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Hmm, it seems I forgot to renew my account. I hate when this happens. Anyway since I'm trying to keep myself away from the OVA-licious versions of the twins for now. God, why does it have to be so hard I am back on my Sweeney Todd kick.

Upon recommendations from [livejournal.com profile] rackhamrose, I sought out the Sweeney Todd in Concert version, with Patti LuPone and George Hearn. I think this is actually my favorite version, despite the lack of sets and the tendency of victims to just walk off the stage. )

Oh yeah, I forgot to say how amazing the dress that Christian and Chris made for their challenge was. I should have known they would be an astounding team. Chris isn't really cut out for this show, but I do love how well he gets along with everyone. He's just a lovable teddy.
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Clamp, you cheating bitches of hell. You've officially cheapened the single most provocative scene of X. STOP REUSING IDEAS AND EMPLOY SOME CREATIVITY. Seriously, of all the scenes you could have gone "lolz clamp" with, did it have to be Rainbow Bridge? God, do you even care about your past writing at all anymore?

Fuck, I'm pissed.
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Argh Tsubasa! Why must your actual plot deprive me of my twins? I swear I need someone who reads Tsubasa regularly and can just tell me when my X characters show up. I hate disappointment.

Geass spoilers have perked up their tricksy little heads, being as pocked with questions as ever. )
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OMG I forgot what sexkittens Kamui and Fuuma can be. This is mostly me going on about this subject in relation to a certain OVA. )

Caught up on Naruto, mostly because I wanted to see Sai and the end of the Gaara arc is a good emotional piece. Though I think the bringing Gaara back from the dead was significantly less emotional than the handshake of gay. Gaara seeing the whole village full of people that loved him was sweet. The new ED is just Sai fanservice, which I guess is ok. Sai is one pale mofo. But they did let him say his line about asking if Naruto has a penis so they points for that.

Also caught up on Heroes. Now I shall blather on about that. )

Then we watched Battlefield Earth. I can't remember anything about this movie. Even watching it with Riff Trax was probably a waste of my time. I think the message about Scientology I took away from that movie is that Scientology kind of makes me want to shoot myself in the head so I never have to experience something that godawful ever again. Hehe LJ forces me to capitalize Scientology as if it were a legitimate religion. Lolz.

Caught up on Avatar. I feel stupid because I just figured out that Azula is younger than Zuko. I did not realize she's only 15. This entire time I thought she was the older sister. This fucks with my entire mindset. Now I talk about the episode that must not be named. )

William and I spent a good portion of the aftermath of watching said episode, comparing Lelouch and Zuko's childhoods and royal influences. I will have to type it up someday because it was pretty awesome. I think the crux was that Zuko had full security to the thrown but was forced into submission (hence his loud/violent outbursts of pent of frustration), whereas Lelouch was relatively pointless in the royal scheme but developed a vicious pride (hence I CAN DO IT MYSELF THIS IS MY PROBLEM). Emo exiled princes are amusing.
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I'm such a dork. I was driving home from work and listening to Peter Cetera's "Glory of Love" from The Karate Kid. Then for some reason, my brain suddenly went "OMG Ariel/San." And now I can't take myself seriously. It's probably just Ari's hero complex. They're such reverse master/servant. Probably because San pretends to be such a pushover, except when he's flashing those fangs and saving Ari's ass. Stupid influences and their encouraging me to make my werewolves more gay. I blame Ari.

Tsubasa manga spoilers of relevance )

TomTom says I can chill at his place this weekend. So much happiness. We're going to rewatch Heroes and be dorks. Then there will be Dr. Who.

I told someone the other day that telling me a series is gay is not enough to make me watch it. This is true. Gay is fangirly and pretty. What I want is a.)psychosis or b.) partnership. If the said gay has either of these elements and in a non-cliched way, then yes you have me SOLD. On this note, I wish I had more time to watch/read new series. I still have to rewatch a certain magical series.
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... That was gay. And did naked Sasuke just get molestered by snakes??

So anyway, this almost makes me want to watch Naruto again since I like the Sai arc. I'm also going to start reading Tsubasa again since I hear a certain someone is back in action, and I'm a shallow spaz who only cares about one series in Tsubasa. Will I read the Naruto manga? Probably not.

Also this mood theme kind of um FRIGHTENS ME.
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Icon inspired by fic by [livejournal.com profile] verity_isle. I kept whining at [livejournal.com profile] twostepsideways to give me fanart so she whipped up this spiffy image, and I love her for it. XD My Suzaku is good to me.

I'm loving the fanfiction already presenting itself on the Geass comm lately. I still have to work up a response to the sequel to "Emperor's Waltz" since the whole mysterious sickness/crazy thing kept driving me up the wall. But everything else was just so sad and cruel and perfect. I better watch out before I write my review here. I also admit to enjoying the latest SuzaLulu smut. I had mild issues with Suzaku's characterization here and there, but the overall feel of the fic worked for me, and I think the writer nailed Lelouch's voice, which few smut writers have been able to do. Plus, who can turn down chess and math metaphors and hot first-times? Extra love for hinting at Ore!Suzaku. I am incredibly harsh on smutfics, but this one kind of did hit ALL of my buttons. I was intrigued throughout. I don't know why it is that I prefer NC-17 much more out of SuzaLulu than any of the other pairings I've even been into. It's not as though they lend themselves well to the idea. It's just so very satisfying when done right. I wonder if it's the pretty or if it's just the culmination of everything there is between them. Ah well. If I can't contribute my own fan perspectives, at least I can enjoy those of others.

This reminds me, I should log more of the crack Geass RP conversations I have in PMs.

Also, when I heard Tamaki's seiyuu would be voicing Tsubasa's Kamui I was sad. Not because Tamaki's seiyuu isn't good, but because a wicked wicked part of me wanted FukuJun. I regret nothing.
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Now remember that I don't care about Tsubasa any more than the pretty and sometimes Vamp!Fai. But I just have to know: What the hell is up with the collars? Did we venture to S&M world?

ETA: Yes, [livejournal.com profile] fluffymaru, I cannot spell.
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I just got the chance to call up Sis and say "Dude, where's my car?"

Random thing I typed up some time last night but was too zonked to share.

Crack interpretation and prediction on Angel/Seal storyline in Tsubasa. )

Won't be around today due to spending time with the usual gang. Let's hope this chases away that damn depression of mine.

Also, telling Rache how the Gravitation characters *really* are was awesome. Love how she all but wailed when she learned that our dear lil' Ryuuichi was actually 31. XD And nobody ever remembers that Eiri is only 22. Adult my ass. Then there's Tohma and his 32ness and Tatsuha and his 16ness. Tatsuha scares me.
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Blah on the new Naruto manga chapter. Where's my Tsubasa? It will probably be Sakura crap but I want to know anyway.

Bro is sick with the stomach flu so staying far away from him. I love how my Nikki cat barely acknowledges any presence but her own. She's so true to her namesakes. All of my cats are except for the fattie Louis.

You know it's time to clean up the room when you can no longer find the Playstation. I nearly stepped on it twice. Dear god, I'm a slob.

I'm looking forward to Lost tonight, even though I doubt it will impress me as it once did. But Locke helps. He's so much better than the other side of the island.

I have nothing cool and fan-related to say this eve. Sorries.
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So I've been going back over the Tsubasa translations/scans for the latest chapters (I'm only concerned about X world since I *tried* to understand the Syaoran thing and NO). I think I almost understand some things but am not 100 percent.

If you are not up-to-date with Tsubasa AND remotely care about spoilers, yell at me and I might cut this. Otherwise, I figure everyone who cares already knows this stuff.

1. Original speculation says the Fuuma hints that Subaru and Kamui are not twins. That's not the interpretation I'm getting from reading the translations on what he says in the chapter. It seems more like when he first encountered Kamui in Tokyo, he was confused that the other twin wasn't there. This points toward Subaru since he adds that he's happy they're reunited now. Sad because it kills my hopes for a Hokuto. Someone tell me I'm wrong.

2. Two, original speculation said Seishirou was getting old. Translation says exactly opposite. In fact, when taking into consideration Kamui's over-protectiveness of Subaru's blood, his blatant jealousy and irritation whenever Seishirou's name is brought up and his distate for "bait," I'm thinking the reason Subaru asked about Seishirou is because he wanted to know how his (Subaru's) blood was affecting him. So I'm going to connect 1 and 2 and say that Subaru fed Seishirou. I doubt this means that Seishirou is a complete vampire but I'm also thinking it might be paralleled with what's going on with Kurogane and Fai. But since I haven't read Seishirou's chapters in Tsubasa in a long time, I'm not super clear on this. I know Syaoran said something about Seishirou mentioning bait too, but I think that's a separate issue.

3. Kamui is sooo jealous. I find that funny. I love his little twitches of disgust when he sees Subaru ask about Seishirou. I also think that he's leading this little run-along between him and Subaru because Subaru seems conflicted. I think Subaru wants to see Seishirou. I'm seeing inklings of the same one-sided obsession once displayed between Kamui and Subaru in X. We'll see if that holds true. I do believe if the main group does leave X world soon, the Seishirou issue will have to be resolved later in the story.

4. Kamui is a sad panda and part of me wonders how he functioned before he met Subaru. Because although the manga refers to them as twins, I'm not entirely sure it means brothers. I think it just has to do with them both being allowed to travel worlds together with Yuuko's help. I have nothing to base this on, it just makes sense to me. That and I doubt Kamui would have ever let Subaru out of his sight long enough for Subaru to meet Seishirou were they truly related. I think Subaru would have had to met Seishirou beforehand, met and bonded/sobstoried with Kamui and then they picked up the travel spell. Whereas, I do see Seishirou and Fuuma as actual brothers.

These are all crack theories based on thoroughly scanning chapters 109 through 132 so if you have better Tsubasa-based knowledge, do set me straight.
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I clicked on Tsubasa 129 and saw Sakura and thought "God, if I am going to have to put up with a whole chapter of her being all cool and otherwise taking up X chara time, I am just going to shut this right now." Then I saw Fuuma and all was forgiven. Further spoilers )
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Yes, I'm still awake. Damn insomnia.

Fuck yeah, X world is still in operation and ZOMG spoiler )
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I need something to perk me up before I do what I what was planning so I have this shiny meme. I should warning that my keywords are far more insightful than my comments, which are just mindless fangirlings.

Look at your LJ userpics list. If you have fewer than 50 icons, pick every fifth one. If you have between fifty and seventy-five icons, pick every seventh one. If you have over seventy-five icons, pick every tenth one. If you have fewer than ten, pick all of 'em. List them on your LJ, and tell everyone exactly why you have it, why it's interesting to you, and what significance it has.

Why didn't I end up on any of my favorite icons in this? )

As of this meme, I've learned that I probably should put icon artists in the comment section rather than in the keyword section for pretty sake. I'm debating if I'll use the same principle for the fanart icons, which require extra credit. I also remembered that for some reason I'm really irritated by the hiding of icon pages on the user info. I don't know why. I like looking at icons so when I can't access them, I get depressed. I guess it's all dependent on your opinion of property and claim.

When I was reading XXXholic 2 the other day, I realized I probably will have to read Tsubasa to get the whole story of XXXholic so I'm wondering whether it's lamer to quickly flip through Tsubasa (while standing up) at the store or to read scanlations since I am not giving Clamp anymore money than XXXholic and the Japanese volumes of Tsubasa (the X character ones) that I buy. This is my ongoing protest. Better yet, someone who needs a gift idea for me, there it is. Tsubasa so I don't have to donate any of my fundage.
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So I learned that aside from our initial welcome to X world with the smexy Fuuma vs. Kamui fight, we've had absolutely no decent shots of Kamui and Fuuma together. Quite an opposite from the plethora of Kamui and Subaru we've been given. So I took it upon myself to generate an icon so I could remember what my original ship was.

The madness that was creating this icon cut so as to not put half of you to sleep in the morning. ) I'm also incredibly pleased with the icon. I think it's almost hard to tell that pic's a total manip.

I can sleep in peace.
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In my bitching about Tsubasa 127, I forgot to mention the happy feelings it brought me. More spoilers. )
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Spoiler for Tsubasa 127 )

Not sure when getting off work today. Only 3 more chapters to go on AS summaries. Watch 16 come out just to bite me in the ass.
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Just playing with more Tsubasa icons I borrowed. Damn series makes me question my resolve and want to do naughty things to Kamui and someone else. Stupid sexy vampires.

Guess I'll have to forgoe HikanoGo in favor of sleep. Lame.
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Oh my precious Internet, you have returned to me. I don't know how or why, but I'm grateful.

Con report to follow as I have work soon. Highlights did include FMA movie, Yuri Lowenthal and Kate Higgins answering phone calls as Sasuke and Sakura, Gankutsuou doujinshi, time-jump Sasuke cosplayers and meeting up with various people. Swag pictures will also follow but include: Gorgeous Carat 2, Gorgeous Carat Galaxy, Angel Sanctury 15, Yugioh Duelist 16, D-Grayman 2, Empty Heart, Prince of Tennis 13 & 14, Air Gear 1, Black Knight 1, four volumes of Cain Saga in Japanese, three volumes of Naruto in Japanese, DNAngel 11 in Japanese, Tsubasa (the X Saga) in Japanese, Gankutsuou DVD 5, Kyou Kara Maou DVD 8, 7 Gankutsuo doujinshi, 3 Gundam Wing doujinshi, 3 Yugioh doujinshi, forgot how many Naruto doujinshi, 6 various fanarts, 4 various pencil boards, 3 items signed by Lowenthal, 1 signed by Higgins that I can't find and one Kingdom Key charm.

Going to be reading manga for a bit this week since I want to at least put a dent in what I bought at the con.

About Tsubasa, I don't know what Clamp is doing, and I have no doubt it's crackilicous and possibly random, but I am nothing more than a shallow fangirl who can't help but fawn over the vampire beauties I have been given. They're so cute and protective and canon-breaking. It's adorable. Uh...Fai and Kurogane are cool too or something.

Yes, we are depressed as usual. I think it's a post-con thing. I need to go back to watching my Sailormoon.
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Dang you, perdy boy, you're making me think traitorous S/K thoughts. What can I say? I guess I've always had a soft spot for the snuggles deep down. One-sided mind you. But still...I'm actually happy to see you, Sumeragi.

Must clean room, clothes and manga now.


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