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So I didn't realize "The Thief" was actually a children's book and spent 15 minutes searching through YA before I finally learned the truth and had the super-fun experience of crawling around on my hands and knees while trying to find it in the shelves. Note to self, get Thief series on Kindle next time. I wanted to pick up "The Broken Kingdoms," but it wasn't there so I went with "The Giver" since I've never read it and the last of the "Shadows" series by Brent Weeks. I have to decide whether I want to stick "Firestar's Quest" somewhere in there, possibly after the Weeks book to give me something easier to read. The first two should be a breeze after all.

Oh, a coworker also gave me the "How to Train Your Dragon" artbook, which is lovely, and the Justice League, which I need to get around to watching. Probably I'll start on that today. CFUW kind of devoured my time yesterday. [livejournal.com profile] realms_of_life and I spent the other week watching "Batman/Superman:Apocalypse," which terrified me with the realization that the old man I spent the entirely movie wanting to go away was actually Granny Goodness (shudder) and "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths," which was just fun because poor Batman. I also discovered Amazon gives me Buffy episodes for a buck and might have spent at least $10 on that this week. I won't be doing that anymore since I have $400 dollars on my checking account, which I shouldn't, and I don't want to mess with that money unless I need it for gas and food. Ugh, I have to call and sort that out.

Also, I miss the Geass recap chats. What happened? People weren't around on the holidays, and I haven't seen them since. I'd post them myself, but I'm super lazy about doing screeshots and summaries; I just like to talk.
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I was just about to sleep and then I came across some major spoilers for the Buffy Season 8 comic in my wiki searching from yesterday's Logo Buffy marathon. All I can say about these spoilers is it's a dang good thing I don't care about comic canon. How could they do that? I'm more horrified than any of the stuff the Angel show pulled. Simply horrified. Oh and angry.
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I am obsessed with Warriors and do nothing but read them. Except for now when I'm marathoning S4 Buffy. I love the episode where Faith comes back, so psychological. I also found out I read 26 books for 2010; this is actually a great accomplishment for me. Also a plus that I'm FINALLY not sick.

Oh yeah, my birthday ice cream cake melted.

If anyone asked for cookies and did not receive them by this point, let me know so I can send a different set or something.
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The snow, lightning and rain that plagued my home have now vanished. And of course, now I have to sleep and am going blind in one eye again. Depression, jealousy and a bunch of other bad stuff all merging into one big ball of self-loathing and the assurance that I will never establish true connection to anything. Always just a nameless face in the crowd. And always due to my inablity to manage time or truly relax. Bleh. I'm going to kick my ass up at 7 a.m. tomorrow and write so that my week isn't a total wash. If I can get back on track with that, I might believe I have a purpose again.

Also, people really got to stop hating on post-highschool Buffy. Just because Buffy herself lost all personality and became totally boring doesn't mean the rest of the cast didn't see vast improvement in terms of dimensions and shades of gray. I think the development of Xander, Willow and Spike was a fair trade for the ball of quips that once was Buffy herself. It makes me sad because I *liked* Spuffy. I liked Buffy's dark side. I liked the wrongness and violence of it all. It's what Buffy is. Face it. Buffy is the darkness. That's what the Slayer is. I liked Willow's dark side. What would Buffy be like if we never met Alterverse Willow or Xander the guy who just never got a break but worked his damnest to see everyone through. I could do without Dawn though. Or Riley. Just saying. Then we have Tara. God, I'd sacrifice everything Buffy was in her high school incarnations for Tara alone. Tara served as a predecesor for Wesley, an example of how much a character could develop from a nobody hanging in the back to a full-fledged independent woman. Yeah, the final season pretty much blew and none of the baddies after the Mayor were never up to snuff. But we got to see our characters venture into some truly dark places and come out, scathed definitely, but also more mature. The later seasons reminded us that while we may all enjoy our younger years and party down, adult life will take us for a much harsher ride.
Also, post-highschool Buffy led way to Angel. Yay.
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Went to Golden Coral the other night just to realize that it was missing. Not, lost. Gone. Since the last time I went with [livejournal.com profile] quebelly, some construction company dug it up. I had to go to some crappy Chinese buffet. But I got to try Wanton Soup, which I decided is the God of soup. I need to have some of that for work.

I also decided to go as a witch for Halloween. I have enough cats for it. I found a decent dress.

...And my father just ordered something stupid off the tv. He expected me to stop him, but he didn't call for me soon enough.

Watching "The Zeppo" of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I love the leader of the zombies and how Xander gets dragged around by everyoone throughout, including by Faith. The whole Buffy sideplot is so hilariously thrown into the mix. Joss is a master.

I had another rant about something anime-canon related, but it's probably wiser to keep it to myself. I think I will watch me some Adolescence of Apocalypse to feel better. Car-Shiori always brightens my day.

Saw Sukisyo. I'm a bit whimpery about them not giving Nanami and Shinichirou more time because they are my favorite characters. Sora and Nao, as well as their reincarnations, take stereotypes to a whole new level. Granted, Nanami is girlicious, but he can also get pissy. I did enjoy all of the stuff with the hot spring and the chibification. I love Sei and his partners. Again I wonder how anyone gets born in this world since women don't exist.
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Still working about improving the morale thing. I brought along Buffy Season 3 and Angel Season 2 for the ride. Project: Faith is now is session.

Won't be going to see Tom because of my mood and the weather so I'll probably spend the day with Scoobies. We'll see if I'm up for netting later tonight.

On the plus side, I woke up at 8:15 a.m. today, meaning I did get to see Yami Bakura vs. Kaiba. This fight always makes me realize how friggin' awesome Yami Bakura is and how he gets shortchanged in series. He should have been more of a threat. I could have also used more Kaiba and Yami Bakura interaction since he only talks to him once in the whole damn series (in the anime anyway). I don't know if they have anything in the manga. Yami Bakura just seems so smart and driven, more intriguing than the psychopath that is Yami Malik. I think Yami Bakura might be the only one (aside from the act of being *in* Ancient Egypt) that can shove Kaiba from his denial. The Yugioh storyline would have gained so much more credit, despite the whole fighting with cards thing, if Yami Bakura had been given a larger role. In the manga, he fares better but still isn't acknowledged for the writhing ball of potential he is. Bakura is a cute fluffball but ultimately dull. Yami Bakura is a character worth exploring. Also got to love his black trenchcoat. I need to find more sane Yugioh fans to discuss Yami Bakura with so I can invesitage him further. Sane fans and also not tendershipping because as said a million times, omote and yami pairings put me to sleep. Just masturbate already.
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I think I misnamed Sasuke-neko. The damn fool just tried to bury herself in the litter box. She hopped out of my hands, digs a little hole in the freshly poured litter and proceeds to shove her face into it and then roll around like a nut. I'd be damned if I was playing with her after the display. WTF, Sasuke-neko?

The funeral home I usually get in a spat with took pity on me today and typed up their form all nice and pretty. And they still forgot information and forced me to call. I felt bad about it too.

I wonder if I can continue to drive my car the rest of the week on less than a quarter tank. I already owe Dad for the Gravi OVA and a shiny new ethernet cable, required to keep me from launching the modem out the window when the chord fell out during yet another AIM conversation. I still have to buy my costume too.

Camp owned my soul a bit too much yesternight. A bit being from 3 p.m. to 1 a.m. Not sane at all. I'm not going to link, I'm just going to suggest browing [livejournal.com profile] cfud_daily from Oct. 15 to Oct. 16. But B and the Gentleman rule all. God, if I had any talent at all, I'd app Faith. But I'd crash and burn in a very bad way so no. That and I'd need to rewatch all her Season 3 stuff. Probably don't want Season 7/Angel-fixed Faith with Season 3!Buffy.

Also rebuilding my effigy for Clamp because Rikuou and Kaza-chan make me miss my Legal Drug so so much. I really should have known better than to ever pick up the raw manga and I definitely should have known better than to buy all of the licensed stuff. I want more Kazahaya. ;_; He really is my favorite type of uke. Curse you, Clamp!

Remind me to make my "Guns don't kill people. K kills people!" icon.

I'm shocked that I actually got to work by my goal of 9:30 a.m. today. I'm going to shoot for 9 a.m. for the rest of the week since I like getting home at reasonable times of day. God, I don't want to log yesterday's activities with the pup. Note to self, must venture to [livejournal.com profile] wolfsrain and whore self to community, promising sex for more WR wolves. Hey, if the GSeed gang can do it so can I. Lucky bastards have one of the GSeed mods on their side though.
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Spent time with [livejournal.com profile] quebelly yesterday after my little camp outting. It was a beautiful park. I'm trying to convince Dad to rent us a cabin so we can spend a two nights out there or something. I can't remember the last time I went camping. If I did, it was probably with my cousin up in New Mexico. So peaceful.

Watched the ending episodes of Utena and finally started to understand a bit more about Akio and Anthy. I still feel bad for Dios, even though I feel worse for Anthy. The Utena movie, which is the only anime I've probably watch about 100 times. The rose garden scene and the amazing visuals always do it for me. Now I know Anthy and Utena get a happy ending and Akio falls out of a window so that makes things much better. But I'm a bit sad that Touga's dead and all. He was sweet in the movie. Someone still has to explain to me why everyone turns into cars.

Also watched some Buffy Season 6 and 7. I couldn't remember much about the episode where Buffy was in a mental institution so that one was pretty good and freaky. Dawn still needs to get slapped. Nice trick at the end with the slight hinting that everything might still exist in Buffy's whacked-out imagination. Don't really like Season 7 because of the Slayerettes and the Kennedy-bitch-whore, but "Potential" and "Touched" were good episodes. I always loved Xander's inspiration speeches. They bring tears to my eyes, unlike Buffy's gung-ho "We're Going to Win and Some of You May Die" ones. Can't believe I couldn't remember the beautiful Spike/Buffy moment in "Touched" with his "You're the one" speech. It's just so perfect. I wish I could write dialogue like that.

Still have to watch "Finding Neverland" before it has to go back. I'd play more Xenosaga II but my throat has been dead since concert. I've eaten nothing but losenges all day.

BTW, the Anakin/Asuran kiss in the camp is just what I've been waiting for. *waves flags* Good thing Asuran and Kira kinda made up too. They love each other too much to be angry with each other for long.


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