: I'm not sure my brain is able, at this point in the chat, of deconstructing Tila Tequila's thought processes.
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So whacky rumors about making Geass into a musical eh? This calls for Lestat commentary! "Oh god, help us! Just look at you, shrinking away from my point of view. Showering me with your pious blame, the gift that I give is exempt from shame. Embrace it, embrace it." Lol it almost fits. Moving along. Sunrise = cockteases.

Now 100 pages into The Lightning Thief. Still no characters producing the OMG I LOVE YOU feeling yet. Spoilers for people who, like me, love to play the Greek reference guessing game. )

Oh as for a more intelligible review of the Lestat musical, the Vampire Lestat portion (aka the first half) is a bit hard to follow, but the Interview with the Vampire part is where it truly shines. But only in the San Fransisco version, as the Broadway version suffered severe script changes and borders on incoherent. Though Gabi is the worthwhile part of the first act. I also think I love Armand. Now I want to reread the Vampire Lestat and probably Tale of the Body Thief for the Louis/Lestat parts. Ah, Louis/Lestat, my first slash couple. I realize Anne Rice is a crazy bitch, but she made some beautiful characters. I had forgotten all about the existential questions Lestat and Louis always posed and realize how much I miss it in today's romantic, broody vampires. Too bad she had to answer Lestat's ponderings about the nature of good and evil in Memnoch the Devil and ruin everything. Mm, Vampire Chronicles.

Sheila Dixon is finally resigning! Mariah Carey needs to stop whining about her role in Precious making her look fugly. She used to be such a fun singer too.

Oh yes, my other resolution is to no longer look at anon sites at all, especially since these most likely led to my writing meltdown.

Shit, I almost forgot the MOST IMPORTANT NEWS. My sister finally received the chance to talk to her daughter after giving her up for adoption eight years ago. She will even be able to see her on a regular basis! As I heard it, my niece actually told her adopted mother she wanted to speak with her birth mother. She's so smart. I really hope this will cure my sister's endless depression.


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