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Dammit Kushina arc. Now I have to catch up on Naruto. Seriously, though, this arc is really reawakening my interest in Kishimoto's storytelling. It's really touching. Initial interest sparked by this breathtaking fanart.

I have also decided that Gabi and I will be torturing ourselves with the hilariously-named The Legend of the Legendary Heroes of Legend (one of those legends may not be part of the actual title.) It makes me think high fantasy meets Geass. Yes, this is entirely based on the main's freaky eye power and his being voiced by FukuJun. Though there looks to be some slash potential and preview hinted at some nice darkness in the storyline. It will probably be fail, but I'm a Geass junkie so anything that can channel it for me earns at least my perusal.

I also want to break 3,000 on this damn Word Bubbles game. If only I didn't keep getting "pap." What the fuck are you supposed to do with pap once you get past the many iterations of "paper." Stupid game.

I have more political spazzery but I'll save that for another post.

I am also attempting some theology world-building for "Psychosis," being that I realized I have no fucking clue where the angels come from, what the magic is or what's the genealogy for half the cast. I also want to work better on Lucian and Tashira's living situation so that it's plausible and possibly better incorporate Lorelei into the story if it can be managed. I'm just running into a few bumps with her connection to Dominic and the threat of losing the important moment where Lucian and Dominic reconcile while Lucian is recovering at her house after a fight.

That means it's onto the meme!

30 Days of Writing Meme )

4. Tell us about one of your first stories/characters!

Lol, I just told Graham this story the other day. My first characters were descendants of Chibi-Usa. Yes, from Sailormoon. I don't remember much about them, except that they had their own talking male cat and such. I cared more about their children though. I shamelessly ripped off the Black Lady plot, only with twins. Basically, the girl twin goes nuts and the boy twin has to bring her back. Or was it the other way around? Well, there was a lot more violence and blood. I know the Silver Crystal became some scarily powerful sword. Hmm, I wonder what became of that sword...

Piggy-backing on this was the second part of the story, where the twins each meet up with the opposite sex member of these demon unicorn twins. The demon twins are warring against each other and each trying to win the other twins to their side. I bet anyone who's reading this no longer has any idea what I'm talking about. Anyway, both demon twins die at the end, although they are redeemed and remember that they love each other. D'aww. If this sounds familiar, you've probably guessed why.

Or if you want earlier, there's my Jack London-styled stories about a Samoyed (Sapphire) who has to return home to his owner and enters into a wolf pack, a boy and his pet tiger (Hunter) and some stray dog (Rogue) who owns his own city pack. As guessed from the reference, none of these animals talked. I wish I could remember more about them than just the basics. I bet I still have the story maps lying in my closet somewhere. I never throw anything away. Oh and waaaay back, there was the "Incredible Journey" rip-off about two dogs and a cheetah.
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Hmm, that went... interesting. Should I just draw my conclusions now? Ah well. I still have no card but I guess them's the breaks.

[livejournal.com profile] defade, your new icon TERRIFIES me. ;;

I am remotely interested in the Naruto chapter. My readings tell me Sasuke may have a personality again. Please come back to me, Sasuke. Lulu has been lonely at the top of my list all by himself. I miss you.

I'm a real bitch when it comes to Western fanart, but the Geass community is quickly showing me the error of my ways when it comes to that at least. Such a gorgeous KotR!Suzaku.

I finally got around to watching the new PR. I hate Blayne slightly less, not because he designs any better but because he looks like he's attempting to use his two brain cells. He's truly trying to listen. I can give the boy some credit for that. Keith is the biggest whiner this side of fashion. STFU man. My current top 3: Jerrel, Joe... Korto? Sorry, Suede, you have not been wowing me lately. Also I've had it with the random shout-outs to the dead people.
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First happiness, through work being an unrelenting bastard, I have conquered one of my greatest fears. Also, PR booted the bitch I hated. So much joy joy joy down in my heart.

Now the unpleasantnesses, the more I hear about Naruto, the more I can't stand it. I haven't been interested in it for a while, and I think Kishimoto has lost all ability to write. Again, this most depresses me because this used to be my obsession series. Now I almost effectively hate all the characters I used to find most interesting. Oh yeah, and SaiGAR spelled Lelouch's name wrong. Have to get that hate in here too. Argh.

On a more serious note, I want to know if I am just a horrible judge of character or whether people act differently around me than they do around each other. Because I'm kind of tired of assuring friends that other people are going to be understanding and decent to them just to have that other person PROVE ME WRONG. I am tired of telling people "No, your friend would never do that to you" just to have that friend PROVE ME WRONG. I'm tired of telling people that others will talk things out with them and come to an agreement just to have that person PROVE ME WRONG. What crucial piece of information am I missing on either side? I've never considered myself an optimist so when I tell people these things about other people, it's because I *truly* believe in them. And people consistently lets me down. Over and over and over again. It's not me that gets hurt. I don't care. I can get by. But if I put such faith in you and you let me down by really hurting someone else when I send them to you, I tend to lose all respect for you. What makes it more confusing for me is that it's mostly an Internet thing. I guess I only get to see one side of a person and should be more neutral when I give advice. Hope for the best but plan for the worst? Contrary to popular belief, I actually don't like "hating/disliking" people; it takes too much effort.

And most importantly, what you hear is not always what you get. Rumor-mongering is the sign of cowardice and unwillingness to go to the source. Spreading it only makes you a bigger fucktard. And if you think this paragraph (not the one above it) is referring to you, you're right. I am in a business that deals with facts and fact-checking; people believing in second-hand information makes me ill.
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OMG I forgot what sexkittens Kamui and Fuuma can be. This is mostly me going on about this subject in relation to a certain OVA. )

Caught up on Naruto, mostly because I wanted to see Sai and the end of the Gaara arc is a good emotional piece. Though I think the bringing Gaara back from the dead was significantly less emotional than the handshake of gay. Gaara seeing the whole village full of people that loved him was sweet. The new ED is just Sai fanservice, which I guess is ok. Sai is one pale mofo. But they did let him say his line about asking if Naruto has a penis so they points for that.

Also caught up on Heroes. Now I shall blather on about that. )

Then we watched Battlefield Earth. I can't remember anything about this movie. Even watching it with Riff Trax was probably a waste of my time. I think the message about Scientology I took away from that movie is that Scientology kind of makes me want to shoot myself in the head so I never have to experience something that godawful ever again. Hehe LJ forces me to capitalize Scientology as if it were a legitimate religion. Lolz.

Caught up on Avatar. I feel stupid because I just figured out that Azula is younger than Zuko. I did not realize she's only 15. This entire time I thought she was the older sister. This fucks with my entire mindset. Now I talk about the episode that must not be named. )

William and I spent a good portion of the aftermath of watching said episode, comparing Lelouch and Zuko's childhoods and royal influences. I will have to type it up someday because it was pretty awesome. I think the crux was that Zuko had full security to the thrown but was forced into submission (hence his loud/violent outbursts of pent of frustration), whereas Lelouch was relatively pointless in the royal scheme but developed a vicious pride (hence I CAN DO IT MYSELF THIS IS MY PROBLEM). Emo exiled princes are amusing.
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Note to SasuNaru fanwriters: Sasuke is not a raven, and Naruto is not a fox. Analogies suck ass when you use them so flippantly. and i will cry over the fact that every time i try to write sasuke i inevitably write suzaku and then have to redo it. it scares me

I am going to see Tom tomorrow this makes me happy. Also PR premiered and also made me happy. The hideous bitch with the homicidal hair irks me in the not good way.
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... That was gay. And did naked Sasuke just get molestered by snakes??

So anyway, this almost makes me want to watch Naruto again since I like the Sai arc. I'm also going to start reading Tsubasa again since I hear a certain someone is back in action, and I'm a shallow spaz who only cares about one series in Tsubasa. Will I read the Naruto manga? Probably not.

Also this mood theme kind of um FRIGHTENS ME.
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I should upload my Geass mood theme I dled a long time ago, but I hate using PhotoBucket for such things, and I have to reset up my ftp server. But I do want to do it soon because I think I'm all but done with Naruto. It hurts me to the point where I don't care. I admit it. I don't care about anyone else besides Naruto and Sasuke, and I don't like what either have been doing lately. I miss my Naruto. ;; Plus, Geass gives me canon pics of Suzaku being non-conned by candy. How can I refuse?

I'm going to watch Gundam and then possibly log about that and Avatar 3. My interest in Gundam is currently one of interest and not OMG GUNDAM because aside from Wing, I have never been as hardcore in love with Gundam as I am with Geass. I enjoy it, but I also tend to drift in and out of interest with it. Politics get to me after a while. But Big Gay Setsuna's Big Gay Gundam is a bit hard to resist.

ETA: Yes bitches, I finally fixed my ftp after like three hours! Because the stupid system wouldn't tell me what to enter in as a local host and retarded me couldn't just go PUT IN CHAOTICDREAM.NU YOU MORON. Anyway, I'm going to fix my mood theme now.
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I'm sorry but the way Manda woke up with the sharingan mark in his eyes... I'm going to forever think Sasuke geass'ed the snake. And it will never stop being funny!
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Dammit I'm so friggin' pissed right now. I am using my desk as a computer desk. This is not supposed to be. My wrists hate the way the edge of the computer digs into them. Sasuke-neko is plotting how to take out the three stacks of manga I was forced to move to another counter so I could fit my computer on the desk. The other stack of manga threatens to fall over and smash my hands. Yeah I need to clean my room ok? I'm not used to using a laptop in the sane, conventional way. And the light reflecting from my light fixture is bouncing off the screen and hurting my eyes. I officially hate using the computer right now.

Onto other topics, I caught up on Yugioh:TAS. The movie had some great lines, particularly with Pegasus flirting with Kaiba, Anzu trying to sex up Yuugi and Kaiba trying not to look at the naked Anubis. The newer episodes are also fun. Who doesn't love Otogi being sexy? I admit I looked up that name and only know him as Duke Devlin, but I wanted to be cool. I love his theme music in TAS. He is entirely too pretty to exist on Yugioh. It is why he could only stay for a handful of episodes at a time. I was sad he never got to meet Kaiba. Oh and Safty was marvelously creepy as Rebecca and her demonic teddy bear.

Also tortured myself with Naruto: Abridged don't know why. I don't mind if a fan hates yaoi. Up to them really. But do they have to continuously bash it? I have no point of comparison since yaoi fans very rarely make parodies so I can't say whether or not they bash het pairings. But knowing fangirls, I suppose it's highly likely.

ETA: Oh yeah, I do have one more complaint. At this angle, I'm going to have to close my door since passersby can see any of the horrible pron I may be looking at/reading.
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Let's play the bad news/good news game since I'm bummed out of my so-far two days of computerless misery.

Good News:

How is it that both Naruto and Geass release the crackiest crack that ever cracked on the days that I'm not around to properly squeal about them? That's just not fair. I mean, stripping Zero = L-fucking-OL in every possible way. And AU highschool bad boy Naruto is only a notch below that when it comes to the kill me with laughter ability. I do hope those Geass episode dates they're tossing around are official, even if they are in at the END OF JULY. The agony.

Saw Blood Diamond and Ghost Rider. The best part about the latter was Sam Elliot. Actually, that's about all I can say about that movie since I all but fell asleep. Blood Diamond was a disturbing piece, particularly with the child soldiers. But I really enjoyed the ambiguity of Leonardo DiCaprio's smuggler character, in that circumstances were the only things that ever affected his decisions. All the way up to the end. I'm grateful to see a movie that doesn't rely on cliches and antiheroes but really explores people as people. I also loved his South African accent. Yeah yeah?

Bad News:

Typing on this computer is physically painful because of the position I have to put it in. I had hoped to have a solution by yesterday, but that was not the case. I'm not sure how much backache I'm willing to trade for Netting pleasures. It's definitely a distraction. Boss says he might have something in a few days. But that's the main reason I've been avoiding the Net lately. It's too damn difficult to use the computer.

I wanted to go see Tom this weekend but with his aversion to me coming over on Saturdays and my having an assignment Monday afternoon, I'm not sure how the two are going to mesh. He promises us Doctor Who fun, even though a certain EVIL being who shall remain nameless spoiled the major stuff for me while we were watching the fireworks. To be fair, the wicked IRC channel spoiled most of the Master stuff as well. But if I can convince Tom to give me Saturday, I might have to make a choice that will irk me far more than it should. Ah the perils of being part of a group.

The weeds are returning to my garden. I need mulch.

ETA: First ow. Second, so the dates are confirmed. And third, grr snarl my beautiful phone conversation. ;_; At least it can still be tragic and bittersweet on Lelouch's part. Also, GameFAQs is right, why the hell do the magazines always imply Lelouch will point a gun at Suzaku? He knows Suzaku will just dodge it. Sigh.
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Not sure if going home yet. Hate night driving, and I'm incredibly lazy. Might return in the morning.

Mostly blogging because I finally caught up with Shippuden again. The Itachi/Naruto fight was very well done, and Naruto's seiyuu made it far more emotional than the manga, even with the weird shit that was going on in Itachi's world.

I also started Toward the Terra, which I'm completely obsessed with, even if it is horribly depressing and keeps offing my favorite characters. The art is something I'm not usually attracted to, but it really works in this case. It's an homage to the old anime style, which should be expected from a series based off a 30-year-old manga. I don't really know how I feel about the whole Humans vs. Mu overall storyline, but the characters intrigue me. And then die. But I think I'm safe being interested in the main ones. I prefer Keith over Jomy but only because I can say horrible things about Keith's zen and non-understanding of emotions. Jomy is still very pretty and has his cute gay moments. I do wish the OP didn't trick me into believing certain characters were going to be part of the main plot line and then killing them. Curses! I think I will be following this series from now on, along with RxJ. Darker than Black is still playing back-burner until someone can convince me it's worth my time.

I'll probably be catching up on Shounen Onmyouji soon enough.
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OMG Lelouch totally does have a champagne glass in the Rebellion book. This has made my day! XD This post might be expanded upon later.

ETA: What's life without a g@y laughter icon? I love when Sunrise plays along. I am aware my attempts to cover up the kanji are laughable at best but it amuses me so...

ETA2: What's this? Is something actually happening in Naruto again? I have to care about translations again? DRAT! ilu kabuto
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... Sasuke, why are you talking to the kitty cats? And since when are you buddy-buddies with the furries? And how much more are you going to rip off your brother?

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Spent this weekend with the friends, and as usual for the weekends that I'm absent, missed out on other goodness. But seeing as I did catch up with Shippuden, watch OZ Season 1 and the first three episodes of Dr. Who, I say it's a fair trade.

I enjoy talking Geass with William because he really doesn't understand why fans appreciate Lelouch. I told him he won't understand unless he watches it. Most of our discussions are me trying to get him to watch through promoting the political intrigue. From these alone, he's completely convinced Suzaku is justified, which is mostly true, and that the fans are all enamored with a terrorist, something he doesn't get. He better watch it this time. Oh he also argues with me that the Britannians aren't true Britains because he says without the Cesar invasion, the proper mixing of Anglo-Saxon and French blood wouldn't have occurred, and their language wouldn't have evolved the way it is now. I hate hanging with the history fiend.

Having caught up on Shippuden )

As far as my manga readings went: )

Dr. Who Season 3: I like Margaret better than Rose so far because Rose played along with 10's antics and tended to irk me in that fashion. Margaret is more of the straight man for his crazy so the combination is more amusing. Yes, I want him to stop whining about Rose in every episode. I never liked that relationship, and I'm sick about hearing it. Can't 10 and Margaret just space/time-hop without the prerequisite angst? The Shakespeare episode was beautiful, especially when Shakespeare saved the day by quoting Harry Potter. Nice touch.

OZ: I just want to see more of in general. Everyone always tells me Oz is depressing, and it is, but the writing is perfect. Each character has so much to them so that even when you truly hate one of them, there is still something there to remind you that this racist rapist or whatnot is still human. That and I just love Beecher. Crazy-ass Beecher more so. My friend's only got the first four volumes, and I only borrowed Season 2 for now so I'll have to track down the rest.
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Writing that thing I mentioned in the f-locked post. It's going ok.

New Geass official art amuses me. I love how the magazines refuse to acknowledge that Lelouch and Suzaku are going to be trying to *kill* each other soon. But I'm a sucker for LuluSuza so I'm eating it up. I think it creates a nice balance with the cracky wedding pic. If you're going to give me my crack het and my crack slash at the same time, I've got no complaints. I need to make new icons using the uber-cute Lelouch chibis in Pash. I'm very intrigued by what the directors have to say about the LuluSuza relationship. )

[livejournal.com profile] chuunin baleted the dub fight yesterday, and for good reason since it was getting wanky. I still feel that my statement was worth while and will therefore repeat it here. There is no point to Naruto dub hate. The editors have continuously shown desire to go out of their way to accommodate to fans in terms of storyline, editing and even the OPs. They are allowing everything they possibly can and considerably more than most Toonami shows originally allowed. Many fans were already anxious to hate on the dub from it's announcement. If they say otherwise, they are lying. I remember the Viz bitching. Fans who dislike the dub for existing should just forget about it entirely and go along their way. I find the dub a fair accompaniment to the anime and will continue to enjoy it. More so that I can have amusing thoughts about Crispin Freeman and Yuri Lowenthal ever attending the same convention. Freeman is the perfect Itachi! Delicious. Like the GameFAQs people, I do believe Lowenthal would make a fine Lelouch should Bandai ever rip Geass from my rending claws with the power of LICENSING.
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Ok so I didn't go to sleep. I was adamant on getting the Geass 22 parody. Mission Accomplished! Oww my soul. I'm not sure if I cracked up harder at the way the Lelouch dubber made himself sound retarded spooky when doing geass commands, when the Black Knights each had their own ethnic dialogue or Lelouch's final speech at the end. XD "Bust a cap in her ass" indeed.

... I hate myself now and will probably have nightmares of Lelouch telling the Black Knights to "take these mother fuckers down."

At least I can counter those with the untranslated joy that is the Axel/Roxas Twilight Town scene.

ETA: Naruto continues to hurt me. Who are you people and what have you done to Kishimoto? Sasuke, I'd like you more if I didn't think you were being written by a pod-person. Otherwise you're still prissy so I'll forgive you, as always.
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I am much calmer than my last post now. For starters, I am away from my family. I'm referring to my non-immediate family such as aunts/cousins/grandparents and the like. Maybe you have guessed that I do not like my family. Or rather they do not like me. We are on a completely opposite spectrum in all walks of life from my politics to my preferences to my social life. So each of our get-togethers is the equivalent of the Spanish Inquisition and always ends up with me getting the worst of it. I wish they would just disown me and be done with it.

I enjoyed the other side of the coin I got from people who enjoyed Casino Royale. Your sane responses helped temper my fury and while I still do not like the movie and still believe the plot was much in the realm of ridiculous and occasionally nonexistent, I will stop declaring my undying hatred for it. I have not read the book so my bond knowledge is based solely on the movies, which I watched with my father when I was growing up. You might say I'm tainted by his opinion as well.

I heard that in the newest Naruto chapter, Sasuke once again proves his asexuality. That lifts my spirits, but I remain disappointed in the series. It shocks me how I can have this much "bleh" toward a series that is focusing on my favorite character in anime (lulu remains second). I'm too dependent on little things like oh plot and sanity and figuring out what the hell is going on with NARUTO.

Saw some KH2 and CoM stuffs from Final Mix. I admit I spent a good portion of the first floors, begging for Axel to show up and kill someone because I got sick of listening to the happy Sora gang chat it up. The Org bosses for KH2 terrify me, especially Marluxia with his death bad-touching of Sora. But that scythe reaction command MMMMM. I don't care about the Secret Ending. It means nothing to me until I hear about KH3.
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What's this about possibly no 24 and 25 until after April? Sunrise, I'm going fly down there and MURDER you! You will have to pay my medical bills when I go into dreadful withdrawal. This is just like what BONES did with Wolf's Rain, only that had a kinda conclusion before they went into their DVD state. Knowing Geass, 23 is just going to fuck everyone up the ass and leave them there. Cue Mosiac Kakera. It will probably end with spoiler ) Wilst thou leave me so unsatisfied?

From what I gather of the new Naruto chapter, Sasuke has picked himself up a new Sakura. I don't know maybe he figured the old one wasn't going to let him bitch her around anymore. Now all he needs to do is pick up another spirit-possessed wild child and his team of Team 7 Nobodies will be complete. Then they can begin their esoteric search for their hearts. Sasuke will then don an Akatsuki cloak with tiger strips and go around pontificating at length. After which, I will promptly shoot myself in the head. Did I mention Naruto irritated me lately?

I also learned the name of that song that I'd been looking for from a few weeks ago. As my luck would have it, it's a My Chemical Romance piece. The thing with me and that band is while their beginning and endings leave much to be desired and their music is way overdone, some of their lyrics are halfway decent. This one had a few particular good lines. A few that would almost make good LuluEuphie lines. You can probably guess which ones. I'm too lazy to cut this down to my favorite lines so I'll just give the whole thing.

Famous Last Words. )
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The latest set of Geass spoilers make Nayami a sad kitty, mostly because nothing in them seems to be of any potential. Also, my own personal hypocritical issue. *sniffles* Well, maybe the Nina thing will be interesting. Everything else is just a bunch of stuff that I didn't want to happen. Some of it I can accept; others... I'll have to wait and see how things play out, but something tells me I might be a bit riled during the final arc. Oh Geass, how you hurt me.

I read the Naruto chapter. Translations eased the pain that series has been putting me through just a touch. I enjoy Sasuke and his new naked friend's snarking. I've also decided that because I never spell the guy's name right, I shall now refer to Sasuke's new naked friend as such, even though he now has clothes. Ugly clothes. You need to find your harem some better threads, Sasuke. Again, I still believe Kishimoto has no idea what he's doing, but as long as he avoids fights and deus ex machine, he might be able to work on character development long enough to figure out where he wants his story to go. Maybe he'll even hit about how to connect it to Naruto. There's an idea.

Geass fanart folder now at about 1200. I tried checking out some Western fanart last night, but after weeks of shuffling through the Japanese sites, I was left unimpressed. The one thing I do like about the American fanarts, even if I prefer the Japanese art style, is the Americans like to play with fashion. I think it's more of a trend toward AU than anything, but it keeps things different. I really need to stop reading the fanart of Suzaku killing Zero!Lelouch and then trying to unsuccessfully to kill himself. So sad yet so well done.

I also finally saw the "Candy Mountain" video so that joke makes sense to me. It's only been about two years. I'm slow. -_-

I have to travel out and about for work today so I doubt I'll be returning home.
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Yah, I'm done being wanky now. Fairweather fans just make me sad. I guess it's because I engage in fandom in two ways: active fan or I just like. Most series I just like. But when I'm an active fan, it usually takes a HUGE collapsing of plot or total disregard to a character's "true self" to make me ditch them. I talked about leaving WR all the time when I heard Toboe was going to die, and even when he did, I had no choice but to hold out until the end. Almost every series that I've truly liked that I've been "oh I'll drop it if they kill __," I rarely do it. Ah well.

Hey, did anyone else notice that at the end of 22 when they were showing the clips of the favorite scenes, the Gawain/Lancelot OTP scene won over both the love confession and Suzaku's adorable "yes your highness" at the end of 20. This teaches me the Japanese are really gay for their mecha. Don't take that offensively. I just think "gay" works better than "in love," given the context of Gawain and Lancelot.

So I've been trying to think of why Naruto's happy crack doesn't please me as much as it does everyone else. Sure, it's WTF and ZOMG ghei. )

ETA: The fandom joke about Sasuke just trying to rival his brother by picking up his own shark-man and Akatsuki actually makes me feel better about the recent developments. But what will Sasuke call his new harem?


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