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I did it! I finally caught up on my LJ readings. I need to stop being a plurk-obsessed slacker and actually like check this thing once in a while. I had some rants (mostly dealing with Katsucon and its ability to make me feel completely detached from the world yay -- aside from [livejournal.com profile] realms_of_life who is love), LJ plastering my screen with game ads (no I don't care), jeers for the Maryland General Assembly for being so indecisive on the gay marriage bill and refusal to watch then new ponies (I woooon't.)

I also had kudos for [livejournal.com profile] sari_15, whose essay on the latest VK Chapter makes me feel like a lazy slug who really needs to get around to reading that chapter and analyzing it properly. I need to shake my VK annoyance in general because the developments in this chapter are actually quite interesting and could add something different to the Zero situation. That reminds me, I really should hang up my pretty Zero poster already.

It has been a very mixed week for the Nayami, with mood swings a plenty. I need to catch up on Star Driver, Young Justice, Drag Race and the manga I picked up from Katsucon. I also need to go check out King's Speech and do some other D.C.-related things. I have been having much fun with The Lost Hero, which pretty much spares itself of any of the character issues that plagued the first series. I still want my Thalia though.

I had poli-rants but they can be summed up as: MAKE UP YOUR MINDS PEOPLE.
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Dude, LJ, thank you for reducing my money to now $15 with your automated payments. I knew I should have turned that off.

In other news, I had a meeting with my bosses today. Apparently, I still don't suck so yay.

I would also like to clarify a statement I made the other day regarding male writers because I did not intend to offend anyone. )

I'm thinking about writing a rundown of my favorite country artists just because I'm sad at all the country hate and want to show people there's some good stuff out there, even if it isn't what you may think when you think country. I promise it's not Taylor Swift. Also, good god, if that girl writes one more love song...
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I am a bit tired of snow, mostly because my community refuses to plow. I realize I never shared my most special roommate story with the Net yet so we will open with a prelude. Last night, she was trying to watch movies on her netbook and downloaded VLC. The little Firefox downloads popup window came up and she's like "I don't understand. I thought I saved it and this thing came up." I told her that's the downloads window and she had to click on the file to run and install it. "Oh so if I click on this, the program will run." No, I told her, you have to install it first. "Oh, I know that! I do this all the time!"



In other news, I have started final PJO book.


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