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Mean mouse is being mean again. Perils of the laptop.

I only wish the Net was scarier than the economy. Then at least I'd have some decent distraction. Work is ever the depressing. Stock market is like a teasing harlot. Up and down up and down. I wonder if the election can truly save us. I know I'm supposed to take comfort in the electoral college map, but I am extremely wary about calling things early. I learned the fatal error in that about a year ago. With all this misery afoot, I find myself in poor motivation to actually figure out what pieces I want to submit to my contest.

Though, in somewhat perkier news, I am contemplating a new project. Mostly for the reaction factor because those are nummy. Bonus points for also getting bored enough during lunch to write a crack essay. My old fandom is going to murdinate me.

Which reminds me. I should kick myself for forgetting my roots. Oh, X, how could I have forgotten you or your training?

And we end with an awesome conversation between me and Graham.

Graham: Soon they'll start making everything out of corn. Like corn nuclear bombs.
Me: I could go for corn nuclear bombs. At least they'd be recycling.
Graham: Don't worry, North Korea, we've just got a nice shipment of corn.
Me: ... OMG. You're a terrible person.
Graham: Aren't I?
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Still reading posts and making sure my points don't clash/replicate. For now the big ones are: methods (why Suzaku and Lelouch didn't really switch places), cruelty/murder, demon king, dark knight, geass and its many mysteries (note: this is not THE argument, you know the one), arthur, friendship/relationships and Kallen.

I am also contemplating writing up my Lelouch = Fuuma comparison. I will have to fall back on old X fandom interpretations for that one, recalling some of the people who likely still hate me today. But now that I'm away from the X fandom and the horror of Xtv, I can acknowledge that even if those people think I'm a bitch, they had good ideas. And this one is particular was always amazing. I do love Fuuma. I think the similarities might also explain why a certain someone appreciates Lelouch as well.

I have been getting the worst sleep ever for the past few days for various reasons so I'm going to nap before taking on either of the above topics. I probably won't tackle a discussion post until this week. I still need to... rewatch the episode.

In happy news, I have a shirt and a rule made out of corn. Oh and new icons! I will probably remake my header this weekend. Either the trio or EEE. I'm leaning more toward the trio...
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Clamp, you cheating bitches of hell. You've officially cheapened the single most provocative scene of X. STOP REUSING IDEAS AND EMPLOY SOME CREATIVITY. Seriously, of all the scenes you could have gone "lolz clamp" with, did it have to be Rainbow Bridge? God, do you even care about your past writing at all anymore?

Fuck, I'm pissed.
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Argh Tsubasa! Why must your actual plot deprive me of my twins? I swear I need someone who reads Tsubasa regularly and can just tell me when my X characters show up. I hate disappointment.

Geass spoilers have perked up their tricksy little heads, being as pocked with questions as ever. )
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OMG I forgot what sexkittens Kamui and Fuuma can be. This is mostly me going on about this subject in relation to a certain OVA. )

Caught up on Naruto, mostly because I wanted to see Sai and the end of the Gaara arc is a good emotional piece. Though I think the bringing Gaara back from the dead was significantly less emotional than the handshake of gay. Gaara seeing the whole village full of people that loved him was sweet. The new ED is just Sai fanservice, which I guess is ok. Sai is one pale mofo. But they did let him say his line about asking if Naruto has a penis so they points for that.

Also caught up on Heroes. Now I shall blather on about that. )

Then we watched Battlefield Earth. I can't remember anything about this movie. Even watching it with Riff Trax was probably a waste of my time. I think the message about Scientology I took away from that movie is that Scientology kind of makes me want to shoot myself in the head so I never have to experience something that godawful ever again. Hehe LJ forces me to capitalize Scientology as if it were a legitimate religion. Lolz.

Caught up on Avatar. I feel stupid because I just figured out that Azula is younger than Zuko. I did not realize she's only 15. This entire time I thought she was the older sister. This fucks with my entire mindset. Now I talk about the episode that must not be named. )

William and I spent a good portion of the aftermath of watching said episode, comparing Lelouch and Zuko's childhoods and royal influences. I will have to type it up someday because it was pretty awesome. I think the crux was that Zuko had full security to the thrown but was forced into submission (hence his loud/violent outbursts of pent of frustration), whereas Lelouch was relatively pointless in the royal scheme but developed a vicious pride (hence I CAN DO IT MYSELF THIS IS MY PROBLEM). Emo exiled princes are amusing.
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I hear tale of the newest Avatar two parter. It makes me excited and thus I have trouble sleeping. But I will try anyway as soon as I mention two very important things. One, all of you X fans who commented on the previous post are awesome and deserve puppies, possibly supplied by Subaru. And two, adding a "ly" to the end of an RP username is RETARDED. Stop doing it, RP-ers in general!
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I feel better than yesterday so I might actually try to catch up on stuffs. But the poll asking if the X fandom is dead makes me want to kick people in the face. We're just not popular like Tsubasa because we're on hiatus, you morons. Seriously, X hate really infuriates me. X was Clamp's epic series for a reason. Yeah they screwed us. But in my mind, X will be superior to everything but Tokyo Babylon. Such is why I only read Tsubasa for X. I feel no shame in this. I even gave them money when I bought the Japanese Acid Tokyo volumes and the English translation. The Dragons are all I need. Ok Mokona can stick around too because he loves Kamui. As usual, don't diss X around me; I will cut you.

ETA: TRC!Fuuma, you're such an adorable flirt.


1. new Avatar
2. Gundam 00 ep 3 thru 5
3. rewatch Geass 25
4. will watch Baccano during vacation, possibly Gundam Destiny as well
5. sometime catch up on Heroes
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I have such jealousy toward the people who've just stumbled onto X through Tsubasa or some other means. They're all so cheery and bright-eyed and completely ignorant of the fandom's dark history. When I mention the ship wars, the dragon wars and the theory wars, they blink at me like dumbfounded fawns. Not to say I never enjoyed myself in the fandom. Many of the discussions, however vicious, were well-thought out and I can't say how often I would rush home from school/high school to read them or jump blogs. I made many friends through the fandom as while; some who have moved on as time went by. But as X is a series twisted in battle and the nuances between love and hate so is the fandom. I almost want the newer fans to understand and respect that.

That said, I read a Geass fic last night, hoping it would be something worth archiving. It had a good premise and a very powerful start. Some parts of it were quite fitting as well. But pacing is a very essential part of fiction, and this one regrettably made a poor choice on that front. Not only that, characterization was later sacrificed for sake of the plot in a way that made me lose any faith in the piece whatsoever. In the end, I was just left feeling aggravated and disappointed. I should be writing this under the fic's comments and not here, but I'm not sure that would go over so well, and I just want to capture my total disillusionment.

I also read the worst spoilers I could ever find for Godchild. I don't know why I'm so obsessed with buying my Viz releases when I can never wait for them to finish the story. Now I want scanlations SO bad.
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I just got the chance to call up Sis and say "Dude, where's my car?"

Random thing I typed up some time last night but was too zonked to share.

Crack interpretation and prediction on Angel/Seal storyline in Tsubasa. )

Won't be around today due to spending time with the usual gang. Let's hope this chases away that damn depression of mine.

Also, telling Rache how the Gravitation characters *really* are was awesome. Love how she all but wailed when she learned that our dear lil' Ryuuichi was actually 31. XD And nobody ever remembers that Eiri is only 22. Adult my ass. Then there's Tohma and his 32ness and Tatsuha and his 16ness. Tatsuha scares me.
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So I've been going back over the Tsubasa translations/scans for the latest chapters (I'm only concerned about X world since I *tried* to understand the Syaoran thing and NO). I think I almost understand some things but am not 100 percent.

If you are not up-to-date with Tsubasa AND remotely care about spoilers, yell at me and I might cut this. Otherwise, I figure everyone who cares already knows this stuff.

1. Original speculation says the Fuuma hints that Subaru and Kamui are not twins. That's not the interpretation I'm getting from reading the translations on what he says in the chapter. It seems more like when he first encountered Kamui in Tokyo, he was confused that the other twin wasn't there. This points toward Subaru since he adds that he's happy they're reunited now. Sad because it kills my hopes for a Hokuto. Someone tell me I'm wrong.

2. Two, original speculation said Seishirou was getting old. Translation says exactly opposite. In fact, when taking into consideration Kamui's over-protectiveness of Subaru's blood, his blatant jealousy and irritation whenever Seishirou's name is brought up and his distate for "bait," I'm thinking the reason Subaru asked about Seishirou is because he wanted to know how his (Subaru's) blood was affecting him. So I'm going to connect 1 and 2 and say that Subaru fed Seishirou. I doubt this means that Seishirou is a complete vampire but I'm also thinking it might be paralleled with what's going on with Kurogane and Fai. But since I haven't read Seishirou's chapters in Tsubasa in a long time, I'm not super clear on this. I know Syaoran said something about Seishirou mentioning bait too, but I think that's a separate issue.

3. Kamui is sooo jealous. I find that funny. I love his little twitches of disgust when he sees Subaru ask about Seishirou. I also think that he's leading this little run-along between him and Subaru because Subaru seems conflicted. I think Subaru wants to see Seishirou. I'm seeing inklings of the same one-sided obsession once displayed between Kamui and Subaru in X. We'll see if that holds true. I do believe if the main group does leave X world soon, the Seishirou issue will have to be resolved later in the story.

4. Kamui is a sad panda and part of me wonders how he functioned before he met Subaru. Because although the manga refers to them as twins, I'm not entirely sure it means brothers. I think it just has to do with them both being allowed to travel worlds together with Yuuko's help. I have nothing to base this on, it just makes sense to me. That and I doubt Kamui would have ever let Subaru out of his sight long enough for Subaru to meet Seishirou were they truly related. I think Subaru would have had to met Seishirou beforehand, met and bonded/sobstoried with Kamui and then they picked up the travel spell. Whereas, I do see Seishirou and Fuuma as actual brothers.

These are all crack theories based on thoroughly scanning chapters 109 through 132 so if you have better Tsubasa-based knowledge, do set me straight.
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I clicked on Tsubasa 129 and saw Sakura and thought "God, if I am going to have to put up with a whole chapter of her being all cool and otherwise taking up X chara time, I am just going to shut this right now." Then I saw Fuuma and all was forgiven. Further spoilers )
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Yes, I'm still awake. Damn insomnia.

Fuck yeah, X world is still in operation and ZOMG spoiler )
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So I learned that aside from our initial welcome to X world with the smexy Fuuma vs. Kamui fight, we've had absolutely no decent shots of Kamui and Fuuma together. Quite an opposite from the plethora of Kamui and Subaru we've been given. So I took it upon myself to generate an icon so I could remember what my original ship was.

The madness that was creating this icon cut so as to not put half of you to sleep in the morning. ) I'm also incredibly pleased with the icon. I think it's almost hard to tell that pic's a total manip.

I can sleep in peace.
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In my bitching about Tsubasa 127, I forgot to mention the happy feelings it brought me. More spoilers. )
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Spoiler for Tsubasa 127 )

Not sure when getting off work today. Only 3 more chapters to go on AS summaries. Watch 16 come out just to bite me in the ass.
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Finished packing (took forever for me to decide on what Naruto item to have Yuri sign), cleaning and genral getting ready stuff. All I have to do now is figure out how the hell I'm transporting my PS2.

Stupid Tsubasa put me in an X mood and since the manga can only provide so much entertainment, I have resorted to Xtv. Let it be known that I do not like many aspects of Xtv, but I do enjoy "Slaughter" and a few other episodes. If you haven't guessed the theme for this marathon, you haven't been paying attention to the Net lately. I love the new Xtv fangirls and their silly attempts to read Seishirou's lips during the Rainbow Bridge scene to determine what he's saying. They just don't get that Clamp doesn't want us to know. That's the point. *sigh* I want Seishirou the Vampire Slayer back. And Mounted Police Fuuma. And um, wait, who's this series about again? Anywho, Fuuma and Seishirou both need to bust some cheating boytoy asses. I would also kill for Hokuto, but that's not happening anytime this century.

I hope I have everything.
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Dang you, perdy boy, you're making me think traitorous S/K thoughts. What can I say? I guess I've always had a soft spot for the snuggles deep down. One-sided mind you. But still...I'm actually happy to see you, Sumeragi.

Must clean room, clothes and manga now.
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Amid my attempts to write, I've come to the conclusion that the world needs a romance/adventure between a Grim Reaper (though I prefer Shinigami because it just sounds more spiffy) and a Guardian Angel. One saves you from death and the other helps you die. It would be awesome and probably slash since I can't write females to save my life. Ideas to follow as they come to me. I'm thinking Gabriel for angel and possibly Raven for reaper. But I'm open to other suggestions. I blame the return of Dead Like Me to television, Sci Fi channel to be exact.

Also might as well share fanart/fanfiction idea of The Black Pearl being represented as a hot pirate bitch who slaps Jack around and *occassionally* opts for a shag. The idea is not helped by the reminder that The Black Pearl probably cheated on Jack with Barbosa or that the Pearl would kill Elizabeth in a cat fight over Jack. Also SPOILER ) I invest too much in the personification of inanimate objects. And just so we're clear, this would be the spiritual manifestation of the Pearl and not the actual ship. We won't even go there.

Other things I might eventually talk about should I ever feel better:
1. Prince of Tennis dub. No, I don't think it sucks. But at least people don't regard it the way they regard the Naruto dub. Damn, you'd think the dub personally murdered their entire family the way they act. Itachi doesn't have nothing on Viz.
2. Hikaru no Go dub. I like Sai. I like Mousse's VA. Bite me.
3. Haseo of the new HACK series and how he looks like a cosplaying Sasuke. Further info on Team 7 in the World.
4. X artbook and subsequent X musings.
5. *insert random topic here*
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Damn you, Clamp. It's because I was happy again, wasn't it? First, Kishimoto yanks the leash on my Vengeance Brat and now this? Why can't I ever win?
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So [livejournal.com profile] aquariankiss teased me with the joke that Kamui's a vampire, and now I can't get the damn thing out of my head. I'm right now busying myself trying to figure out which twin turned him. It's the attack of the S/K fanfics from hell. Oh noes! The lad sure does look sexy with blood dripping down his hand. Too bad Fuuma had to hog the look during X. I can't believe I quit this series almost a month ago because I thought X had disappeared after it being absent for the last two issues. It is seriously the best crack out there. Well, not as great as the crack Naruto continues to produce but it's up there. I guess my jokes about him looking like an angsty Dracula in 115 might not be entirely off after all.

I can't wait to see what insanity Kishimoto will bring us tomorrow. Here's hoping Kyuubi decides to sex up both Sasuke and NARUTO. Or that he at least nibbles Sasuke's arm for a bit.


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