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I've been mega-distracted lately, as I try to figure out what elements of Psychosis I should ditch and which I should focus on, as well as my concern as to how I portray the major characters. Sob Dominic is so sexist.

I also finally picked up "The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms." I finished "Sharp Teeth." The ending was a bit too chaotic for my taste without even bothering to explain why everyone was fighting. Because humans are more violent than wolves is not an answer, Barlow. I also didn't appreciate the random gay rights segment Barlow inserted near the end. I'm guessing the point was to emphasize that not all gay people are evil since one of his major villains was obviously gay. But it felt so tacked on and random. Bleh. At least the characters I loved most finished strong, and the story did maintain a good female lead. I wish we learned more about Lark's schemes though.

I am 115 on the waiting list for "The Passage," which I mostly want since all the reviewers are referring to it as the anti-Twilight. I'm trying to bone up on my supernatural literature so I can do a better job of writing it myself.

I also really want to see "Toy Story 3" and know it's been getting some great reviews. I know it's probably going to make me cry.

I will have to manage my time carefully this weekend if I want to both visit my father for Father's Day on Sunday and hang out with [livejournal.com profile] ichinichinemasu this weekend. But I am confident of my time-management skills!
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So for reasons unknown to me, I have been on a crazy sleep schedule where I sleep half the night and then wake up and read my old original fiction until 5 a.m. I'm going to try not to do that tonight. Still, re-reading my stuff taught me much about how my writing has changed through the years, emphasized how incredibly fucked up I made my characters and made me pine to return to it. I actually think I want to return to Psychosis more than I want to work on Heritage. I will never again create a character as epically special as my Dominic. He is my greatest accomplishment. It's sad to know that since I have so many other stories I want to write. But it's just made me moody about not finding time to write again.

I think I'm going to try a short writing exercise of re-writing a passage to cut down on wordiness and make it sharper and make the dialogue not suck.

Things I learned through a re-read of my pairing:
- Lucian cries too damn much. Seriously, he cries every two chapters. That said, he is incredibly violent and punches people regularly.
- Dominic is surprisingly more feminine than Lucian. It's how he views things and what he thinks about. Hint: Lucian thinks about SEX.
- Lucian's co-dependency on Dominic is DEEPLY UNHEALTHY. Yet I love this so it's not changing. But he does forgive Dominic too fast sometimes, considering that Dominic literally tortures him and beats the ever-loving shit out of him. I need to work on that.
- Some of my dialogue reads so scripted that it's painful, especially when characters are hurt.
- Huge chunks of my narration could be cut and not affect the story at all.
- Vincient, Ty and Angelique are all horrible characters.
- I can't write young Dominic to save my life.
- In cataloging all the ways Dominic has hurt Lucian throughout the story I get: hitting, slapping, punching, straining wrist, choking, trying to slit his throat, burning, biting in his wolf form, throwing around, dislocating his arm and trying to shoot in the head. Wow. Dominic is an asshole.
- I need to work better on voice all around. Sometimes they all sound the same.
- Dominic and Lucian continue to be the most fucked-up pairing I have ever written.
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I tortured Tom with Lestat and Percy Jackson. Best night ever.

In other news, I want to write my OCs again. My werewolves are feeling neglected, as are my demon and shape-shifter. I don't even know whether I can still write Nicky without his voice blending into something else. I might be able to manage Lucian.

I was also looking up names the other day since I forgot why I originally named my Heritage characters. I forgot my whole connection between Elkin (of God) and Ariel (lion of God) since Ari's mom is a power-hungry bitch who dreamed of an exceptionally strong werewolf son. I still have to debate on whether his mom is a werewolf. And I definitely forgot that Lysander means both liberator and release of man, which is so perfect for his complex character. People were mocking the use of Lys as a nickname so I've decided to use it to shun them all. So hard to keep a coherent plot in all this, as I just have too many ideas. I mostly just want to write scenes of cynical dreamer Ari and crazy truth-seeking San. I've decided to make San's motivation is finding the truth about what he is, although he's still fascinated by humans and science. Ari still wants the crown as always because he's a punk like that.
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I am debating renaming my main OC from "Psychosis" to Desmond because I feel the name is more in line with his characterization than Ty or Tyrell. Plus, Desmond means gracious protector and that's pretty awesome. That and Des is a cooler nickname than Ty. I think way back in the day I had an Australian shepherd character named Desmond. He fought a tiger or something. Either way, I love the name and want to use it for one of my novels. Yes, I realize this will cause some clashing between Desmond and Dominic, but since Dominic is mostly known as Nicky, I think it will be doable. This change will go along with me actually making Des (Ty) into a semi-formidable fighter/swordsman as he was originally supposed to be, to harken back to his Alistar ancestral linkage, and less of a throwaway. Desmond and Kathryn Fatine. I like it!

I am going to make my cookies tonight! I'll probably be baking forever but it'll be awesome. Provided my roommate does not decide to give running commentary.

I've been slack on my political commentary since I like to be perky during my holidays. We might even get snow Friday. So I just want to laugh at the term "aughties". Dorks. Speaking of dorks, I am still so hyped up about the Princess and the Frog. I think I've decided that Tiana is my second favorite princess, just under Belle. Mulan ranks three, even though she's not really a princess. I guess that makes this list a Top Disney Females list or something. And well, the other princesses all kind of fail. They're adorable but examples of strong-willed women they aren't. Ariel was close but loses credit for being willing to risk losing her life for a guy she knew for 10 seconds. Jasmine... well, Jasmine is a bitch. Enough said. Honorable mentions include Jane, Nala, Esmeralda, Megara (who loses some points for the terrible writing at the end of Hercules) and yes Bianca. Pocahontas was a bit dull.

I loved the Lost chat on WaPo today with Doc Artz. Great theories getting thrown around there.
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Well, I think I finally have courage to do what I need to do in Psychosis. Even if it's depressing as hell.

Wild Zero is the BEST ZOMBIE MOVIE EVER. Rock-n-roll meets zombies meets transexuals. How do you get more amazing than that? Also, I can has more fan friends. Clamp friends at that. The Nayami is excited, especially since said fans are her age and only 20 minutes from her. Maybe this means social life again? I can hope.

We will end with my new Lelouch/Nunnally lyrics. Sadly since the entire song focuses on 'in her eyes' I cannot apply the entire thing but the refrain is beautiful enough on its own. )
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Oooooh [livejournal.com profile] upper_flowers, I got your kitty. She is snuggly. I need to come up with an awesome name for her. I might actually go with Luca since she is a calico just like Lulu's. XD Seriously, that gift surprised me so much since it was like from out of nowhere. Thank you!

Stolen from around
Choose twelve of your original characters in any particular order(NO PEEKING AT THE QUESTIONS AT THIS STAGE!) Then, answer the questions that follow.

1. Dominic (angsty/violent shapeshifter)
2. Lucian (charismatic demon playboy)
3. Erik (sharp-shooting crossdresser)
4. Ty (altruistic esper)
5. Tavores (tragic prince)
6. San (playful werewolf-hybrid)
7. Ari (spoiled werewolf noble/prince)
8. Romulus (11-yr-old werewolf-hybrid/assassin)
9. Casandra (original werewolf-hybrid)
10. Elkin (over-protective werewolf noble/king)
11. Isis (adventurous journalist)
12. Marq (intellectual werewolf/assassin)

I love crossover memes. )
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Yes, I made an icon using the crack drama. I was making icons for CFUD crack sake, and realized after I cropped this image, that I really liked it. I have no explanation. I wish I did. I think it's just because Lulu thinks he's a swimsuit model, and that's beyond hilarious.

This drama seems almost as naughty as the shower one when it comes to the dialogue. I can't believe Guilford was commenting on Dalton's umm stiffness... And Euphie has some tastes that might even put Lulu's to shame. How Geass should have ended: They form their own chain of the most brain-breaking clothes known to man. These clothes blind Britannians on the battlefield, and they flee in terror. Victory. But oh Geass, how you love your siscon. It makes it better that Lelouch was too busy growling at Cornelia to pay attention to what Milly and others were talking about.

I've been so tired lately, mostly because family's forcing me into slave labor to fix Bro's computer. I ditched them for good this time, telling them I knew just about as much about the problem as they did so they could call Tech Support themselves. Let's hope it works, and they don't futz up my Internet connection.

I was reading through some old writings when I was searching for my password to the wireless network. I found my old sections on Psychosis: Redux. Some of the changes in there I actually really liked such as the idea of having Lorelei watch after Nick for a while prior to the start of the story, the idea of Nick stalking Ty at first because of his art and later learning he's the kid he's supposed to be guarding, the idea of Luce stalking Kat because of her necklace, the random setup for the necklaces in the first place and Ty's issues. Pretty much the first chapter was good setup. Not sure if I can follow it up. Also, I need to be able to write het that doesn't bore me to tears. Stupid Ty/Angie. Though I might decide to make Kat and Ren hook up in the rewrite.

Man, I was vicious to CFUD back in the day, and this was when I was mere audience who stalked regularly. 0_o
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Anyone who's talked to me lately might notice that I'm in more of a slump than usual. You can't fix it and I'm not going to elaborate. Just realize that I'm not really irritated with you if I get a little snappy. I had a long life-spilling entry prepared but I'm not in the mood to share my issues with the world this time. It's pretty bad when your own coworkers realize you're out of spirits.

I usually have fandom stuff to say not but I've fallen behind on my Jetstream watching and need to get back on the ball with that. I'd do it now, but I really want to get around to finish reading my fiction so I can attempt to write it again for NaNoWriMo. With any luck, this sudden liking I have for Ty will last through the scenes I have to write for him. I am disappointed that I have created a character that so many people are ambivalent to when his existance is the whole plot of the story. The fantasy elements I pretend are all encompassing, but we all know I'm not so skilled with the master plots. But yes, no Ty = no point to the story.
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Good god, I'm tired. I don't know why since I went to bed at a sane-ish time last night. That's all I remember. I think it's because I was dead-bored all day and couldn't ever shake it. Then I dreamed about having red contacts.

I'm never going to finish Okami in time for FFXII, meaning I *cannot* buy FFXII because if I do, I *won't* finish Okami. Ever. Right now Okami's not even in the house so that adds another "drat" into the mix. I've been pretty unmotivated lately. I'm hoping that's just the aftereffects of my sickness.

I am going to use NaNoWriMo to get some writing done, even if my plans to finish rereading my fiction blew up in my face last night and this morning. I think I love my Erika more than I ever did. That and I seriously have to do something about Nicky's consistently. That boy is more manic than my cat.

None of this will happen tonight, though, as I have a meeting of doom and a half.

I still haven't watch the new Tenipuri dub. I fail.
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Everyone seems to be enjoying the Monster lately. I just ran into two separate posts discussing it. I'm inspired to rush out and grab the manga, but so much is already out because unlike some of my other series, it comes out on a non-retarded schedule. I guess I could use my trip to the mall as a joint project since I still need to pick up Xenosaga III. I can't play it yet since I have't beat II. I'm now deciding whether I should spend the week I was going to spend with Tom watching Chrono Crusade or playing Xenosaga II. I'll need to bring the Playstation up to my room again so it's closer to the strategy guide. That way there will be no more of that damn missing of Awakenings. That and I'm not playing through Labyrinthos' puzzles again without the guide since I already put enough hours into originally solving those on my own. The box/door puzzle was the bane of my existance that night. Just thinking about it makes me want to chuck the controller at the TV. Uh, I also have to cash my check and give Father what is owed. I shall have no money left again. *sobs*

I've been rethinking my werewolf story through again. When will I ever make a concrete decision? Never. I'm thinking about replacing my idea of Seraph being directly related to the hybrid werewolves with her just being the one responsible for the Lycan's genesis. That way she's not just something special to the hybrids, Casandra particularly. It will be easier to make her a forgotten legend as well. Plus, it will give the Lycans another reason for creating the hybrids. Heritage is just becoming a more and more awkward title for this thing. Part of me wants to name it "The Prince and the Wolf" just for crack's sake.

In other news, I finally decided what to do with Damien in Psychosis. I like it. Although there is absolutely no foreshadowing before the third act and I will have to go back and revise. It's a much cleaner plan than my original ending. Kinda.

Damn, spent too long writing and now there's no time for banking.
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Why am I up so early on a holiday? Had to take Sasuke-neko to the vet for her operation and am not suitably freaked. I don't like being without my baby, and they said I couldn't pick her up until four.

Last night, I attempted my first real writing spree in months. Came away with 13 pages. It was a good feeling. There was the usual abundance of Luce/Nick (involving the use of the puppy endearment, wtf Luce?) and a tidbit of Ren/Nadia (if Rowling can pair up Ginny and Harry, I can pair up those two) and some Ty torture courtesty of Vince. I managed to keep the Bro out of my room the entire time, but I doubt I'll be so lucky today. I can't write with him in the room, and I can't go elsewhere because I need to Internet for fact-checking. I must have used back chapters more than twenty times while writing the Ty/Vince section. That had me going all the way back to Chp. 19. Why father is waiting so damn long to buy that damn router card, I don't know. I told him it doesn't matter to the card whether we use cable or DSL. And he never did get me my car cd-player. I want my friggin' room.

I guess when he comes to claim the other computer in an hour or two, I could retreat to the camp for a while. I was supposed to play this weekend, but I am trying hard to meet the writing goal I set. It might be easier since the much longer Ty/Vince scene could end up making the chapter less full than it originally was, meaning I'll have to break it into two chapters. I think I'll add more Erik. Never enough Erik.
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I'm not eating turkey again. I'm sick of passing out at 11 p.m. By the way, Pride and Prejudice works much better for me when not in a mini-series format. Although I found myself wanting to scream "Will someone do SOMETHING?" at half the characters, they amused me, the mother and Mr. Darcy particularly. Tom is heading down to check out Rent today. Trying to set something up so Dana, he and I can have a screening. And he promises agreeance for the x-mas party, also awesome.

Not only did I fall asleep last night, I passed out during Black Cat. It wasn't even boring, and I was just gone. Still got to find the Yugioh that I was too lazy to turn on this morning. I've gotten so bad that I was awake at 8 a.m., but I just didn't feel like turning on my tv because that required getting up. Pathetic.

Raul and Ari have been getting development latley. Not sure why. Something about how Ari believes Raul should do whatever he tells him because of Raul's social standing. These too really border on the slave/master fic at times. I like playing with the idea but don't want it to become that in actuality. Still trying to settle on look for Raul. I think I'm going back to medium length hair all messy. Need to look up images again.

And people who comment on Psychosis should learn that just saying "oooh I love Luce/Nick" and "You're story is good" does not count as concrit and does not earn you permission for the rest. Feedback is the keyword here. Don't review me like we're talking on AIM. Though I should hold my tongue since I still have a chunk of people to add to the list. I haven't added since I posted a chapter. It just doesn't seem right. ;_; Also, I'm well aware that I forget Kat. I suck.
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Remind me to never peruse [livejournal.com profile] ponderosa121's GW art or fanfiction again on a work night without having some time to let it sink in. The Psychosis brats had a field day with me today. Talk about jealous. They wouldn't leave me alone for ten seconds. Lucian was more needy than Nick, with his write about me and how I kick ass handcuffed. I preferred to dwell on his affair with Vincient. Nick had his angst. But together they destroyed any chance I had of doing work today. I'm glad I was mostly typing already written things or making phone calls because these assholes would have never given me enough quiet time to write an article. Even lunch was spent listening to the whining. I think I might have to write something about them tonight before they ruin another day. Tomorrow's going to be busy too. Can you guys give me like five damn minutes to type this entry?

People who mock the physical existence of the muse are dead wrong. Something that occupies your every waking thought for 10 hours straight is considerably real. I need an aspirin.
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Plans for the day:
1. Get oil change, read Yugioh 5/Banana Fish 8/Until the Full Moon 2 while this is going on,
2. possibly pick up either DNAngel 8 or FMA 2 or Def Leppard CD,
3. email prof about conference,
4. train brother for three hours,
5. stay away from main Internet (not including AIM) for the duration of the day because if anyone spoils HBP for me I will gut them with a library card,
6. figure out what time to see "Charlie and the Chocolate factory,"
7. probably end up getting dragged off with [livejournal.com profile] quebelly,
8. and snag HBP for Walmart around midnight.

Don't know why I've been so manic-depressant lately, but I'd really like to get over it soon since it kills the will to write, and I have been actively thinking about dialogue and scenes lately. I think Luce sounds too old sometimes. But I can blame that on Tavores being an immortal and all. I promise everyone, who doesn't fixate on the cause of my condition, that I will be in better spirits the next time we talk. Unless something hideous occurs in HBP. I'm contemplating if watching PoT to that I understand Hyotei will improve my mood. Everyone's always on about Hyotei. Must be lavendar-bitch Atobe. He's sinful looking, but I need to get more into his personality.

I want that Wolf's Rain shirt [livejournal.com profile] catystorm mentioned. And, [livejournal.com profile] vonheston, I'm afraid to comment on your entry for fear of spoilers, but I think someone getting the cops called in on them for possessing HBP is awesome.

Sometimes I wonder if I de-age/de-violent Luce, would I be able to write Duo? Not attempting anything with Heero since he's so close to Nicky that I might get lost.

Heh, my paper got one of those HBP carton pixtures. But ours is in black and white. ;_;
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Writing went semi-decent yesterday. We've established that Nicky is insane and Luce is not an idiot. We've also established that Ty will surely be scarred for life. Silly Ty, this is why we knock. Wait, I don't pity him; I have to write him next. I hate you, Ty!

Upon hearing about the return of AsuKira, the next best thing to AsuCaga, I shall be returning to Seed after reading DNAngel 7. I am still debating Honey & Clover. Everyone likes it but real-life drama, not my thing. I need a game or some sort of villain to hold my interest. Though, I say all this having watched zero episodes and will probably end up biting my tongue later. I don't know if Xenosaga II will be taken up again for a bit.

I want to go to Best Buy and buy "Rock of Ages" because I need more Leppard music, thanks to that concert.

Though I feel toward Pokemon the way the Naruto fans feel toward Yugioh, I am having slight interest in the Satoshi(Ash) character at the camp since he seems to be picking fights with Anakin and Sasuke. I have much to catch up with, I see. This is why voting days are always so bad for the Nayami; they drive her away from her crack.

Father says I need to go to Japan so I will stop fangirling the scary tennis boys around him. Everytime I try to watch my musicals, I have to listen to bitching about how there's no ball, how you can't play tennis when you aren't even facing each other, you can't hit a ball if you take that long to return a serve, why are those guys poking each other's asses with a racket and what the hell does "Mada mada dane" mean anyway. I told them it's just art and it's cute choreography. Besides, it's the one thing I fangirl like nothing else. I may not write fics, read fics, view fanart, draw fanart, or even converse much about Tenimiyu, but you put it in front of me and I am certifiably insane. Once I get a job, I am going to Japan, and I am going to see Yanagi.
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Someone needs to tell the Nicky that just because he doesn't want to bust Lucian's ass for once doesn't mean he has to be nancy-boy about it. -_-
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Emo bitch fit on writing/editing )

Then again, I'm probably wasting my time on this piddling stuff. Everything. Even my precious Xenosaga II. I need to get back to my boys, who are horribly neglected and unloved and wanting of the sex and death. I've been writing angsty dialogue lately. It's leaning into the mush territory and annoying me. I need a fight. Something that results in a violent make-out session or so.

Gravitation had one of the most cracked-out endings in the world. I am still content with it. They handled Eiri's issues, Shuichi's issues, and even Ryuuichi's in a way that didn't make me want to throw up. Yeah, they still had a lot of nonsense but Murakami managed to finish up in a way that worked for me.

On further manga news, just realized that in volume 4, Satoshi is reacting to Daisuke saying his name when Krad shows up. I also picked up Banana Fish 8. I need to buy Duelist 6, Yami no Matsuei 6, Prince of Tennis 8, and DNAngel 8.

Saw "Finding Neverland." Great movie. It really was. I recommend to all.

[livejournal.com profile] quebelly, I'll try to do your meme when I'm feeling better.

EDIT: Day = Upsetting to the max. I think it's time for the Loveless finale since things can't get much worse.
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And in case any of you assuming bullies think "Oh wolves, boring, Nayami," I'll have you know that X-Play recommends this like crazy. It's one of the most original gaming concepts out there.

Well, most of the stuff is packed, and it only took two hours. All that's left is the larger electronics (TV and VCR), and most of my food. Tom and I are going to have real fun cleaning out the refrigerator. I think I'll just toss most of my stuff. Managed to toss most of the school stuff this time around, which is impressive since I'm one of the biggest pack rats, I know. Worried about removing the posters, especially the one Tom made me (y'all should remember that one). I doubt I'll be able to fit either the smaller FMA or Furuba's in my room, and I doubt Kira/Asuran will fit on my ceiling. I might have to be retiring that one. I have a smaller Kira/Asuran to make up for it. As for the Kaiba, let's hope Nikki enjoys company in the storage room since that's the only wall big enough for it.

Being the lazy lay-about that I am, I'm going to start working on cosplay next week. Checking out various wigs for Greed and still deciding whether I'll use my normal hair for Yayoi and Natsuo. Long-haired wigs are expensive and styling is not Nayami's friend. Need to look into ways to streak the tips of Yayoi's hair. And the kitty ears, that's going to be an exercise in madness. I need to find someone crafty to help me out with that one. Tail's going to be fun too. Thankfully, already have something close to Yayoi's. For Greed, I'm still deciding whether I want to do the claws.

I now understand Kim and Mura's frustration with the Loveless fangirls. It must hurt to watch your beloved series being cheapened by a bunch of braindead ninnies who can do nothing but proclaim Ritsuka and Soubi's tru wuv. Good thing I avoid the fandom for the most part. That reminds me that Loveless will soon be over and I'll be without English translations forever more. *SADNESS* I was hoping that the popularity of the anime would give manga translators some new blood and new motivation. Come on, people faithfully cover Naruto and FMA. You Loveless gals need to get off your asses and give me my underaged kitty pron PRONTO!

The displacement I've been feeling while checking up on teh camp has now cleared up thanks to some encouraging words.

Hope I get to chat with the YamiKai clan today.

Ventured here thanks to a post by [livejournal.com profile] guardian_yugi and although the interpretations of the Heritage posse sucks, the Psychosis ones (except for Nicky) were almost disturbingly accurate.

I guess I chose the Psychosis names for a reason )

And just for fun, the horrid Naruto interpretations )
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Back to point of peace. Missed by two points. Isn't that the same amount that lost me one of my license attempts? I suppose the girl who failed her test way more than three times shouldn't have expected to pass at anything on her first try. I estimate that publication will include at least 10 failures. Well, after the first (considering I survive it and don't off myself in misery), it won't be so bad. Realizing that canon isn't flying (dang, there goes my failsafe), I have to retreat to the second option: slash. Wish it didn't have to be my first venture into the shonen ai world of fanfiction. Original slash is mad easy. Not as confident about fanfiction. Probably will have to start this weekend and revise, revise, revise.

During my minor spaz (sorry again, guys), I comforted myself with proof-reading Psychosis and realizing Ty's intelligence dropped 20 meters in chapter 51 and chatting with new reader. I love readers, especially ones who offer to draw for me.

Danny Phantom amuses me with a snarky Nickelodeon hero for once. Not retarded like Timmy, selfish like Tommy, docile like Doug, or random like Arnold. If the storyline wasn't so hideous, I might actually try to watch it. The concept is cool but the villain of the day is tiring.

Not sure how much time I'll actually spend on the net since I'll be with Tom until Monday.

Might have seven clips by the end of the month. Need to start looking for wigs for Otakon.

The Raito from the camp of reality-check is even cuter than the canon one. I need a Raito.

Also played hottest guy/gail in my misery.

Sasuke Uchicha
-Wins with naked shots, silky hair, sharingan eyes, and looking so pretty in pain.
-Beat out Satoshi Hiwatari by just a nudge.
-Sad that my hottest guy is severely underage with only 12 years. There's always time jump. A whopping 15.

-Wins with flowing black hair, bitchy attitude, bondage attire, and occasionally being a guy
-Beat out Faye Valentine.
-No shame in this one.


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