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Yesterday was possibly the best Thanksgiving ever. I spent it away from my outside family, watching my father and my brother attempt to dance to Wii's version of "Eye of the Tiger," "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and other terrible things. Then I ruined my brother's world by telling him what "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" is really about. I so enjoyed being able to drive home without someone who was drunk, as usually happens at the family parties. I also enjoyed avoiding a day of relatives asking me why I'm not dating yet and when I'm going to get a "real" job. Also, the fact that they are probably all Tea Partiers now. But the food was delicious, although I miss our family's classic oyster stuffing. I did not dance, but I did pull a muscle in my side playing Wii tennis, continuing my tradition of injuring myself every time I touch the Wii.

Oh and I have a goodreads if you absolutely must know what I'm reading. I'm probably going to be reading "The Lost Hero" next in my queue, but feel free to make recommendations based on what I read and I'll looking into adding them.
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Lol I have to live this week on $25. Wish me luck on that.

I am frustrated with "The Passage" because it has such great ideas, but since it did its time skip it hasn't managed one character that I give a damn about. I loved Carter and I loved Wolgast, but everyone since then has been rather dry. That said, I feel compelled to read it because I want to know what the hell is going on. I don't actually care about anyone, but I just want to know why everything means and why that little girl is so important. Honestly, I think the book would be better if it were told through the perspective of the little girl. The small snippet of a section where we got to see things through her eyes was really interesting, and I want more of it. Much more so than Peter or Sarah or Michael. Triple bleh. Why can't men write good characters?

I'm equally frustrated at the stupidity of one segment of the Vampire Knight fandom. Actually, sickened would probably be the better word because the word-vomit they left in SGK's journal is something they should be embarrassed of. Random speculations about her personal life, rabid fights over translations, declarations about how they couldn't enjoy the series without her overview on the chapters, the creepiest white-knighting I've ever seen and just general rude, whiney, needy entitlement behavior. It's shameful. And no, I won't link to it here. I just want to bitch about it. Yes, I did leave a comment on the journal itself. To SGK herself. I don't feel bad calling out a bunch of fans who should have better self-control, regardless of their age.

Oh, and all I have to say about the LJ mess is I'm glad they're doing SOMETHING. Because if I have to ditch LJ, I'm going to blogspot. I'm not interested in not-quite-LJs.

I was going to write something on people turning 9/11 into a political event and my thing about blaming the media, but I'm more in a vegging mood for the day since I've been taxing my brain hard with AMAZING and fun RP threads. But downtime is good too.

I've also been enjoying the LPs of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The guy I'm watching isn't that great a player, but boy is he entertaining. Him screaming after getting spotted, chased down and then killed by a creature was HILARIOUS. Though I admit that LP made me jump too. That is a damn scary game. Great atmosphere. I regret I can't play because I suck at survival horror and first-person games.

I also finally fixed my slow Internet issues, with help from [livejournal.com profile] jdiam and the actual use of my brain. It was funny to realize I was running Firefox 3.0 when I think we're on 3.7 by now. Also, my multiple-opened windows plus multiple tags probably wasn't the best of ideas. Things have been running much better now! But I haven't tried streaming anything yet. That will be the real test.

Ok, I'm done rambling. Time to track down True Blood and return to my book.
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My plan to play Okami ended up resulting in fail because my Bro sold his PS2 to get an X-Box. He actually did it months ago. I guess I never noticed before now. But I hear he's doing really well in his new school and spent several hours Saturday telling me everything he's learned about the body. I was impressed. He also loved his birthday trifle.

His story was the flipside to my sister's tale of woe where her hosts dropped her off at the airport 25 minutes before her flight left and were SURPRISED when nobody was around to check her in. She won't be able to catch another flight until tomorrow morning. I am not happy.

But my weekend wasn't completely unproductive, as I snatched up my father's On Demand and caught up on True Blood Season 3. And I have opinions. Oh boy, do I have opinions. )

Wow, the more I learn about my childhood literary heroes. If it weren't for Jack London, I'd never would have wanted to be a writer.
And now to crash.
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I enjoyed the new Sherlock Holmes, but man it takes some getting used to the fact that Sherlock has a website, texts and uses Google Maps. I preferred when he Google-mapped using his mind later in the episode. I am also impressed at how much more they poke at the gay thing after what happened with Ritchie and the owner of Sir Conan Doyle's estate. Is more flexibility allowed when it's a modernization? I still have to watch the third episode since Tom left before that and I hate watching things alone. I might make my father watch it with me since he's a big Sherlock fan. I also noticed that the main theme for the action parts of this show is remarkably similar to the 2009 movie. I also am undecided on how I feel about Lestrade being more of a Gordon-type in this imagining. I prefer when he and Sherlock are jerking each other's chain.

This story of three vets, with one leg between them, scaling Kilimanjaro brings tears to my eyes.

I really want to play Okami again. I'll probably do that when I go to visit my family this weekend. Bro still has his PS2.

Also, all the buzz around the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie has been piquing my interest. What do people know about this book? Sell me on it. I might try add it to my queue. Right now it consists of Mockingjay, The Passage and Name of the Wind.
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You know what's really bad? When your power suddenly goes kaput while you're alone, upstairs and watching Silent Hill play-throughs. I have had better nights.
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Well, I didn't die horribly in the night as I feared.

"Zero" has continued to fuck up royally. No, novel, Lelouch did not kill Euphie to assuage his own crazy. Way to remove the ONE responsible thing he did at the end of the first season. Though, I do like the introspection of whether Lelouch should have let her live and decide if she wanted to cope with the fallout herself. Also, marching along the stupid scale is the novel's lack of Suzaku focus. Why does this matter? Only because the novels were written for the exclusive purpose of giving us P.O.V. So yeah, the decision to not explain Suzaku's freak-out after Euphie's death (while obvious) annoys me. I'm just easily annoyed. Also, it's a bit disturbing that the novel apparently dates the entire Special Administration Massacre as occurring in December, roughly five days after Lelouch's birthday in fact. Thanks for that, novel, really. Overall, this one is just going through the motions, and I'm hoping it gets its act back together for R2.

Watch this great review of E.V.O.. Mostly because I'm too lazy to write my own. There's even a cameo of Denver the Last Dinosaur. How can you resist that? YOU CAN'T.

I had political ramblings, but I'm not in the mood so I'll just share the De-Bieberizer. Vanish from my sights, your annoyingly trendy tyke.
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I don't know. The ending to Deadly Premonition left me a bit... unsatisfied. I guess I can do the spoiler cut. )

And now, excerpts from the new Republican site devoted to gathering political solutions from the people:

- "A 'teacher' told my child in class that dolphins were mammals and not fish! And the same thing about whales! We need TRADITIONAL VALUES in all areas of education. If it swims in the water, it is a FISH. Period! End of Story."
-"End Child Labor Laws... We coddle children too much. They need to spend their youth in the factories."
-"BP is creating a new race of faster dolphins. These fish are unable to compete against the fish of other countries, but now their increased lubrication will allow them to fly through the water. Faster fish = good."
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yes I will probably play this when I get my father to buy a PSP around Christmas. That does not change any of what I said above. SQUARE AND KINGDOM HEARTS ARE STILL FUCKING DOUCHEBAGS.

/end rant
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Yesterday, I tested out Chicago's L for the first time. I really enjoyed riding amid the tall buildings and getting to see the city instead of being stuck in dark corridors, as happens with Maryland's Metro system. I was less cool on L's reliance on the bus system and dropping you off a good 15-20 minutes away from anything resembling touristy. Also, Chicago street signs need to actually exist for walking maps to work. But we did manage to find both Navy Pier and the weird silver bean thing. It helped that it was a really nice day and I could take many pictures of the water and the boats. I am a bit sad I missed out on Chicago-style deep dish pizza, but I did get my ramen near the convention center so I guess it evens out.

I have a feeling the run-through of "Deadly Premonition" is reaching its epic close. Wow, Thomas, just wow. And I have no idea what to think of the Guy With Glasses' anniversary special. Though my mind is totally blown and enchanted by CFUD's anniversary plot.

Still slogging through Berserk. I will be sad when the flashback is done because young Griffith and young Guts are terribly cute. I'm torn on the mangaka's style because the way he draws smiles gives me the willies, but he can also draw adorable expressions. I don't know, maybe all of Griffith's smiles are supposed to be unsettling. Griffith is so gay for Guts and almost vice versa; it's amazing.

Now, to see whether I can pull off a miracle tomorrow.
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Law & Order. :(

I read something somewhere today that seemed to suggest that if you're not married by a certain age, it must mean you are gay. Good to know.

I got to the part in "Black Powder War" where Lien finally spoke. Then I couldn't stop LOLing at how she sounded like a super villainess. Seriously, I was playing it out in the my head in the most well-bred, arrogant evilness I could manage. I must have looked so special laughing in the middle of the Wendy's parking lot. I am really loving this book, especially Temeraire's come-to-Jesus moment about what Britain will actually accept about dragons and Tharknay, but that speech HAHAHA. Hope to see you again real soon, Lien.

I am going to watch the episodes of Deadly Premonition I missed when their computer was down, thus forcing me to resort to watching "The Care Bears Movie 2" and "My Little Ponies: The End of Flutter Valley." Then I'm going to bar myself from the Net until I actually get ready for my trip tomorrow.

I will leave you with Tea Party hypocrisy though.

Although she opposes abortion and gay marriage, Grolig said she thinks personal freedoms are "diminishing" in the country.

"By that, I mean the intrusion of the government into our lives takes away from our freedom, what we should eat, what we should do and how we behave," she said.

"Yet when I say that, it appears that individuals and groups who do not share the same beliefs I do are being the ones who are being allowed to behave in ways that I would consider immoral."
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I forgot to mention yesterday that Stephen Hawking believes aliens exist and THEY'RE GOING TO KILL US ALL!!

Also, we assume this lawmaker is working on some warped gay noir novel or that he's just that special. Read and witness the insanity.

Still loving "Gods Behaving Badly." The humans aren't as annoying as I'd thought they be and are even a bit cute in their fail way. But yes, the best thing is definitely the true-to-form portrayal of the gods. Apollo's conversation with Alice after she rejected him was just... wow. But hey, the gods always were bastards in the Greek pantheon. I think my one complaint is while I love the characterization of Artemis, I feel that her leadership is more of an Athena role and instead Athena has been reduced to practically nonexistent. I assume this is because Apollo is also in a lead position and the author wanted to focus on their dichotomy. But it wouldn't hurt to have more Athena.

I broke down and downloaded "Lion," the sequel to "Wolf." Not only does this game not come with a tutorial but it is HARD. It's also realistic in that a lion's chance of success in a hunt is probably a lot smaller than a wolf's. You really have to strategize how to sneak up on prey and plan your lunge and chase so that a sudden turn or rock/tree won't slow you up. It's also harder to figure out where prey/water is in relation to your animal since you just get an amorphous map with icons to represent the prey's proximity to you rather than a number indicating how many screen away it is as with "Wolf." But I do love how you can speed up time 8 days at a time so long as your lion is in full health and also how you can switch between lions when you get one hurt by doing something stupid. I still haven't figured out how to have cubs, but mating seems to be easier than in "Wolf." A huge flaw though is the 5 to 10 minutes it can take to load the actual game. Might as well pick up a snack once you click on your saved file. "Wolf" is still the superior game in terms of enjoyable gameplay, but "Lion" definitely captures the realism of lion life, down to the need for frequent rests. Lions rest about 20 hours each day. Lazy bastards.

ETA: I just saw someone suggest NA CG casting of Orlando Bloom for Guilford and Kate Beckinsdale for Cornelia. I think my soul died a bit. :(
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I am praying for Bret Michaels.

I am also loving "Gods Behaving Badly." I feel so bad for Artemis and even worse for Eros. His fanboy crush on Jesus is so adorable. I just love the tongue-in-check nature of the whole thing, even though I worry whether the mortals will actually be interesting.

These are some of the greatest Terra e ficlets I've ever read and make me embarrassed to recall my own RPing of Keith. I WAS SO BAD. This writer really gets inside Keith's head in a way that's simply beautiful.

I still think Sunrise are douches for bookending absolute crack with absolute depression, even if the final messages were sweet. I love the conflict of Suzaku's.

Now that I have puppies, I am fully prepared to recommend "Wolf" to any animal fans. It is a simulation game that has yet to be fully duplicated. And although it's from 1995, the graphics hold up remarkably well. The main reason I love it though is because it's possibly the only sim I've ever seen where you really do connect with your avatar. When the wolf gets shot, you actually wince. That and it's just fun to use all your senses to hunt and survive. I still contend that the time flow mechanism sucks balls.

I am too lazy to fully recount my roomie story for today so we'll just finish with me saying I talked my father out of buying "Avatar" by convincing him Cameron is a money-grubbing asshole. Disclaimer! I like Avatar. I just refuse to give money to someone who plans to release the damn thing at least four times and bitches about how the lack of available 3-D screens cheated him out of MORE MONEY. Also, yay to "How to Train Your Dragon" for easily topping the box office charts again, something no movie has accomplished since 2004.

I need to watch more "Deadly Premonitions." Michael is cracking me up.

In RP news, I'm still waffling over apping at Sabra.
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Upon recommendation of [livejournal.com profile] crowphoenix, I have been watching Giant Bomb's endurance run of "Deadly Premonition." I feel this game would be so much scarier if the graphics weren't loltastic, but I'm amusing myself. Who doesn't love a guy who gets secret messages from his coffee?

So new info about new Geass canon is out. The whole Akito jazz. Can I saw yawn? I mean, from a EU perspective, it's all right, but it's not especially high on my give-a-shit radar. I'm sorry but I don't do spin-offs or OCs. You won't be getting my money this time, Sunrise. I miss Lelouch. :(

I has opinions on Project Runway. Beware for finale spoilers. )

Now for your political links of the day:

I wanted to post something from the WaPo about the Appleseed group, where people believe you need to know how to shoot a gun to understand how to be a Real American. This was actually a well-written unbiased look at the group that still managed to show how messed-up some of these people are. Unfortunately, it's one of the articles you have to sign up for. :(

Instead let's do quotes!

- "Open Carry Rallys: It was neat that the Tea Partiers rallied to support Obama and his signing of the bill allowing them to openly carry firearms in federal parklands. It was a cool way to support the President.

Dana Milbank : Yes, but I think a more convincing sign of gratitude would have been for them to fire their weapons in the air. Then again, the bullets may have landed in Eric Cantor's office and we'd have another problem on our hand."

- "SEC Porn: How can I get a job at the SEC?

Dana Milbank writes: The recommended first step is a donation to the RNC's Young Eagles, c/o: Club Voyeur, 7969 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90046-5111"

- "Under the Volcano: Dana, I loved this quote in your column from Tom Murray of the U.S. Geological Survey: "We cannot depend that the volcano will be good to us."

Look, scientists, the volcano will be good to us if we make the right ritual sacrifices--ancient cultures knew that. As Washington DC has so few political virgins, I suggest offering Mitch McConnell or John Boehner. But then, I'm a Democrat. I am sure Republicans have a list of their own. Let's work together in a bipartisan way .

Dana Milbank: The Republicans do have a list. As the Sunday column (out today) notes, they have already offered up Charlie Crist for human sacrifice. Will be a rather crisp Crist after the volcano gets done with him.

I noted in Homo Politicus that human sacrifice is fairly common in Washington already, as illustrated by Scooter Libby."
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Saw Avatar. Predictable as hell and a bit long but oh so very pretty. But really, with $500 million James Cameron could have bought his own rain forest to protect. THAT'S NUTS.

I'm almost finished Scribblenauts. Although I probably won't be able to start KH since I'm going to spend the next few days with Dana.

ETA: Game defeated. :( Oh well, I can still screw around and ride Cthulu.
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I have been eaten by Scriblenauts. I am so damn addicted to that game. And yes, I really did spend the day going "Oooh oooh Dad watch me do this. Are you watching? STOP FALLING ASLEEP." I need to actually play KH: Manynumbersgohere. Brother also got me one of the DS Castlevania games. Apparently X-Play liked it so it should be all right.

Sadly, Father and Sis were confused on the Avatar box set so I will have to get that later. But I do have the two R2 sets so far and bunch of new Geass novels. Thankies Graham!

I got no sleep last night and for some reason my legs are really hurty, but it's still a nice Christmas. Bro hasn't thrown a fit over anything.
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Davies, you really aren't as clever a writer as you think you are. I watch Dr. Who for a wild adventurous romp not a dull clodding hammer to the skull and knife to the heart. I shouldn't have to prepare a chaser to watch Dr. Who, I really shouldn't. I miss when this show was fun. Remember fun, Davies? No, I didn't think you did.

Rant to follow when my headache goes away. But I did have fun today playing Super Mario Brothers for the Wii and watching Star Trek with the Tom.
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A 67-year-old editor punched out a reporter at the Washington Post recently. Said reporter allegedly called the editor a "cocksucker." Wow. Also, I made another dumb offer to prove that I'm willing to do anything for my job. Sleep, why do you ever elude me?

I saw Ice Age 3 last night. It was fun, but the tonal switch between Ice Age and its sequels has always sat uneasily with me. Ice Age is just such a powerful movie.

I went on a rant about Squaresoft and their being whores with the Kingdom Hearts franchise again last night since we were discussing the history of video gaming in some book, and it failed to mentioned the Final Fantasy franchise despite covering Lunar. I was told that Squaresoft's greedy love for spreading its KH games among systems isn't that different from its Final Fantasy franchise. Whereupon I replied that the Final Fantasy games aren't linked so you don't necessarily have to play all of them to fully enjoy each individual one. I enjoyed FFVII just fine without playing FF IV or FF V. But to split up an actual storyline as Square loves to do with KH is incredibly insulting to its fanbase. ) Yeah, that pretty much sums up the entirety of what we discussed. Maybe with less requests for Squaresoft to suck my balls, as my company might have found that comment slightly... odd.

Also, King, Ro's hate for you is NOTHING compared to mine right now.

We shall conclude with this amazing chat about Palin that truly illustrates... Actually, I don't feel like friends-locking this so I will just say you can make your own judgments.
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Dammit watching video game reviews make me want to play Secret of Evermore and Secret of Mana AKA the forgotten Squaresoft children again. Now I know everyone hated Evermore, but you got to play a dog who changed from a wolf to a greyhound to a poodle to a FLYING TOASTER, how can you hate that how? Though, yeah, Mana definitely had the better story and a vampire boyfriend. Oh SNES I miss you. Someone find me some emulations STAT!
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Ok getting home at 7:30 was actually not in the plans for today. I wanted to be home by at least 6. But then there was Persona 3. I enjoy watching video games far too much. Granted, half of my knowledge from the game came from CFUD. Akihiko (Akiho) is my favorite of course because he's hot, suave and has a gay boyfriend who lives on the streets. But as much as Dana detests Junpei, I think his ineptitude is adorkable. I didn't realize the bizarre social component of Persona 3 either, but watching the main character chat on an online RPG with his Net friends only to go and talk to some dying guy on the street is hilarious. Oh the awkward. But the highlight was definitely checking out Shinjiro's victory statement. "Adios, assholes." Now, my first brush with Persona was a brief moment in Persona 1 when all the characters were calling for their persona by wailing out "PERSONA!" All but one. Brad. Brad's calling of choice was this really snarky "HEY PERSONA!" Which impeded the games in my head forever. I am now happy I have a new Persona memory for the ages. I love Shinji.

I also caught up with Lost and am as much in love with Ben as ever. Locke too. The flash-forwards are full of questions but manage to hold my interest. I'm even more pleased that the plot doesn't take ten years to go anywhere anymore. And the boat people are somewhat interesting, especially Dan. Oh Dan. May your mad scientist ways be with us forever.

Also watched Eastern Promises, which I was a bit sleepy through the first part, but I was fully awake and engrossed for the latter part. Naked knife fights can do that for you. Amazing story though. I love mafia things.


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