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Dammit I'm so friggin' pissed right now. I am using my desk as a computer desk. This is not supposed to be. My wrists hate the way the edge of the computer digs into them. Sasuke-neko is plotting how to take out the three stacks of manga I was forced to move to another counter so I could fit my computer on the desk. The other stack of manga threatens to fall over and smash my hands. Yeah I need to clean my room ok? I'm not used to using a laptop in the sane, conventional way. And the light reflecting from my light fixture is bouncing off the screen and hurting my eyes. I officially hate using the computer right now.

Onto other topics, I caught up on Yugioh:TAS. The movie had some great lines, particularly with Pegasus flirting with Kaiba, Anzu trying to sex up Yuugi and Kaiba trying not to look at the naked Anubis. The newer episodes are also fun. Who doesn't love Otogi being sexy? I admit I looked up that name and only know him as Duke Devlin, but I wanted to be cool. I love his theme music in TAS. He is entirely too pretty to exist on Yugioh. It is why he could only stay for a handful of episodes at a time. I was sad he never got to meet Kaiba. Oh and Safty was marvelously creepy as Rebecca and her demonic teddy bear.

Also tortured myself with Naruto: Abridged don't know why. I don't mind if a fan hates yaoi. Up to them really. But do they have to continuously bash it? I have no point of comparison since yaoi fans very rarely make parodies so I can't say whether or not they bash het pairings. But knowing fangirls, I suppose it's highly likely.

ETA: Oh yeah, I do have one more complaint. At this angle, I'm going to have to close my door since passersby can see any of the horrible pron I may be looking at/reading.

Tata Rummy

Nov. 8th, 2006 05:57 pm
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Very bad mood today. No X world in Tsubasa. Not sure how the rest of the night will be spent since I am stuck in my cynical hate-fest and that's no fun to deal with at all. It usually goes away in a day, provided nothing else pokes at the scab.

I need an icon for "Get up on the hydra's back, Yuugi." Little Kuriboh, I commend you on the best parody of the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon ever. But I also loved "Screw the rules! I'm in love with Nurse Joy." "You're f***ing dead, Mutou!"

It just occurred to me while I was driving to work today that LuLu could use his power for sexual favors. What makes this thought more horrendous is if the person under his power responded with my favorite "Yes, your majesty." I wonder can the eye ability work on Suzaku because knowing Sunrise, the brat's probably immune. I realize LuLu is a better person than me and is more set on his goal. I'd totally be making Jeremiah and his partner in crime get it on. "You will have sex so I can watch."
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I completely forgot about uploading my doujinshi previews and since I'm not in the manga mood yet, I guess now's as good a time as any.

I'm thinking about scanning a few. Let me know if there's any you'd be interested in checking out.

EDIT: Revised the summaries since I couldn't remember anything and decided to look them over again.

Gankutsou )

Naruto )

Yugioh )
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I just found a YGO icon maker who prideships. This is the highlight of my week. Well, that and the recent Tsubasa chapter. I can't wait to get ahold of that splash page.

I was thinking today of why I can never get too bogged down in one fandom. I think it's due to my obsessive mentality that I latch onto something and it's my life for the next month or so but then I immediately find something else and repeat the process. The funny thing is that the obsessions may be old or new and can come at any random moments. Some only grab me for partial moments but remain constantly in the back of my mind, as is the case with GW right now. Others are the current fixation such as Yugioh, Angel Sanctuary and Princess Tutu. I will spend hours hunting down source material, art and fics for my obsessions, posting essays or engaging in community topics. But then for no reason at all, I fall out of my obsessive love. Sometimes I am given a little nudge as is the case with the KH fandom, though I've hardly abandoned that. It's more of a reoccurring thing. I would prefer to be more devout as with some fans, but I'm nutty.

And I will eventually stop bitching to my poor AIM buddies about the whole "I hate non-canon slash/pairings without backstory" rant. I will. You guys have to tell me when I'm getting on that last nerve.

I'm so bored and think I'm out of touch with people lately.
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Shopping recommenced after [livejournal.com profile] quebelly kidnapped me to try and make me feel better. Then there was Doctor Who with things like "the Asian child." Oh and also Satan and Daleks vs. Cybermen, complete with computer-speak snark. "You will destroy the Cybermen with four Daleks?" "We will destory the Cybermen with one Dalek." I love the Daleks. They're so quirky. "Delete" vs. "Exterminate."

I also got a super awesome chainmail bracelet out of the deal. Shiny.

Today is Mr. Bitchy-Pants Pika-Boy's birthday today, I hear. But I spent all my money on clothes and have none for a cake. I weep. He doesn't deserve one anyway. He deserves a stomach virus. Mind you, I still do love him. He's my Sasuchu.

Trying to catch up on manga again. Finally got KH manga 1 and KH manga 4. I really hate the disturbing way Sora is drawn when he's being a nut. I want to put him down with a tranq or something. I think he's rabid. Leon is suitably smexy. Definitely not enough evil Riku. Got Cantarella. Still awesome storyline and fun characters. Cesare. Ah, and Yugioh: Duelist 15. This volume blew me away so much more than the anime version of this same arc where Malik pits Yuugi against a brainwashed!Jou. Jou is far more insane and his deck is far more painful. Yami is a lot more broken up about the whole thing. And Kaiba...Well, let's quote Kaiba for a moment here.

Kaiba: "A death match between Yuugi and Jounouchi!"
Mokuba: "[Niisama]! Are you going to let them do this? Let's help them."
-Note, this comes from the kid who told Kaiba to leave that loser Jou behind just a few pages earlier. Also, the manga has Mokuba call Kaiba "Kaiba" and since I know that is way wrong, I refuse to acknowledge it.
Kaiba: "I can't believe Malik's mind control is this strong. To make them fight such a sick duel...Even at my worst, I never would have done this. The only way to find the answer is for someone to die? I don't want to know if that's the price! I have to rescue them!"

...kaiba? That speech came from Kaiba? I know Kaiba's not the unmitigated bastard 4Kids portrayed him to be but still, to see Kaiba so worked up over someone who's not Mokuba literally fries my brain. And he is upset. When he can't interfere because Malik's goons snatch Mokuba, he's majorly frustrated and worried about Yami/Yuugi. He also shows concern for Jou's welfare as well. It makes a whole lot more sense that he saves Jou later by dropping the key down to the water. Before that seemed just like a whim since I didn't know the whole story, but now I see he was still trying to help since he couldn't during the main fight. Whatever happened in Duelist Kingdom made a HUGE impact on Kaiba in the manga. Sure, he's still pathologically obsessed with beating Yuugi in the tournment, but he also has the ability to look beyond his own concerns when he's in better control of his issues. I love manga Kaiba. He's so complex. It's good the anime gives us a bit more development in Doma Arc to make up for what we lost in Battle City from the anime changing the storyline around.

As for the answer Kaiba is seeking, he says it's whether Yuugi will sacrifice his friends to reach his destiny. Yami told him he would only find the answer through being with his friends. I think Kaiba's real question is more of "Are your bonds with others more important than your goals?" This is one of Kaiba's main struggles through Battle City, aside from his issues with destiny and hatred.

Randomly, Kaiba's devotion to Blue Eyes always cracks me up with the sheer magnitude of his pride for that card.

Kaiba: "Teamwork is all well and good...but only blood with make up the sacrifice for the wrath...of my Blue Eyes White Dragon!"

Honey, it's just a card game. Remember that.
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I continue to wait for my Tutu DVDs and I continue to be disappointed. ;_; I just know they're going to come on a day I'm insanely busy or something.

People are so stupid on 4chan, bitching about how us dubbed!Yugioh fans call Yami as such because we're ignorant of his real name. More like since he's a little spacey about his own name for most of the series and Yami no Yuugi gets old way fast, we need an alternative. An alternative which the Japanese fandom also accepted. That and since my chief Yami pairing is Kaiba, I would need something to make it less confusing when stubborn Kaiba spends the entirety of his time referring to Yami as Yuugi. The only time the yami thing annoys me is when it's established that un-psychotic/reincarnated characters have one. Really, there's nothing else to refer to Yami no Bakura and Yami no Malik as. You can't refer to them as their original selves. Well, maybe you can with Malik since he's just suffering from multiple personalities. I never bother myself with it since I don't like Yami no Malik and prefer his lovely, reformed self.

Kitties have rough tongues.
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After listening to the coolness that is Dan Green on podcast, I think my love for the horrible Yugioh dub has been reawakened. I want to watch my tapes now and dl the rest of the last season. Who cares if the dub is badness personified, I can just get the original, but the VAs those are something special. Y'all hatas need to give it up.
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Went manga-buying again today. Got Yugioh Duelist 13, Yami's first encounter with Osirus. Why they changed Osirus' name to Slifer in the manga is beyond me since they keep all the Japanese names. -_- The bondingtension between Yami and Kaiba in this volume is almost unrivaled.

Favorite Quotes:
-"You are one of the few people I recognize as a duelist. Where's your pride? I won't allow you to lose miserably while I watch."
-"Can't you see it, Yuugi? Our road of battle goes further than the eye can see. Don't tell me you're going to stop here."
-"If God stands in your way, mow him down! Have no regrets!"
-"No one can defeat Yuugi but me."
-"Mokuba, watch closely. This is the power of a true duelist."
-"The God cards choose only the proudest duelists as their owners."
-"If you weren't at my level, it would be pointless to defeat you."
-"Choosing friends over pride."
-"Then come at us as a tag team you pigs. Yuugi and I will pair up."

Right now trying to get GX 75; I hear Kaiba makes a cameo, along with Yuugi's grandfather. He's supposed to be slightly more there in 76. We'll see. But Azureus and Verizon hate each other. I should have opened IRC.

Also got the Gravitation novel. The amazing thing is that it doesn't suck ass. Well, I only read the Yuki/Shuichi parts, but they read very natural. You get to see Shuichi's thoughts so it becomes more than just "YUKI!" "Shut up." "*sobs*" "*grunts*" Their interaction had a sort of depth that existed only in brief pieces in the manga. I actually like Shuichi in this. Yuki's hot/cold manner seems right. Also, it does speak to the question about Yuki's fidelity, with Shuichi admitting that Yuki is his lover but also has some girlfriends on the side. I don't know, the idea of Yuki and Shuichi living together on a week-to-week basis is both sad and understable. Yuki has some real issues he needs to work out that could take a while. Also, hah to the image of Shuichi singing in a port-a-potty and the return of a certain sinister character.

However, one thing about the novel (so far) was BAD and that was Tokyopop's summary for it. And I quote:
"Energetic teenager Shuichi Shindo is the lead singer and songwriter for the smash-hit pop band, Bad Luck. During a break on his premeire tour, Shuichi comes home t see his boyfriend, Eiri Yuki, the famous romance novelist. He finds the apartment empty and the only thing waiting for him is a mysterious, alarming note. Has somethng horrible happened to his lover? Does it have any connection to that gorgeous lady who's been stalking the writer for the past few weeks?

NONE OF THIS HAPPENS IN THE NOVEL! The summary reads like bad fanfiction. Yes, Shuichi's being 19 makes him technically a teenager but after you hit 18, you've more or less hit some form of adulthood. This has to be the worst summary TokyoPop has ever written. Do they even read their stuff?

Other manga acquired include Love Mode 2 (still haven't read 1), Yami no Matsuei 10 (RIKO!) and Banana Fish 12.
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So afraid to check out the newest Naruto. *whimpers*

Ok, the deleted scenes and extras for the Goblet of Fire DVD reach new levels of wrongness. Aside from Snape dashing about to all the locked cars and deducting points from liplocked students, the inhumanely creepy goth rock band that plays at the Yule Ball and the headache-inducing Hogwarts theme song, you also get Ralph Fiennes and Daniel Radcliffe interaction. Disturbing interaction. I don't know what was worse. Fiennes constantly touching himself. Poor audio that made it sound like Daniel said "His body is FANTASTIC." Or Fiennes saying "When it really comes down to it, what you have is an older man who's tied up a younger boy and is humiliating him." GOD FIENNES! It was twisted enough without you having to beat to death the pedophilia motif.

Needless to say, this is my favorite HP DVD ever!

Adobe Premiere is being slightly less of a dick, but we'll see how it fares when I add in the Soubi and Kio parts. )

Took the car out for spin with the sun roof down for the first time ever. I might eventually get around to taking pictures, but I doubt it. I don't know. I think it needs something. Probably Tenimiyu. That would shut up the boy in his tricked, sunroof-having sports car that just had to blast the Milkshake Song at top volume whenever we hit a red light together. He can have his milkshake, I'll have my victoly.

For my Yugioh fans, Yugioh does The Two Towers and Return of the King. Highlights include Yami as Aragorn, Bakura as Frodo and two special guests as Theoden and Sam. May the crossover orgy begin.
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So I have my new layout up for now. I was going to do the angry Sasuke one since it's my favorite, but this seemed less enraged and violent. When it comes to Naruto, I'm in more of a subdue mindset. I'm mildly satisfied with it, but I'm lazy so I probably won't change it for a while aside from altering the main colors on a whim.

Does anyone know how to make one of those permanent entries at the top that won't mess up my friends ability to view my recent entries?

What was up with 4Kids suddenly deciding Set didn't have to be hypnotized to go with his father this time? Like they care about fan complaint. The whole scene was so "Come to the Dark Side, Set. Join me and together we will rule the galaxyEgypt." And Set's all for it, despite everyone whining at him to be the better man. But as soon as Atemu gets on his case, he's all "ZOMG! I can't betray the PHAOROH!" It would be touching if it wasn't so convenient. I'm impressed though. Eric Stuart didn't completely butcher his lines with Kisara. Thumbs up, Stuart. Thumbs up. Why must they deny me my Yugioh again for who knows how long?

I have something Naruto-ish and ranty to get into. If you've spoken with me at all, you've probably heard my take on the current situation in the manga. But I want to write up something since I haven't done anything intelligent outside work for a while. Before that, I really want to finish my manga since I was bad and went back to the net last night.
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Posted my awesomely bad fake Yugioh cards to my two main Yugioh communties, [livejournal.com profile] playthedamncard and [livejournal.com profile] yugi_fans. If you wish to see them, venture there and laugh.

It's a bad thing when I look at fanart that claims to be SasuNaru and think "That's not SasuNaru, that's beastiality."

Don't have to go to work until late tomorrow so as soon as I ditch the Bro and write some, I might be able to play at the camp. On the negative side, I lose a chunk of my weekend and have to drive somewhere I'm sure to get lost at tomorrow.

I got the worst idea possible at work today. We shall dub this brainstorm Sai and say nothing more because it should be pretty obvious by now what this idea was concerning. I need more free time.

ETA: Dear fanfiction.net writers,
Contrary to popular belief, nine year olds should not be kissing their girlfriends. Nine year olds shouldn't have girlfriends. You fail.
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I love my sudden discovery of tonses of icons. It allowed me to bring back all of my favorites, even if some are starting to show their age. You know what they say, the classics never die.

Saturday's dubbed Naruto blew me away. The VAs all did spectacular and nothing was horrendously edited either. They even forgot to remove the kiss scene during dying Sasuke's insta-flashbacks. I do think they worked a little with any scene that focused on the needles protruding from Sasuke's neck, but nothing that was too bad. I'm plenty happy they kept in the huggling and Naruto's death threat. I love it when the "kiddie shows" are allowed to say KILL.

Saturday's Yugioh disappointed me more than usual, and I don't really know why. Maybe it was baby Atemu sounding like a cat when he cried, maybe it was young Atemu's eternal bitching, maybe it was the displacement between Kisara and Set. I am a little amazed at how much they let Set go into his loyalty for Atemu. Every other word out of his mouth is "pharaoh." We get it, Set. You're all for the guy. Move on!

Seeing Sasuke attempt to Sexy no Jutsu flirt with Lupin at [livejournal.com profile] campfuckudie was the stuff legends are made of and arguably the best part of the whole post. Ah, Truth or Dare, reminding us what makes camp so fucking twisted.

Got another meeting tonight, as usual. So my fun will be delayed. Still trying to figure out how to fit in shopping time amid my busy schedule. ;_;
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All right! I live for religious rants, courtesy of a file found on [livejournal.com profile] playthedamncard. Basically, they tell me Yugioh is "a game obsessed with death," "an unfruitful work of the devil" and all about "coveting." It's glorious!

Speaking of Yugioh, Set is so in love with his pharaoh. I think the dub emphasizes this more than the subtitled version, with Set constantly going on about protecting the pharaoh, finding the pharaoh, believe the pharaoh is alive and aghast at the notion of taking the pharaoh's place. Yeah, there was also cute puzzleshipping. I disapprove in general, but it is a touching scene so it gets clemency. Ra flooring Yami Bakura and Diabound was another highlight.

Train's fangirl in Black Cat frightens me. Maybe it's her infatuation with phallic-shaped popsicles, especially ones that wiggle about in unsettling ways. I still like her though. Her "oh, i'm a poor damsel in distress" routine was beautiful. It's also strange for me to see Train reminding people he's Black Cat since he acts so different now. I want Creed back. *sniffles*

I didn't realize ParaKiss only has five episodes to go. I tend to get annoyed with the animes that have the female ditch school/previous life in pursuit of some unrealistic dream or worse, love (I'm looking at you, Miaka!) I'm a little forgiving for ParaKiss since Yukari has some chance of success in her modeling world, but I'm still all "tsk tsk" about the whole thing. Still melting over the George.

I am working on a Sai essay for this week. Basically why I think Kishimoto likes to pretend he's Sasuke. As a matter of fact, until I receive actual backstory for Sai, I am going to be the odd-gal-out and say there's decent evidence supporting Sai's being Sasuke. Discrepancies also exist, but I will cover this in the essay. I want to post it to the pretty-much defunct [livejournal.com profile] debattebayo, but I'll probably also run it by [livejournal.com profile] chuunin.

Will I make productive use of my night this time? We'll see.
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Today was marginally less stressful, mostly because I took a break mid-interviewing to snag a Shonen Jump from Walden. I then spent 10 minutes in my car cooing over the Blues Eyes Ultimate Dragon, which I resumed several hours later when I came home and let it romp with Blue Eyes Shining Dragon and its other Blue Eyes White Dragon brethren. I wonder if it's insane to contemplate buying two more copies of Shonen Jump just for the dragon. It's highly likely it is. But I also know most awesome cards don't work as well if you only have one.

In honor of my new pretty, this post shall be solely devoted to Yugioh ramblings. [livejournal.com profile] quebelly, you may skip in disgust.

First, some things that squicked me about the Shonen Jump magazine this card came in. Yami is holding a deck of cards with the Ultimate Dragon ontop on the front cover. It is insanely wrong for Yami to ever possess the Ultimate Dragon, maybe the Blue Eyes, but Kaiba would murder someone before he ever let them touch his triple-threat. We will exclude those times Kaiba allowed Yami's monsters to merge with his dragons or the one time Atemu did himself just because that's hot. This issue also included a clip of a page from the Yugioh Movie: Ani-Manga, which features an atrocious quote from Kaiba: "That's right. You see I have an even more powerful monster. Compliments of Pegasus...A new shiny dragon." The thought of Kaiba saying "shiny" hurts bad. As did the image my brother forced into my head of Kaiba singing "Shining Collection" from Gravitation. I didn't need that.

Some fun things from Shonen Jump: the reminder that Black Cat will soon be hitting the shelves, the preview of the new Spellcaster's Judgement structure deck, the reminder that I need to buy the Megamorph card and the section from the Memories Arc of Yugioh.

I failed to comment on the animated version of this segment that aired last weekend. Most of it was just Yami Bakura flirting with Atemu and a quick glimpse at young Set. He has the cutest widdle eyes. My second favorite part is when Diabound slices Osirus and gets Atemu in the process. Atemu always looks better when hot, bothered and in agony. My prime favorite part should be obvious to anyone who's seen it, but I'll mention it anyway because it makes me squee. When Yami Bakura has Atemu in a stalemate with Diabound ready to crush Atemu and Osirus ready to chomp Yami Bakura and Yami Bakura does his sexy "muut". Then Deos slices through Diabound's arm and Atemu's all "Set?" just as Set charges in with the calvary. I do love my protective Set. He may be a power-hungry bastard to some, but he's always there for his pharaoh.

Non-Yugioh note: Seeing the bloody pages of One Piece almost make me want to pick up the manga.
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I could say so much about yesterday's Yugioh. We could discuss the sucking (Atem and Mahado that is), the continued "dur"ness of Yami, the way I'm going to strangle Mana's VA or the hotness of Bakura tanning on his rock. But really [livejournal.com profile] playthedamncard hit the nail on the head with the implications of Kaiba and the Sennen Eye. That eye so PWNS Kaiba's ass.

Sennen Eye: Come with me to Egypt, Seto.
Kaiba: I'm not listening. I have sanity.
Sennen Eye: *makes Blue Eyes noises*
Kaiba: I'm not going and that's final!
Sennen Eye: *shows flashes of Atem and Set*
Kaiba: WTF?!!
Sennen Eye: I win.
Kaiba: *jumps on jet*
Kaiba: My going has nothing to do with you. I just don't want that idiot Yuugi giving people the wrong idea about us.
Sennen Eye: ^_____^

Someone even wrote SennenEye/Kaiba OTP. I should probably be frightened I find this so amusing.
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Why is asking to see my brother's homework like asking to remove his spleen? First, he lies to me and tells me it's done. Then he says I can't see it because it's not finished. Then he screams at me for yelling at him. I can't help yelling at him when all he does is act like a stoner. I should just slap him and get it over with.

I feel the urge to rant about puzzleshipping again, but I'll probably save that for another time. I have to watch Black Cat 5 and write something if I want to play tonight. I'll just say that I think Yami and Yuugi are just as cute not sexing each other up. Strike that, more cute. Yuugi is just not Yami's type. He needs someone fluffy. Like Jou or maybe Bakura. There needs to be more Bakura/Yuugi fiction and less Yami Bakura/Bakura fiction. I think Yami Bakura would have more fun with someone into his sadistic tendencies. Any of the yami halves could work with him. Or manga!Otogi. That'd be hot.

Also, have a response on something I read about "Becoming Out" that I want to run by my friends list later.

When/if I have some spare time this week, I either want to make a set of WR/Naruto icons to Peter Gabriel's "Red Rain" or multi-fandom icons to Rent music. If I do either, I might buy me icon space too.
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Reactions to 4Kid's Yugioh 202: )

I'd also like to point out that I don't care how bad the Yugioh dub is. I have the subs. I mostly watch the dub for sheer WTF factor and this arc is excellent at giving me my fix.

Reactions to Naruto...uh whatever ep was on tonight: )

Reactions to Avatar -- Northern Air Temple: )

Also because I skipped it last week. Ryuu from GX has officially taken over as the coolest character in the show. It doesn't matter if he's barely around. His cyber dragons are beautiful and he's not even an asshole. He acknowledges Juudai's skill. Now if only he were nicer to Shou. But I guess he has to be mean if he wants his lil' bro to learn.
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Interesting choice for a banner, LJ. I recommend more seasonal effects.

Most plans for Netting last weekend were destroyed by the frequent trips Tom and I took to various shopping places. Our quest was to find as much food as possible, which nobody ate since everyone at the party (aside from not being in costume) had already eaten. The party turned out different than I expected, with Tom's coworkers stealing him for most of it. I should blame that on Katamari though. The rest of the party was too entranced to notice his absence. I made the King of the Cosmos fire lasers at me. Tom also recorded my Yugioh: Dawn of the Duel (yes, I had to use the cheesy 4Kids title) on his computer so we could all laugh at Eric Stuart trying to sound like less of an ass. He fails. There was also Grave of the Fireflies, which is the most depressing anime known to man. I knew it would be depressing, but that just reached a whole new level. I was so pissed at Seita for not going back to his aunt, even when his sister was dying. We also interrupted our Halloween party to go see Wallace and Grommit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit. I love how spontaneous our parties are. W & G had bunnies, lots and lots of bunnies. I like bunnies. I guess that made it a better movie than Santa's Slay about how Santa was the son of Satan and had only been nice due to a bet he made with an angel over shuffleboard. Wow...Uh, Tom passed out (on me) during W & G and everyone had a good laugh. He made such an adorable Harry Potter, even if his scar was barely visible.

I bought Gankutsuou and complained about how Franz sounded too gay. I like everyone else. The guys kept laughing whenever I mentioned Franz had a fiance. It is rather funny.

Also, the new Gravitation, you can die. You can go to hell and die. Ryuichi/Shuichi makes me want to barf out my spleen. Shuichi would never cheat on Yuki!! This is worse than fanfiction. I want it to just stop. Hell, bring back the demon spawn child if it will keep Ryuichi from becoming a bastard and Shuichi from becoming even more of an ass.

Gots to take the Sasuke-neko to her vet today. Maybe then I can net andcamp and stuff.

How come my cable's out but my Internet's working this morning? That ain't right.
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Still working about improving the morale thing. I brought along Buffy Season 3 and Angel Season 2 for the ride. Project: Faith is now is session.

Won't be going to see Tom because of my mood and the weather so I'll probably spend the day with Scoobies. We'll see if I'm up for netting later tonight.

On the plus side, I woke up at 8:15 a.m. today, meaning I did get to see Yami Bakura vs. Kaiba. This fight always makes me realize how friggin' awesome Yami Bakura is and how he gets shortchanged in series. He should have been more of a threat. I could have also used more Kaiba and Yami Bakura interaction since he only talks to him once in the whole damn series (in the anime anyway). I don't know if they have anything in the manga. Yami Bakura just seems so smart and driven, more intriguing than the psychopath that is Yami Malik. I think Yami Bakura might be the only one (aside from the act of being *in* Ancient Egypt) that can shove Kaiba from his denial. The Yugioh storyline would have gained so much more credit, despite the whole fighting with cards thing, if Yami Bakura had been given a larger role. In the manga, he fares better but still isn't acknowledged for the writhing ball of potential he is. Bakura is a cute fluffball but ultimately dull. Yami Bakura is a character worth exploring. Also got to love his black trenchcoat. I need to find more sane Yugioh fans to discuss Yami Bakura with so I can invesitage him further. Sane fans and also not tendershipping because as said a million times, omote and yami pairings put me to sleep. Just masturbate already.
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That timer VCR I was saying I should buy the other day during my rant. Now I think I really should buy it. Just learned the AE arc only has one showing now and it's the 8 a.m. one. Fuck, I knew Grand Prix would kill it. I even set an alarm today, woke up at 7:15 and then turned it off and for some rabid-assed reason though I could stay up.

That's it. I need mirc now.


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