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[livejournal.com profile] danalovesbooks introduced me to Community and RuPaul's Drag Race. I really enjoyed both, but I'm more likely to watch the latter because of reruns. I'm too lazy to remember to watch real TV anymore. We also watched "Street Fight," which is an amazing political documentary and makes me want to rent "The War Room" stat. I do love a good political documentary. Speaking of political, who was the idiot publicist that let the Bieb thing talk politics to Rolling Stone? I hope that guy got fired. That cover didn't help much either.

I actually watched the Grammy's this year, mostly because my father did. It was amusing to learn the only Lady Gaga song he knows is "Paparazzi." I also realized my oblivious love for Ke$ha from listening to her bouncy songs on my radio. I love bouncy dance music. And I admit that Rhianna and Eminem's performance of "Watch Me Burn" was gorgeous. It's sad that the only rapper I like, outside maybe of early Coolio, is the very person I can't stand. But he captures such sincere emotion and rawness in his lyrics and his presentation that I have to admire the true artistry in what he does. His songs are good, even if I think he is a terrible person.

I reserved Okamiden. I have no idea when I'm going to play it, but I did anyway. Just like I have no idea how I'm going to relaunch the Geass conversations, but I really want to because I miss them terribly, especially when I'm doing EPIC things with Lelouch. I also have really been enjoying the chance to talk DenYuuDen with more than just one person. LOL.

I have so failed completely at managing my time this week, and work destroyed me. Hopefully, things will smooth over during Katsucon Friday. I'm pretty excited about it.
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Man, I hope LoL doesn't end up killing Sion, I will be so sad. This is the first anime I have really gotten into (minus fandom) in a long time. I'm kind of disappointed the fandom for Star Driver is so boring. I might write longer reviews on the recent episodes of both of these after I watch the new Star Driver tomorrow.

I also really enjoyed the premiere of Young Justice. The characters are probably far more quippy and bratty than they should be, but I really am loving Aqualad. Jesse McCartney as Robin is also amazing. And of course I have a soft spot for Kid Flash and Superboy. Though I'm thinking Aqualad/Superboy may end up my OTP.
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News has been fairly depressing, what with the recent atrocities committed by some rogue U.S. soldiers, El Diario backing away from gang coverage due to the death of yet another of their journalists and the bizarre obsession with Christine O'Donnell's comments about practicing witchcraft when she was in high school.

I am also less than pleased to learn that my family has been keeping major secrets from me again, particularly about the status of my niece and the health of my sister. My brother, though, is doing well and looks to have a good start at a career. I even allowed him to give me a shoulder massage the other day, and he did a good job.

I'm not sure which TV show I want to follow this time. I've been hearing good things about "Lone Star," "The Event" looks to be after the Lost cult and "Boardwalk Empire" keeps getting compared to "Mad Men," which I admit, for me, is not an endorsement. The latter does promise me gangsters and boot-legging though, plus Steve Buscemi so I might try it out of sport. I am still debating on whether I will attempt "Lone Star" or "The Event" tonight.

The Passage was a great experiment in writing and a fascinating origin/mystery story, but I have to say that I can't really recommend it. )

I wanted to pick up "Shadows Edge" this week but both it and "Tongues of Serpents" are out at my local branch so it looks like I'll be moving onto "Name of the Wind." I'm exited for this one.

My last bit of happy news is that my latest interview just sent my inner geek into OVERDRIVE.
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Well, I thought my butterfly death story was amusing. :(

I think what I'm enjoying most about "The Passage" is the return of the carnal vampire. I would be a hypocrite to say that I don't read/write/enjoy the brooding vampire with a soul. I do. I read Vampire Knight. It's fun to explore the human psyche trying to cope with the bestial needs of the monster. That is also why I roll my eyes at the "well, we don't drink human blood" vampires. Where's the struggle? But I also still very much appreciate the dangerous vampire. The vampire who could kill you at any given second. True Blood does a nice job of mixing the two types so that vampires can still be SCARY. But "The Passage" gives me the pure animal vampire, devoid of the sensuality and focusing entirely on the terror. It's a nice throwback to Nosferatu and the like. I am getting a kick out of reading vampire fiction that actually disturbs me and makes me a little afraid to go out in the dark. I also love all the political story lines (terrorism, bio-science, war, criminal psychology) and the usual message of "This is why we don't use convicted death-row inmates for experiments that could result in them being insanely powerful, deadly and impossible to kill." Seriously, if it weren't for experiments on death-row psychos, fictional scientists would have nobody to test on. It's a convention, yes, but it's still wall-banging.

The more I read about our country and politics, the more I fall back on the Space Balls quote that "Evil will always triumph because good is dumb."

I also am considering doing a small essay on Glenn Beck, Christianity and how the "call back to God" is still exclusive as all hell.

It's weird that I know Project Runway is on its new season, but I had made no actual attempts to see it this time. Nobody ever talks about it anymore. It seems a bit dead. Maybe I will turn on Lifetime sometime and marathon it.
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Gabi and I had a fun time watching the first half of Nabari no Ou, only she cheated because she's already read the manga so I made her tell me THE BIG SPOILER. I'm not a big fan of Miharu because I hate that 'I'm a 12-years-old child' thing he always does. But I do love his relationship with Yoite. I really love them. I also enjoy Aizawa and Thobari. Poor Thobari. But more that that, I'm just excited to finally know who the fuck are these characters that I've seen at CFUD for years. I feel edumacated. We'll probably watch the second half next week or so.

We also caught up on Sherlock. And all I can say is wow is a certain character GAY. But yes, terrible cliffhanger and *insert fistshake gif here* and all.

I finished Mockingjay on the Metro by accident. :( )

I guess I will be picking up The Passage at the library tomorrow.
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I enjoyed the new Sherlock Holmes, but man it takes some getting used to the fact that Sherlock has a website, texts and uses Google Maps. I preferred when he Google-mapped using his mind later in the episode. I am also impressed at how much more they poke at the gay thing after what happened with Ritchie and the owner of Sir Conan Doyle's estate. Is more flexibility allowed when it's a modernization? I still have to watch the third episode since Tom left before that and I hate watching things alone. I might make my father watch it with me since he's a big Sherlock fan. I also noticed that the main theme for the action parts of this show is remarkably similar to the 2009 movie. I also am undecided on how I feel about Lestrade being more of a Gordon-type in this imagining. I prefer when he and Sherlock are jerking each other's chain.

This story of three vets, with one leg between them, scaling Kilimanjaro brings tears to my eyes.

I really want to play Okami again. I'll probably do that when I go to visit my family this weekend. Bro still has his PS2.

Also, all the buzz around the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie has been piquing my interest. What do people know about this book? Sell me on it. I might try add it to my queue. Right now it consists of Mockingjay, The Passage and Name of the Wind.
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I was slightly more productive today. I foresee that failing tonight as the heat has been making me increasingly headachey and lethargic.

In the meantime, I encountered a rather amusing testimony from 4chan's trial for posting the password to Sarah Palin's email account. Now, I have limited love for 4chan, which mostly extends to my ability to swipe images and decreases steadily the longer I remain in the atmosphere of mutual disdain. I also find the actions that led to this trial EXCEEDING STUPID AND YES WORTHY OF CRIMINAL ACTION, regardless of personal opinions toward Palin.

That said, The Smoking Gun dug up moot's testimony for the trial. It's mostly amusing to watch him explain to the courtroom what /b/tard, newfag and rickroll mean.

I will be spending the rest of the night with the new Sherlock Holmes and Tom.
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After sitting through hours and hours of Neopets and PetPet advertisements on Nickelodeon, I have completed my Avatar Book 3 marathon. I will be purchasing the DVD as soon as my card has money on it again, as Suncoast sucks and is all out. Some things I picked up upon rewatch:

Can you really still spoil Avatar? Oh well, just in case. )

I also caught RuPaul's DragU this week. Normally, I would have no problem with this show and I would like to emphasize that I only saw one episode so I have no idea whether the rest of the episodes follow a similar pattern. But I was severely squicked at the idea of taking women with extreme self-esteem issues (one was afraid to dress feminine because she had been raped) and then grading them on how well they demonstrate their feminine qualities at a mock-graduation. Especially giving them a C! That's just twisted. I like the idea of drag queens helping women from various walks pretty up, but I think it would work much better if it were more "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" than another competition show. I had some problem finding humor in one drag queen stealing another queen's wig for her protege when said protege was the former rape victim. Yeah.

And to conclude we shall have our whacky news of the week:

Man sprays semen on women at store. What is the world coming to?

Robbery victim uses feet to text for help. A much better version than what happened to another women in July.

Obama is against Prop 8 but has also said he's against gay marriage. Where do you go with this?

I will return with the final part of my writing meme tomorrow.
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Time for Good News, Bad News with Nayami!

Good: My kitty seems to be improving somewhat with her meds. She does keep doing her pirate thing though.
Bad: I won't be able to hit up any Fringe events this weekend because I don't want to miss one of her treatments by being in D.C.

Good: I am so looking forward to seeing Inception this weekend.
Bad: I so don't have money to blow on movies with Otakon on the horizon.

Good: I love my job sometimes, especially when I get to talk to awesome people.
Bad: I am feeling distant from my workplace again, as more people keep leaving without me even knowing they had put in their two weeks. In this case, it was someone I thought I knew fairly well. I might as well work from a shack in the woods for all the connection I get from work. :(

Good: I am finished with "Empire of Ivory." It has been my favorite of the series, with good pacing, much more interaction with the dragons and a very compelling storyline. I can't wait to find out what happens to Laurence in the next volume.
Bad: I am still like number 70 on my waiting list for "The Passage."

Good: They are talking about making new Beavis & Butthead cartoons.
Bad: They may face much harsher copyright laws over the music this time. :(

Good: I am going to start eating healthy this week.
Bad: I have been eating atrociously all week (including Burger King) and now feel incredibly FAT, which is strange for me since I never worry about that sort of thing, outside of thinking I have fat thighs.

Good: Username purges will allow people to have the usernames they want.
Bad: I am a possessive packrat who opposes these things on irrational principal. Fortunately, I never choose good usernames so I doubt anyone will want mine. o/ PS, don't try to argue this with me. My viewpoint is irrational and unchanging.

Also, license plate of the week is "TO DSNY." D'aww

Now to pick up where I left off on my writing meme thingie. Featuring: romance, protagonists and antagonists. )
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Wow, I need to see Crusoe like now. Possibly also Leverage.

I will be with my father for most of the day and will be returning in the evening if anyone needs me, provided I don't pass out from the whirlwind that was yesterday. More on that later.
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That monstrosity known as "Zero" is finally done. I have to be fair, the novel really should have never tried to cover any of the Psycho!Orange stuff since it was just fan-pandering in the series and makes no sense regardless of what medium it is presented in. And the Kallen allusions between Zero and Naoto were nice. But what was the purpose of even bothering with the V.V./Nunnally scenes if the author wasn't even going to speculate on their importance? The final confrontation was decent Suzaku perspective, I suppose, but it all felt too rushed. Maybe the author was trying to convey the intensity of the moment through prose. I think this novel's greatest sin, aside from its mind-boggling interpretations, was trying to play straight with the ridiculous mystery (C.C., V.V., Geass, Marianne) and randomness of S1's finale.

I failed at getting "Hundred Thousand Kingdoms" at the library. They also didn't have "Rampant." I was so annoyed at my failure that I didn't even think to try to find The Thief series Dana recommended. Instead, I ended up with some werewolf fiction called "Sharp Teeth." I picked it up because it's a novel written in free verse, and it sounds like a trip.

I want to see the new Bravo series about the artists, "Work of Art." It's probably cheesy, but it's not like I have anything else to watch anymore.

Also, SPN Anime? As long as it fast-forwards to the angels. But ugh, I can already see the woman fanservice. Sob.

I also forgot to mention in my last few posts that I recently discovered that someone I hung out with frequently in high school has since become an award-winning drag queen. Who knew?
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In a moment of supreme dorkery, I noticed that John Barrowman was guest-starring in my father's beloved "Desperate Housewives." I wasn't 100% sure since it seemed an odd match, but there was something about that trademark Capt. Jack grin so my family and I scoured the casting reel. And wouldn't you know it, the second I give up and return to my writing, Barrowman's name appears in the credits. He was playing an eco-terrorist who kidnapped one of the wives and her son. She tried to warn another wife by placing a note in her lasagna. I can't be more detailed than this because I don't watch the show. But yay Barrowman sighting!
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Going to go finally return library books but some quick things before that.

I love the ongoing fight between Tim Gunn and Emilio. The man truly hates him. Read his blog for the real scoop. Protip: Let the page load just long enough to see the text and then freeze it. Lifetime's website will destroy you. Also, Tim Gunn critiques super hero designs!!

I am torn over what I'm hearing about "Kick-Ass." I know everyone wants to go on about how awesome Hit-Girl is but that she's 11 and in something so incredibly violent is not sitting well with me. I am a giant hypocrite in this because I write about a 10-year-old mass murderer and probably wouldn't bat an eye if this were a character in an anime. But I don't know seeing an 11-year-old violently kill people in live action gives me uncomfortable feelings. I think I will withhold my judgment on this one.

Yay for President Obama doing something about patient visitor rights! Now people can actually be visited by people they love and not just next of kin. Of course, the dumbass Family Research Council found negativity in the announcement. I really love this asshole's assertion that families are limited to people connected by blood, marriage or adoption.

I hear the violent beating of a College Park reveler by local police is now international news. The best part is how people are still trying to defend the police WHO LIED ON THE CHARGING DOCUMENTS. They said the student attacked their horse and the horse kicked him. Obviously, that wasn't the case.

"Glee" gets the smackdown for daring to insult the esteemed ex-gov Palin.
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So I was reading "Catching Fire" at work today and noticed I had some sort of abscess near my temple, which I pushed a little. It did not approve and started bleeding. I figured it would deal until I finished my book since I had started reading late and only had about 15 minutes left of my break. LOL no. It gushed blood down the side of my head, which I was still adamant to ignore because cleaning and tending to it would have taken PRECIOUS READING TIME. My attempts to at least finish my chapter were interrupted by a coworker coming into the lunch room and wondering what the hell had happened to my head. So I ended up holding a wash cloth to it for about an hour and eventually the bleeding stopped. Stupid head wound robbing me of my reading time. Now I have to catch up.

In other news, I am deeply depressed RPattz will be on The Daily Show. And more deeply depressed that Meyer left a review on "The Hunger Games", although it is funny that her review is right next to Stephen King's. Ah, the circle of life.
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I keep telling myself I will watch Supernatural and/or a Kamen Rider series. And I keep not doing it. I think this is because when it comes to non-reading fandoms, I need someone to marathon things with, even if they have no idea what the hell I'm talking about. I used to do this with Tom and with my brother. I can't even humor the notion of doing this with my roommate for reasons I have provided far too many times. So short of being kidnapped by fans of these series or having someone visit me, I'm getting the feeling it's just not happening. Sadness.

I caught up on PH! So so so good.

I am now prepared to go more into detail about how I felt about the ending of "Sea of Monsters" and how much I already love "Titan's Curse". Mmmm Artemis. )
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I don't usually watch the American Music Awards since they are dull as dirt. Also music to me is about the music not the visual medium. I'm definitely one of those Video Killed the Radio Star types. But after checking the wires today, apparently I MISSED something. So I booted up my trusty YouTube to catch up with the rest of the world.

Lady Gaga: Nice voice and the burning piano is a beautiful visual. She's good at pushing the boundaries in these things. I still think her outfit was ridiculous, but overall very stirring showing. I can see why it's getting some buzz. I know people are seeing her as the new Madonna, but I admit I liked naughty Madonna more than showgirl Madonna. Again, both have amazing voices though. Speaking of naaaaaaughty...

Adam Lambert: Not so nice voice, which is disappointing because this is my first brush with "For Your Entertainment" and I actually liked the sound. Maybe I'll YT a non-live version. As far as his visuals, yeah he wanted to be a showboat and unlike some of the whining blogsphere, I liked it. There are exceptions. The pawing up the one girl's leg while she was on the pole was lewd even for that display and the kiss was really really forced and... off. I understand it fit the mood of the song but yeah, general ickiness. Which I don't really get because I *like* these type of brutal visuals. Hence, why the leashes and studs and bondage motif amused me greatly. Also, I am a terrible person, but the fall was priceless. Nice job of turning it into a barrel roll, Adam. Overall, had he sang this non-suckily, the presentation would have turned out much better. I am so tired of seeing women over-sexualized so seeing a guy playing it up impressed me. I think why I liked it is because it was, as Gabi explained it, so very 80s. Over the top? Yeah, but I think that's what he was going for. Work on balancing the pipes and performance for next time, you crazy Idol.

ETA: Oh yeah, this is my new fave song of the week. I'm going to force my father to listen to this one at Thanksgiving Dinner.
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I has True Blood to marathon. I spent most of yesterday watching Dollhouse, which is much better than I thought, even if the idea is still mostly creepy. I also watched a few episodes of the Middle Man and am fairly certain that Wendy and I share the same super power.

Oh and went to see Half-Blood Prince again. I paid more attention to Draco's story this time because I think Felton's acting in this was beautiful. They also showed the New Moon trailer, which involved Dana telling me to shut up and not ruin this for her with my Twilight bitching, and I admit the were looked cool. Giant wolves are always an A++ with Nayami.

Now to find a way to force my father to let me watch Frost/Nixon.
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So I am currently feeling ill and scared and "omg we're all going to die" about the state of the world, especially a certain Korean country that isn't south. I hate it. I need to learn to accept the things I can't change, but I'm still terrified.

I also realize I have completely lost my will to speak with people like a civil person. I don't know if it's just me getting old and cranky or if there's some deeper reason. I just know that I have a shorter fuse. I'm also trying very hard to stop telling people I know how they feel since I think it comes across as selfish and like I don't actually care about their pain when all I'm trying to do is form some manner of solidarity. But as it usually just makes people more upset or makes them try to "outdo" me more or less with even worse stories, I'm going to give it up. All and all, I'm really sorry if I'm being a bitch to anyone. I'm trying to stop it, but I'm just too worked up by so many things to have my usual cool.

In good news, I saw Merlin. In bad news, let's face it, the show is terrible. This does not mean I won't watch it. I love Arthur and Merlin, I love Giles as Arthur's father, I love John Hurt as the Great Dragon and I love how very period but corny it feels. It's too bad the writing is just so damn lame. But I can deal for Arthur and Merlin. This show is now my summer guilty pleasure.
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Ack he's going to meet him?? Stupid unproperly labeled Lost spoiler. BTW, I had some REAL issues with last night's episode. Contrived city. Major Kate mysteries just felt weak, and Sayid would have seriously popped that kid in the head. Your lol moment of the night though was "He will have lost his innocence." Ok, Lost writers, that was more than just deus ex machina; that was fucking creepy. What is Richard going to do? Rape him? Bleh.

Halfway done my Invasion America spree. I just spend an hour watching an E news documentary on Bennifer. I think this says much about my mentality.

I did finally find someone to hit up the sakura fest with me this weekend though. Sisterly time is always nice.
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The one problem with staying over Dad's: having to wake up at the ass-crack of dawn and then drive home before going to work. :( I know Tom wants me to go see Milk with him today, but I might just come home and pass out.

I was so flaky last night. Sudden attack of nausea, vertigo and a bunch of another unpleasant things that blame on my father's ribs. I mostly just wanted to lie around and watch Will Ferrel comedy specials and some lackluster tv shows: Kings and Legend of the Seeker. I think I died a little while watching the second. But I did take something for my variety of health issues and hope to be coherent later today.


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