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My brother watching TrueBlood in Spanish with me and making up his own script is possibly the highlight of my day. I enjoy his interpretation of Eric as a sex-fiend who apparently looks like he came from "Days of Our Lives."

And now I'm going to go die in my bed and hopefully wake to a healthier self so I can function at work tomorrow and finish up my week productively.
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I found myself deeply unimpressed with the season finale for True Blood, which is a shame because I always enjoy the finales for this series. But this one, well I guess it's a YMMV situation, depending on which character you care for. Overall, they got hosed and I'm heated about it because I was really looking forward to the episode after a week delay. So I'm going to rant about this episode and maybe mention the few things I liked.

No, Eric, even you couldn't redeem this suckfest (literal and figuratively.) )
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Lol I have to live this week on $25. Wish me luck on that.

I am frustrated with "The Passage" because it has such great ideas, but since it did its time skip it hasn't managed one character that I give a damn about. I loved Carter and I loved Wolgast, but everyone since then has been rather dry. That said, I feel compelled to read it because I want to know what the hell is going on. I don't actually care about anyone, but I just want to know why everything means and why that little girl is so important. Honestly, I think the book would be better if it were told through the perspective of the little girl. The small snippet of a section where we got to see things through her eyes was really interesting, and I want more of it. Much more so than Peter or Sarah or Michael. Triple bleh. Why can't men write good characters?

I'm equally frustrated at the stupidity of one segment of the Vampire Knight fandom. Actually, sickened would probably be the better word because the word-vomit they left in SGK's journal is something they should be embarrassed of. Random speculations about her personal life, rabid fights over translations, declarations about how they couldn't enjoy the series without her overview on the chapters, the creepiest white-knighting I've ever seen and just general rude, whiney, needy entitlement behavior. It's shameful. And no, I won't link to it here. I just want to bitch about it. Yes, I did leave a comment on the journal itself. To SGK herself. I don't feel bad calling out a bunch of fans who should have better self-control, regardless of their age.

Oh, and all I have to say about the LJ mess is I'm glad they're doing SOMETHING. Because if I have to ditch LJ, I'm going to blogspot. I'm not interested in not-quite-LJs.

I was going to write something on people turning 9/11 into a political event and my thing about blaming the media, but I'm more in a vegging mood for the day since I've been taxing my brain hard with AMAZING and fun RP threads. But downtime is good too.

I've also been enjoying the LPs of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The guy I'm watching isn't that great a player, but boy is he entertaining. Him screaming after getting spotted, chased down and then killed by a creature was HILARIOUS. Though I admit that LP made me jump too. That is a damn scary game. Great atmosphere. I regret I can't play because I suck at survival horror and first-person games.

I also finally fixed my slow Internet issues, with help from [livejournal.com profile] jdiam and the actual use of my brain. It was funny to realize I was running Firefox 3.0 when I think we're on 3.7 by now. Also, my multiple-opened windows plus multiple tags probably wasn't the best of ideas. Things have been running much better now! But I haven't tried streaming anything yet. That will be the real test.

Ok, I'm done rambling. Time to track down True Blood and return to my book.
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I had a fairly productive day. So I think we'll have a non-controversial topic this time.

ETA: Oh come on, Photobucket, THEY'RE NOT SHOWING ANYTHING. This can be seen on the racks at the GROCERY STORE. Get over yourselves.

ETA2: Since Photobucket apparently construes the showing of FREAKING SKIN with a violations of terms, I will just provide a link to the sexy NAKED pic of the True Blood stars.
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My plan to play Okami ended up resulting in fail because my Bro sold his PS2 to get an X-Box. He actually did it months ago. I guess I never noticed before now. But I hear he's doing really well in his new school and spent several hours Saturday telling me everything he's learned about the body. I was impressed. He also loved his birthday trifle.

His story was the flipside to my sister's tale of woe where her hosts dropped her off at the airport 25 minutes before her flight left and were SURPRISED when nobody was around to check her in. She won't be able to catch another flight until tomorrow morning. I am not happy.

But my weekend wasn't completely unproductive, as I snatched up my father's On Demand and caught up on True Blood Season 3. And I have opinions. Oh boy, do I have opinions. )

Wow, the more I learn about my childhood literary heroes. If it weren't for Jack London, I'd never would have wanted to be a writer.
And now to crash.
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I meant to return to the Internet last night, but the heat forced me to lie down, whereupon I passed out. Sorry guys. I will be on tonight though. I'm also moody that my plans for posting Wednesday are defunct due to some event I have to attend in the evening.

I had a good weekend though, spending time with Gabi and Sue again. We got lost in D.C., complained that the Thai restaurant lacked bread and manga lassi (which we realize is Indian), discussed the geopolitical situation of the end of Geass while the Thai lady kept looking at us and marathoned some True Blood Season 2.

Gabi and I finished that marathon the next day. I'm not crazy about the way Sookie is portrayed in the series, as she seems to want to make everything about her in the most aggravating way possible. But I did love Godric and Eric. The writing is also way ham-fisted and outright ridiculous at times. I forgive because it has some characters I absolutely adore like the aforementioned, as well as Sam, Jessica (such a teenager) and Lafayette. I also like Bill off and on, but I have to say that I'm a major Eric/Sookie shipper because it's just much more interesting. Eric completely steals the show whenever he's around. I will have to catch up with Season 3 now.

We also watched our usual chunk of DRRR and found out the mysteries behind Anri and Kida. Gabi kept comparing Saika to Nanatsusaya from Angel Sanctuary, which I have to agree on. I want to see more episodes with Shizuo's brother like the OP promises. But I am enjoying this war Izaya is setting up. So evil. Kida and he are still my faves.
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I has True Blood to marathon. I spent most of yesterday watching Dollhouse, which is much better than I thought, even if the idea is still mostly creepy. I also watched a few episodes of the Middle Man and am fairly certain that Wendy and I share the same super power.

Oh and went to see Half-Blood Prince again. I paid more attention to Draco's story this time because I think Felton's acting in this was beautiful. They also showed the New Moon trailer, which involved Dana telling me to shut up and not ruin this for her with my Twilight bitching, and I admit the were looked cool. Giant wolves are always an A++ with Nayami.

Now to find a way to force my father to let me watch Frost/Nixon.
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So I passed out last night, and with good reason considering what I've been doing to my schedule lately. After this entry, I'm going to nap and then do what I was supposed to do yesterday. May or may not be back tonight. Moving along...

I can't believe they are making a drink based on TruBlood. I am so buying that.

Speaking of things I can't believe, the random hints or troll-tricks the Lost creators have been tossing our way. Everything from Dominic (Charlie) from flashing "Am I alive?" on his hand to Comi-Con attendees to the newest promo for the final season. So much Locke focus. Here's hoping.

... The Batman ad on the side of my journal is really beginning to creep me out as I write this. I don't like when Batman breathes deeply at me...

I need a new serious show to analyze and write deep essay/ranty thoughts on and get wanked on for it. Nobody ever cares about politics.

I read spoilers for The Orphan (since that's what I always do with horror movies before I watch them so I know what I'm getting into) and now I actually want to see it. It sounds campy and ridiculous.

But before I go, random quote from my beloved Celibritology chats on WaPo.

"Anonymous: If I send you a picture I have that I think is of Robert Pattison swimming nude -- can you verify ?

Liz Kelly: Umm... I'm not sure I can verify, but I will do my duty and take a look. Please include the circumstances of how you obtained said photograph."

I love Liz.
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I did catch up Pushing Daisies. I'm loving Olive more than ever this season. So I guess that puts True Blood 5 on the list. I forgot to mention that I am shallow and I do love Eric. Mmm viking vampire. Then I'll either watch Black Butler today or watch both episodes tomorrow. As for why I'm transcribing my plans, it helps me remember.

I shared my notion of a writer's special crazy with Gabi yesterday. If you've been reading this journal long enough, you've probably heard it. The basic premise is that all writers have to be somewhat crazy for it to work. After all, they lead double lives and carry the memories of both themselves and their characters. Writing is almost a case of MPD in a way. At least that's when it's most fun.

Speaking of fun, I got bored with the pickings of ffnet (after having a strange craving for Takouji -- I want to watch Frontier again -- and Gundam last night) and headed over to the big boy's archive on adultffnet. While I expected it to be extremely disappointing, remembering my finds of yesteryear, I was pleasant surprised to run into some DELICIOUS offerings. I think I love Eline in all sorts of ways (she gave me EEE threesome fic). And whoever did "The Color Red." Not quite as good as "Weight of the World" but still very very nice.

And then there's this, which is just beautiful beyond words and now my desktop.

ETA: Miracle of miracles. I finally changed my layout. It's only been what a little less than two years.
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D'awww Bill is the cutest vampire in the whole wide world. I has a new woobie. Twilight vampires be damned.

But seriously, Alan Ball. Less sex. And less weird sex at that.


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