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Well, I thought my butterfly death story was amusing. :(

I think what I'm enjoying most about "The Passage" is the return of the carnal vampire. I would be a hypocrite to say that I don't read/write/enjoy the brooding vampire with a soul. I do. I read Vampire Knight. It's fun to explore the human psyche trying to cope with the bestial needs of the monster. That is also why I roll my eyes at the "well, we don't drink human blood" vampires. Where's the struggle? But I also still very much appreciate the dangerous vampire. The vampire who could kill you at any given second. True Blood does a nice job of mixing the two types so that vampires can still be SCARY. But "The Passage" gives me the pure animal vampire, devoid of the sensuality and focusing entirely on the terror. It's a nice throwback to Nosferatu and the like. I am getting a kick out of reading vampire fiction that actually disturbs me and makes me a little afraid to go out in the dark. I also love all the political story lines (terrorism, bio-science, war, criminal psychology) and the usual message of "This is why we don't use convicted death-row inmates for experiments that could result in them being insanely powerful, deadly and impossible to kill." Seriously, if it weren't for experiments on death-row psychos, fictional scientists would have nobody to test on. It's a convention, yes, but it's still wall-banging.

The more I read about our country and politics, the more I fall back on the Space Balls quote that "Evil will always triumph because good is dumb."

I also am considering doing a small essay on Glenn Beck, Christianity and how the "call back to God" is still exclusive as all hell.

It's weird that I know Project Runway is on its new season, but I had made no actual attempts to see it this time. Nobody ever talks about it anymore. It seems a bit dead. Maybe I will turn on Lifetime sometime and marathon it.
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Upon recommendation of [livejournal.com profile] crowphoenix, I have been watching Giant Bomb's endurance run of "Deadly Premonition." I feel this game would be so much scarier if the graphics weren't loltastic, but I'm amusing myself. Who doesn't love a guy who gets secret messages from his coffee?

So new info about new Geass canon is out. The whole Akito jazz. Can I saw yawn? I mean, from a EU perspective, it's all right, but it's not especially high on my give-a-shit radar. I'm sorry but I don't do spin-offs or OCs. You won't be getting my money this time, Sunrise. I miss Lelouch. :(

I has opinions on Project Runway. Beware for finale spoilers. )

Now for your political links of the day:

I wanted to post something from the WaPo about the Appleseed group, where people believe you need to know how to shoot a gun to understand how to be a Real American. This was actually a well-written unbiased look at the group that still managed to show how messed-up some of these people are. Unfortunately, it's one of the articles you have to sign up for. :(

Instead let's do quotes!

- "Open Carry Rallys: It was neat that the Tea Partiers rallied to support Obama and his signing of the bill allowing them to openly carry firearms in federal parklands. It was a cool way to support the President.

Dana Milbank : Yes, but I think a more convincing sign of gratitude would have been for them to fire their weapons in the air. Then again, the bullets may have landed in Eric Cantor's office and we'd have another problem on our hand."

- "SEC Porn: How can I get a job at the SEC?

Dana Milbank writes: The recommended first step is a donation to the RNC's Young Eagles, c/o: Club Voyeur, 7969 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90046-5111"

- "Under the Volcano: Dana, I loved this quote in your column from Tom Murray of the U.S. Geological Survey: "We cannot depend that the volcano will be good to us."

Look, scientists, the volcano will be good to us if we make the right ritual sacrifices--ancient cultures knew that. As Washington DC has so few political virgins, I suggest offering Mitch McConnell or John Boehner. But then, I'm a Democrat. I am sure Republicans have a list of their own. Let's work together in a bipartisan way .

Dana Milbank: The Republicans do have a list. As the Sunday column (out today) notes, they have already offered up Charlie Crist for human sacrifice. Will be a rather crisp Crist after the volcano gets done with him.

I noted in Homo Politicus that human sacrifice is fairly common in Washington already, as illustrated by Scooter Libby."
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Going to go finally return library books but some quick things before that.

I love the ongoing fight between Tim Gunn and Emilio. The man truly hates him. Read his blog for the real scoop. Protip: Let the page load just long enough to see the text and then freeze it. Lifetime's website will destroy you. Also, Tim Gunn critiques super hero designs!!

I am torn over what I'm hearing about "Kick-Ass." I know everyone wants to go on about how awesome Hit-Girl is but that she's 11 and in something so incredibly violent is not sitting well with me. I am a giant hypocrite in this because I write about a 10-year-old mass murderer and probably wouldn't bat an eye if this were a character in an anime. But I don't know seeing an 11-year-old violently kill people in live action gives me uncomfortable feelings. I think I will withhold my judgment on this one.

Yay for President Obama doing something about patient visitor rights! Now people can actually be visited by people they love and not just next of kin. Of course, the dumbass Family Research Council found negativity in the announcement. I really love this asshole's assertion that families are limited to people connected by blood, marriage or adoption.

I hear the violent beating of a College Park reveler by local police is now international news. The best part is how people are still trying to defend the police WHO LIED ON THE CHARGING DOCUMENTS. They said the student attacked their horse and the horse kicked him. Obviously, that wasn't the case.

"Glee" gets the smackdown for daring to insult the esteemed ex-gov Palin.
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I'm miffed that my night was ruined due to LJ maintenance and then to horrible eye problems. And to make matters worse, Lifetime has not put up its second episode of Runway and has instead linked the exit interviews (while calling them Episode 2). Gee, thanks, Lifetime. I feel bad that I missed the first two episodes anyway because I don't pay attention, nobody on my FL talks about Runway and I never watch TV. So far the new season looks better and has some actual talent. Nina and Michael don't hurt either. Though I want to slap Anthony, who really needs to learn how to shut up.
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PR, I am so breaking up with you! You have done this to me twice. And now I'm bored.
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Drat, I had high hopes for that fic too. Oh well, I have faith it'll shake itself out. Speaking of disappointments, a certain magazine pic of a certain pairing, which I can't describe due to spoilers, was not as pretty as I hoped.

I swear, sometimes my work makes me feel like SNL's IT guy sketch. You know the one where people are trying to explain to him why they are incompetent and broke their computers and he's all "MOVE!" and fixes it in a second. That's me talking to people on the phone or sometimes talking to fellow coworkers still trying to figure out our confusing system.

I got spoiled horribly for the PR episode and will have to watch that after my nap. I still have to watch Black Butler.

I need a dog just so I have an excuse to take walks through my neighborhood without being mindnumbingly bored. I want to check the place out, but I have motivational issues if it's by myself so a dog would help. I think a dog would help me be more active too. The cats are suck for leash activities. But since paying for a dog and keeping it (I don't really want a toy dog) could be tricky right now, I might just have to settle for writing. Like actual writing. Not RPing. That is, if I can even channel my novel characters' personality anymore. It's a good thing I still do my verbal writing in the car everyday.
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Whilst I mope over having nobody to watch the debates with and yet remain strangely happy that at least my roommate won't be around this time. Her lack of knowledge of the Wall Street crisis sort of... injured me.

Also PR was totally anti-climatic and just like last season. Ew.

Random personal disagreements with post-series fanfiction )

But that newest sound episode did make me smile. I don't mind the crack anymore. Even if it is bittersweet.
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Hmm, that went... interesting. Should I just draw my conclusions now? Ah well. I still have no card but I guess them's the breaks.

[livejournal.com profile] defade, your new icon TERRIFIES me. ;;

I am remotely interested in the Naruto chapter. My readings tell me Sasuke may have a personality again. Please come back to me, Sasuke. Lulu has been lonely at the top of my list all by himself. I miss you.

I'm a real bitch when it comes to Western fanart, but the Geass community is quickly showing me the error of my ways when it comes to that at least. Such a gorgeous KotR!Suzaku.

I finally got around to watching the new PR. I hate Blayne slightly less, not because he designs any better but because he looks like he's attempting to use his two brain cells. He's truly trying to listen. I can give the boy some credit for that. Keith is the biggest whiner this side of fashion. STFU man. My current top 3: Jerrel, Joe... Korto? Sorry, Suede, you have not been wowing me lately. Also I've had it with the random shout-outs to the dead people.
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God, the comm depresses me. This is why I'd rather not know these things and just BS my own explanations. Worse, I don't like being reminded of my inherent issues with R2. Seeing my favorite writers denounce it so vehemently... crushes me. But I've ranted enough about that. So I have a new topic.

BLAYNE. I fucking hate Blayne. I hate how he wants to be Christian but fails so hard. Christian might have been an irreverent, bitchy brat, but he had the skills to back it up. Which is why I adore him and still do. But Blayne, I'm so sick of him. His sayings are stupid and make no sense; he has the intelligence of a kiwi fruit, I don't give a damn about his tan obsession and HE CAN'T DESIGN TO SAVE HIS LIFE. I'm annoyed so many other potentially decent designers are getting kicked out while Blayne manages to skate by every time. I just want to strangle him.

Also, last night's PR was the first one of the new episodes to actually engage me. Mostly because of the drag queen. I think Christian puts it best. "Project Runway sucks." It does. There's a handful of decent designers, but the challenges are lackluster to say the least and it's all about the fake personas of the designers. I can't remember anyone in PR4 except for Christian, but I do remember that their talent was not to be matched. This group rarely does anything stunning, although I do like Stella. When she's not speaking. She has an interesting aesthetic. Suede, I flipflop on, depending whether he's being a sobbing mess or a competent designers. I like Joe. I hope Joe stays. I'm just so tired of all the FAKE in this season. And that people eat it up. Bleh. Fucklicous.
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As usual, hearing that all things may not be right in Geass land has left me in somewhat of a funk. Even if I don't know any of the actual spoilers. BUT PR 5 premieres next month! My PR is back! Saint Gunn be praised! Best news all week!
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Eeee Project Runway.

That's all I can really say. I slept for about nine hours and still feel incoherent. Curse you, body!
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V-Day always makes me meh. Let's see if I can't ignore it. Work called because apparently they don't think I covered my assignment this morning. Their feeble brains cannot comprehend that I am trying to balance my time by going in later since I need time to work on my weekend assignment and I already worked 32 hours this week. They also believe that I lack the decency to call and tell them if I'm not coming in. But enough with them.

PR tricked me, and that makes me sad. I have to remember to actually try watching Lost tonight.

At least Katsucon sounds like it might work out so long as I go to the bank before then. Oh and the dancing Geass videos make me smile.
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Hmm, it seems I forgot to renew my account. I hate when this happens. Anyway since I'm trying to keep myself away from the OVA-licious versions of the twins for now. God, why does it have to be so hard I am back on my Sweeney Todd kick.

Upon recommendations from [livejournal.com profile] rackhamrose, I sought out the Sweeney Todd in Concert version, with Patti LuPone and George Hearn. I think this is actually my favorite version, despite the lack of sets and the tendency of victims to just walk off the stage. )

Oh yeah, I forgot to say how amazing the dress that Christian and Chris made for their challenge was. I should have known they would be an astounding team. Chris isn't really cut out for this show, but I do love how well he gets along with everyone. He's just a lovable teddy.
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Why do you have to scare me, PR. )

The revamped Geass site has spruced itself up and posted some images for R2. I can clearly see that Suzaku is not entirely rage puppy so I'm quite pleased. GF also reminded me about the creator's mentioned that Lelouch will have to overcome some ordeal before the series can began in earnest so I'm almost dead set on the warped reality bit for him and Rollo. It seems to be the theory everyone is latching onto. Besides, Lelouch has his geass back for the main R2 promo pic. I'm still not crazy about the new Zero costume. Too much is going on with it.

Avatar was gay. )
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I wanted something here besides emo whining, but I have to go to work shortly. So I'll just that the PR challenge yesterday made me very very hungry the entire time. Yay for finally having TV and being able to watch it again. Also, my new Google Calendar project threatens to devour my soul. I think I'll only being doing the entire thing for Lelouch and angel-boy will just have to live with calendar-tracking for the new year. But I do love the search function. Mmm search.
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Note to SasuNaru fanwriters: Sasuke is not a raven, and Naruto is not a fox. Analogies suck ass when you use them so flippantly. and i will cry over the fact that every time i try to write sasuke i inevitably write suzaku and then have to redo it. it scares me

I am going to see Tom tomorrow this makes me happy. Also PR premiered and also made me happy. The hideous bitch with the homicidal hair irks me in the not good way.
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So I have the opportunity to do something tonight. Whether or not, I do it remains to be seen.

Whoa. I have anonymous posters. It's been a while since I saw those. I usually only get them when I end up on Fandom Wank, which hasn't happened for some time. I need to work harder to piss people off. I'll come up with something Naruto-related either. Or go into the Kingdom Heart slash communities and tell them they're all doing it wrong.

PR made me so happy last night. I never thought it would happen, but it did. Jeffrey continues to make awesome outfits so I wish his personality could match his designs. I liked Kayne's dress a lot. But I like busy stuff so I'm outside of the judge's mindset to begin with. Poor Michael, this just wasn't his challenge. I've never seen him more scared. And Laura's not doing so hot either. Next week looks like she's up for a melt-down. ;_;

I think I'm going to remove a lot of the icons I mentioned not-liking the other day and replace them with Kamui/Subaru/various Tutu character icons. I'd kill for a Tutu mood set, but I don't think I could ever part with my SasuNaru one.
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I wish I knew how Sasuke-neko can always tell when I wake up in the morning because that's when she starts scratching at my door and destroying the carpet in the process. I've thought of nothing to discourage her from this, despite my constant yelling at her and chasing her away. I don't want to spray anything in front of my door because other sane cats come in without problems. Ideas?

I truly enjoyed PR last night. Mom drama. Jeffrey was such a bitch to Angela's mother, which I saw coming and knew that was the only reason he chose her in the first place. But Angela and her mother are sure whiners. I think Vincent's latest design almost placed me into cardiac arrest, as did the winner of the challenge. Not that it was undeserved. I think someone must have been possessed by...something. Most of the designers disappointed me in this challenge, and I think it's because they're used to working with nearly perfect models not average or above-average sized women with less than ideal proportions. Michael lucked out with Robert's mommy. Robert, you and Kayne were adorable snuggly-boos but your designs were seriously getting on my nerves. What happened to the Robert of the start of the show? PR is surprise after surprise lately, and I'm not talking the somewhat exaggerated drama either. I need to watch the podcast when I get home. Ooh, Tim Gunn's going to be on the Emmy's this Sunday.

The Naruto fillers will never end! Why? You know what, until someone actually sees an episode of Kakashi Gaiden, I don't want to hear another word about the possibility of the fillers ending. It's just too painful.

Mmm, Host Club music for consumption when I return. It's been a while since characters had image songs like the days of Digimon and Gundam Wing yore. Then again, I could be wrong. I don't follow enough series. Also, Host Club 19 and 20 for Nayami. *insert squee here*

I heard that bread anime thing is out in manga form in English. I might pick it up. How does everyone else feel about the series?


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