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Bleh day. I was watching Wonderfalls and remembering how much I love Jaye. I'm still sad that show got canceled. It had an original idea, something few are after nowadays. Why isn't my W working half the time I push it? And why can't there be a "AU or school fic" filter at fanfiction.net so when I go looking for fic, I don't have to wade through the stupidity? Also, I again reiterate my point that if you cannot spell the basic concepts of your fic or don't even know what certain terms mean, why must you embarrass yourself in writing about them?

I need something to jump-start my Sasuke love again. Recommend me good fic. I'll read anything as long as it does a good job of capturing the way Sasuke used to be before he turned rather boring and invincible. I miss my other adorable failure.

Maybe I should read my huge pile of manga. At least I'm almost back up to date on Eyeshield. I should get back to Loveless and Death Note.

I'm also seriously considering writing Geass fic, even though I believe I suck at fanfiction because I wish to further and more seriously explore the Euphemia/Lelouch/Nunnally/Suzaku love square of complexity. Lelouch just needs to form a harem and be done with it.


Mar. 9th, 2007 04:12 pm
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I'm not sure how I feel about the latest Naruto chapter, especially knowing the translations. So for now I'll go with utterly disgusted. I have the cover image to thank for most of that. Oh and let's not forget the SNAKE RAPE. What the fuck are you on, Kishimoto? You are giving people nightmares, you realize! no i totally did not almost write knightmares
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This week has been another good one in terms of my series. Sasuke reveals his inner bitch and goes AWOL on Orochimaru in the best way possible, complete with leaping onto Orochimaru's bed and later stripping. And Oro turns into a phallic mess of snakes. What more could I ask for? Oh that CurseLevel2!Sasuke didn't always have to be one ugly mofo. But if Sasuke kills off Orochimaru now, does that mean he'll never learn how to summons snakes to be naughty with Naruto? This is, of course, my greatest fear. I still think Kabuto will intervene. Where is that lazy bitch? I want to know how long Sasuke has been hiding this sharp-tongued backbone; it's much more arrogant and eloquent than anything he's shown us before. Maybe it's come with age. I also have to ask why Sasuke is in such a mood NOW? He get sick of not!killing for Orochimaru or something? Something tells me things aren't going to end well for my winged bitch.

Still, Sasuke's bitchitude comes second place to Lulu's gay love and failure at life in my "Which Character is Having the Best Week Ever" mental poll. As much as I adore smexy Sasuke showing us that not all is lost, I got to give the prize to the military strategist who would use his GODLY trump card to save his boyfriendthe guy who considers him Public Enemy No. 1. Congrats, Lulu. You just ascended to top ranks in my character book. You know, I'm actually considering reccing Geass to people now that its plot is moving faster and it's more than just pretty Sunrise crack, even though the animators do have some drawing issues at times.

Have these happy happenings broken me out of my slump? We'll see.

I was going through my Geass entries since I started watching back in October and it's amazing to see how much they've changed as the show continues, from pointless mockery to truly investing in the plot. I took a few sections from each entry to exemplify this point because I find it hilarious.

Geass Love: Then and Now )
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There went last night's stellar plans. I probably will head over to [livejournal.com profile] quebelly's this weekend since I'm not in a good mood. I'm not really depressed or anything anymore. I'm still too high on my fandom crack for that; I'm just far too jealous of many people in my life right now, and I think that's what's making me so moody lately. Yet I remain too afraid of change to alter my own situation. I require distraction.

Oh and five things I am so sick of hearing about:
1. Brittney Spears (look I don't want you to lose your damn children because that's hard on anyone but you are a bimbo who just needs to stay in rehab)
2. Anna Nicole Smith (I feel sorry for you since almost everyone in her shortened life was white trash, but you are not worthy of so much real press.)
3. American Idol (why don't you just die already?)
4. Sasuke hate (it's Kishi's manga, and if he wants Sasuke to be a god, Sasuke can be a friggin' god)
5. Suzaku hate (he's not Lelouch, he will never be Lelouch, he's meant to be a foil for Lelouch, let him do his damn job and get off his back)

Finished Escaflowne again. I still hate the ending. Poor Van only gets consciousness sex. He remains a virgin forever. )
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K, the idea of topping Sasuke with random inanimate objects was a funny vision but didn't exactly need a story. It's worse than the Envy!Lightbulb fics and art that were all the rage a little while back. You people have too much spare time.

Speaking of spare time, the entire Host Club is killing me at the camp. They are just all so perfect. The twins especially. I love watching Hikaru tease Tamaki. Oh I do hope we get the rest of them so the crack can just expand. Hmm, I should have mentioned a Benizura in the "whoring post" since Beni is crack taken to the umpteenth power.

I was at some DA site the other day and the artist, most likely a young teen, was pouring her heart out because Hikaru/Haruhi was just too painful for her to ever imagine. Because everybody knows that the Hitachin brothers are TRU WUV and can never never be with anyone else. How dare that ugly awful girl interfere with the magic of twincest. *pats DA artist on the head*

I still haven't watched Host Club 21 yet so I might do that before taking my day anywhere else. This long weekend sure went fast, especially with my having nothing to do.
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Shopping recommenced after [livejournal.com profile] quebelly kidnapped me to try and make me feel better. Then there was Doctor Who with things like "the Asian child." Oh and also Satan and Daleks vs. Cybermen, complete with computer-speak snark. "You will destroy the Cybermen with four Daleks?" "We will destory the Cybermen with one Dalek." I love the Daleks. They're so quirky. "Delete" vs. "Exterminate."

I also got a super awesome chainmail bracelet out of the deal. Shiny.

Today is Mr. Bitchy-Pants Pika-Boy's birthday today, I hear. But I spent all my money on clothes and have none for a cake. I weep. He doesn't deserve one anyway. He deserves a stomach virus. Mind you, I still do love him. He's my Sasuchu.

Trying to catch up on manga again. Finally got KH manga 1 and KH manga 4. I really hate the disturbing way Sora is drawn when he's being a nut. I want to put him down with a tranq or something. I think he's rabid. Leon is suitably smexy. Definitely not enough evil Riku. Got Cantarella. Still awesome storyline and fun characters. Cesare. Ah, and Yugioh: Duelist 15. This volume blew me away so much more than the anime version of this same arc where Malik pits Yuugi against a brainwashed!Jou. Jou is far more insane and his deck is far more painful. Yami is a lot more broken up about the whole thing. And Kaiba...Well, let's quote Kaiba for a moment here.

Kaiba: "A death match between Yuugi and Jounouchi!"
Mokuba: "[Niisama]! Are you going to let them do this? Let's help them."
-Note, this comes from the kid who told Kaiba to leave that loser Jou behind just a few pages earlier. Also, the manga has Mokuba call Kaiba "Kaiba" and since I know that is way wrong, I refuse to acknowledge it.
Kaiba: "I can't believe Malik's mind control is this strong. To make them fight such a sick duel...Even at my worst, I never would have done this. The only way to find the answer is for someone to die? I don't want to know if that's the price! I have to rescue them!"

...kaiba? That speech came from Kaiba? I know Kaiba's not the unmitigated bastard 4Kids portrayed him to be but still, to see Kaiba so worked up over someone who's not Mokuba literally fries my brain. And he is upset. When he can't interfere because Malik's goons snatch Mokuba, he's majorly frustrated and worried about Yami/Yuugi. He also shows concern for Jou's welfare as well. It makes a whole lot more sense that he saves Jou later by dropping the key down to the water. Before that seemed just like a whim since I didn't know the whole story, but now I see he was still trying to help since he couldn't during the main fight. Whatever happened in Duelist Kingdom made a HUGE impact on Kaiba in the manga. Sure, he's still pathologically obsessed with beating Yuugi in the tournment, but he also has the ability to look beyond his own concerns when he's in better control of his issues. I love manga Kaiba. He's so complex. It's good the anime gives us a bit more development in Doma Arc to make up for what we lost in Battle City from the anime changing the storyline around.

As for the answer Kaiba is seeking, he says it's whether Yuugi will sacrifice his friends to reach his destiny. Yami told him he would only find the answer through being with his friends. I think Kaiba's real question is more of "Are your bonds with others more important than your goals?" This is one of Kaiba's main struggles through Battle City, aside from his issues with destiny and hatred.

Randomly, Kaiba's devotion to Blue Eyes always cracks me up with the sheer magnitude of his pride for that card.

Kaiba: "Teamwork is all well and good...but only blood with make up the sacrifice for the wrath...of my Blue Eyes White Dragon!"

Honey, it's just a card game. Remember that.
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Seriously, when are you people going to just accept that Sasuke is a bastard and learn to live your lives? I hate fickle fans. He's just doing exactly what he's said he'd do ever since Valley of the End. He's a very driven boy and very fucked up. Bad combination. I'm sick of people attacking him as a character just because he wasn't faking out everyone like in all your bouncy, happy fantasies. Repeat with me now. Sasuke is a bastard. I realize this. I embrace it. And I love him for it.
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Wow, Sasuke is so grounded when he gets back to Sound. How dare you undermine your father's authority in front of all the peons, boy? I can see it now.

Orochimaru: All right, young man. You've had enough excitement for one day. Time to go.
Sasuke: DAMMIT! You never let me have any fun...Shut up, Naruto.
Orochimaru: No jutsu for you.
Sasuke: You can't tell me what to do! You're not my father!
Orochimaru: Correct. You're father died violently at the hands of your brother.
Sasuke:....;_; ihateyou. *runs away, sobbing*
Kabuto: Well put, Orochimaru-sama.
Sasuke: *locks self in room with Linkin Park turned way up, writing angry entries in his friends-locked livejournal*
Kabuto: You really shouldn't let him get away with that.
Orochimaru: I can't help it. He's just so *kyute* when he's all argumentative. ^_^

Also, you should never play hide and seek with Kyuubi. That's just not very smart.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] silver_huskey!!

[livejournal.com profile] destati_reviews, my KH fanwork rec community is finally updated properly. I don't know why I have it as a community since it's mostly where I store all my favorite links for my own personal pleasure. Originally, I hoped others would help me with the fiction types I'm not overly fond of, but so far nobody wants to try.

I've also decided I hate the bloody paopu (sp?) fruit with the fury of a thousand beserker Saixs. I hate how it's used as a plot device. I hate how it always manages to exclude either Sora, Kairi or Riku. I hate its symbolism. I hate whenever it gets applied to others outside of the Destiny Trio. I hate how it shows up at the end of the game. I hate its sexual connotation. I hate the damn thing! Unless you have an original idea for it, which I seriously doubt is even possible given the amount of times writers have whored it out for their stories, stop writing about it. It's old.

The [livejournal.com profile] chuunin board is being a big meanie and telling us we can't use our spoilericious Sasuke icons outside of cuts. But I love chibi-Sound!Sasuke. If you leave him alone, he sobbles because he wants his rum naruto latte SEX attention.

I was also searching for a new image song for San/Ari since the original "Scientist" is no long working for the two. I contemplated Goo Goo Doll's "Name" because some of the lyrics are incredibly true for them.

San's Lyrics (realize this would be said with a bit more amusement)
Scars are souvenirs you never lose
The past is never far
Did you lose yourself somewhere out there
Did you get to be a star
And don't it make you sad to know that life
Is more than who we are

Ari's Lyrics
You grew up way too fast
And now there's nothing to believe
And reruns all become our history
A tired song keeps playing on a tired radio
And I won't tell no one your name
And I won't tell em your name

Also these lyrics work well for Rom
And now we're grown up orphans
That never knew their names
We don't belong to no one
That's a shame
But if you could hide beside me
Maybe for a while
And I won't tell no one your name

So after I thought about it for a while, it started to seem like "Name" was more of a Psychosis song overall, which put me back at square one. Things only got worse when the song started to shout that it was actually an Organization XIII theme, and that's when I had to kick it and listen to something else.
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Fanart ideas Rache and I came up with but I've realized if I don't write down I will forget.

1. Orochimaru/Kabuto handsewing the Uchiha symbol onto all of Sasuke's clothes because he just cannot function in any attire that lacks it.
2. Sasuke telling Orochimaru to bring him his damn cappuccino!
3. Sai drawing Naruto for Sasuke, and Naruto not sure if he wants to make out with it.
4. Sasuke as a salmon swimming up sea to spawn and resurrect his clan. It's probably best if you don't ask about that one.
5. Sasuke hissing at a kitten.

6. Sai in Organization XIII gear. This is my crackbunny and I would draw this in a second if I had even the smidgeon of talent. Or I might just crackfic it.

Where did the pretty X world in Tsubasa go? Now I don't want to read the manga. And I made a special folder for it too. =P
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I should note that while I adore AkuRoku beyond words and lap up smutty AUs (as in still in the game universe but not entirely indicative of my true vision of the pairing), I have no false delusions that the two were anything but friends with much UST. Maybe they had a kiss. Maybe. Depends on Roxas mostly. But yeah, serious fics that exist in the game world and spend more time analyzing those aspects than anything else tend to bother me when they bring up sex between the two. It's hard for me to explain since I have this method of differentiating the two types of fiction. Let's just say if you're attempting pure characterization, sex seems...out of character. It really does. Maybe not for other members of Organization XIII but Roxas...he never seemed the most responsive of the lot. Sexing him up would take some real work, and as fond as Axel is, I'm not certain he'd drop his guard enough to take up that burden.

In short, I need someone to talk AkuRoku with now. ;_;

List of stuff for today:
1. Work sucks.
2. Buy new shoes so my feet don't fall off. Also buy double-sided tape for posters and such.
3. Upload Acen pictures and possibly consider con report.
4. Make naughty Axel icon and some version of Sasuke icon and slap the unfaithful for mocking his return

5. Make con post.
6. Possibly make post begging for fic about life in Sound with Sasuke as the petulant prince, ordering around Orochimaru and Kabuto. You know, demanding his iced lattes, bitching about what's on tv, making them sew the Uchiha symbol onto everything he wears, complaining when Oro won't teach him at 4 a.m. and bitch-slapping Sai for interrupting his beauty sleep.
7. Read manga/watch:
-Host Club 5
-XXholic 4-5
-Digimon 2-5
-Princess Princess
8. Anything else life allots time for.
9. Choke IRC for a bit. Because damn Acen made me want to battle my connection yet again. Pity my lack of potions, ether, limit breaks or anything resembling a saving move.

Myspace is closing down? FECKIN AWESOME! Wah. I wanted to be gloaty.
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I really dislike it when people go on about how much Sasuke angsts. While angst does not necessarily require speaking, it's become associated with the word in the general public. It's a bit confusing since angst is not intended to be used as a verb in the first place. I think the dictionary still regards it as a noun only. A noun meaning "a feeling of anxiety or apprehension often accompanied by depression." Obviously, that's hardly applicable in fandom lingo. Back to the point. Since Sasuke rarely speaks about his issues, I wouldn't classify him as angsting in the fandom interpretation. He's BROODING. People need to stop hating him for going on about miserable his life is. Because he doesn't. His allusions to his life are succinct and variations of "You don't understand." Honestly, he's more bitchy than angsty. It's not like he goes into long diatribes about how the person he most care for betrayed him, how everyone else he cared for is dead and how he feels he's a complete weakling. Rather than bitching about it, Kishimoto shows Sasuke's "angst" through actions, through his decisions and through headache-inducing flashbacks. People should stop blaming Sasuke for the angst and blame Kishimoto for constantly drowning us in Sasuke's mindset. And now I shall ponder how Sasuke still manages to earn hate when we haven't even seen him for over a year. Get over it, guys!
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I love my sudden discovery of tonses of icons. It allowed me to bring back all of my favorites, even if some are starting to show their age. You know what they say, the classics never die.

Saturday's dubbed Naruto blew me away. The VAs all did spectacular and nothing was horrendously edited either. They even forgot to remove the kiss scene during dying Sasuke's insta-flashbacks. I do think they worked a little with any scene that focused on the needles protruding from Sasuke's neck, but nothing that was too bad. I'm plenty happy they kept in the huggling and Naruto's death threat. I love it when the "kiddie shows" are allowed to say KILL.

Saturday's Yugioh disappointed me more than usual, and I don't really know why. Maybe it was baby Atemu sounding like a cat when he cried, maybe it was young Atemu's eternal bitching, maybe it was the displacement between Kisara and Set. I am a little amazed at how much they let Set go into his loyalty for Atemu. Every other word out of his mouth is "pharaoh." We get it, Set. You're all for the guy. Move on!

Seeing Sasuke attempt to Sexy no Jutsu flirt with Lupin at [livejournal.com profile] campfuckudie was the stuff legends are made of and arguably the best part of the whole post. Ah, Truth or Dare, reminding us what makes camp so fucking twisted.

Got another meeting tonight, as usual. So my fun will be delayed. Still trying to figure out how to fit in shopping time amid my busy schedule. ;_;
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After several hours of fighting with my family over symmetry, stacking, and frosting methods, the puppy's monstrousity is complete. I felt bad that I enlisted my father for the operation mission once the cake started to collapse on itself (not that the little traitor deserves a perfect cake) so I let him take a huge piece to his friend. Funny thing is that it's actually his friend's birthday. I'll let Dad explain why his friend's piece has "Sa" written on it. But I did manage to get a few shots of its glory before Dad cut into it.

Warning, do not view if you'd rather remain in the dark about how disturbed Nayami can get when she only has two hours of sleep and is trapped between depression and madness. )

Rewatching the first few episodes made me wonder about Kakashi and the sharingan. Since he got the eye from a dying Obito, does that mean that aside from its abilities it's useless? I would think so since Kakashi doesn't seem to use it and usually keeps it covered. Is it kept in a perpetual state of sharingan? If that's so, it's highly unlikely that it would be able to advance to the next level. And how does it still function if Kakashi can't see through it? Why does it already have three pinwheelies? It came from when Obito first got sharingan. When Sasuke first got sharingan, it was retarded-like and off-numbered, two pinwheelies in one eye and one in the other. Why was Obito's all perfect and ready to go? Latent talent? I need to bring this up at the debate community, along with my other sharingan query.

I love Sasuke's total lack of reaction through most of these episodes. Yet he still manages to have an uncanny interest in Naruto. He was the first one to break Kakashi's order and feed him. As well as the whole snapping at Sakura for bad-mouthing Naruto. He's also kind of protective. Amazing the things you notice on a re-watch.

Lazy days

Jul. 23rd, 2005 12:15 pm
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Breaking out the X for...research. It occurs to me that my favorite bureaucrat receives more attention in the anime than the manga. But seeing as the death thing interferes with the anime, I'm inclined to side with the manga. I sense problems in the future if I actually succeed. Yeesh, buddy, things were easier when you were a cat. Maybe that can be arranged.

I have complete vision again so my trips to the store won't be suicidal. Supposed to train the boy, but since he went to bed around 3 a.m. It's unlikely. I kinda want to do something non-computer-related today, but I don't know what. I'll need to set up the camera for the photographs I plan on loading tonight. Cakey goodness. And shut up, I'm not obsessed. I just want an excuse to bake a cake.

Rented Constatine. Need to buy it. Although that part at the end always freaks me out a little.

*goes to throw some more confetti on the birthday boy*

EDIT: Part of me fears FMA spoilers but the more rational part that realizes the movie will take forever to hit the states needs them.
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So I hear that the angst puppy's birthday is coming up. My brother suggests a cake with purple frosting. How sad is it that I actually considered buying a cake for this purpose. I think it will be rainbow or funfetti cake. Too bad I don't have any action figures. I'll have to settle for pins or keychains. I need more Naruto keychains. I should do something special for the puppy's birthday. Maybe I'll write a ficlet of that silly mpreg Rache and I have been brainstorming. Twins!

Uh, computer keeps being a dick and pretending it's running out of power. This is annoying me since I'm trying to start my KKM marathon. It could be because brother spilled apple juice on it the other day and didn't tell me.

Found my Tokyo Bablyon TokyoPop versions when I was searching for my contacts. I missed unpacking a box apparently. All it had it in were the Japanese Wolf's Rain and the Japanese FMA. I'm insulted it took me this long to realize it. Oh, it also had the Runaways volumes I bought and never read. Will get around to that evnentually. Can't today as I'm once again blind in one eye. Joy.

Trying to come up with thoughts for the Naruto debate idea I had. Rache actually came up with it but I wish to share it.

When will the Naruto manga stop sucking?

Google fun

Jul. 15th, 2005 12:56 pm
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Don't know how long this will last since I read about it on a forum. But Naruto fans, particularly Sasuke fans, might find amusing results if they type in "sasuke isnt gay" exactly like that, minus the quotations, in Google. XD

Want real fun. Search for it in Images.

Ded for the rest of the day. Oh, I can't wait for Biz to return.


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