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Birthdate:Dec 29
Honest is easy. Fiction is where genius lies.
--"Demons": Guster

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Let's see, I've been called a brimming bowl of insanity.

I'm also a young novelist, about 27 going on... maybe 15. Lately my writing tastes have run toward wolves, werewolves, and the like, but I'm also fascinated with deities and demons. You know, if I ever write anymore. I'm pretty random when it comes to everything but writing so if you want to get an impression of the true me, you'll have to read my fiction. Also a graduated double-major with a fairly nice writing job.

Nayami's addictions include writing, reading, RPing, and anime/manga (though I really don't do much with these two anymore.) She has a way of stating her mind and can be brutally honest. Many consider her a heinous bitch because she doesn't believing in coloring criticism. She also loves debates. Most of all, Nayami adores ANGST and anything that involves it.

In short, this journal will be devoted to mostly writing and fangirl babble, but will feature some real life caps, especially of the political/media nature.




Manga of the Moment:
Vampire Knight

Anime of the Moment:
Legend of the Legendary Heroes
Star Driver: Takuto of the Radiance

Current Obsessions:
Star Driver: Takuto, Sugata
Vampire Knight: Zero, Aidou
Legend of the Legendary Heroes: Claugh, Luke, Sion, Ryner, Tiir

Shipping at the Moment:

The Usual Suspects
-now inclusive
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Roleplaying @ [info]campfuckudie
[info]sistercomplex: Mudou Setsuna (Angel Sanctuary)
[info]thekingsgambit: Lelouch Lamperouge vi Britannia (Code Geass: R2)
[info]bitingcynicism: Kiryuu Zero (Vampire Knight)
[info]plzdontoustme: Toboe (Wolf's Rain)
[info]paradisecalls: Kiba (Wolf's Rain)
[info]shoot_ed_up: Eddie Dean (The Dark Tower)
[info]bygeorgeithink: Peter Dickinson (Flight of Dragons)



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Fakir x Ahiru. Proving interspecies love is possible since 2002! <3

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