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... It's unfortunate when I come home and pour myself a bowl of cereal only to realize, we lack milk. I hope Father remembers to pick up oatmeal like I told him. I was going to pass out for an hour between my early assignment and going to complete the rest of my work day, but then I happened across the new R2 promo. WHICH IS ACTUALLY A PROMO. I shall now say several things about that. )

Oh, Geass, only your promos could make me so happy and yet so very sad at the same time.
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Going to possibly die tonight because work doesn't care about my fears. Sadness.

ETA: O geass never stop being awesome with your spoilerpics. Bunnygirl! Kallen. XD But Knights.... I forgot to add that this is going to be fucked up. But I'm mildly excited again. Yay.

I'd share but I have work. Go track down GameFaqs for all your spoilerwhoring needs.

ETA2: I totally came home during my lunch break to bask in my Geass spoilers one last time. I regret nothing... I go back to work now. Sob.
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Clamp, you cheating bitches of hell. You've officially cheapened the single most provocative scene of X. STOP REUSING IDEAS AND EMPLOY SOME CREATIVITY. Seriously, of all the scenes you could have gone "lolz clamp" with, did it have to be Rainbow Bridge? God, do you even care about your past writing at all anymore?

Fuck, I'm pissed.
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Newtype is out and both 2chan and GameFaqs have been all abuzz. So you know what that means?

It's Geass Spoiler Reflection time! )
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So I finally caught up on Gamefaqs and all I can say is R2 WHAT THE FUCK IS R2? Aside from that bit of WTFery, I did get some fun notes that I will probably private-lock for now. And I was intrigued by the Kallen/Lelouch moment that was mentioned as the second favorite scene that I admit to never having noticed. I will have to watch the funeral scene again. Also, what's this about a possible Suzaku/Cecile? DON'T KILL CECILE WITH YOUR LOVE, SUZAKU!

I am not sure how I feel about dating sim. While I have no issue with Geass spreading its whorish legs for whatever tickles its fancy (seriously, I say this with love), I am less fond of it when I am extremely wary for S2. Oh I forgot. R2. Once I have some measure of confidence in R2, I will be able to enjoy the crack on its proper level without giving Geass a critical eye. The theories for why Lelouch's geass is missing in his eye in the only released image of him are interesting. I still think it's a mistake. But then again, Lelouch doesn't look as pretty with his geass eye, and pretty has always been a major sell for Geass. Maybe the creators came up with a way to fix this after all.

The newest Rebellion manga sounds adorable, with more young Lelouch and Euphie scenes. D'aww she makes him flower necklaces. And Zero is saving Suzaku's ass once more.

Random quotes of the day since politics depress me, and I don't want to think about them.

-A man named Jesus was arrested Dec. 24 for assault.

-"Bourne is fucking Superman! I honestly believe if you shoved a grenade up Bourne's ass, he'd survive.": My brother referring to Jason Bourne of the Bourne trilogy.

I have to work tomorrow again. Woe. At least I get Monday off. And I'm stupidly excited for my birthday Saturday, even though I don't expect to get anything awesome. Daddy said he will buy me a shiny.


Dec. 10th, 2007 11:38 pm
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Dear Geass spoilers:

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Argh Tsubasa! Why must your actual plot deprive me of my twins? I swear I need someone who reads Tsubasa regularly and can just tell me when my X characters show up. I hate disappointment.

Geass spoilers have perked up their tricksy little heads, being as pocked with questions as ever. )
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So someone I know got fire-bombed today. Wow. Anyway, nobody was hurt and not too much damage was done.

In random anime news: First, new picture drama is the epitome of cuteness. Second, GameFAQs provides more coherent Geass spoilers )

ETA: I'm reminded this by the most recent picture drama. A handful of SuzaLulu writers, I have a news flash for you. Lelouch loves Euphie. Yes he bashes her name in front of Suzaku but only when he thinks Suzaku is as ignorant to what happened as the rest of the world. He has to stick to his story. He would not continue to lie about what happened after 25. He would not hold anything against Euphie. He was genuinely going to cooperate with Euphie. Did you miss the part where he was SAD about it or when he was still SAD about it after fighting with Cornelia? Most importantly, he would NOT rub what happened to Euphie in Suzaku's face? Are you on crack? Stop writing like he hates her. It pisses me off!
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... I'm inclined to start skipping "spoilers/hints" on GameFAQs now until 1.)we get a date and 2.)they start making some semblance of sense and stop reversing everything they've said in the past.

In good news, picture drama for Volume 9 will tell the aftermath of the SuzaLuluNana friendship when they were children. Taking place right after Lelouch's oath to Suzaku about destroying Britannia.
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Before we reach the ranting portion of today's journal segment, let's laugh at the joys of GameFAQs.

"And the gunshot was Suzaku & Lulu shooting each other in the head at the same time to summon their Personas. COUNT ON IT!"


This is Nayami checking in with your Geass Asuka spoilers that make me want to cut a bitch. )

ETA: I spent entirely too much time reading a fic that I didn't really like in the first place because I hoped for some deep and meaningful conclusion. Didn't get. Moral of this story is it's incredibly hard to please Nayami sometimes.
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Dear sweet FL,

I have put you on a special filter to separate you from communties. Yet you still manage to spoil me. I am le sad and will be living at my RP for the rest of the day until I venture off to Baltimore tomorrow. I still have no idea how I'm getting ahold of this book.
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Because I can no longer take Naruto's extreme levels of STUPIDITY WTFery, I have envisioned my own storyline. Essentially, Sasuke is off to see the Wizard (aka Itachi), accompanied by Toto (aka SoulMonster!Orochimaru) and the Scarecrow (aka Suigetsu). Naruto and Sakura are both the good witch of the North and South by the way. Kabuto is the Wicked Witch of the West. Oh yeah, and sharingan = ruby slippers. I am fairly sure my storyline makes about as much sense as Kishimoto's right now so this is what I'm going to be telling myself until he proves himself sane again. *whistles tune while imagining Sasuke in Dorothy's dress* Because because because. Because of the wonderful things he does.

While I was on my grand fanart search (during which I found fanart of the young Suzaku/Lelouch sections from the novel), I realized that I truly do love Suzaku. It amuses me since I used to not like him a lot. Not quite hate but very close. I think my love for him grew as I learned about how half of the fandom hated him for standing against Lelouch. I forced myself to like him out of spite to this half and suddenly found myself quite infatuated with his twin star destiny. This was around the same time when it started clicking in my brain how attractive Suzaku really was and how well his pilot suit complemented that.

http://cou.uijin.com/ : This is the site with the novel art. It also has some of the most symbolic and tragic Lelouch and Suzaku comics I've seen. Most of my fave fanart sites are Suzaku-focused.

I should probably make a big fanart rec post in the near future since my folder has to be more than 1,000 images by now.
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Houston, we have a problem... This beserking/over-reactive issues are going to throw a serious wrench in things. Why do you have to keep surprising me, Sunrise? >___<

Spoilericious lyric ramblings. )
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Must work but am mad pissed about anime blogs attacking Sunrise for the end of Geass 21. It has been explained before why Geass is manic the way it is, and while I do not like it, you either get used to it or you stop watching and stop bitching. People are jumping to conclusions that may or may not be accurate, but don't you dare call it a throwback to Lelouch's character development. Lelouch may have a fear of flying when it comes to certain people/situations, but he's also been from the very start a driven and quite selfish character when it comes to his goals. You challenge them, and you bring down Armageddon upon yourself.

ETA: Spoilers make Nayami a very sad kitten. But there is however one spoiler I heard a while back that could still hold true, seeing as the the current events/spoilers haven't ruled out the final episode partial summaries I read several weeks ago. So I will hold out hope that this one is valid: Spoilers )
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Naruto continues to spurn my attempts at finding spoilage, while Geass would rather DROWN me in so many I don't know which ones to believe. I have some that are almost in outright contradiction with each other. The only thing I know for sure is whatever happens in 22 could seriously fuck up my perception of Lelouch, and I don't know how I feel about that. I'm still fairly vague but possibly descript enough to call for a cut here. ) Instead I'll just giggle at the ultra ghei image Newtype or Animage provided for the boys in their latest editions. Oh and I like how the summary for one of the drama CDs is playing at being BL when it will obviously be something sappy or silly. That's Geass for you. I think I shall cool my head from spoiler meltdown by making some icons while Episode 20 finishes. Mmm flying mechs.
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Nayami, still adamant about confirming an existence of a second Geass season because it is my life and one of the few things that makes me truly happy, wandered into some uncharted territory tonight. Mainly spoilers galore, including Episode 25. While I'm not about blurting them out, I will say that they consist of oh noes, warm snugglies and massive WTF WTF immacutyoubitch. All in all, I'm jacked up for a wild ride to the "conclusion." I am also optimistic at hearing that Geass was intended to be 50 episodes so there's little reason it won't be still.

Off to have fucked-up dreams about my Lulu.

Also have to remember to post that pic of Lelouch crying in episode 4 before donning the Zero mask. I mean, WTF? Am I really reading too much into it when I associate this with Suzaku being up for execution?
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Somebody needs to remind me to never read Ouran spoilers again, no matter how tempting they may seem when on someone else's journal. I have no words...But I should have figured out something was not good from the title of 25.

Kamui is as hot as ever in his pretty cover for Tsubasa 16's special edition. He looks like a pron star gone so horribly wrong. XD Love the flames down the pants and the BLING. I will probably never find this version as I only buy my Japanese manga at cons, and it will definitely be all sold out by then.

image comes from [livejournal.com profile] ladydarkmoon. I would normally just link to her journal but her server died on me and I want to eye-sex the Kamui in proper.

I'm going to strart having my father record House on Tuesdays AKA The Days that I Cannot Do Anything Anywhere Because I Don't Get Home Until Never. I hope this won't be a problem with Wednesday's Lost, although I'm only half as excited to see that.

Read Time Lag manga. It had a cute premise and the love triangle was somewhat amusing. It wasn't an Only The Ring Finger Knows though, probably because the only character who got decent characterization was the third wheel guy. Working on the bread manga now. Gotta say that I'm a bit of an art snob when it comes to manga and if there's too many *weird* drawing styles, I'm turned off right quick. For some reason, I never really ran into this with Shaman King outside of the tanuki and kitsune spirits that are just nasty.
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Well, I can't say I'm surprised. Can't say I'm overly upset either. Maybe if someone hadn't been such an asshole this entire season, I would feel differently. Either way, the best thing about this season is still Keith and David's adopted children. The gay Fisher family is the only thing worth watching.
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Brother decided to taunt me by singing the alphabet while I read scanlations. Little jerk deliberately skipped over a certain letter and then smirked at me and asked sweetly, "So...what letter is missing from the alphabet." I howled and then declared my undying hatred. Expect a more serious, much larger rant once I actually read the whole thing.

Trying to enjoy myself. Imagined Lig...I can't say it, even if it's the "official" translation. It just looks so stupid! Anyway, I imagined RAITO and L's handcuffed fight in anime form and delighted myself to no end. I bet it would be something like the Demona/Macbeth fight in the Gargoyles with both collapsing after each blow. Something about fighting in chains is so deadly sexy. And the thing L does with his handcuffed hand throws me into giggles every time I see it. So girly. I want Misa to die. I don't care if she was fun at first; she's a ditz and useless and she irritates Raito. It took me most of volume 5 to realize that Raito was having a bit of amnesia. I think Raito should hide some of L's sugar treats to get him back for always being so straight-faced mean with him. That's the sort of fanart I want to see: L trying to reach his cake and Raito sitting down just far enough so that handcuffed L can't reach it. That would be cute. Raito would have his smexy smile of course. Maybe he could be pretending to do work or hack on the computer. Translators need to stop making such funny yaoi jokes at the end of chapters. I want to see AU fic of L and Raito as elite detectives out to stop crime. *nods*


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