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Well, Geass, as usual, you've maintained your usual prowess at STABBING ME IN MY HEART AND TWISTING THE KNIFE. Dammit, the one time Suzaku was willing to bend, the one time, and you have to go and be a stubborn and single-minded fool, Lelouch. The lines you've constantly used on him, and the only instance he tries them since childhood, and you throw them back in his face. I swear you really don't know what you want sometimes. Celiss is right. Suzaku had every right in the world to refuse Lelouch after that.

And now to worsen my depression by watching the finale to Terra e. I finally have time.
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Argh! Need Terra e finale now! I want to understand what the hell Keith is doing. I just know these two are going to tear me up. But I will not spoil myself as I did with Geass. I will wait for a sub. I already know how you end, Terra e, but I'm still holding my breath. My Jomy/Keith lovings will never die!

Also, I'm not sure how I feel about new Avatar. It's different from the series I'm used to. But I am loving the Fire Nation side. Mei is the delicious tsundere I adore, and Azula is just pure hotness. Sexy manipulative hotness. As a bonus, they fixed Zuko's hair. His Avatar angst is so cute.
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Well, I fixed the issue I was having with no camera drivers. That issue being that I'm a moron who forgot that most programs post-2000 come with pre-installed drivers. At least I can finally post pictures of my haircut.

Checked out the "Breath" Geass vid and while I'm a bit jealous because that has always been my secret project, I think it needs a little tweaking. I'm not a fan of downtime in vids unless the music is really slow. If you have screaming, you need action. "Breath" is a song meant for an action vid. I admit my ideal use for the song would be a SuzaLulu focus because the song is so very Suzaku, much like "Bent." Because really "start hating" is the perfect lead-in to Ore!Suzaku freakoutery. Can't say I wouldn't go for the same ending though. XD

ETA: Um, doujin, can we not have adorable kiddie flashbacks in the middle of sex? k thnx.

I has a plan for the weekend:

1. Make new Geass screencaps while listening to AS end tracks
2. Make pretty AS and Alexiel icons
3. Catch up on Toward the Terra
4. Review the Geass fic I've missed (excluding rape because no)
5. Finish whatever memes I set up for myself
6. Scan at least one doujin

And now for your long-delayed Geass introspection of the week via Celiss as always. Today's subject: Suzaku and how everything he is he owes to Zero/Lelouch. Also how Zero keeps Suzaku from destroying his own personal ideals and thus, in his own special way, preserves Suzaku's sanity up until 22. It'll make sense, I promise. )
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First things first, AWWWWW.

Tried to get Reborn 2 today but mostly came back with Godchild 6 and Air Gear 2. Ugh how long do I have to sit through these boring people before the story gets good? Love Crehador in Godchild though. I think he's taken the spot of my second favorite character; I always enjoyed him in the regular Count Cain series. I enjoy his concern for Cain, even if he tries to hide it. Oscar is up there somewhere too. Cain's reaction to what happened to Riff surprised me, as I was expecting him to take it much worse. But nope, he's Kaori Yuki's boy so naturally he just goes driven and slightly crazed. Jizabel has sparked some new interest in me though. I had heard there was more to him than meets the eye, but now I'm finally starting to believe it, outside of Cassian, who will always be an awesome character. Cain's devotion to Riff is almost frightening; I love it! Well, Cain, who has rarely been allowed to keep anything in his life, would naturally be possessive of the thing he's always held most dear. Also, I know the end. I don't know the details. I would appreciate it if people didn't give me any not-spoiler comments such as "Oh it's going to get worse" and things of the like. I enjoy the mystery and suspense of Godchild.

I also laughed at the old Shoujo Beat interview with Yuki where she all but admitted she's NUTS.

Also watched my Terra e. Lord, Keith is such an enigma. I really liked the part where Sam was naming the birds after his friends, including Jomy. The rivalry between Serge and Matsuka is also intense. I was said that Leo and Tony act as the shoulder angel and shoulder devil for Jomy. I think the same might be said about Matsuka and Serge. Though those two are much less inclined to tell Keith what to do and neither of them is wholly innocent. It really got to me when Matsuka saved Keith from the assassin just to have Keith call him a monster. Why oh why does Keith have to be so devoted to Grand Mother? He knows the entire system is messed up; he just can't see any alternative to following it. As he believes, the people need it. I wonder what the story plans to do with the Mu girl. I was really touched when Jomy's foster mother protected her, after recalling how she had abandoned Jomy during that time. Aww they remember.
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I hate when I accidentally answer the Anime Challenge polls with my RP accounts.

Also, re: Terra e 19, why you always got to be a bastard, Keith? You know you loved Shiroe. I decided I am completely smitten by Tony now. I'm loving his obsession with "Grandpa" more and more. Him and Leo are like Jomy's shoulder devil and shoulder angel. While Tony's screaming "KILL THEM ALL," Leo is "I will do whatever Soldier wishes. I only wish for you to be happy." Now I wish Leo would have gotten a larger role in the series up to now. I know it would never happen and it would be all sorts of unfair but I almost wish Tony and Matsuka could face off in a Mu battle of the ultimate loyalty to their masters. AKA Loveless. The animation in this episode was wonky, with some of it being amazingly beautiful and otherwise looking barely sketched in. I noticed this most on the Keith parts. I can't believe we only have a handful of episodes left. Nooo Terra e, don't leave me.
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Was half-blind today and feared driving so I did what any half-blind person too sick for work would do. I watched subtitled anime. Subtitled Geass helps me understand a lot more of what was going on in the Lelouch/Cornelia scene (reminds me I have to figure out what I want him to call her since Cornelia is obviously a no-go. damn you britannia and your non-language.) It also helped a lot with the CC/Lelouch scenes and possibly hinted at Lelouch not dying (maybe?) CC is urging him to pursue his dream through defeating his past and his present actions. I will take this as a good sign since it's all I'm going to get. Sadly, Suzaku is clearly being a vicious bitch here and any way Graham and I may have interpreted things in the past doesn't appear to be the case. He wants that boy to suffer.

Also caught up on my Terra e. I now have a much higher opinion of Tony. I can't say the same for the rest of the Blue-type Mu. But I love how even older Tony still calls Jomy "Grandpa" and is quite protective of him. Much different than the movie version. I was ready to bash in Keith's face for a while there, but he sort of redeemed himself in 18. His affection for Sam (and lingering memories of Shiroe) shows he can't be all that bad, even if he is an ass and a half to poor Matsuka. I loved their fight in 16; that was pretty hot. I hope Swena manages to be one of the few women in Terra e that don't suck. I like her; she's bitchy to Keith. I also tip my hat to Murdock for having principles amid battle and defying Keith's orders. Oh and I want to kick Physis. No real reason; I'm just sick of her and her whining. With only about six episodes left, it looks like they're not going to horribly injure Jomy after all. Yays.
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I kind of want to punch Keith in the face.


I need either translations or a summary. And I get neither.

I hope Geass 25 becomes available in the next hour so I can do something with it before going back to work. With any luck, I'll have watched four of the most depressing episodes in the history of this year. That has to be some sort of record. Ah well, at least Blue was pretty kick-ass through most of Terra e.

ETA: Target acquired. Shiny! Now I have something to look forward to after sitting through lame-ass tractor nonsense.
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Yesterday did not go down as I expected, mostly because the previous night my father informed me we would be doing some family time yesterday. However, he failed to specify that not only would that family time require us to leave at 9 a.m., drive three hours out of our way to a place without a decently working bathroom, but it would also take all day. Since that couldn't be enough misery for my life, I had stomach pains of hell and wanted to do nothing but sleep, regardless of where I was.

Before I passed out, I did manage to watch some Terra e 15. Keith is a bastard but BLUEEEEE! )

I hope I haven't lost my interest in RxJ. I just never want to put forth the effort to watch it anymore. Lack of effort is what destroyed my interest in Bleach. Possibly Tenimyu, but I blame that more on the series getting licensed and it being more tricky for me to find episodes to understand what's going on in the musicals. Without Tenimyu love, I lose most of my interest in Tenipuri all together. I do think I might marathon Darker than Black though; I've been hearing good things, and it seems the plot is finally coming together.
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I stayed up too late again. But I got horribly traumatizing drabbles out of it so I regret nothing. Chan is such a bad influence.

I am also talking with multiple people about Terra e. This is a good feeling. I don't even mind that they all love Tony. This reminds me that I want to get to making my new header featuring that Jomy/Keith image from the new OP.

Now I will have to go to work and probably have my happy mood entirely crushed. Wish me luck with that thing I've mentioned to the usual peoples.

ETA: I also have to marathon RxJ as soon as possible since I'm falling behind again.
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There is only one half of Terra e available, and I actually don't want to spoil myself this time. I will write more about the awesome fanservice that is the new OP as soon as I wake up. Keith, why are you a bastard dick-child?

I was on the Net entirely too much today. I kind of hate myself for this and blame my sucky long-distant friends for have busy lives and thereby being unable to let me chill for a while.

All I learned out of this is:

-My brother's name is exemplified by the question: Where is the C?
-My cat took out the porn.
-My father said Lelouch looks gay.

Oh and there will also be Geass spoiler squeeage in the morning as well because GEASS SPOILERS OMG!
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All right, in considerable less pain from weeding, somewhat more "here" and completely procrastinating about my work. Also, I think I broke both parts of my laptop that hold up the monitor screen and have no idea how. Rock on.

Going to have to take Operation: Drama CDs to the next level and stop being a chickeny chicken of wussitude.

Caught up on Dr. Who. Have to say, I really dislike 10. Maybe it's because 9 was my first and his jubilant attitude more appealing than spastic and bitter 10. Maybe because 9 and Rose weren't so annoying together. Maybe because 9 wasn't so "I CAN FIX EVERYTHING WITH MY SHEER AWESOME" ALL THE TIME. Maybe it's because 9 is Capt. Jack's real Doctor. For whatever reason, 10 has never grown on me. Oh he has his moments but overall I still miss 9. Also, the only Doctor/Rose moments I could ever stand with 10 were the Season 2 Finale because that was well written. But the PINING in Season 3 makes me want to gut Davies. As for Martha, maybe if she wasn't so instantly smitten, I'd be more tolerant of her, but her sole purpose seems to just show how much the Doctor misses Rose. Well, you know what? I DON'T CARE. Rose is gone. Get over it. Move on. Bring her back. Whatever. That said, Martha and Capt. Jack bonding over how the Doctor will never love them, now that is cute. I'm done bitching and just going to talk about Season 3 now )

Ok so maybe in Terra e Jomy and his new friend got off on the wrong foot, but I'm sure they'll be just fine. Enter my delusional world here. Not really. )

Also watched some Red Garden and some series about a bodyguard. Red Garden looks interesting but the music is a definite NO. As for the latter, it's interesting but looks a bit slower than my tastes. I might pick it up later on or so.
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I have lots of things to write about but I'm sort of in a bleh mode, not depressed or anything just feeling out of it for whatever reason. So I'll have this post be my ZOMG JOMY YOU ASS-KICKING BASTARD spot. Terra e 13 blew me away even more than I expected. Now if only my usual Terra blog would be telling me what's going on, I could figure out why Jomy was having a shitfit. He's a scary boy when he's angry. That's true love right there er right...
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Went on an icon hunt to scrap some of my less interesting ones, the ones I made myself. I'm too insanely picky when it comes to the other people's icons, which is why I usually end up making my own since I can't bitch too much about them. AS icons bring on a whole new level of standards (I can't believe they make icons from that ungodly OVA), this being why I only have two that aren't mine. Still looking for a better version of my Alexiel/Kira one. But this one was too hot to resist.

RxJ 12 pissed me off because both Romeo and Juliet are idiots. And I want Mercutio to do something already. I'm really excited about Terra 12 though. I might add my reactions on that one to this post as soon as I finish watching it.

Geass promises us some Milly/Lulu interaction in the fifth drama CD, and the numbering of the track makes us think it might be when they're young. Oh I'm sure she tormented the HELL out of him. So it should be enjoyable for all.

Going through my journal entries from 2005 yesterday was so much fun. I'm such a spaz.

ETA: Just found out I missed out on a chance at the AS drama CD tracks I'm missing in March. I wonder if there's still a chance I can get them. Because hearing Lucifer is a crack dream I'd very much like to realize.
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Recap! I stayed up until 4-ish being an idiot. I regret nothing. Except for the fact that father decided I am the family's cheap tech support and since neither him or my brother will ever get off their lazy asses to learn even the slightest thing about computers, I had to set up my brother's tablet and learning program around 9:30 a.m. Because it HAD to be done by 10 a.m. Needless to say, that didn't happen. Not only is the program about five steps from ass-retarded, but my brother is such a moron on the Internet that he managed to piss off a hacker. So the restart system is stalled and I have to stare at a nice "Fuck you PWNED blah blah blah" message whenever I turn on the computer and on the title bar of every single one of my Internet browsers. The tech support was both English and understandable so I can't complain about her, but the process took almost two hours and it STILL won't let me access the parent site. The best part of this was, in my fury at being summoned with only six hours of sleep, I dragged my brother's lazy summer vacation ass out of bed and told him if I was going to be awake, he was going to be awake. That brat has all day to sleep. Yet he still threw a fit as if he would have to go out and do something after we were done. I'm the one working, punk!

Then I go to work where they decide in addition to my covering part of the job for our recently retired boss, I have about 9 assignments. It's so funny. HAHAHA. It's also not happening. They're going to have to suck it.

Good news? I'm totally excited for the upcoming Geass Drama CD. The CC/Lelouch side-story is a thing of beauty. Nobody owns Lulu's ass like CC. That reminds me, I have to check up on those new Geass fansites I found this morning. I think they're having Suzaku kill Lelouch again. Oh the new Geass 300 trailer is nice in that it features the Knights vs. Britannia, as it should, but there's not enough lip-synch for it to reach true awesome.

In other news, I really need to stop slashing Jomy and Keith when they still haven't even met each other in the anime. I keep wanting to make Dido's "White Flag" lyric keywords for a Jomy icon. I don't even have a Jomy icon since the Terra e fans hate the graphics and I'm too lazy to make my own screencap. Oh wait, I forgot I was trying to come up with a LuluSuza AMV for that song. I am well aware it's wrong. Do I care?
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Holy hell, Terra e. That was Geass creepy right there. And hey Angsty McNugget AKA Keith is back for the gay sex to avenge his boyfriend and pick up a brand new one come Episode 12. I think Jomy's grown on me. His optimism and good nature is just so adorable. I love how excited he is about people having babies for him. I want Keith and Jomy to meet right now! I also think Keith is looking pretty hot, even if his face design is a little off. Fix it up and put that man in my car! People need to make more Terra e icons.

RxJ 11 has bad animation. Juliet looks like a man in several shots. But aww baaaaby Romeo. I almost typed Albert there. Romeo and Juliet are such dorks. Them and their friggin flowers. And whenever they're being cute around each other, they almost make me cry. Also Cielo. ;_; I seriously hope Romeo got more for that family trinket than two loaves of bread. Someone got mega-ripped off. So when does the angst start?

I was going through Geass fanart links again as I'm wont to do for no particular reason. I noticed Poppo or whatever it's called has some adorable ones of Jeremiah and LuluNana when they're childrens. I love the one where Jeremiah is brushing Lelouch's hair, and Lelouch looks ten kinds of fidgety. My guilty pleasure site is also working on a piece using the Clamp design; I'm very excited. And the site that likes to be very naughty with the boys just put up a double shot of a LuluSuza hug, which is just gorgeous.

I got nothing none as usual, but I did get two new pairs of shoes. Score one for the girly shopping habits.
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It's been a very interesting set of days for the Nayami. Learned I was getting sued for quite a lot of money. Hung with Tom for a bits and got a lot of exercise. Today my tire is probably going to explode on my way to work because I have no decent place to get air and no time to find one. Had some yayness in RP-land. Geass provided some of its crackiest crack yet, complete with Suzaku and Lelouch being retarded for each other. Terra e bored me to tears with episode 10.

Finished reading Viz's translation of Angel Sanctuary and finally got an answer to a question that has plagued me for months regarding Katou. Like I tell people, you almost need a reader's guide to the last volume of that series. I'll probably have to read it yet again to figure out what's going on with I think Alexiel and Setsuna near the end since the image looks more like Rociel and Katan than Alexiel and Lucifer and I get no further visual clues after that. Anyway, I think she's the one he's talking to. AS' god still sucks and just hurts my head.

It's been a very busy weekend, and I still have some journal comments I want to weigh in on, particularly [livejournal.com profile] equivalent_t's take on Lelouch and some of her novel translations. Also Geass spoilers sounding a lot like a cop-out on the Suzaku vs. Lelouch front. And I think it may be time to rate the new crackilicious art. Now that I have my high-quality Clamp scan, I need to make a new SuzaLulu icon.
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I've been looking for this quote all day. It sums up my opinion on many things. I wish I had found it for an earlier assignment.

I'm in a fairly good mood today. Tom's agreed to chill with me on Sunday so that should make up for the crapfest that was last weekend. An assignment that I predicted to be completely boring ended up being the highlight of my week regarding my job. I haven't been this excited about an assignment in a long time. The bosses will probably tear it to shreds because it's not what they want, but I love it in the meantime. Who knew money could be so much fun?

And as an added super special awesome bonus, the word on the street is that DVD 7 for Geass will include footage from the gender-switch festival. This is stuff dreams are made of. Oh how you know how to cater to us, Geass. You'll probably do evil things like off every character I love, but you can appease me in the meantime. Also Animedia's got a hilarious picture of Lelouch sewing up CC's bondage costume. My little domestic kitten is so cute.

I should get off my lazy ass and get Terra e 9 the proper way, should I?

Oh yeah, I should add that you'd think after the fiasco that was the LJ mojo test, people would be more cautious about LJ statistic tests BUT NO.
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Ohhh Terra e is done by the same person who did Kaze to Ki no Uta. No wonder the character designs were so nostalgic for me.

Speaking of nostalgia... Who wants to see sum official DoH!Suzaku and DoE!Lelouch? Eat your heart out, Vamp!Kamui!"

I think I'm going to have to make out with this picture. CLAAAAAAMP! I wuv you. I NEED ICONS STAT!
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Not sure if going home yet. Hate night driving, and I'm incredibly lazy. Might return in the morning.

Mostly blogging because I finally caught up with Shippuden again. The Itachi/Naruto fight was very well done, and Naruto's seiyuu made it far more emotional than the manga, even with the weird shit that was going on in Itachi's world.

I also started Toward the Terra, which I'm completely obsessed with, even if it is horribly depressing and keeps offing my favorite characters. The art is something I'm not usually attracted to, but it really works in this case. It's an homage to the old anime style, which should be expected from a series based off a 30-year-old manga. I don't really know how I feel about the whole Humans vs. Mu overall storyline, but the characters intrigue me. And then die. But I think I'm safe being interested in the main ones. I prefer Keith over Jomy but only because I can say horrible things about Keith's zen and non-understanding of emotions. Jomy is still very pretty and has his cute gay moments. I do wish the OP didn't trick me into believing certain characters were going to be part of the main plot line and then killing them. Curses! I think I will be following this series from now on, along with RxJ. Darker than Black is still playing back-burner until someone can convince me it's worth my time.

I'll probably be catching up on Shounen Onmyouji soon enough.


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