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I am obsessed with Warriors and do nothing but read them. Except for now when I'm marathoning S4 Buffy. I love the episode where Faith comes back, so psychological. I also found out I read 26 books for 2010; this is actually a great accomplishment for me. Also a plus that I'm FINALLY not sick.

Oh yeah, my birthday ice cream cake melted.

If anyone asked for cookies and did not receive them by this point, let me know so I can send a different set or something.
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Welp, I've been blind for most of the day (AGAIN) but I did get my fondant so I can get cracking on that pretty soon. Of course, this also means I'm going to have to get up early tomorrow to ship everything. Probably around 9 a.m. Drat. I also have to actually do my cards tonight. I'm sure once I start, I will stop being such a lazy bum about it. I love sending stuff, I'm just so suck in the motivational department. It's a cruel irony.

Hopefully, I also got over the slump I drove myself into last night.
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So amid my crazy bake-off yesterday, I sort of missed some very important news. It appears that the Senate is indeed functioning. So I just want to give a HELL YEAH for the DADT repeal! I'm proud of you guys, I am.

In less epic but still awesome news, the cookies are finished and will be sent Tuesday since I need time to write cards. But hey they're HOLIDAY cookies not Christmas cookies. I apologize to anyone who gets the slightly thinner poppy cookies. My roomie's big of a dog jumped the counter and ate three bags of them, forcing me to replace the original cookies with my spares. Believe me, if I had time to remake your cookies I would. I'm just fortunate only the poppy seed cookies for three people were in those bags so all the rest of the cookies are secure.

[livejournal.com profile] realms_of_life and I also hit up Tron Legacy, which did not disappoint. It was shiny and AWESOME and totally 80s nostalgic. I love Jeff Bridges. Plus, the new trailer for Green Hornet makes me actually want to see it. We also watched the new Star Driver, which was far less awesome since Sugata didn't do anything nifty this time. But he did talk to Head again and I think the two might be bonding. D'awww.

I also feel slightly queasy for some reason. I think it's the cold weather plus limited sleep plus the Metro so I might be zoning tonight. Sorry. I need to watch my Geass episode so I can at least participate VERY LATE in the usual discussion. Oh yeah, the talk on [livejournal.com profile] code_geass made me coerce Gabi into watching "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog," which is quite a feat since she hates music. But it's true, that series is so Geass AMV material.
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I spent an insane amount of time last night watching this user's animated wolf series about a cow who wants to live with wolves. It sounds lame, but the characters and storyline are fairly deep, with much of it focused on the wolves. The dialogue could use some sprucing up and some of the characters' actions are a bit forced, but overall it is an impressive effort for someone to churn out this type of thought-out plot in 5-7 minute installments every month. Her animation also improves as she goes, and I love watching artists develop. It's funny because I always chide [livejournal.com profile] realms_of_life for the time she spends reading original fiction on AdultFanfiction and here I spend hours watching an original animated series. I guess I have nowhere to talk. But, man, things like this inspire me to write.

I also really want to read Erin Hunter's "Warriors" series after spending equally long watching story videos and adaptions like one done by the above user and this young animation studio. I always complain about how I hate the rabbit mythology in Watership Down and can't read Redwall because I don't give two tail shakes about rats, but yet I'm fully willing to read an entire series about warrior cats. Since they're YA, I also expect them to be quick reads too. I'm going to toss one up on my bookreads queue, maybe about The Lost Hero, and see what I think of their style before deciding if I want to fit them into my schedule.

Also, just in case I deterred anyone with my rant yesterday, Legend's final episode is REALLY GOOD, just suffers from the pacing issues the majority of the issue suffers from. But the characters are amazing as always.

If I don't get my fondant today, I'm going to punch someone. I want to go see "Tron" already.
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I have been baking cookies from 4 to 11 p.m. I still have to wake up early tomorrow to make the final batch out of the dough that had to freeze overnight. I would be feeling pretty darn accomplished if I had my fondant. I ordered it Monday! I do feel bad I failed at doing cards though. I may not be able to send cookies until Monday after all. Sob.
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[Poll #1654740]

Please DON'T VOTE IF YOU DON'T WANT COOKIES, as it throws off my count. If you want cookies, PLEASE VOTE. This is how I choose which cookies to make. I have many options as you can see.

The top four favored cookie types will be the ones I send, along with two types I have already decided on: my tried and true chocolate expresso cookies and either a SPECIAL cookie or poppy-seed cookie depending on how much my design skills fail. For more information on these cookies go here, here and here. Also, people mentioned disliking nuts last time so if you are not a nut-lover, comment here and I'll consider excising nuts from the cookies that contain them.

Also, comment here with your address. I will be screening. You can also comment if you just want a card. Just put in the subject either COOKIES or CARD. I will be making cookies next Friday (Dec. 17) and sending them Saturday (Dec. 18).
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Sometime this week, I'm going to do a post for what type of cookies people are interested in this year. In the meantime, please let me know if you desire cookies. I'll gather addresses later. BUT know that if you would like cookies, you do have to vote in the upcoming cookie poll. I have many cookie ideas and the poll helps me narrow everything down.
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Cake vs. Pie? Now this is one bracket I can get behind.

I spilled a cup of Rita's Italian Ice Blackberry just before bed. This cup managed to land squarely on the edge of my computer in such a way that it splashed the stack of art books I store under the desk. The victims were Angel Sanctuary, Code Geass and Gankutsuo, which now bear dark reddish purple stains on the edges of their pages. I suppose it's fitting, but it still pisses me off. My only solace is that the CG book was Complete and not Mutuality, as I first feared. I seriously would have been on Amazon right now had it been Mutuality.

I made chocolate chip whole wheat cookies last night. I'm actually fairly proud of them since they're this perfect blend of crunchy and soft.

I'm also liking that "Throne of Jade" moves much faster than "His Majesty's Dragon" did, but I am debating on tossing "Gods Behaving Badly" in between "Throne" and "Black Powder War." I'm just too tempted from what I hear, and the Temeraire books are a bit of a strain on the eyes.

Your quote of the day:

"Biden: is there a vice presidential swear jar?

Roxanne Roberts: Between Joe and Rahm, you just solved the budget problem."

Today's lost image love is a two-fer since island lords are sexy. It's chess LOST-style.
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anon meme.

In other news, I am sending out 19 cookies each to 10 people. Why 19? BECAUSE IT ALWAYS COMES BACK TO 19. Also, because I want to give the rest of the sugar cookies to my coworkers. Sob, I have to make cards tomorrow at lunch. If the roads aren't the icy paths of DEATH.
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I am debating renaming my main OC from "Psychosis" to Desmond because I feel the name is more in line with his characterization than Ty or Tyrell. Plus, Desmond means gracious protector and that's pretty awesome. That and Des is a cooler nickname than Ty. I think way back in the day I had an Australian shepherd character named Desmond. He fought a tiger or something. Either way, I love the name and want to use it for one of my novels. Yes, I realize this will cause some clashing between Desmond and Dominic, but since Dominic is mostly known as Nicky, I think it will be doable. This change will go along with me actually making Des (Ty) into a semi-formidable fighter/swordsman as he was originally supposed to be, to harken back to his Alistar ancestral linkage, and less of a throwaway. Desmond and Kathryn Fatine. I like it!

I am going to make my cookies tonight! I'll probably be baking forever but it'll be awesome. Provided my roommate does not decide to give running commentary.

I've been slack on my political commentary since I like to be perky during my holidays. We might even get snow Friday. So I just want to laugh at the term "aughties". Dorks. Speaking of dorks, I am still so hyped up about the Princess and the Frog. I think I've decided that Tiana is my second favorite princess, just under Belle. Mulan ranks three, even though she's not really a princess. I guess that makes this list a Top Disney Females list or something. And well, the other princesses all kind of fail. They're adorable but examples of strong-willed women they aren't. Ariel was close but loses credit for being willing to risk losing her life for a guy she knew for 10 seconds. Jasmine... well, Jasmine is a bitch. Enough said. Honorable mentions include Jane, Nala, Esmeralda, Megara (who loses some points for the terrible writing at the end of Hercules) and yes Bianca. Pocahontas was a bit dull.

I loved the Lost chat on WaPo today with Doc Artz. Great theories getting thrown around there.
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I was told my previous post lacked sparkles. I am here to rectify that misstep.



Oh yes, in in counter-haterade to other things, GO D.C.
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I enjoy how LJ has to inform me that the item in my profile is indeed a snowflake cookie.

I truly thought I was going to miss my assignment tonight since I got absolutely no sleep last night. Dearest Nikkolaus decided it would be a plan to scratch at my door for no reason all night long. When I let her out, she merely scratched at the door to get back in and vice versa. I'm going to exchange her for Louis I swear. Damn cat. She's lucky I love her.

Speaking of love, the winners of the GRAND COOKIE POLL are Raspberry Snow Bars, Lemon Bon Bons, Flooded Sugar Cookies (watch me fail epically with the frosting) and Cherry Chocolate Cookies. This included the expresso and the meringue cookies will be made later this week for insta-shipping. I am screening comments so do comment with your lovely addresses as to where your cookies may be sent. Also, I am doing cards so even if you don't want cookies, if you wish a card, provide addy as well.
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Heads up people: I am using cookie poll responses to know who to send cookies to so make sure to weigh in on what you want. I'm going to buy ingredients Sunday!
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Quote of the Day: "We can't impeach an officeholder for his lack of leadership skills," said Rep. James Harrison on the decision not to impeach South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford.

Uh, if we can't impeach a leader for clear demonstration of his inability to lead? WHAT CAN WE IMPEACH THEM FOR?

Onto happier things. It's COOKIE TIME.

[Poll #1496856]

The top four favored cookie types will be the ones I send, along with two types I have already decided on: my tried and true chocolate expresso cookies and either a SPECIAL cookie or poppy-seed cookie depending on how much my design skills fail. For more information on these cookies go here and here. Since so many mentioned the dislike of nuts before, I will exclude any nuts from the recipes that contain them in these links. If you mentioned you are interested in receiving cookies, PLEASE PLEASE DO FILL OUT THE POLL.

ETA2: DARK TOWER DONE.... What do I do with my life now? 0_o

Let's do that poll thingie while we're at it.
Of the characters I have roleplayed, which do you think I am the most like?

- Lelouch (Code Geass)
- Mudou Setsuna (Angel Sanctuary)
- Zero (Vampire Knight)
- Toboe (Wolf's Rain)
- Kiba (Wolf's Rain)
- Eddie Dean (Dark Tower)
- Faith (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
- Kaiba (Yugioh)
- Keith Anyan (Terra e)
- Seiya (Sailormoon Stars)
- Daisuke (Digimon 02)
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Eee I has cookies! Thank you happy gifters! They still make me want to bake real versions. I planned to come home and send more, but then I forgot that LJ in the Grinch at all things. So no more cookies. Sadness. Oh and the new Best Buy ads popping up on my unpaid journal are also not cool. No, LJ, I am not buying an account. And if you keep up this shit, I'm not going to use your service for my non-RP postings either.

More sadness comes from the new Code Geass manga being done by the Nightmare of Nunnally person. Granted, my only real issue with NoN is its art, which is, to put it bluntly, god-awful. And I'm cool with new main character, as long as Suzaku has a prominent part. HE BETTER HAVE A PROMINENT PART, CG. Ah, History of Geass backstory, well I guess we'll just see how it goes.

Random PSA: Christmas song should not reference the following. Child sexual abuse. Child prostitution. Drug abuse. Gang violence. No, Shania Twain, JUST NO. That is not a Christmas song; it's an "I want to sing about random issues and make you all feel guilty" song. Adding "Hallelujah" to the lyrics doesn't help. Now, if I want a song about ISSUES that's actually a CHRISTMAS SONG, I will listen to "My Grown-Up Christmas" list which manages to reference wars, abuse, hate and fear but with an overall message of hope. I want this "God Bless the Child" trash off my Christmas rotation music. Ugh. It's worse than that damn "Christmas Shoes." Seriously, here are some of its precious lyrics: "This child is homeless. That child's on crack. One plays with a gun, while the other takes a bullet in his back" and "Some have daddies who make them play games they don't want to play." NO. It doesn't even sound good.

King made me cry again. Sob. )
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I've decided to use Lent as a means to do something I really should have done long ago. Mainly go to bed at a reasonable time and WAKE UP AT A REASONABLE TIME. Even if I can manage the first, the second is always what kicks my ass. I think part of it has to do with getting upset before bed. Then I stay up to distract myself into better moods with bullshit. I'm just going to have to accept that I have to set proper rules by myself and stick to them. I'm really ashamed of how much a slacker I've become and to the people who have been really good to me. Priorities~, why do I fail at them. Anyway, I also do think that it might help my overall opinion of self if I take at least an hour or so each week to do something writing-related. Maybe I can get back into the habit.

And now to buy makings for Irish Cream Cookies.
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As soon as I finish this entry, I am going to embark on a mass cleaning of my room.

Tom and I had the best time ever making cookies last night. Not only did I get to smash nuts with a mallet for 10 minutes and giggle at Tom whisking, but we also got the fun, messy part of hand-shaping the cooking mounds. And they even turned out edible. A nice end to a day that involved my roommate throwing her wallet into the movie trashcan... and me having to retrieve it for her.

Gabi is right. OMG is Geass infinitely depressing now. I listened to the second dubbed SE CD while in the car today and sob. "I'll let you borrow my brother for now, Suzaku, but you have to bring him back to me." I HATE YOU GEASS. That is just mean. I'm not sure how I feel about S1 having a total bittersweet feel to it now. It's very strange... Also, fandom, just a little request, but could you maybe stop killing off characters LIKE NUNNALLY in your fiction. The series is depressing enough; it doesn't need you to feast upon the angst like starved wolves in the tundra. At this rate, the only happy fic I come across is on the kink meme. THE KINK MEME.

I came across this story on the Chicago Tribute today and now want to smack that woman in the face. I know that probably sounds harsh of me, but it really sounds like she is putting her crazy over the life of her daughter. Social Services needs to take that kid pronto. I'm all for love being the best medicine, but this woman turned town an apartment with stairs over sleeping in a SUV and using the McDonald's bathroom. No. On similar notes of bad parenting, that winner of a father who thought it would be cute to let his 8-year-old fire an Uzi at a pumpkin. “This accident was truly a mystery to me... This is a horrible event, a horrible travesty, and I really don’t know why it happened." How did it happen? YOU ALLOWED YOUR 8-YEAR-OLD CHILD TO FIRE A SEMI-AUTOMATIC WEAPON YOU DEGENERATE PARENT. Mystery, my ass. Eight-year-old and Uzi do not belong in the same sentence!

I want to watch Merlin. But I'm going to read manga first. Never enough time in the day.
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Well, adventures in cooking has come to a close. It cost me around $100 to get everything I need, including when the recipe provided the ingredients but not essential equipment such as a rolling pin, cooking cutters and such. I think the poppy seed ones turned out the best and am rather happy with them. Some of the larger expresso cookies exploded. The apricot cookies are chilling in the fridge, and I will check on them tomorrow. I can't believe I've been cooking since around 2 p.m. I'm too exhausted to do my greeting cards so they will happen tomorrow night or maybe during lunch break at work tomorrow. I now have to decide how to divide the cookies among the four people that will be receiving them. If my lazy ass would have started the cookies yesterday, I would be able to put them in their cute little cupcake holders I bought for them. But at least I can call myself productive now. I'm having Tom come over tomorrow to test-taste cookies before I send them out Tuesday. I will admit that as tiring as that entire process was, it was indeed fun. I should bake things more often.
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I am debating commenting to something as always. We'll focus on how RL goes first. Won't be back until 9ish or so tonight since have late-night work.

Sorry for ditching everyone last night. But in addition to being a nervous wreck, I had already exhausted myself with two nights of staying up until 4 a.m. and then going to work at 10. It doesn't work out that way, I have to remember that.

Anyway, I have decided that people I can't decide what to get for Christmas are getting cookies. I will be sending an assortment of popppy seed cookies, white chocolate apricot almond cookies and one special type. Since I'm buying ingredients this weekend, I want to know which special type of cookies is most desired. So please vote in the cookie poll. Note, do not vote in the cookie poll if you don't want cookies. I already have a few people that I'm definitely sending to, but if anyone else wants a cookie gift, they can drop a note here too.

[Poll #1313450]

Oh, I forgot my crack news of the day. Apparently "Womanizer" is put on repeat as a torture device in some prison camps. Wow. I didn't think it was that bad. It must be the synth.
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[livejournal.com profile] kadekmoment, I got your package already. Father is trying to steal my candy. ;; I told him you will punch him in the face. Also, so much love for the mini-essays on the comm.

I do so love playing Lap 2 of Geass with my full-levels and kicking ass in the blink of an eye. Even Tamaki doesn't suck so I actually acknowledge his existence. Maybe a certain sister will quit calling me a bad father now. But best of all, since I don't have to fear fighting, I can find ALL THE PIZZA I WANT.

In other news, Lelouch is stripping again. For White Day no less. Have you no shame, boy?


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