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I did it! I finally caught up on my LJ readings. I need to stop being a plurk-obsessed slacker and actually like check this thing once in a while. I had some rants (mostly dealing with Katsucon and its ability to make me feel completely detached from the world yay -- aside from [livejournal.com profile] realms_of_life who is love), LJ plastering my screen with game ads (no I don't care), jeers for the Maryland General Assembly for being so indecisive on the gay marriage bill and refusal to watch then new ponies (I woooon't.)

I also had kudos for [livejournal.com profile] sari_15, whose essay on the latest VK Chapter makes me feel like a lazy slug who really needs to get around to reading that chapter and analyzing it properly. I need to shake my VK annoyance in general because the developments in this chapter are actually quite interesting and could add something different to the Zero situation. That reminds me, I really should hang up my pretty Zero poster already.

It has been a very mixed week for the Nayami, with mood swings a plenty. I need to catch up on Star Driver, Young Justice, Drag Race and the manga I picked up from Katsucon. I also need to go check out King's Speech and do some other D.C.-related things. I have been having much fun with The Lost Hero, which pretty much spares itself of any of the character issues that plagued the first series. I still want my Thalia though.

I had poli-rants but they can be summed up as: MAKE UP YOUR MINDS PEOPLE.
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So I didn't realize "The Thief" was actually a children's book and spent 15 minutes searching through YA before I finally learned the truth and had the super-fun experience of crawling around on my hands and knees while trying to find it in the shelves. Note to self, get Thief series on Kindle next time. I wanted to pick up "The Broken Kingdoms," but it wasn't there so I went with "The Giver" since I've never read it and the last of the "Shadows" series by Brent Weeks. I have to decide whether I want to stick "Firestar's Quest" somewhere in there, possibly after the Weeks book to give me something easier to read. The first two should be a breeze after all.

Oh, a coworker also gave me the "How to Train Your Dragon" artbook, which is lovely, and the Justice League, which I need to get around to watching. Probably I'll start on that today. CFUW kind of devoured my time yesterday. [livejournal.com profile] realms_of_life and I spent the other week watching "Batman/Superman:Apocalypse," which terrified me with the realization that the old man I spent the entirely movie wanting to go away was actually Granny Goodness (shudder) and "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths," which was just fun because poor Batman. I also discovered Amazon gives me Buffy episodes for a buck and might have spent at least $10 on that this week. I won't be doing that anymore since I have $400 dollars on my checking account, which I shouldn't, and I don't want to mess with that money unless I need it for gas and food. Ugh, I have to call and sort that out.

Also, I miss the Geass recap chats. What happened? People weren't around on the holidays, and I haven't seen them since. I'd post them myself, but I'm super lazy about doing screeshots and summaries; I just like to talk.
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Even though I have already been complaining on Goodreads about this, I can always complain more. Because really, the self-censorship of "Huckleberry Finn" deserves as much complaining as is possible. Read all about it. Now, I don't think this was done for malicious reasons, but it is still stupid beyond measure.

Other things that are stupid beyond measure: My roomie throwing away my food for two whole nights because I left it downstairs and didn't put it away. Did I mention she left whole bowls of pasta sitting around my kitchen for four days and when I asked her to clean them, she had to wait until she recruited her bf? Oh, and she took my very expensive orange juice to a party and drank it all since she allegedly believed it to be hers. I don't know about anyone else, but I remember when I buy drinks. And if I don't, I ASK before taking an entire carton to a party.

Moving along, I am sad I will have to take a break on my kitty series once I finish the first set since I should probably read a book that I can't finish in two days for a change. I miss reading on my Kindle. I hate the stupid DMP Amazon and Adobe have against each other since virtually every digital library uses Adobe and Kindle cannot read them. I enjoyed reading in bed too, which was so much easier with Kindle. That said, I can't exactly shell out $6 every time I want to read a book. That could get pricey. I am le torn.
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I am obsessed with Warriors and do nothing but read them. Except for now when I'm marathoning S4 Buffy. I love the episode where Faith comes back, so psychological. I also found out I read 26 books for 2010; this is actually a great accomplishment for me. Also a plus that I'm FINALLY not sick.

Oh yeah, my birthday ice cream cake melted.

If anyone asked for cookies and did not receive them by this point, let me know so I can send a different set or something.
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Lol I forgot to get my cake, but Medieval Times and True Grit were awesome. Sue even got herself the knight's favor in the form of a pretty pink rose. D'aww. Also, True Grit taught me that even the most hardened cowboys can sit down for a civil conversation

Also, my Kindle arrived. Sue and I are fully entertaining ourselves downloading samples of the silly gay romance novels. I'm sure my father will be happy to know that's where his birthday money for me goes toward.
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I'm reading Michael Cunningham again since I finished "Curse of the Chalion." It was pretty much awesome, even if the end was a bit wonky. I even wrote a review on goodreads. But back to Cunningham, my love with him is an outlier to what I usually enjoy. I don't devour his characters, nor do I demand especially compelling ones as I might with any other writing. I'm never actually that excited by the stories they tell either. What holds me about Cunningham is his writing. I envy it in so many ways and know I will never be able to achieve anything like it. His writing draws me in and makes me relish every sentence like a gourmet dish. Just the way he captures the way people think, talk and live. It's like he's simply talking to someone on the street about his own life. That's how naturally his characters flow. All the little details about the things in their rooms, that one time in school, their promiscuous siblings. I wonder how it all just comes to him. Does he even have to sit and plan it out or is it just natural writing? Sometimes when I read Cunningham, I wonder if my writing comes off as pretentious because I over-think everything about my characters and don't have as much imagination for innocent side details because I want to drive home motivations, traits and personality. Whereas Cunningham presents his characters like people and his dialogue, not like a script of nothing but direction but more like talking. It's not really lyrical, although I would tell anyone Cunningham's prose is indeed beautiful, but it's so personal. It's the type of imagination, creativity and understanding of humanity that I yearn to show in my own writing. It's the writing of someone who has really lived.

I guess now people know why Cunningham is my writing idol.

Also, if you don't like Cunningham, that's fine too but if you mention it here, I will cut you. Just saying.
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On the way to the voting precinct tonight, my car died twice. Once in the middle of the road. Should I take this as a sign? That said, I managed it.

Also I swear my slogan for life should be "Can't sleep, people are discussing Geass on the Internets." In other news, I still need to watch the new Star Driver and LoL. But I'm off schedule for NaNoWriMo so that just has to wait. :(

Expect a recap of "Name of the Wind" tomorrow as I prepare to finish the book. I'm thinking about picking up the new Riordan next.
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I decided to not fail at life today and go see Gabi. We watched anime and I has thoughts!

Star Driver )

Legend of the Legendary Heroes )

Also, in regards to "Name of the Wind," dang is little Kvothe a Mary Sue.
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I went to bed at 1:30 a.m. last night, woke up at 5:30 a.m, tried to sleep until 7 a.m., woke up again at 7:30 a.m., tried to sleep until 9 a.m. The success, it was lacking. I think it explains the rather amazing dreams I had in this state. One involved me trying to clean cat litter in the pitch darkness with a flashlight. Yep. The other started out with me attending some business social and then driving to this graduate school that was straight out of Harry Potter or something, with classes dedicated to presenting a scaled down version of The Dark Crystal, horses galloping about, rhinos in another corner and gigantic towering architecture. I think my major concern in this one was finding a parking space so I didn't get towed. I had to drive all the way to the back and I was annoyed.

"Shadow's Edge" pissed me off by doing something I dislike. I also have a rant about that book and some triggery material, but I might save that for later, as I'd rather talk about the silly Owls 300 movie.

Also, I am tired of the O'Donnell witch joke. It's making it seem like it's BAD to be a witch, and that's just unfair. I mean, O'Donnell clearly isn't one, but this whole media frenzy is terribly unfair to witches to begin with. SNL, you are on my list.

And now, things that went through our minds while watching Legend of the Guardians. )
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Well, today was fail.

The most excitement I got out of it was reading about Stephen Colbert testifying in character before Congress and even managing to lay down an "OSNAP" moment on one of the self-righteous Reps. If you watch the whole thing, you'll see Colbert breaking character toward the end when he stressed that he is there because the immigrant workers have no voice and they need someone to speak for them:

"It seemed like one of the least powerful people in the United States are migrant workers who come and do our work but don't have any rights as a result. And yet we still invite them to come here and at the same time ask them to leave. That's an interesting contradiction to me. And whatever you do for the least of my brothers -- and these seem like the least of our brothers right now.."

Pretty interesting stuff in any case. Also, in case anyone remembers, Elmo has also testified before Congress in character.

Also, I'm pretty sure I'm developing a psychotic reaction to stink bugs. There was one in my gas cap today. MY GAS CAP. I can't even read outside anymore because if they land on my windshield or buzz overhead, I totally freak out. I actually drove to a restaurant to sit outside in its parking lot and read today because my office is too cold with its AC. Stupid bugs.

"Shadow's Edge" is holding me much better than the first book did. I think it's the lack of Durzo Blint and also my finally understanding the crazy mythology/macguffins that go into it. Except for the long-winded history of the ka-kakaris. That tends to cause fluctuations in my give-a-damn-o'meter. But I'm happy to have more of Jarl and Logan and Vi. Kylar is a better character in this so far as well, no longer annoying me with his random monologues. Though his scenes with Elene are like slow torture. I don't care about either of their sexual repression. Deal with it!

Oh and tonight, Gabi and I are going to go see "Legend of the Guardians!" Owls with armor and steel talons. Can you tell I'm excited?
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I solved my book dilemma by flipping a coin. So far "Shadow's Edge" is quite interesting. Plus, it has more of sexy assassin Vi so that's always a bonus. In other library news, "The Passage" ended up being a day late and when I picked up books yesterday nobody told me I had a fine. It's not like it's going to go up, but I'm still irked.

I was in an Elfen Lied move yesterday but wasn't quite up for a rewatch so I did the next best thing. I watched Sage's Elfen Lied Abridged, which is a masterpiece in both TERRIBLE DARK HUMOR (no, I am serious, if you have seen EL you can guess what he's going to be mocking YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED) and plotty humor. I am sad he only did 10 episodes for a 13 episode series but oh well. Elfen Lied is always a special series for me since it had so much I don't like: rampant nudity for the sake of nudity, main characters that I want to bludgeon in the head, overt violence to women, loli abuse because you have to meet the loli fetish and over-the-top depressing back stories. But the over-arching story is just so good! As are Kurama and Lucy. They more than make up for the suck. More people should watch because whether you like it or not, it's an experience.

Sadly, my search for something to fill the void the missing three Abridged episodes left in my soul led me to Vampire Knight Abridged (Warning: Yuuki's voice is LOUD AND PAINFUL), mostly because all Code Geass parodies rely on memes and don't know how to do humor in an interesting way suitable for CG. Anyway, I'm not going to lie, Gabi and I are totally addicted to VK Abridged. It starts out kind of shaky but gradually gets quite good.

Pros: Zero is an asshole I love this, Yuuki fantasizes about Kaname/Zero yaoi to the point that Kaname has to explain to her that he and Zero aren't going to have babies, Aidou is flamboyant and in love with Zero, Twilight jokes beautiful Twilight jokes, any scene with the Night Class together is magical especially with bitching Shiki, Yagari is a pirate and Zero calls him Daddy, Zero and Kaname's fighting over Yuuki is amazing, Cross wailing about his BABIES, great one liners, Kaname and Zero's voice actors slay me. Oh yeah and the vampires are crazily addicted to chocolate and shiny things LIKE KITTIES Zero is secretly fond of shiny things as well. :\ This is perhaps my most favorite random vampire trait yet and I have "borrowed" it for my one AU.

Cons: YUUKI'S VOICE WILL MAKE YOU WANT TO SHOVE GLASS INTO YOUR EARS AND IS PAINFULLY LOUD, Yuuki refers to Zero as Edward although she loosely explains why late into the series, a little much focus on Kaname's emo, one or two jokes regarding noncon venture a little too much into the mrrr area, people are harsh to Yuuki but she is more a Twihard than a Bella, the voice actors like to cuss more than I think is necessary.

But yeah, I'm addicted and stayed up entirely too late watching this nonsense. It also made me miss pre-timeskip VK hijinks. Le sigh.

I kind of love the idea of spoofing Family Circus, Charlie Brown and Garfield into political humor.

I want to comment on Woodward's new book, but I need a few days to let it all sink in. Wow.
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Ugh, newspaper that thought it was a good idea to not only include a column listing 15 reasons why O'Donnell is a witch but also allow a cartoon and other columns on this subject accompanied by a witch gif image. Not cool.

Speaking of not cool, I actually plan to watch Dancing with the People Who Are Occasionally in the News but Not Necessarily Meet the Qualifications to Be Called Stars this season because I want Jennifer Gray to win. Sob. Oh and "Lone Star" was all right, kind of "Dallas"-like.

I'm also in a bit of a dilemma, as I requested both "Shadow's Edge" and "Name of the Wind" yesterday, having learned that the first wouldn't be returned until October. And when I went to pick up the latter, "Shadow's Edge" was also there. I DON'T KNOW WHICH ONE TO READ FIRST. :(

Aside from that, I am deliriously happy with my latest assignment. It is amazing in ways you wouldn't even believe!
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News has been fairly depressing, what with the recent atrocities committed by some rogue U.S. soldiers, El Diario backing away from gang coverage due to the death of yet another of their journalists and the bizarre obsession with Christine O'Donnell's comments about practicing witchcraft when she was in high school.

I am also less than pleased to learn that my family has been keeping major secrets from me again, particularly about the status of my niece and the health of my sister. My brother, though, is doing well and looks to have a good start at a career. I even allowed him to give me a shoulder massage the other day, and he did a good job.

I'm not sure which TV show I want to follow this time. I've been hearing good things about "Lone Star," "The Event" looks to be after the Lost cult and "Boardwalk Empire" keeps getting compared to "Mad Men," which I admit, for me, is not an endorsement. The latter does promise me gangsters and boot-legging though, plus Steve Buscemi so I might try it out of sport. I am still debating on whether I will attempt "Lone Star" or "The Event" tonight.

The Passage was a great experiment in writing and a fascinating origin/mystery story, but I have to say that I can't really recommend it. )

I wanted to pick up "Shadows Edge" this week but both it and "Tongues of Serpents" are out at my local branch so it looks like I'll be moving onto "Name of the Wind." I'm exited for this one.

My last bit of happy news is that my latest interview just sent my inner geek into OVERDRIVE.
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... Why does my father think you can use German Chocolate cake in a trifle? Now, I have only a day to come up with his birthday cake.

In other news, I HAS MONEY AGAIN. \o/ And I didn't get bitten by anything bizarre last night. Granted, I slept on a naked mattress with only a blanket on top of it and no pillow covers. But no bites!

I also fear the ending of my book is going to be a major let-down.

Anyway, I want to play Birth by Sleep (even though I have to buy the friggin' system to do so and that will have to wait until Christmas... BURN IN HELL SQUARESOFT.) But I've kinda sorta mostly lost all interest in the Xion game, possibly because I think inserted characters FAIL. The question I have is whether playing Xion's game is absolutely essential to understanding the identity/name/soul clusterfuck that is Birth by Sleep. I read the wiki so I already know spoilers. Can I enjoy BBS on its own or do I have to grit my teeth and barrel through Days?

Here, have a bear doing yoga.
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Dude, LJ, thank you for reducing my money to now $15 with your automated payments. I knew I should have turned that off.

In other news, I had a meeting with my bosses today. Apparently, I still don't suck so yay.

I would also like to clarify a statement I made the other day regarding male writers because I did not intend to offend anyone. )

I'm thinking about writing a rundown of my favorite country artists just because I'm sad at all the country hate and want to show people there's some good stuff out there, even if it isn't what you may think when you think country. I promise it's not Taylor Swift. Also, good god, if that girl writes one more love song...
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Well, I thought my butterfly death story was amusing. :(

I think what I'm enjoying most about "The Passage" is the return of the carnal vampire. I would be a hypocrite to say that I don't read/write/enjoy the brooding vampire with a soul. I do. I read Vampire Knight. It's fun to explore the human psyche trying to cope with the bestial needs of the monster. That is also why I roll my eyes at the "well, we don't drink human blood" vampires. Where's the struggle? But I also still very much appreciate the dangerous vampire. The vampire who could kill you at any given second. True Blood does a nice job of mixing the two types so that vampires can still be SCARY. But "The Passage" gives me the pure animal vampire, devoid of the sensuality and focusing entirely on the terror. It's a nice throwback to Nosferatu and the like. I am getting a kick out of reading vampire fiction that actually disturbs me and makes me a little afraid to go out in the dark. I also love all the political story lines (terrorism, bio-science, war, criminal psychology) and the usual message of "This is why we don't use convicted death-row inmates for experiments that could result in them being insanely powerful, deadly and impossible to kill." Seriously, if it weren't for experiments on death-row psychos, fictional scientists would have nobody to test on. It's a convention, yes, but it's still wall-banging.

The more I read about our country and politics, the more I fall back on the Space Balls quote that "Evil will always triumph because good is dumb."

I also am considering doing a small essay on Glenn Beck, Christianity and how the "call back to God" is still exclusive as all hell.

It's weird that I know Project Runway is on its new season, but I had made no actual attempts to see it this time. Nobody ever talks about it anymore. It seems a bit dead. Maybe I will turn on Lifetime sometime and marathon it.
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1. I almost got killed by a butterfly. Basically, this enormous butterfly is flying about my car while I'm stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Then suddenly, things start to move and we're clipping along again. And the butterfly dive-bombs me! He flutters his huge wings directly in front of my view and I can't see a thing in front of me. And as usually happens when I lose vision, I tap my brakes. The car behind me ROARS and nearly slams into me. And my butterfly assassin wanders off to jeopardize another soul. He was at least a very pretty butterfly.

2. Trying to figure out how the hostage situation at the Discovery Channel HQ is going to play out for me since I spend much time near there.

3. My work assignment just got mega-switched and I am nowhere near prepared to handle this tomorrow. Time to think on my feet!

4. LJ. Look, I'm not like everyone and their dog and ready to cheerfully rush Dreamwidth. I am a creature of a habit. LJ is a habit. I don't want anything else. I also hate social networking because I don't like being found. That said, I'm probably going to lock down my political entries even heavier because I DO NOT want them quoted/shared or the like. I am probably going to pare the list down to people I actually talk to regularly.

5. I finally looked at Hyperbole and a Half and am loving it.

6. I would like The Passage more if it could stick with a character long enough for me to decide if I like them. I guess the federal agent is all right. And I'm amused by the idea of an evil vampire named Zero.
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Man, I don't know why I have this killer headache right now. I've been reading Mockingjay review posts all day and have one of my nagging urges to refute some of the points they've made about various things, particularly the ending. Because this is what I do when I get bored. Maybe when headache subsides. For now, I have The Passage and have switched gears from dystopia child war to dystopia vampires. As I have not dabbled in vampire fiction since my days of Anita Blake and even then I preferred the weres, I am super excited for this one.

Also, I was in D.C. this weekend during Beckapalooza and while I was not at the rally, I can certainly say I felt uncomfortable by some of the t-shirts worn by people piling into the Metro with their lawn chairs and towels...

I also forgot to mention that Gabi and I caught up on Legend of the Legendary Heroes. I've decided I actually don't like this anime when it goes more the Slayers route, although I do love the interaction between Ferris and Ryner (I hope we get more of this in the next episode, especially to make up for the fact that Ferris didn't knock out Ryner when she clearly should have). I prefer the anime much more when it focuses on the plots of Sion and his man-harem (good knight vs. evil knight) and Ryner and his Alpha Stigma. But the actual plot with the legendary relics is dreadfully tedious and tends to involve too many loli interruptions. God, I cannot stand the sound of loli voices in this anime. The political intrigue plot would also function much better if they made me care about any of the factions aside from Sion. The episode with Elm was the worst example of this in that I couldn't understand why her side was even rebelling. I want Claugh and Froude to have more Sion-offs. Fight for your man, boys! And obviously I would enjoy the series even more if it had more Sion and Ryner scenes.
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I see another polirant approaching. This one on the mosque they want to build near by the 9/11 crash.

I am making my brother a trifle for his birthday. He has no idea what that it is. This should be fun!

I am still undecided on whether to see the Scott Pilgrim movie. Good reviews but still UGH MICHAEL CERA HOW I HATE YOUR FACE. If it was any other lead, I would be on this movie in an instant. But yeah, Cera just makes me rage with his basic existence. It's not even him as a person. I just can't stand his face. So shallow.

Flight of Eagles is shaping up to be my favorite yet. Mini spoilers. )

Since everyone has been so lively on the Geass comm lately, what with the anniversary of the start of Britannia's invasion of Japan and all, I have tracked down the Otakon Geass AMVs for sharing!

Lelouch Lamperouge stars in Christopher Nolan's "Inception."
Won best in trailer/parody. Oh yeah, and there's a Roy Mustang cameo.

Pizza Hut vs. KFC

And last but not least...

Won best in comedy. As an added note, Gabi especially adores this one for the opening between Lelouch and Nunnally.
If you aren't an AMV.org member, you can get the censored version on YouTube.

Random quotes of the day:
"Glenn Beck is an oxymormon - sometimes he makes sense... "
- WaPo comment on Glenn Beck's support for gay marriage. Yeah, you read that right.

"This is so exciting! I've never been involved in a three-way before."
- my father referring to being on a three-way phone conversation with my brother and I. talk about awkward.
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Moving along, finished "Way of Shadows" and starting "Victory of Eagles." The former was quite enjoyable, although it did go overkill with the plot twists near the end. Not that each of these twists wasn't well backed-up and completely plausible. It just seemed one after the other for the whole last 100-some pages. My poor Logan. I am also slashing Solon and Feir because I can.

I wanted to do the artist meme with COUNTRY because I like being a contrarian. Let's go!

Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 (or more) people you like, include me. You can't, however, use the band that I used. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think! Repost as "my life according to (band name)".

Pick Your Artist
Brad Paisley )

Well, that was awesome fun. I love Brad.


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