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Went on an icon hunt to scrap some of my less interesting ones, the ones I made myself. I'm too insanely picky when it comes to the other people's icons, which is why I usually end up making my own since I can't bitch too much about them. AS icons bring on a whole new level of standards (I can't believe they make icons from that ungodly OVA), this being why I only have two that aren't mine. Still looking for a better version of my Alexiel/Kira one. But this one was too hot to resist.

RxJ 12 pissed me off because both Romeo and Juliet are idiots. And I want Mercutio to do something already. I'm really excited about Terra 12 though. I might add my reactions on that one to this post as soon as I finish watching it.

Geass promises us some Milly/Lulu interaction in the fifth drama CD, and the numbering of the track makes us think it might be when they're young. Oh I'm sure she tormented the HELL out of him. So it should be enjoyable for all.

Going through my journal entries from 2005 yesterday was so much fun. I'm such a spaz.

ETA: Just found out I missed out on a chance at the AS drama CD tracks I'm missing in March. I wonder if there's still a chance I can get them. Because hearing Lucifer is a crack dream I'd very much like to realize.
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Look I finally settled on a Clamp Geass icon. I wanted to hunt down makers for this one since I wanted something more snazzy than just the image. This one chose some fun text so it got the spot.

I need to stop watching the Disney sequel movies and then repeating their music for hours. I saw Brother Bear 2 last night. As always, the stupid moose got in the way, but they were much less annoying this time around. Plus Etheridge makes everything better.

I am thinking about making a big life introspection entry later. Depends how I feel after picking up Daddy's Father's Day present and re-reading Angel Sanctuary. Damn Sasuke-neko better not take out the manga pile again. She's thinking about it even as I type. DON'T DO IT GET DOWN! I need a bookshelf like burning. I heard bad things about RxJ and since Random Curiosity is down, I can't make sure. Either way, I might have to dig up a raw.

ETA: Quizzage that I like )
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As usual, I'm up too late. I was reading fandomsecrets and hating myself because I couldn't stop and yet they just make me angrier and angrier. So you get quickie Geass rant.

I love my fandom, I do, but why is it so hard for the people who left the fandom to STAY GONE. I don't care why you left. I don't care about your haphazard defense against not being a crazy yaoi fangirl. I don't care if you think Geass is unoriginal or that the promo art sucks. Go bitch on 4chan. Go bitch on your journal. Go bitch on fandomsecrets. Throw yourself a grand ole party. Just get the fuck off my community.

Also, because I don't think I've properly expressed this in the past and it's 4:35 am, you're just going to have to put up with CFUD gushing. I guess it eventually trails off into my Angel Sanctuary love really. )
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It's been a very interesting set of days for the Nayami. Learned I was getting sued for quite a lot of money. Hung with Tom for a bits and got a lot of exercise. Today my tire is probably going to explode on my way to work because I have no decent place to get air and no time to find one. Had some yayness in RP-land. Geass provided some of its crackiest crack yet, complete with Suzaku and Lelouch being retarded for each other. Terra e bored me to tears with episode 10.

Finished reading Viz's translation of Angel Sanctuary and finally got an answer to a question that has plagued me for months regarding Katou. Like I tell people, you almost need a reader's guide to the last volume of that series. I'll probably have to read it yet again to figure out what's going on with I think Alexiel and Setsuna near the end since the image looks more like Rociel and Katan than Alexiel and Lucifer and I get no further visual clues after that. Anyway, I think she's the one he's talking to. AS' god still sucks and just hurts my head.

It's been a very busy weekend, and I still have some journal comments I want to weigh in on, particularly [livejournal.com profile] equivalent_t's take on Lelouch and some of her novel translations. Also Geass spoilers sounding a lot like a cop-out on the Suzaku vs. Lelouch front. And I think it may be time to rate the new crackilicious art. Now that I have my high-quality Clamp scan, I need to make a new SuzaLulu icon.
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2007 Resolutions:
1. WRITE MOAR!! Find some way to manage time or whatever to write again or at least attempt.
2. Take more assertive role in career.
3. Conquer fear of driving to certain places like airports and convention centers.
4. Stop being such a damn chicken when it comes to the Internets.
5. Finish Psychosis. Hah I'm laughing at that too.
Bonus 6. Maybe start Heritage and cosplay some version of Lelouch at an upcoming con.

Still not up for social interaction. A result of semi-sickness and total blindness in one eye. Otherwise I'd be kicking back with CompSci or Dana. Therefore, a random entry is in order.

1. The final volume of Gankutsuou made me cry. Even the hotness of adult!Albert and adult!Lucien couldn't make up for it. I bet Franz would have made an equally hot adult. Gankutsuou is just so sad and perfect.

2. I'm trying to watch DGrayman anime again. I don't know why since if I decide to stick with it, it will be coming out faster than the manga, and I'll have to drop one for fear of spoilers. I think it was the promise that Lavi would be voiced by one of the Hitachin twins. I didn't realize Lavi was the official translation and not just a horrible mistake. That's going to take some getting used to.

3. I want to know if Cantarella is on hiatus and whether it's worth the emotional investment I'm prepared to give it. I love Higuri's artwork, but the stories don't always match up.

4. Yaoi fans should not review Only the Ring Finger Knows. It's not yaoi. It's not meant to be yaoi. It's meant to be cute shonen ai where the guys actually develop feelings for each other and go through your slice of life problems. Yes there's sex but even that's not encompassing. And ugh I hate it when Yuichi is referred to as seme. I don't care if he is, it's just tacky. I'm sad there's only three volumes.

5. I am never again venturing to Angel Sanctuary comms in search of perdy icons. I think I need to reboot my brain after that. For the moment, it's almost entirely teenage Viz readers, which I would normally have no problems with, but when you don't even know who friggin' Cain and Abel are or can't connect the Cain Saga and Godchild...I just don't know what to say to you. Don't get me started on the Lucifer hate and the reasoning that would make clampficrants proud. I just want to gouge out both eyes now.

6. I don't know why I love Her Majesty's Dog. I just do.

7. I noticed some real dicks while I was catching up on my YGO:TAS. Why can't people ever be civil to each other? These are the people who'd probably punch you in the dark and run away laughing.
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Bleh on tonight. I've been essaying lately so I haven't been doing much else. Essaying takes several hours, at least three since I have to compare and contrast constantly to make sure I'm not talking out of my ass, and I only have a few hours in between and after work lately. Things should be much less compact after tomorrow night. I just got the week of late nights this time. I have this issue when I essay though, where I will write the whole thing and love it. Then maybe a few hours later, I will reread over it, compare it with the text and notice *glaring* errors. I thought I caught most of them this time but just realized I skipped another one. I think once I hammer that one out after work tomorrow, I will be content and stop poking at my writings. Crazy manic child, I'm going to beat you with a shoe. You're a guy, I get it.

As a point of interest, I'm just curious how well the official English translators compare to the scanlators according to the general public? I only ask that because lately I've been noticing huge discrepancies between the two, with the official version erring on the more naughty and ghei side while the scanlation is more general. I expected it to be the other way around so I'm a bit baffled. It's most common with Viz than anyone, and I don't think Viz has an official BL line like TokyoPop. Since this is the same company that edited out the cross in the FMA manga, I have no idea what to think.
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I have this crazy dream that one day I'll get to wake up, and it won't be because Bro is screaming and cussing his head off. The other day it was about a missing contact, and today it's because he can't get the mud and grass stains out of his clothes and Father won't let him waste any more water washing just a handful of clothes every time. And we were so happy that he finally learned to wash his clothes. Why must he be so obsessive with everything?

Moving along, have I said before how much I love this song? It is my token devotion piece, right up there with "Everything I Do". Insane little me thinks it's fitting for Ty and Nick right before the final battle in Psychosis. The lyrics above are my favorite ones and always choke me up. Of course, they also make me juggle with the concept of "love" that operates around Ty and Nick. It's really hard to explain.

But as we know, the relationship between the prince and his knight has always been my favorite to explore. The basic idea being any time one person shows unusual amounts of loyalty toward another without there being a blood or passionate relationship or even past friendship between the two. Be it an actual knight and prince, servant and his master, fighter and his leader or guardian and his charge. The knight protects his prince simply because he believes in him and because he is his most precious thing regardless of any other relationships the knight may have, passionate or otherwise. Reciprocation from the prince is always more tricky since the prince is usually your classic oblivious hero type. The other usual requirement is that both the knight and prince have someone else they love in the typical sense so their own love remains somewhere in between. I'm almost reluctant to use the same concepts for Ari and San since their love is more tangible and therefore loses the subtleties of my typical knight/prince fix. Note, most of the time I do not ship these pairings; I'm just fascinated by them.

I did not get enough sleep since I stayed up until almost 6 a.m. last night, reading my manga (not a wise choice before sleeping I might add) and just couldn't manage to get back to sleep after waking up around 9:30 a.m. Not REM sleep anyway. I have work tonight so that adds to the feeling of uh oh.

So let's talk reactions to AS binge last night. )

Also read Godchild 3. Cain and his uncle make me sad. As does Jizabel for some reason.

I need to track down Death Note before work.
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...Holy Hell. I think AS 16 just broke me.

And now I'm deciding whether or not I'm going to finish series tonight. *glares at file of scanlations 17-20* On one hand, I will finally know what happens. On the other, I will no longer get to look forward to the awesome rush I get every few months or whenever the bloody thing comes out. I've yet to find anything that revs me like AS. Well, maybe Banana Fish, but that's a more depressing rev half of the time. Cain is another front-runner but still not quite there. Shit I really don't have anything else. Damn you, Kira, I just know this is somehow all your fault since you're the reason I fell for the series in the first place.

*frustrated screaming goes here*

ETA: So so many levels of not good right. I need chaser STAT. Oh god why the hallucinations. Final two are going to have to wait.
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I'm trying to find out exactly when Kamui became the identity figure of my journal. I just know I usually go out of my way to use icons with him when replying to people in my own voice and not necessarily fandom issues. I think this calls for more Kamui icons to represent.

I have about 20 minutes before work. Should I play Okami? Probably not. Am I going to do it? The question answers itself.

I'm thinking of possibly making another Kira/Alexiel or Lucifer/Alexiel layout with lyrics from "Anything For You" since I believe I said before that it's one of my big Kira/Alexiel songs. I really should stop putting Kira first though since it's obvious that Alexiel tops everyone and everything. And definitely Rosiel.
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I just realized that the girl on the cover of Angel Sanctuary 12 is actually Jibril and not Kurai like I thought for the longest time. I really should have picked it up sooner with the freakin' angel wings and lack of demonic eyes. But I think a while back someone showed me the picture, said it was Kurai, and I just went with it because it was pretty and Kurai's pretty. Yes, I haven't left my house yet or picked up my video game because I've been zoning. I will remedy that now.
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Angel Sanctuary breakdown up to Volume 15 is finished.

Sandalphon confuses the hell out of me. I'm also reminded of how I came extremely close to puking all over my manga when I learned Setsuna and Sara's little secret. *still shivering even though this is the second time she read it* Burn it! Burn it!
Ok...I'm calm now. Soon there will be the soothing sound of Tim Gunn's voice and Project Runway antics to chase away these thoughts of spoilers now ) Setsuna, I'm going to kill your ass. Hmm, does that mean I'll get Alexiel? No no no bad thoughts bad thoughts. Uh, Raphael sure is pretty when he's a disheveled mess.

I'm going to go track down some Wikipedia now to make sure my ramblings about Sandalphon make any sense at all. I love how I refuse to label any of the levels of Heaven or Hell. They're all one big lump to me. But I did mention Etenameki that one time. Go me.

K, I want translations for Tsubasa 126 and 127 now.
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Um, Kurai and Setsuna too.

Alas, I've gotten to the depressing section of my summaries. I am this close to throwing all caution to the wind and tracking down the final 5 volumes just to find out what happens to Lucifer and Alexiel. DO NOT LINK ME TO THESE VOLUMES! I know where to find them. I'm purposely holding out because I enjoy having something to look forward to every other month or so. Though, I am quite put out that Viz won't release Volume 16 until October instead of September. Not cool. They're probably delaying since they know they don't have much left. I've already been bad enough finding those Lucifer/Alexiel manga images on DeviantArt.

Oh the wangst on the Net lately is making me yawn. Y'all people need to realize reality has precdent sometimes. But soon the fall anime schedule will start up and people will have something else to focus on. Mmmm Death Note anime.

What's with the random howling sound in "La Soldier"? I wonder if I actually watched the SeraMyu musicals if I would care slightly more for the Inner Senshi? It's like as soon as I learned of the existance for the Outer Senshi, all of my love for the old ones died. Inners love is only present in PGSM. But when I rewatch the anime and see how damn callous and frivilous the Inners are, I just get more frustrated with them. Minako is my particular pet peeve but Ami comes in a very close second. I don't like it when they show up just as the redeemed baddies die, and I don't like how they barely care. Diamond's death was a good example. Ok, so maybe he'd been trying to force himself on Usagi earlier. Everyone's got their flaws. ^^;;
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I have several options for my day, after I make another attempt at a practice knitting project I keep fucking up the bind off step.

-Play Xenosaga II
-Finish AS summaries (4 to go)
-Marathon as much of Chrono Crusade as possible
-Download and check out Innocent Venus
-Stop listening to the damn gay "You've Got What I Need" song from the Superman musical (I can't! It's just so terribly gay! Damn you, Buffy!)
-Figure out how to burn Chris Patton's "DUUUUUUUCK!"
-Watch Garo with Tenimyu's Shinji

I think the Evanescence song "Anything For You" fits Kira/Alexiel perfectly. Fuck, I just know that they'll never end up together. *sobs* It and the gay song are currently my most currently played tunes.

EDIT: The knitting project didn't suck. Now all I need is a needle to practice weaving it into the seam. [livejournal.com profile] quebelly, what do I need to know to do the knitten?

EDIT 2: As always when I'm home early, everybody else isn't around. Angst emo whine.
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I finally got off my hump and changed my layout. I couldn't find a decent Fakir/Ahiru picture to work with so I went with my second obsession as of late. I know all these het pairings of mine must be scaring some of my friends who cannot fathom that I like anything aside from slash. This layout was greatly inspired by a desktop background seen here. It's very hard for me to find any good pictures of Alexiel and Kira since Yuki would rather draw Setsuna and Sara. Bleh. I think this is from Volume 7 when Kira calls to the dead Setsuna in Hades, resulting in Setsuna awakening in Alexiel. I just think it's a very beautiful scene, and it works well with the fallen motif of Alexiel. Maybe now I can temporarily give up my KH obsession before it causes me any more frustration. I just don't think I'm having fun with it anymore, and than upsets me. I'm wise enough not to enter any Angel Sanctuary fandoms. I enjoy it on my own merits just fine.

I've got mixed feelings, as usual, about the overall layout but it doesn't suck to the point where I cry when I look at it. How come I can never get the right size for anything? Coming up with all the lyrics and titles was a bitch though. There are not enough angel songs in the world.
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Tezuka is Sparky Thornton. The dubbed episode finally gave him enough screen time for me to recognize it. I have mixed reactions on this. It assuages my fears that Tezuka's voice actor can't act since Sparky has shown himself to be capable in characters such as Saitou and sometimes Brandon Heat. But I also dislike the choice of such a soft-spoken guy for the slightly gruff and older-sounding Tezuka. His dialogue slip-ups do give me TezuRyo moments so I can't be too hard on him. I also haven't heard anyone else mention his name lately. I must have missed it. I'm hoping that it was just a case of stupid VA when they pronounced it wrong a few episodes back.

Akira is even more gay in the anime than he is in the manga. His little confession to Hikaru after the first tournament with Haze. I've never seen such loving eyes. Why can't Viz release more HikaGo faster? I'm dying here.

I should get onto to making that dubbed LJ, shouldn't I? First, I'll have to check and see if the idea hasn't already been put into play by someone else with more clout since I know my pimpin' abilities are weak at best. Ah, the trials of being a fairweather fan to all.

Here is my crack: http://community.livejournal.com/theweeklydub/

Please to be giving any suggestions on how to make it better before I go attempting to pimp it.

RETURN OF THE EDIT: Summary's done to Volume 9 now. You know the shit with Jibril and Metatron is also making sense now and I finally get all the Lailah references while Setsuna's in Hades. I'm so lazy in my summary, not bothering to label the various levels of Heaven and Hell. I think I missed out on some Kira angsting the original run too. Poor fellow, he doesn't know what he wants. I love his relationship with Setsuna, especially during the hair scene. When you think of it, it's a love triangle with two parts sharing the same body. Now that's screwed up. I don't envy you, Kira.
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Last post of the day...er something like that. I've been so unusually posty lately. What's up with that?

Poor twins. I pine for them. *pets Hikaru* (no, I'm not talking about the series)

The AS summary is going pretty good. I like this three volumes a day process. I think I'm finally beginning to understand stuff too. Yay. Also yay for reliving growing love for Uriel, Katou, Katan/Rosiel and of course Zaphikiel/Rosiel. I forgot how hot Katan was and how much of a woobie Setsuna can be around Katou and Uriel. Nanatsusaya/Alexiel is so touching. I need to come up with a nickname for him since his real name is too long for me to remember and Sword is getting lame. I think I'll call him Nana for now, though I tend to use Kira more often.
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I am now buried in Angel Sanctuary manga. I would seriously kill for a plot summary. You know what, I think I'm going to go through all the volumes I have and do one myself. That way, when I get confused as to what went on, I can go back to it and have some semblame of a clue.

This will take forever.

Angel Sanctuary Breakdown )
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I'm still trying to fathom how my Angel Sanctuary DVD was not in its case. It's not as if I put DVDs back in random cases, with the exception of one of my burned Loki CDs that's still in the Def Lepard case. It couldn't have fallen out because my DVDs are practically smushed into one another on my shelf. I've checked all my DVD/game cases and found nothing. My only guess is that I had it in the DVD player that died and was probably chucked somewhere. I hate that I have to buy another DVD not because it's expensive but because I really hate the Angel Sanctuary DVD. The art massacres Yuki's, the storyline doesn't go beyond the incest and it even uses dubtitles. But it did make Kira pretty hot and it just irks me to lose things.

EDIT: It makes me indescribably happy that camp now hasmight have a Fakir-sama. I do hope he can fuck with the grand scheme of things there. Fakir's probably the closest thing, next to Drosselmeyer, Princess Tutu has to God-Mod. Good thing he kinda sucks at what he does. I am terribly interested.
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Princess Tutu 6 is out. I don't have it. That makes Nayami a very sad panda. Want to see Fakir yell out Ahiru's name. Want to suppress rants that only Fakir knows Ahiru is a duck, and that's what makes it so special. Want to see Fakir write in blood.

Watched Hana Yori Dango live action with [livejournal.com profile] quebelly. I enjoyed but am not overly thrilled on the idea of a second season because I fear the relationship getting stale. That series employed almost every cliche known to man. But Domyouji was hot, Rui was a basket case and Makino was just very confused so I didn't mind. I think I enjoy the live action more than I would the anime. I can barely do long shonen animes so long shoujo would kill me.

Bro and Dad are assembling his present so I'm bored. I wanted to watch Escaflowne, but I couldn't find any. Now I'm just in this odd funk thing. Maybe I'll read some more manga. I need more Angel Sanctuary. The last volume just didn't have near enough Kira or Lucifer.
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So last night I was privy to information that should have yanked me out of my slump by point of perspective, but it didn't. I'm beginning to think I should take some more serious action but I don't like to think about what that action is. -_-

I cannot help but be saddened by the tragic nature of Riff's character. It's just his general manner and the way he speaks and the design of his devotion. It's too soft, too fragile. It says "I'm foreshadowing. I will lull you into a sense of fluffy friendship and then SNAP!" I also know he's doomed because that's how Yuki rolls. People hinting that bad shit's going to go down with him kinda goes over my head since it's obvious. I wonder if Angel Sanctuary 15 is out yet. I wants more Lucifer.

I saw someone mention no matter what couple you enjoy in Naruto, you cannot help but adore Iruka/Kakashi. Actually I can. Because see, I found both terribly dull together. They're cute when interacting with the children. Kakashi's cool when interacting with other adults. But the thought of them snuggling and whathaveyou. Bleh. There's far more chemistry between Kakashi and Gai but Gai isn't pretty so he gets kicked to the curb. I have never liked KakaIru even when I first got into the series. I saw art and I was like "And?" I think it just promises too much fluff for me and not enough bite. Maybe if people stopped drawing them like married couples and put more NINJA into the artwork, I'd be more interested.

Manga Goals for the eve:

-Here is Greenwood catchup (3-5)
-RG Veda catchup (2-3)
-FMA catchup (2-4)
-possibly random shonen ai tossed in there


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