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I really hate that my room is an embarrassment to God and man and I need to clean it like yesterday, but I'm too damn lazy to put forth the motivation. I'm definitely going to have to have it done by Wednesday night somehow.

It scares me that I came to visit Gabi so we could go see more theater, but it was so hot that we ended up staying inside and talking about XXXholic, writing and sometimes Geass. UNTIL 4:30 A.M. I just. I don't even know where my time went. I meant to watch LLL. Something tells me theater may not be happening today. Fail on every possible level, self. It did at least make me realize that I need to get back to writing ASAP, although now I'm afraid I put too much thought into my plot/characters and they will feel forced. I can't win.

Also, my cat bill was like $400 for both cat. I love my babies, but damn that hurts my funds, especially with Otakon this week. I will actually have to limit my spending. But I guess it's okay because there is not anything I'm super obsessed with. I might look for some Durarara merchandise and of course manga and probably buy some more anime. But I think my days of nutso purchases may finally be behind me. At least I hope so. I'm sure I tell myself this every year.

And I'm having thoughts but not entirely sure where I want to go with them. I just suck at time management, and it gets in the way of so many things I want to do.

Writing meme time! This time with bonus Psychosis fanart that I've dug out of my old folders. We're getting down to wire on this meme. :( )
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I stumbled across some good DA SuzaLulu last night and figured I should share since I rarely come across good art from Western sites. I'm just in a pimping mood lately. I might gather up my favorite Turn 25 fics and post them here later. At least my headache from last night went away. I solemnly swear I'm going to start going to bed at a sane time. Probably 1 on Mondays and Tuesday and 2ish on the rest of the weekdays.

D'awww adorable and painful trio flashback times. ;;
The Emperor and his Knight.
Same idea as above but a sharper style
Doujin cover of cute EEEness
Turn 25 spoiler but great close-up

I recommend checking out the top four artists' galleries too. They are all very talented.

And dammit, I will watch Black Butler sometime today.
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I did catch up Pushing Daisies. I'm loving Olive more than ever this season. So I guess that puts True Blood 5 on the list. I forgot to mention that I am shallow and I do love Eric. Mmm viking vampire. Then I'll either watch Black Butler today or watch both episodes tomorrow. As for why I'm transcribing my plans, it helps me remember.

I shared my notion of a writer's special crazy with Gabi yesterday. If you've been reading this journal long enough, you've probably heard it. The basic premise is that all writers have to be somewhat crazy for it to work. After all, they lead double lives and carry the memories of both themselves and their characters. Writing is almost a case of MPD in a way. At least that's when it's most fun.

Speaking of fun, I got bored with the pickings of ffnet (after having a strange craving for Takouji -- I want to watch Frontier again -- and Gundam last night) and headed over to the big boy's archive on adultffnet. While I expected it to be extremely disappointing, remembering my finds of yesteryear, I was pleasant surprised to run into some DELICIOUS offerings. I think I love Eline in all sorts of ways (she gave me EEE threesome fic). And whoever did "The Color Red." Not quite as good as "Weight of the World" but still very very nice.

And then there's this, which is just beautiful beyond words and now my desktop.

ETA: Miracle of miracles. I finally changed my layout. It's only been what a little less than two years.
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I think I have pinpointed the source of my trouble staying up lately. It is the combination of forcing myself to stay up past 2 and then, no matter what, waking up before 10. I blame the fighting in my house. My brother wants to go start something today. He's such the stereotypical jock now.

But I did get a call-back about the interview I did the other week and am looking to set up a follow-up so there's hope on the horizon. And Tom said there will even be Dr. Who this Sunday! I still need to catch up on Torchwood. I should ask him to hang on Monday; he said he might.

I was shocked and appalled when I couldn't find any Rollo icons in the media community so I resorted to making my own. I actually like it. I think I'm getting slightly better at bringing out colors and expressions, even if I still have to do 5 layers or more.

I have no idea what went down on my great Geass fandom hunt, but it was EPIC. There was Ginozaku, angsty Turn 2 art, more Rollo than you could shake a stick at and so much delicious Suzaku. I probably added half a gig in art yesterday alone. I have a tiny obsession.

ETA: ... I really don't get the CG memes. Except for the ones with music; the ones with music are funny.
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Geass fanart, you fail me. I wanted pretty pretty art of Turn 2, and only a handful of you were ballsy enough to do it right. Though I do give a nod to MECCO for her depressing aftermathpicture. All the rest of you are too ice. And Koubou gave me open-shirted Lelouch in a mid-way scene that was every bit as disturbing as I hoped. The rest of you fail. I am disappointed that my truly dark artists such as One Dot Per Inch and Dalc Rose didn't go all out.

Though I am glad people are enjoy Celiss' translations of the final Ashford Chronicle in NewType? Can't you actually feel your heart twisting? They're so good at it.

Last day today...

Oh wait I have more spoilericious fun. )
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Rollercoastery day/night. But before, I ready for my morning trip again, I shall leave you with this thought.

For a while, I've been having an odd hankering to do "A Little Priest" AMV with C.C. and Lelouch for no other reason than I could, and it would amuse me. But now I think "My Friends" might be a bit more apt and I entirely blame THIS FANART, which is hot beyond belief.

I guess it's a good ending for my day after all. And hey my stomachache went away.
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I always go on about how much I love J-fanart and how difficult it is to find good Western fanart. But a post on the Geass comm opened my eyes up to one particular artist, and I decided to hit up ye ole search while I was there. I figured I should highlight some of the results. Almost all of them are Lelouch-centered since he's the easiest one to search for, but I think I have a few flavors to offer in that category.

This artist is amazing. It doesn't even matter which picture you view.

The gorgeous pic that started my hunt
Reminds me of that one famous Kamui pic
OMG is it beautiful!
Deadums has such a unique way with art.

CHOCOBOS! No really this owns all kitty/dog fanart. So cute. And it's kind of enabling me dammit...

Tender moment between the knight and princess.

I don't know why I like this. Maybe it's the clothes. Kallen looks awesome.
Simply stunning

Lelouch's expression sells this. That and I think Lelouch would make a wonderful dancer. He's delicate like that.
She tops him so good.

During my brief review of DA, I learned some interesting tidbits, including that people love confusing Lelouch with Hibari/Kamui in Lelouch's favor I might add, someone really likes over-sexualizing Lelouch to the point where it's creepy and Suzaku needs more fanart love from Western fandom. He's sexy, guys!

I probably need to go out and finish shopping soon. I will possibly die.
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Well, I did nothing so far but zone out and try to relocate my old fanart sites. I found some great new ones along the way, and each one had this major fetish for naked Suzaku. The plus was that they were good arts. I'm a little sad that one of them is that flash pop-style, which makes saving hard, and it's my new favorite. It had great stuff with the young trio and the young Britannian trio. I've also realized that I have somewhat of a fascination with Suzaku in Zero's cape. It's one of my favorite fanart ideas. Though some of the ones I saw today are giving me a craving for red and purple stud earrings for the boys. Those are sexy. Nothing else of great note, except for that random art of Lelouch with a chainsaw. That made me lol. I want to see the one the girls at Fuukai have teased for what appears to be Halloween art. Lelouch has pretty claws.

I should watch Avatar or go get glasses or do something productive with my life before Tom comes over later. But I'll probably just play my game or RP. I did have to chide someone for swiping my Lulu/Nana manga icon that I made for CFUD. That irked me a lot.
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Oh I forgot. I had request arts to share. This is mostly for my whacky CG friends ([livejournal.com profile] twostepsideways has already seen), especially you, Sapphy, because it really makes me think of your femme!Lelouch. Kade and I will have much fun with her, I'm sure.

Art by beanclam )

And now to clean room, wash clothes and watch Avatar. and angst about how i'll never have translations for the picture drama.
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I'm feeling much better than I have in the last several days. I think it has to do with having the subject of one of my assignments, which was very important to me, express his gratitude. It also has to do with my getting able to hang out with some of my favorite people my job associates me with from time to time. They are awesome and feed me, and I just love listening to them gossip. Still hate most of my bosses, especially my main one -- I continue to refuse to so much as look at him unless I have to -- but I'm no longer unhappy to be at work. This does not mean I'm not still looking around.

Did my usual Geass fanart search since the Milly/Lulu sound file is still somewhere in limbo; the fanartists are already posting pictures of 13-years-old-child Lelouch. I think my current WTF favorite when it comes to arts is the adorable one of pissy child merman Lelouch getting caught by child Suzaku. Child merman Lelouch is just too cute. I also wish I could obtain VS, which is an anthology of many of my favorite artists.

Also on the fan front, I can't wait to see how people respond to [livejournal.com profile] sapphira_angel's awesome SuzaLulu ship manifesto once she posts it. I'm very excited. I also plan on doing some general Geass fic recs, along with scanning those Clovis pics, as soon as I have some lazy ho time. This will probably be Friday, as I am such a slacker on Friday and that is truly lazy ho day. I think this fic rec will also include a Hall of Shame where I point out every single ficcer that cannot spell Lelouch's name (Lelouche, Leluche, Leloche). I'm let the "Yuffie" thing slide for now... But I want to go on record saying that I have issues with that as well. Don't worry, I won't venture into ffnet territory unless said ffnet fics are linked through one of the main comms.

I also have to find some time to do my CFUD essay explaining Lelouch's VERY complicated deal with elder sister Cornelia. ^^;;
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Holy hell, Terra e. That was Geass creepy right there. And hey Angsty McNugget AKA Keith is back for the gay sex to avenge his boyfriend and pick up a brand new one come Episode 12. I think Jomy's grown on me. His optimism and good nature is just so adorable. I love how excited he is about people having babies for him. I want Keith and Jomy to meet right now! I also think Keith is looking pretty hot, even if his face design is a little off. Fix it up and put that man in my car! People need to make more Terra e icons.

RxJ 11 has bad animation. Juliet looks like a man in several shots. But aww baaaaby Romeo. I almost typed Albert there. Romeo and Juliet are such dorks. Them and their friggin flowers. And whenever they're being cute around each other, they almost make me cry. Also Cielo. ;_; I seriously hope Romeo got more for that family trinket than two loaves of bread. Someone got mega-ripped off. So when does the angst start?

I was going through Geass fanart links again as I'm wont to do for no particular reason. I noticed Poppo or whatever it's called has some adorable ones of Jeremiah and LuluNana when they're childrens. I love the one where Jeremiah is brushing Lelouch's hair, and Lelouch looks ten kinds of fidgety. My guilty pleasure site is also working on a piece using the Clamp design; I'm very excited. And the site that likes to be very naughty with the boys just put up a double shot of a LuluSuza hug, which is just gorgeous.

I got nothing none as usual, but I did get two new pairs of shoes. Score one for the girly shopping habits.
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All those things I said I was going to do didn't get done because I decided to go off on another one of my fruitless SuzaEuphieLulu or LuluEuphie hunts. Found nothing naturally, but I did happen across a gem of its own.

http://alice.x0.com/: Not only does this site have one of the hottest original outfits for Lelouch ever, but it centers on Cornelia. Before this site, I would have said the cutest thing in Geass is Euphie. Now I know it to be child!Cornelia. Young!Cornelia/Young!Guilford takes third place. I should warn though, this site is much of the incest. Cornelia gets around. At least she looks like she wants to punch Lulu in the face in some of these.

I also saw Bambi II, which I expected to suck. It didn't. It wasn't really the usual Disney sequel fare in that it was sweet but not syrupy (I could have done without Thumper's sisters). The storyline of Bambi trying to win his father's approval and trying to find his own inner strength was touching, I admit it. I liked the movie. It was pretty and had nice music. I think I liked it better than the original Bambi because the original Bambi has very little dialogue, and I prefer the actual novel either way. Bambi II I could almost entirely distance from the novel and enjoy it on its own merits. Ok I think I've gone on long enough about the kiddie movie now.

ETA: I lied. I link to the pretty lyrics of the Bambi II songs now. They're far too happy for my soul, but I don't mind. They make me smile. Also, the third song isn't as great as the other two since it's a bit poppy, but when combined with the scenes from the movie it's all right. I'm too lazy to find OST so I just mooch off YouTube.

There is Life
Through Your Eyes
First Sign of Spring
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The latest set of Geass spoilers make Nayami a sad kitty, mostly because nothing in them seems to be of any potential. Also, my own personal hypocritical issue. *sniffles* Well, maybe the Nina thing will be interesting. Everything else is just a bunch of stuff that I didn't want to happen. Some of it I can accept; others... I'll have to wait and see how things play out, but something tells me I might be a bit riled during the final arc. Oh Geass, how you hurt me.

I read the Naruto chapter. Translations eased the pain that series has been putting me through just a touch. I enjoy Sasuke and his new naked friend's snarking. I've also decided that because I never spell the guy's name right, I shall now refer to Sasuke's new naked friend as such, even though he now has clothes. Ugly clothes. You need to find your harem some better threads, Sasuke. Again, I still believe Kishimoto has no idea what he's doing, but as long as he avoids fights and deus ex machine, he might be able to work on character development long enough to figure out where he wants his story to go. Maybe he'll even hit about how to connect it to Naruto. There's an idea.

Geass fanart folder now at about 1200. I tried checking out some Western fanart last night, but after weeks of shuffling through the Japanese sites, I was left unimpressed. The one thing I do like about the American fanarts, even if I prefer the Japanese art style, is the Americans like to play with fashion. I think it's more of a trend toward AU than anything, but it keeps things different. I really need to stop reading the fanart of Suzaku killing Zero!Lelouch and then trying to unsuccessfully to kill himself. So sad yet so well done.

I also finally saw the "Candy Mountain" video so that joke makes sense to me. It's only been about two years. I'm slow. -_-

I have to travel out and about for work today so I doubt I'll be returning home.
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Because I can no longer take Naruto's extreme levels of STUPIDITY WTFery, I have envisioned my own storyline. Essentially, Sasuke is off to see the Wizard (aka Itachi), accompanied by Toto (aka SoulMonster!Orochimaru) and the Scarecrow (aka Suigetsu). Naruto and Sakura are both the good witch of the North and South by the way. Kabuto is the Wicked Witch of the West. Oh yeah, and sharingan = ruby slippers. I am fairly sure my storyline makes about as much sense as Kishimoto's right now so this is what I'm going to be telling myself until he proves himself sane again. *whistles tune while imagining Sasuke in Dorothy's dress* Because because because. Because of the wonderful things he does.

While I was on my grand fanart search (during which I found fanart of the young Suzaku/Lelouch sections from the novel), I realized that I truly do love Suzaku. It amuses me since I used to not like him a lot. Not quite hate but very close. I think my love for him grew as I learned about how half of the fandom hated him for standing against Lelouch. I forced myself to like him out of spite to this half and suddenly found myself quite infatuated with his twin star destiny. This was around the same time when it started clicking in my brain how attractive Suzaku really was and how well his pilot suit complemented that.

http://cou.uijin.com/ : This is the site with the novel art. It also has some of the most symbolic and tragic Lelouch and Suzaku comics I've seen. Most of my fave fanart sites are Suzaku-focused.

I should probably make a big fanart rec post in the near future since my folder has to be more than 1,000 images by now.
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I woke up freezing cold today and cannot get back to sleep. Joy!

For some goofball reason, I decided I needed to compartmentalize my Geass fanart folder so I could find my favorites easier. I was shocked to learn that my Lelouch fanart only outnumbers my Suzaku fanart by seven images. My only defense is that even when Suzaku was fairly boring for me, he always had one thing going for him: the boy is damn hot when he fights and in his pilot suit. That hotness reaches critical levels when he's in his knight wear. It did surprise me that the Japanese fanart has so much Suzaku art since I hear the J-fandom is even more into the Lelouch vs. Suzaku debate than the E-fandom. Maybe he just inspires them with his nationality and recreated persona ways. Oh and when he says "Yes, your highness" to Euphemia, I always get the chills.

I also realized I'm totally smitten with Euphie. I'm not sure when this occurred, but I find her hot and pink and beautifully dressed. I judged whether or not to save pictures based on how Suzaku looked because Euphie always looked great. I don't think I would even like the Euphemia/Suzaku pairing if I didn't like Euphemia so much. Bad things are probably going to happen to her, which sucks since I haven't liked a female character this hard in a long while. I guess there's always C.C.

I'm not going to comment further on the Naruto chapter because it will just be ranting.
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So tracked down my traitorous wretch. I think she was just upset that I was yelling at my brother and either trying to shut me up or get my attention to call me down. I'm still not happy, and she's sleeping outside the room tonight.

I just learned Geass 12 is out. Yay. But that it also has the spoiler I've been dreading. Boo. I want to seem like a non-shallow, sane fan, but it's so very hard when I hate something so very much. I'll just content myself with the hordes of fan art I've discovered lately through link-hopping. The SuzaLulu community missed all the pretty ones.

I remember someone on the main comm once suggested that people hate Suzaku because he can get the better of Lelouch. This is in no way the case for me since I love seeing Lelouch get his ass kicked. Some of my favorite arts are the ones where he and Suzaku are at each other's throats, something I hope to see at least once in the series. Bro wanted to know why Lulu always seems the skankahoslut in the fan arts so I had to pull out the official images to remind him that Lulu is just naturally a skankahoslut. But he's driven and slightly kooky in the head so we'll forgive him. As long as everyone remembers that this skankahoslut could probably outwit and otherwise own you. That's what I love about Lulu. By his nature, he's both vulnerable and deadly. He could easily be a godmodder but his character has limits to prevent that, making him fallible. It's something not seen too often in the mech anime. As for Suzaku, as long as he's fighting, he's good eye candy. It's different to see an altruistic character who's actually built. Even with Clamp's designs. It's one of the reasons I enjoy the Suzaku/Lelouch dynamic; it's not so easy to tell who's really in control. Is it the clever and cold Lelouch who displays a certain meekness around Suzaku? Or is the gentle Suzaku who has no shame in using his physical advantages against Lelouch? Like with the Gundam characters, regardless of who the boys may end up with, the bond between them will still be something to be reckoned with.

Also, more people need to draw Lulu in his civilian wear since that's when he sports the tight black muscle shirt.

Bonus: Rate the Gay in Geass Pt. 2 )

I think I broke my brain with that last bit.

Final note, I never want to see another Western fan bitching about fans using cutesy nicknames for characters. Not *one* of the numerous fan sites I visited on Geass used Lelouch. Not one. They all used Lulu. So take your elitist snark and shove it.
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Going to be selfish now and list some birthday wishes and many many options since it's on the horizon.


-Fanart of Rabi.
-Fanart of Hiruma, possibly involving Mamori but more focus on Hiruma.
-Fanart of Sasuke/Naruto. TimeJump. Must make reference to affinity line or that scene.
-Psychosis fanart. Since I already have my main two boys. I would most appreciate Erik and Ty. Though Nick and Wolf would also be adorable.
-Good Yamikai/Kaiyami fanfic. Must acknowledge Duel Monsters. Cannot have Yami no Yuugi and Yuugi as separate entities.


-Pride DVD: That thing that puts voices to live-action lion scenes.
-Chrno Crusade DVD Set. I'm just mentioning for kicks. I'll probably buy it myself.
-More Eyeshield 21. Again while I realize that Viz censors Hiruma horribly, it's just easier for me to read manga in my hands than on a computer. I'm a freak.
-Kingdom Hearts Oblivion or Oathkeeper Keychain.
-Gameboy Advanced or Chain of Memories. U.S. will never get the remake.
-Axel or Roxas figurines.

Graham, I forgot to mention I got your gift. I meant to bring it with me to watch over vacation, but I fail.
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Now that LJ is being a bit more cooperative, let's play my favorite game. It's called what does the Japanese fandom teach me about series.

Today's series is Code Geass. So what does fandom teach us about Geass?

1. Lelouch is a kitty whereas Suzaku is usually a puppy. Sometimes they can both be kitties if they're being naughty.
2. Lelouch either views cross-dressing as really kinky or really annoying. Suzaku is just killer embarrassed.
3. Lloyd is apparently a pervert.
4. Because Suzaku played bondage during episode 4, he's apparently prone to all the non-con stereotypes. Poor Suzaku.
5. Suzaku loves paying homage to his Britanian prince.
6. Suzaku is a woobie.
7. Nothing is cuter than child!Lelouch and child!Suzaku.
8. Most importantly of all, girls exist only to make the boys cross-dress and the Nightmares exist only to increase Suzaku's hotness when he stands next to them.
9. Rivalz wants Suzaku's man.

Favorite fanart moments of the search: Suzaku wearing LuLu's cape, lil Suzaku crying over lil LuLu getting a shot and prettiest Suzaku/LuLu site that I've ever seen.

You know, if it weren't for Japanese fanart, I don't think I'd ship this pairing as hard as I do. Nonetheless, it is so very pretty.
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I saw some people bitching about using doujinshi art for icons. Now if this is doujinshi that you found off the Internet and didn't donate a dime to, yes I can see this as a problem. I understand the belief that fanart shouldn't be used without permission, even for icons. I'm not going to condemn anyone for doing it, but I get why people get all flustered over it. But when you tell me that I cannot scan the pretty book I paid $20 for because it's wrong to reduce it to a teeny icon, I want to hit you. I pay $20 for DVDs. I pay $10 for manga. The doujinshi artist got their money. I don't want to hear the costs of shipping and publishing. They do it because they love it. I buy it because I love it. End of transaction. If you're telling people not to use bought art, you might as well tell them they can't use any official art either. While I know this is the stance of many Japanese fans, the Western ones have no right to play double-standards. You either use what you pay for and you don't. Don't clutter up things with your shoddy morality.
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Used non-LJ time to catch up on anime since I have NO life. Oh also found awesome art of Axel as a pirate (Bro and I snickered at the R brand on his hand, which was given no explanation by the artist) and the Nobody form of Sora (no, not Roxas). Also some depressing trio action and OrgXIII aweness.

DGrayman could be better. Could be much better. But it does have Kanda. The more screen time Kanda gets, the more I'm inclined to watch the show. Who knows, Kanda might be my driving force behind this series much as Vamp!Kamui is for Tsubasa. Might even nudge me into the scanlations. We'll see if he manages to pique my interest anymore over the next few episodes. At least the music's growing on me.

Geass is wildly different with subs. LuLu is a lot more gay. I didn't think that was possible, given how much Bro and I gay him up during our watching sessions. But it's nice to actually know what Lelouch is saying when he's going on about Britannia. So Light. I want fanart. Someone needs to find me some good Japanese fanart sites. I think I'm also to the point where I've disconnected LuLu and Kamui, although I will still used not!Kamui to identify him in my icons because it amuses me. But yeah, LuLu could kick Kamui's ass, and I'd pay to see that. And people need to make more Geass icons so I don't have to resort to making my own sucky versions.

I also learned something interesting about Okami and spoiled myself as usual. I finally got my PS2 and game back from the Netherworld so I might be able to play it. But I'd rather go somewhere else tomorrow. If that falls through, I guess I have an alternative.


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